Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 867: Strange



“Peng!” The heavy sack hit Feng Bawan’s sweat-soaked back heavily, causing his legs to tremble suddenly.


“One more bag!” The sweaty Feng Bawan shouted with his neck stuck.


Following another sack of sack on his back, Feng Bawan exerted all his strength to carry it to the construction site ahead.


Although it is very tiring, he is not lazy at all, just because working here is really full.


“Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang!!” “Eat, eat!”


All the workers at the scene immediately put down the work in their hands and looked expectantly at the heavy baskets picked up by the shoulder poles. They are now pointing at this work.


The quilt that covered it was lifted, and everyone gulped down the gluttonous fried rice with soy sauce.


The fried rice with soy sauce is not only soy sauce, but also some wild vegetables and mushrooms, and even more rare is that there are diced meat in it.


This is not rice meat, but real pork. Not so many people starve to death these days.


Don’t care about wiping the sweat from his forehead, Feng Bawan picked up his chopsticks and kept slicing the fresh, smooth, fragrant and delicious fried rice into his mouth.


Obviously it was fried rice with soy sauce, but he tasted it as if he was eating dragon liver and phoenix marrow.


Keeping down half a bowl, he picked up his own bowl of soup and drank it down.


Looking down at the wild vegetable soup in the bowl, he found a thin layer of lard floating on it, and immediately drank it happily.


He took a sip, his whole body trembled, and there was an indescribable fragrance rippling between his lips and teeth, which could not dissipate for a long time, it was really delicious.


“Ha Huo” wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, and Niu San let out a long sigh of relief, “This is the life of a human being.”


At this moment, the comments of other people on the side reached his ears in twos and threes.


“Hey, these days are getting more and more hopeful. You see, there is a lot of soy sauce. When my mother-in-law is alive, I can’t bear to put so much soy sauce.”


“Yeah, this food is better than what I used to eat.”


“It’s thanks to Bodhisattva, he sent all the food.”


“I heard that it took a few days and nights to deliver, and Zhengde Temple has piled up a grain mountain before it is finished!”


Feng Bawan didn’t go over to talk to him, because he knew better, and he had seen the red-clothed Bodhisattva with his own eyes.


Although the bodhisattva’s temper is not very good, in his heart, he is the bodhisattva who saves the suffering.


At that moment, the illusory bodhisattvas in the stories I heard from the old man in the past suddenly took on a real look.


He also set up a **** at home, made of clay figurines, both the sword on the Bodhisattva’s back and the red Taoist robe on his body are very similar.


In front of the statue, there is also a plaque, the position of Zhuge Yuan.


Although there is no incense now, he worships day and night every day. On the first and fifteenth day of every dry month, he will deliberately save some food and keep it home to pay tribute.


“Hiss…” Feng Bawan clutched his stomach with a painful expression, and his stomach started to hurt again. Ever since he ate the mushrooms he grew, he felt pain every now and then, and he didn’t know why.


At this moment, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a red streak flying across the sky.


“Zhuge Bodhisattva?” Feng Bawan didn’t care about the stomachache, just stood up, the red had already flown away.


At this moment, Li Huowang didn’t notice the insignificant sight below at all, and all his attention was focused on the city defense below.


The once decayed and collapsed city wall is gradually standing up. Even if there is nothing inside the city wall, the root of the city wall must be built first.


Facing the attack from the Tianchen army that might appear anywhere, Li Huowang dared not relax.


If you follow the transmission speed and range of your spine, then he should not be able to transmit too many people, but if you are not afraid of 10,000, you are just in case, it is not a big mistake to prepare first.


Now that Da Qi’s newly established Superintendent Department already knew the origin of Tianchen Kingdom, they not only started to guard the surrounding area, but also began to expand their numbers.


However, not everyone has this talent. Not many of these sects can join, and Da Qi’s overall strength has not improved much.


The only military strategist that can expand quickly is the military strategist. As the people of Daqi continue to join the army, the military strategist in Daqi is gradually re-establishing.


What’s strange is that Tianchen Kingdom doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, facing the rapidly recovering Daqi, no one came over or made a sneak attack.


Li Huowang is not in a hurry, time is on his side, if it keeps dragging on, Daqi will only get stronger and stronger.


If Da Qi really regained its previous national strength, the people of Chen Guo might be completely useless that day.


But what makes Li Huowang a little uneasy is that some strange things have happened recently. He obviously didn’t lie to anyone, but there are always things that keep popping up.


And not a little bit, but a lot, and it is still increasing.


Although it is said that so many Feigangs may be used in subsequent battles, it is too strange.


“What’s going on? Is it a conspiracy by Zuo Wang Dao? The dice also want to get involved in this matter? Or is it Beifeng’s method?”


But after thinking about it carefully, he felt that it was impossible. Beifeng didn’t have this Besides, he had searched all the cheating scriptures that Zuo Wang had found, and he had never seen a Zuo Wangdao who would give people bad luck. Gang’s.


It has always been the case that they will only lie to others and will not send them away.


“Could it be a new trick? Can’t you use Feigang to deceive Feigang?”


“When I find time to go back, I might as well let Sui Sui do something for Zuo Wangdao, lest they come over and fill me up.”


While thinking about it, Li Huowang had already arrived at the inner palace of Youdu City, and he floated directly down.


The imperial city of Youdu was also re-established by the Mohists, but there is no emperor here, and it was completely taken over by Si Tianjian.


“Immortal Master, the Gan family, and some colleagues who are good at divination and divination, have no idea where they will come out.”


Li Huowang doesn’t blame them either. No matter how people in this world count, they count things in the world. How can they count as the existence of the vacuum hometown.


What’s more, now that Daqi Fengshui has completely stopped, I’m afraid they can’t figure it out no matter how hard they calculate. Don’t even think about choosing a date for astrology.


“Since they can’t figure it out, let them stop and prepare for the battle with peace of mind.”


66a99 three.


As soon as the military strategist left, the abbot of Zhengde Temple also stepped forward immediately. “Amitabha, Master Li, the poor monk is right.”


“Are you okay? Is this the time to be polite? Let go of your fart.”


After pondering for a while, Zen Du said, “Benefactor Li, the poor monk feels that this matter has not reached that point, and we may discuss it with the other party later.”


“The information in these words is a bit exaggerated. Li Huowang looked at him seriously, with a sneer slowly appearing on his face, what about 66? Don’t you think that Tian Chen Guo’s food is higher? ? Do you think it would be better for Daqi and Tianchen to cooperate?”


“Master Zendu, you are a monk after all, and you are not a businessman with an abacus.”


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