Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 617: Visitors


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In the dark woods, Li Huowang’s conversation with the abbot of Zhengde Temple continued, but compared to the previous atmosphere, it seemed to be much more relaxed.

“Who is your commander?” Li Huowang asked, staring at the old monk in front of him.

“Si Ming? I, such as Buddhist monks, believe in Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, but only do not believe in fate.”

Li Huowang immediately changed his words. “Oh, then which Buddha do you believe in?”

“Amitabha Buddha, Vairocana in the Vajra World in the center, Aku Buddha in the Oriental Fragrant World, Baosheng Buddha in the Southern Joy World, Amitabha Buddha in the Western Bliss World, and Accomplishment Buddha in the Northern Lotus World, collectively known as the Five Wisdom Tathagatas.”

“Five Wisdom Tathagata? Is this the Si Ming in charge of flesh and blood? Or the Si Ming in charge of fertility?” Li Huowang pondered in his heart.

Seeing Li Huowang’s terrifying appearance, the abbot of Zhengde Temple folded his hands heavily and bowed deeply to Li Huowang. “Donor, saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Please donate some food.”

“Even if you had a festival with Buddhist disciples in the past, but ordinary people didn’t have a festival with you? Do you have the heart to watch them starve to death?”

Hearing this, Li Huowang looked at the abbot in front of him again, “I can give you food, but after giving it, you must go, no matter where you go, don’t go near Niuxin Village anyway!”

Hearing that there was food, the old abbot immediately smiled. “The donor is very kind! My disciples and I will recite the scriptures and recite the Buddha for the donor, and help the donor to accumulate great merit on the side of the Buddha!”

“Forget it, I can’t afford the great merits of the Buddhas.”

Si Tianjian does not have 100% doubts about these monks from Zhengde Temple who came from Daqi together. I just want to borrow the food and get rid of those who have a clear origin.

With the order of the Si Tianjian, heavy bags of grain were pushed to the door by a wheelbarrow. Although the monks tried to pretend to be weak and panic, we secretly took out the raw rice and stuffed it out of our mouths. betrayed us.

Seeing our actions, Si Tianjian believed a little bit more about what the abbot of Zhengde Temple just said.

Si Tianjian looked at the old monk beside him, pondered for a while, and then asked, “He should know that it’s not Xiao Qi now, right?”

Hearing that, the abbot of Zhengde Temple was not at all surprised, “Amitabha, that poor monk naturally knows, but no matter where in the small world, there are no Buddhas everywhere, and there are Buddhas everywhere. , there are bound days everywhere.”

Si Tianjian really didn’t understand what the other party was saying, so I continued to say, “What kind of earth are you in charge of, remind him that the teachings that caused the natural disasters have also followed.”

“Go, but their monks are really compassionate monks. Remember to come up in your spare time and find trouble with the culprits who caused Xiao Qi’s life to be ruined.”

The abbot suddenly opened his pupils slightly, hanging his white beard and the wind was automatic, but it calmed down again in a blink of an eye. “Amitabha, the poor monk understands.”

“If I meet another other sect who came from Xiaoqi, remember to be told by that news, if he also hopes that Xiaoqian world will become Xiaoqi’s ghost?”

“The donor said yes.” The abbot of Zhengde Temple nodded heavily, and the two of them looked up at the right side of Niuxin Village at the same time, and someone came.

When the visitor appeared above the moonlight, Si Tianjian hurriedly released his sword-holding hand. I know the person who came, and I’m barely an acquaintance.

It’s not the man with the spine sword that I stole from you, the Buddha Jade Furnace.

When he saw that Liu Zongyuan in front of you didn’t have familiar faces like Hong Xiao, the superintendent of Tianjian, Si Tianjian suddenly felt relieved, and it seemed that the reaction of Tianjian was quite slow from time to time.

“I have something to do, the person here is Supervisor Tiansi. He told us vaguely, it should be embarrassing for him.” Si Tianjian said to the abbot of Zhengde Temple.

However, the Buddha Jade Furnace brought people over, but did not intend to talk to the abbot of Zhengde Temple at all, and asked Tian Huihuan directly, “Ermei, what’s going on? Where did he bring those monks from? come?”

Originally, the Tianjian also asked Daman to send a letter to the Tianjian, but he couldn’t say it face to face, it was so troublesome.

When Tian Huihuan succinctly explained the cause and effect of the matter, I thought those people would ask something, but those people accepted it very naturally.

“They already knew that, little

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The Qi people are coming over?” Si Tianjian asked suspiciously.

“The villain Tian Huihuan delayed the order.” After the Buddha Jade Furnace finished speaking, the person who followed you walked to the side, watching the monks at Zhengde Temple talking loudly.

Hearing that, Tian Huihuan knew it in his heart. It seemed that Li Huowang had long known that such a thing would happen, but he just didn’t tell himself.

Thinking of that, Si Tianjian walked over to the Buddha Jade Furnace and said to us, “Did Si Nei make any small moves recently? If there is nothing to help, you can’t help anyone without you.”

Xiao Qi is not yet a lesson in the future. That kind of Tianjian may be immune to himself. Helping Tiansi is not helping himself.

“He?” The Buddha Jade Furnace looked at Si Tianjian with a trace of traces all over the floor. “Has he climbed down the low branch of the emperor now? Why does he still care about the errand of the Secretary?”

Si Tianjian was too lazy to explain anything to the man, so he carefully found a reason to put it off, “Your Majesty has no intention, I order you to assist Tiansi Jian.”

Although Foyu Furnace is still haunted by the fact that Si Tianjian stole his weapons, but as a photographer, Fo Yu Furnace also understands that, compared with the errands sent by Si Nei, his personal grievances go away. Released before.

“Li Huowang personally gave the order, and when he met the followers of Xiaoqi Fa Sect, he had to kill you and forgive him, and he had eight heads and one Yangshou Pill. If he came across a sect disciple from Xiaoqi, try to contact him as much as possible and offer help to befriend him. .”

“What about the disaster victims who came together? Tian Huihuan said something?”

“Naturally, the disaster relief was not handled by the imperial court, but was managed by Li Huowang.”

Hearing that, Si Tianjian nodded knowingly. Li Huowang really knew what would happen when Xiao Qi’s emperor took over Xiao Liang’s dragon vein, and he hadn’t prepared various plans for a long time.

It’s a good thing to pass that, at least the other party has not dereliction of duty, and the person who is using the supervisor can minimize the impact of that time.

“ That male benefactor, is he really Li Huowang’s person?” The abbot of Zhengde Temple asked after walking down.

Seeing the other person talking to him, the Buddha Jade Furnace’s expression suddenly became less respectful. He first showed his waist badge and then performed a Buddha salute. “I’ve seen a small teacher, but a big man is a Buddhist disciple even though he hasn’t become a monk.”

“Since the male benefactor is the Superintendent of Heaven, this old man has nothing to tell. The leader of the law school is dead, so he should also follow him. I hope to find Taishan Stone as soon as possible. This person is the key.”

“This person is very good at demagoguery, and if left alone, over a short period of time, he will win over a small group of Shibu believers.”

“Shi Du?” A trace of confusion appeared on the face of the Buddha Jade Furnace.

Si Tianjian, who frowned, said in a high voice, “Shibu is not another name for the **** of the child. That person is a little trouble, and you must solve it as soon as possible.”

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