Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1039: Knives of the Years



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In the afternoon, the Lihuocheng auction started.



As a large-scale auction held every three years, the auction hall was full of people, and all the people present were the kings of life and death.



In a VIP room in the corner, Ye Chen sat on a soft bench, which he bought with a hundred primeval stones.



After taking a sip of the top-quality wine prepared by the auction house, Ye Chen secretly said in his heart: “The Vermillion Bird Star Region, there are countless geniuses, and the number is more than a hundred times that of the True Spirit World. In addition to the Vermillion Bird Star Region, there are also the Azure Dragon Star Region and the White Tiger Star Region. , the three major star regions of the Xuanwu Star Region, the swordsman, according to them, should be called Leng Feihan, ranked seventh on the Tianwang Ranking, and the giant blade star from the White Tiger Star Region.



Ye Chen has already heard of the Heavenly King List. This is indeed a list of monsters. Young Master Jinghong of Firebird Star, whose cultivation realm is as high as the fifth level of life and death, can only be ranked ninety-fourth, which is evident. And Leng Feifei ranked seventh in the four-layered realm of life and death, and he was a monster among monsters.



“If you don’t play a match, you may not know who is more powerful.”



Ye Chen is very clear that he is not invincible in the world, not to mention, Leng Feihan’s cultivation realm is one level higher than him, and any weakness among geniuses will cause an irreparable gap, which is different from ordinary people. Ye Chen saw a very terrifying potential in Leng Feihan. This potential was like a demon. Once it broke out, it would be torn apart, and the ghosts and gods would be shocked. the opponent’s reason.



On the auction stage of the cave, an old man in a red robe walked out.



The old man’s cultivation base is not weak, and he has reached the triple heaven of life and death.



“Everyone, the triennial Lihuocheng auction will officially start. Please don’t make a loud noise, don’t leave your seat without permission to keep quiet, and now start the auction of the first item.”



No nonsense, the red-robed old man directly sent the first auction item.



The first auction item is a top-quality low-level battle axe. The whole body is crimson red like a soldering iron, the back of the axe is wide and flat, and the axe blade is as sharp as a knife. It contains powerful fire energy, and because the battle axe is huge, it can be used both for defense and for attacking the enemy.



In the end, this battle axe was bought back by a burly king of life and death at the price of two hundred and sixty primeval stones.



The second auction item is a pair of high-quality and low-grade armor boots. The main material of the boots is Feather Iron. Feather Iron is not a particularly precious high-quality metal, but plus Feather Iron’s best treasures, all of them are as light as Feather Iron. Feather, when worn on the body, hardly accounts for any weight, and once infused with True Essence, it will double the power of Feather Feather Iron, which is very popular.



After a while, the pair of metal boots containing Feather Iron was photographed with three hundred primeval stones.



The third auction item was a jade slip containing a secret technique. The starting price was 200 yuan stone, and the last 500 yuan stone was sold, and it fell into the hands of a small old man.



The fourth auction item is also a weapon. It is a top-quality medium-sized spear. The starting price is 300 yuan, and the increase is not less than 10 yuan each time. Seventy primeval stones were taken.



For the next auction items, the final price of each item is very high. The highest price is a complete set of extremely low-grade armor, and the bidding price has reached an astonishing 2,200 primeval stones.



The ninth auction item is a Heavenly King-level Baodan Daowen Pill. This Daowen Pill can increase the probability of hitting the realm, and the probability of life and death from the first layer to the second layer can increase by ten percent. That is to say, it is foolproof. From the second to the third, the chance increases by 90%, and from the third to the fourth, the probability increases by 50%, and from the fourth to the fifth, the probability increases by 10%.



As soon as Daowen Dan came out, there was a sensation in the audience, and quotations were heard one after another.



“Three thousand primeval stones!”



“Three thousand two hundred dollars!”



“Three thousand five hundred dollars!”



“Four thousand!”



After a few breaths, the price of Daowen Dan increased to 4,000 yuan stone, which is already the price of a small king-class battleship, which shows the popularity of Daowen Dan.



“There is such a pill?”



This is the first time Ye Chen has heard about the Daowen Pill that can increase the chance of hitting the realm. If he gets this Daowen Pill, not to mention that he will be able to hit the fourth level of life and death, at least 80% to 90% of the time. , after all, from the third level to the fourth level, the chance can increase by 50%. This is not a joke, it is simply impossible to find.



However, Ye Chen also believes in a truth. Pills are only foreign objects. They may help you temporarily, but not for the rest of your life. If he guesses right, using Daowen Pill to improve his realm will certainly be happy for a while, but definitely It will lead to the unstable foundation of Daomen. If you want to hit the next realm, the difficulty will double or even increase several times.



Only those kings of life and death who have exhausted their potential will have a soft spot for Daowen Dan.” Because without Daowen Dan, it may take hundreds or even thousands of years to improve their realm and continue to attack the next realm. If so, it may be impossible to achieve it in a lifetime. In this case, it is better to use Daowen Dan to improve the realm first.



“Daowen Dan is a good thing, but unfortunately, we geniuses never have to send this thing.,



In another VIP room, Luo Yinkong said.



