Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 765: Awakening


“Are you brothers and sisters? His surname is Ba, and your surname is also Ba?”

Li Huowang planned not to follow the other party’s route, and planned to find out where these two people came from, and if he didn’t have any important information, he was going to run away.

It doesn’t make sense to listen to the nonsense in their mouths too much.

Seeing that Li Huowang changed the subject, the other party was also willing to follow. “That’s right. My name is Ba Nanxu, and his name is Ba Chengqing. We are twins.”

“Twins? I can’t tell, he is so big and you are so thin.”

“Because we are conjoined twins, he absorbed all the nutrients, so of course I lost weight.”

Seeing Li Huowang staring at him in shock, Ban Nanxu pointed to the thorn tattoo on his face.

“We were joined together before, but separated at the back. In fact, this is used to cover scars.”

Li Huowang immediately thought of the same scar that Ba Chengqing had before. He really didn’t expect the tattoos on their faces to come from this way.

“The separation operation must have been very dangerous, right?”

“No surgery, no conditions, my parents died early, we used scissors to cut a hole, and the two of us forcibly tore it apart.”

But after hearing this, Li Huowang’s shocked expression gradually disappeared. “I don’t believe it. If you really want to do this, let alone the pain, it will hurt you to death. If you don’t go to the hospital for such a big wound, you two will bleed to death.”

“Hahaha, yes.” Bananxu put the cigarette back into his mouth and took a deep breath.

When this woman speaks, she always feels a little weird and a little out of focus.

After Li Huowang looked around this unique tattoo shop again, he stood up to say goodbye, and walked outside.

“Season disaster, you have been stolen.”

A very familiar sight made Li Huowang turn his head suddenly, and looked at Ban Nanxu who was sitting there in shock, “What did you just say!! Who are you!!”

“Huh?” Bananxu turned around suspiciously.

“What did you call me just now? Say it again! Li Huowang rushed back and grabbed her arm tightly again.

“Just now? I didn’t say anything just now. If you want to strike up a conversation with this, that technique is really special.”

“Ji Disaster!! Why did you call me Ji Disaster just now? What do you know? Why do you and Qian Fu call me Ji Disaster!!”

“Why does everyone know me as Ji Ji? Why do they all know that Zhuge Yuan once gave him a pseudonym? Could it be…”

Some information received during this period was uncontrollably reorganized in Li Huowang’s mind.

Li Huowang tried his best to get rid of the thoughtful and terrifying thought in his mind, but the thought spread as quickly as it took root, and what Zhao Lei said to him before resurfaced uncontrollably.

“Answer me! Why do you call me Jiji!!”

“Let go.” A cold voice came from behind Li Huowang. At some point, Ba Chengqing was already standing behind Li Huowang with a tattoo gun.

Li Huowang let go of Ba Nanxu slowly, and looked at Ba Chengqing in front of him very seriously. He suddenly had strong doubts about another question.

“You are conjoined twins, why do you have the surname Ba? Why do you have the surname Ba?”

“Because my old man’s surname is Ba, so our surname is Ba, what’s the problem?” Ban Nanxu crossed his arms and looked at Li Huowang suspiciously.

“No!” Li Huowang looked at the various tattoos on their bodies, at their forked tongues, tongue nails, lip nails, and nose nails, and at the human skins of the people around them who painted various patterns, his eyes suddenly widened. Come brighter.

“Pain! Pain!! I get it, I get it!! You…you are….”

When the words came to his lips, Li Huowang was always unable to speak. This feeling of hesitation almost drove Li Huowang crazy.

At this moment, Li Huowang suddenly took out his saber, pointed it at the palm of his hand, and inserted it fiercely.

The trembling pain made Li Huowang instantly incomparable

Understanding clearly, he pointed his finger at the two people in front of him and shouted excitedly: “I understand! You are Ba Fei!! You are the projection of Ba Fei! Everything is fake!”

As he yelled this sentence, Li Huowang instantly felt the squeeze in his heart be swept away.

Not only Ba Fei, but Li Huowang immediately remembered Chen Hongyu who asked him to buy snacks before.

Perhaps other people are also Si Ming, but I didn’t recognize them because I was not familiar with them.

But other Simings are unfamiliar, but it is impossible for Li Huowang to be unfamiliar with Ba Ji.

As soon as we met today, I felt something different.

Seeing Li Huowang’s weird behavior, the Bashi siblings frowned immediately, and stepped back at the same time. The customers in the booth were even more frightened by Li Huowang’s **** hands, leading their clothes shirtless Just run outside.

“So the two of you are one person! No, it turns out that the two of you are the same commander! I know you! I know you too well! I said why is there a familiar feeling! Baboo! I recognize you !”

“Why do you call me Ji Ji? Why? Who is Ji Ji?” Li Huowang’s mind quickly turned.

Obviously, the name is much more than just a fake name.

“You are the projection of Si Ming, then I…” Li Huowang looked down at his body. “I am also a commanding officer? I am also a projection?”

Impossible! When did I become the Commander? When did I? What Commander am I?」

As Li Huowang recalled, some things that he had deliberately avoided gradually appeared in his mind.

“Am I cultivated by me? I am Commander? That is to say… this world is all fake? These are… projections?”

A creepy sense of fear enveloped Li Huowang’s heart, and he no longer cared about the directly rushed out of the tattoo shop and came to the sunny pedestrian street.

At this time, Yang Na also ran over and asked anxiously: “Huowang? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What happened just now?”

At this moment, Li Huowang didn’t have the heart to listen to what Yang Na was asking, he looked around with a flustered expression and shortness of breath.

Suddenly he squatted down on the ground, reached out and touched the stone slab on the ground, felt the smoothness and hardness of it, and even put his face on it to grind it.

“So real, how could it be fake? How could it be a projection?”

Li Huowang, whose pupils were trembling, suddenly stood up and ran towards the pillar next to him.

He looked at the poster on it, stretched out his hand and tore off a large piece, brought it to his eyes, and tore it one by one with trembling fingers.

Feel the touch and sound of the paper being torn, and watch the poster tear apart very clearly and slowly in front of me.

The mutual contradiction made Li Huowang’s expression painful. “Is it possible that I think too much? Is it possible that this is true?”

He suddenly squatted down on the ground, picked up the torn pieces of paper, put them in his mouth and chewed them vigorously, tasting the taste, feeling the feeling of his saliva completely soaking the posters.

Suddenly, Li Huowang felt the sights coming from all around him. When he raised his head suddenly, he saw some people pointing around him.

“What are they? What are they projections? Other commanders? Or projections of other enemies, what do they want to do around me?”

Li Huowang, with a gradually ferocious expression, stretched his hands to his back, holding the handles of the two sabers tightly.

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