Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 731: Real



Faced with his current situation, Li Huowang naturally wanted to solve it very much.


Fortunately, although this kind of trouble seems very difficult, it is not impossible.


Dice said a word back then, if you practice the truth or not the fake, you will go crazy.


This seems to sound very reasonable and logical. Now that I am practicing truth, as long as I practice falsehood, I can balance the left and right and prevent this situation.


However, there is a problem with this method. This is what the dice said. Can you believe it if you forget your way?


Dice once said that he only lied to people with the truth, but he also said that you can believe what you say. Let him say everything right and wrong.


During this period of time, Li Huowang weighed the pros and cons very carefully for a long time, and finally decided to give it a try.


Compared with the real benefits, the fake disadvantages are not so difficult to accept. After all, this time I am not being fooled, but I become a fool to fool others.


Besides, the current false heaven is in the hands of Ji Ji, which is many times safer than in the hands of Doulao.


It stands to reason that since he has mastered the true way of heaven and the false way of heaven, it makes sense that he, as his heart, should be able to use these two abilities.


“The situation on the front line is okay now, I need to leave here for a while.”


As Li Huowang talked to himself, Xuan Mi’s figure floated out from the wooden fish beside him.


“Now is a critical moment. People are dying on the front line all the time. Without your powerful support, the officers and soldiers on the front line may have to die if they encounter some big troubles.”


“Don’t use such words to pressure me. If you really think that their lives are their lives, it’s better for you to hide less secrets than anything else.”


Although it is my goal to deal with the teachings and save this crazy world, sharpening a knife is not a mistake to chop wood. If I don’t solve this problem, I’m afraid it will be useless to do anything.


Thinking of this, Li Huowang didn’t want to delay, so he reached out and patted Li Sui’s head, stood up, and walked out of the hall.


“It’s so difficult, what do you want?” Xuan Mi seemed to have known about Li Huowang’s troubles at the moment.


“You have a way?”


“Others, I may have a way, but you are a heart and a heart, I have no way.”


“I knew you had no choice. If you had a way, and you still wait until now to say it, then you are not my ally.”


Li Huowang quickly came to the foot of the mountain along the blood-stained steps.


He glanced at the two steeds in the stable that had been crushed to death by a huge Buddha’s head, untied one of the horses’ ropes, and got on the horse.


“Brother Li?” Li Huowang didn’t have time to turn his head when he heard this, and said quickly: “Don’t, don’t come close to me! Wait until I solve this problem!”


At this moment, he couldn’t tell whether this Bai Lingmiao was real, or whether he thought it was real, so he decided not to tell.


Hearing the footsteps stopped, Li Huowang heaved a sigh of relief, “What happened to Taishan Stone, does he still refuse to say?”


Before Bai Lingmiao blocked Taishan Stone back, she thought she could get some clues from his mouth, but she tried her best on him, but still couldn’t pry his mouth open.


This guy’s body is as hard as a rock, and his mouth is harder than his body, so I can only send this guy to the military camp, and see if there is any other way in Tiansi.


“No. I have tried all kinds of methods, but he still didn’t say anything. Does this guy not know?”


“Impossible, he must know something. By the way, have those Si Tianjians also visited?”


“No, the people in the sect went to inform them, but they said that the Sitianjian masters are now fighting with the Fa sect, and they can’t spare their hands.”


“Just fart, there’s not even their shadows in the mirror, Xuan Mi, what kind of moths are you secretly playing, can’t you even spare the time to interrogate individuals?”


“I have sent people back, but they can’t fly, it will take some time on the way.”


“As soon as possible, since this guy is a high-ranking member of the law school and came from Daqi, he must know some key information.”


After Li Huowang finished speaking, he got on his horse and prepared to leave.


“Brother Li, I won’t follow you, but you have to tell me where you are going?” 2


Hearing Bai Lingmiao’s voice behind him, Li Huowang thought for a while and said, “Go to Qingqiu.” 7


“Qingqiu? Why.”


“I know how to cultivate the truth. If you want to practice falsehood, you can only go to Zuowangdao, but all the Zuowangdaos in the world have been killed by dice. If I want to find it now, I can only go to Fengdu at the bottom of Qingqiu. Already.”


However, before Bai Lingmiao could speak, Xuan Mi spoke, and his voice was rare to be amazed. “Wonderful, it’s a wonderful way to cultivate the truth and to cultivate the false.”


“Huh?” Li Huowang looked at the phantom in front of him.


“The dice definitely didn’t lie to you in this way, it must be useful.” Xuan Mi said to Li Huowang very firmly.


“Really? How can you be so sure?” Regarding Xuan Mi’s resolute words, Li Huowang, who was suspicious, thought to himself: “This guy doesn’t have any purpose in saying that, right?”


“Don’t worry, there is absolutely no other possibility for this matter, just like yin and yang restrain each other and regenerate each other, true and false are already like this, as long as you repair the false, you will be able to calm your obsession.”


Seeing that the other party said so, Li Huowang didn’t ask any more questions. After looking up and down for a while, he raised his feet to the horse’s belly, and galloped towards Qingqiu.


Sitting behind Li Huowang, Li Sui quickly drew two talismans and stuck them on the horse’s back.


Bai Lingmiao, who was standing there, thought about what she just said, and asked with surprise and curiosity on her face: “Master Xuan Mi, is it really as you said?”


Xuan Mi’s voice came from the black hole in his red Taoist robe. “It doesn’t matter if I take it seriously or not, as long as he takes it seriously.”


Hearing this, Bai Lingmiao suddenly showed a hint of She immediately understood Xuan Mi’s plan.


That’s true, even if this method is a trick of the dice, it doesn’t matter, as long as Senior Brother Li thinks this method is effective, then it will be effective.


After realizing that Xuan Mi was really helping Senior Brother Li, Bai Lingmiao saluted him. “Thank you, Master Xuan Mi. Senior Brother Li has a bad temper, but he has a good heart. He will feel your kindness.”


“I don’t need his kindness, I just don’t want to die.”


When Xuan Mi said this, she looked at Bai Lingmiao who was on the side, and seriously looked at her red hijab.


“This evil body must not be very useful, right? I know the abbot of Zhengde Temple. If you want, he can help you recast your body.”


“Is it really possible?!” Bai Lingmiao couldn’t help getting excited. Although she didn’t care much about her appearance, Senior Brother Li didn’t dislike her, but it would be good if she could change it back.


“It’s natural. Since we live and die together now, this little favor is naturally to be helped. Besides, it’s nothing. You and I will naturally help each other.”




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