Yuan Qing nodded.



In the end, Daowen Dan was auctioned off by a gray-haired old man for 5,500 primeval stones, and the atmosphere of the auction reached a high tide, and there was a lot of heated discussion.



“The tenth auction item is a heavenly king-level treasure sword, a time knife. The main material of the time knife is the time stone. A nail size of the time stone is worth a hundred prime stones. It has reached the size of half a fist, and now, the auction starts, the starting price of the Suiyue Dao is 6,000 yuan stone, and each increase shall not be less than 100 yuan stone.”



There are also high and low heavenly king-level treasures. Ordinary heavenly-level treasures only look like three or five thousand yuan stones, but high-quality heavenly-level treasures can be as high as tens of thousands. The material, the Years Stone, is an incredible treasure. It is said that when ordinary people touch the Years Stone, they will immediately grow old, and after forging a treasured sword, it will be even more terrifying.



“Seven thousand primeval stones.



“Eight thousand.”



“Nine thousand!”



“Ten thousand!”



There were not a few King Swordsmen present at the scene, and the bidding sound was one after another, making the price of the Time Sword instantly break through to 10,000.



“Five thousand dollars.”



Suddenly, a cold voice without any emotion sounded.



“It’s the lifeless swordsman who is extremely cold!”



“It turns out that he came for the Suiyue Dao, but he is in the Giant Blade Star in the White Tiger Star Territory, which is countless light-years away from the Firebird Star. How do you know that there will be a Suiyue Dao here?”



“It’s not easy. He must have had something to do in the Vermillion Bird Star Field recently, and then he knew from somewhere that there was an auction of the Years Knife in Lihuo City.”



“That’s right, these monster-level geniuses are mysterious and unpredictable, and like to roam around.”



The addition of Leng Feihan caused a brief cold scene in the auction house.



The nameless swordsman is too famous. They have to consider bidding against the other party, whether they will offend the other party, and for the sake of a time knife, will it not be worth it to offend the lifeless swordsman.



There are so many things to consider.



“Eighteen thousand primeval stones.”



At this moment, another young voice sounded, the third VIP room.



“Hey, it’s Mr. Cangyue. When did he come back? He seems to have disappeared for nearly ten years.”



Someone has heard who made the sound.



Young Master Cangyue, the Fire Bird Star Ten Heroes ranked third, but this is the ranking nine years ago. Since Young Master Cangyue and Lan Xian’er were defeated in a battle nine years ago, there has been no news since then, and some people say that he has left After leaving the Vermillion Bird Star Region, he went to other places to hone himself, and some people said that he found a secret realm and practiced hard in the secret realm.



Young Master Cangyue is the number one swordsman among the younger generation of Firebird Star. His return caught many people by surprise and made many people give up the competition for the Sword of Time.



The lifeless swordsman is not easy to mess with.



Young Master Cangyue is also not easy to mess with.



“Twenty thousand.”



Leng Feihan continued to offer nothing.






Young Master Cangyue did not flinch.



“30,000.” Leng Feihan didn’t want to entangle, and added 8,000 primeval stones at once. This price has far exceeded the value of the Suiyue Dao itself. Under normal circumstances, this Suiyue Dao costs 20,000 yuan. The primeval stone has reached the top, more than 20,000, and it is completely possible to buy other better heavenly king-level swords.



“Haha, the lifeless swordsman is really arrogant, I will not fight with you anymore, but the auction is over, I will meet you well, and see your swordsmanship of the lifeless swordsman, Is it true that there is no life or death, and ghosts and gods cannot escape?” Cang Yue’s laughter spread throughout the auction hall.



“What, Mr. Cangyue wants to challenge the lifeless swordsman Leng Weiwei, won’t it be too reckless.”



“Maybe Cangyue Master has enough confidence to ensure that he will not die!”



“Looks like After nine years of disappearance, Cangyue Master plans to be a blockbuster.”



No one has confidence in Young Master Cangyue. No matter how much progress Young Master Cangyue makes, he will never be able to defeat Leng Feihan, but if he can make a move, it will be enough to make a name for himself.



The auction items were presented one by one, and soon, the twentieth auction item was reached, which was the finale.



“The twentieth auction item, a small Tianwang-class battleship. The starting price is 100,000 yuan stone, and the bid shall not be lower than 1,000 yuan each time. The auction begins.”



The significance of the puppet battleship is very important. Maybe he can’t improve your combat power or give you enough self-protection ability, but without it, you can’t go further. In the starry sky, the distance is determined by Light-years are the unit of calculation. If you rely on your own true essence to travel, you can only reach a place half a light-year away in one year, which is almost negligible. With a puppet battleship, thousands of light-years, tens of thousands of light-years , can be easily reached without any hassle.



The price climbed again and again, and soon reached 150,000.






Ye Chen’s voice was transmitted through the VIP room.



“It’s him.”



Luo Yinkong and Yuan Qing looked in that direction.



Leng Feihan, who was touching the sword of years, couldn’t help but raise his head. (To be continued if you like this work, you are welcome to vote for a recommendation ticket and a monthly ticket. Your support is my biggest motivation.) Child @Yewwood Snow Meng


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