Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 616: Mercy


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“Da da da” Muyu’s beating sound one after another, Li Huowang’s heart was filled with anger.

“Li Sui, let’s go! Let’s see what kind of monsters and ghosts it is!” Li Huowang took out a few swords under the pillow, stepped on the tiles with Li Sui and rushed towards the voice.

Soon Li Huowang found the source of the sound. It was a group of monks, skeleton-like monks to be exact.

These monks sat cross-legged at the head of the village, beating the wooden fish one after another. The disaster victims next to them seemed to have woken up, but they didn’t dare to look around, buried their heads deep in the straw and shivered.

At the moment when Li Huowang appeared, the monks looked at him in unison. Some monks did not look at him with their eyes, but with ring scars on their heads. Some of the eye stalks with eyeballs looked like maggots. Drill in and out.

“Amitabha, this donor, the poor monk is polite.”

Li Huowang looked at the old monk in front of him who said this. Although the other party was thin and took off his face, he could see at a glance that the monk’s appearance was exactly the same as the illusion of the monk beside him. This person was from Zhengde Temple in Daqi. Abbot!

“Amitabha, the poor monk is here to beg for alms, and I hope the donor can give generously.” While speaking, they pushed the copper bowl on the ground in their hands to the front, and the sound of the wooden fish stopped at this moment.

“Alchemy? I just won’t give it to you! What can you do?” Li Sui’s black tentacles emerged from Li Huowang’s body in an instant, and the tentacles were entangled in various talismans and torture tools, floating up and down in the air.

Footsteps sounded from behind Li Huowang, Bai Lingmiao led a group of believers of the White Lotus Sect who knew where they came from, and stood silently in front of Li Huowang.

Not only Bai Lingmiao, but those with a little ability in Niuxin Village hurriedly put on their clothes and rushed here. If you compare the number of people, Li Huowang’s side has the upper hand.

Just when Li Huowang was about to think that the other party was going to have a real fight with him, the abbot of Zhengde Temple actually stood up, glanced at the Bailian believers beside Liang Bingmiao, held the wooden bowl and bowed to Li Huowang with his hands folded, The monks left.

“Li…Senior Brother Li, what’s going on with those ghost monks? Why did they just leave?” Gouwa asked in surprise.

Looking at the direction where the nearby monks were leaving, Li Huowang, who frowned for a while, pondered for a while, and then said to Bai Lingmiao: “With your people, first guard Niuxin Village, I’ll go see that What the **** are you trying to do for the monk!”

Because he was afraid of thieves stealing, he was afraid that thieves would miss him. Li Huowang was very worried that those monks would not give up.

“Senior Brother Li, be careful, they are huge.”

“It’s fine, even if you can’t fight, it’s fine to run.” Li Huowang said, his body began to dislocate, and he went to the ground. He slowly followed in a stealth state.

The people of Daqi that I should have thought of a long time ago will come to Daliang, and the teachings of Daqi will also come to Daliang, so other sects of Daqi will naturally come to Daliang.

The monks did not wear shoes and their footsteps were most visible on the concrete floor. Li Huowang slowed down and followed slowly.

This trip is not two different places. Just when Li Huowang was thinking about whether these demon monks were planning to make a sneak attack on Niuxin Village in a large circle, he actually smelled an unfamiliar smell of meat in the air.

Li Huowang remembers this smell, it’s the smell of human flesh! Immediately afterwards, his eyes gradually turned bad.

Looking left and right, Li Huowang used both hands and feet to climb up the canopy of a tall pine tree. Everything in the distance was immediately visible. Soon he saw where the smell of meat came from.

In the forest in the distance, a large clay statue of Buddha was placed on an earthen platform, and a large group of ragged victims knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing to the Buddha.

Beside the Buddha statue, Liang Bingyan saw a creepy scene. Several monks with high stomachs were lying on the ground, their legs were raised, and dark red blood mixed with amniotic fluid slowly flowing on the ground.

What they gave birth to was not a baby, but a clump of deformed flesh with flesh, bones and hair entangled with each other!

The meatballs, which sometimes collapsed and were still wrapped around the umbilical cord, were held by some monks and sent into several large urns on the fire.

As clumps of flesh and blood were thrown into the boiling water, the smell of meat in the air grew stronger.

Soon, these

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The victims who were lying on the ground stood up and spontaneously lined up, holding various broken bowls, to pick up the broth and pour it into their stomachs.

They’re actually eating this stuff! Li Huowang suddenly felt a strong nausea and nausea.

“Donor, the poor monk is justified.” The voice from the tree instantly made Liang Bingyan feel cold, and she was discovered!

Without any consideration, Li Huowang clenched his spine sword and charged directly under the tree.

Swing out the crack and splitting the monk under the tree into two halves, but the flesh and blood of the two halves actually wriggled, and quickly returned to their original shape.

Li Huowang’s blow just now did not affect the old monk in the slightest.

Liang Bingyan stared viciously at the face that looked exactly like the hallucinated monk, “It’s **** disgusting! What the **** are you doing with the victims!!”

The old monk raised the hand with the prayer beads and folded his hands together, “Donor, saving a life is better than building a first-class Buddha. We are saving people.”

“Although I’m waiting to understand, I can’t save the heaven and the earth, but I can’t help but save the people right in front of me.”

“Feed this disgusting thing to others to save people? Why don’t you eat it yourself!”

“Amitabha, benefactor, we are monks and cannot eat meat.”

“But you have a choice. Although it is not against ethics, after all, there is just nothing to eat. If they don’t eat, they will starve to death.”

The other party’s words left Liang Bingyan speechless, and she didn’t know what to say for a while.

The monk at Zhengde Temple didn’t conjure up food in such a weird way to save these victims?

“Donor, if today’s Dharma ends, poor monks really can’t find food, so we can only borrow Buddha’s Dharma to protect all beings and be compassionate to all.” The abbot of Zhengde Temple said that, with a look of compassion on his face , This thin skeleton-shaped face seems to shine brightly.

“Ah~! Good people, great good people! Taoist priest, that monk who looks similar to you is a good monk!!” The hallucinated monk standing beside him said with praise.

Li Huowang glared at him, then continued to look at the abbot of Zhengde Temple, he continued to say: “So…you just approached my village, are you really not asking for some food? You really have some food gone?”

“Donor, the poor monk and the disciples don’t talk about alms and don’t say anything else. Why does this donor have to live with our compassionate monks?”

For this Li Huowang absolutely disagrees. “Mercy? When you put those baby boys back in the bottle, why didn’t you say mercy?”

“Donor, how do you come up with this? We were all abandoned. If I hadn’t stayed behind, they would have been buried alive in the Baptist Pond. The poor monk is looking for a way to survive for those men. is a good deed.”

“Is it a good thing to let the **** have a son?”

“A good deed! Of course it is a great deed, how can it not be a kind deed after helping others?”

Li Huowang didn’t want to say anything at this moment, and he could see it clearly. These monks in Zhengde Temple are indeed doing good deeds, but they are just doing what they think is good deeds.

If one day they feel that killing and arson is a good deed, I am afraid that they will not be determined to do it.

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