Destined Martial God Chapter 2: Domain Tower now



Faced with Haocheng’s blatant threat, Yu Haoran suddenly fell into trouble.


With more than 100 years of cultivation experience in the previous life, and the knowledge of the peak cultivation of Emperor Wu, it is not difficult to deal with Yu Haocheng, whose cultivation is only the peak of the seventh rank of Martial Apprentice.


But only if he needs a certain amount of time.


After all, he has just turned sixteen years old after being reborn. He is a little martial artist who has been in martial arts for less than a month and has barely entered the first stage of martial arts. Not only his identity and status are worlds apart from those of Yu Haocheng Don’t, and his strength is far inferior to him.


“Yu Haoran, I’ll give you two choices now.”


“The first option is to ask your sister Yu Siqi to follow me obediently and become my young master’s woman, so that you can not only get rid of the status of a handyman, but also enjoy the life of an ordinary clan, and even have the opportunity to cultivate in the future. Learn advanced exercises.”


The first choice Yu Haocheng gave made Yu Haoran’s face even gloomier. He knew that the other party’s promise just now was pure fart. Because the moment my sister lost her body was the moment when she lost her use value.


“The second option, you can continue to refuse, but the result is that you can’t see the sun rising tomorrow, and your sister can’t escape the fate of being played by me!”


The two choices given by Yu Haocheng made Yu Haoran seem to have returned to more than 100 years ago, back to the humiliating life that made him regret his life because of selfishness, even if he killed the enemy later, he could not let go .




Just when Yu Haoran was furious at the humiliation of his previous life, he suddenly felt a shock in his mind.


Immediately afterwards, his eyes darkened, and when his vision was clear, he found himself standing in chaos.


In the more than 100 years of experience in the previous life, I don’t know how many strange things I have experienced. Although he was a little surprised by the sudden situation in front of him, he did not panic too much, but immediately focused on observation.


Through careful observation, he found that his mind was in the sea of ​​consciousness, which was a very strange phenomenon.


Because only the cultivation of the martial master realm can condense the consciousness, and only the cultivation of the Wuzong realm can the spiritual consciousness enter the sea of ​​consciousness, but now he is only a beginner in martial arts, and his cultivation is barely reaching the martial level. For a small martial artist in the early stage of the first rank, it is impossible for the mind to appear in the sea of ​​​​consciousness.


Although he felt very strange in his heart, he did not pursue too much, but continued to observe the situation in the sea of ​​consciousness.


Afterwards, in the center of the sea of ​​​​knowledge, he saw a tower about 100 meters high, with nine floors on all sides, dark in color and vigorous in breath.


“Hey! Why does it look familiar!” Looking at the tower in the center of the sea of ​​​​knowledge, a familiar feeling flooded into my heart.


“This, this, this is not the small tower that was blasted from the core area when the Demon God’s Tomb exploded!” After careful identification, Yu Haoran finally remembered the origin of the tower in front of him.


In his previous life, in order to get a first glimpse of the power of the law and take the opportunity to break through the realm of the Martial Saint, he risked his life and broke into the ancient tomb of the demon **** known as the nine-death life.


But for some reason, the tomb of the Demon God, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly shook, followed by a devastating explosion.


The tower in front of me was one of the three treasures that flew out of the core area when the ancient tomb exploded, and it was the only treasure that flew towards him.


Although I don’t know why the tower appeared in my sea of ​​consciousness, Yu Haoran didn’t pursue it too much, but went straight to the bottom of the tower, then pushed open the east tower door and entered the tower.




Yu Haoran pushed open the tower door, and after stepping into the tower, the tower door behind him quickly closed, which made him feel a bad feeling in his heart.


During the safety period, Yu Haoran planned to turn around and reopen the tower door. At this moment, a greeting suddenly came from the tower.


“Hello, young man!”




“Who’s there?” His eyes quickly swept across the tower hall, and then Yu Haoran saw an illusory shadow slowly emerging in the middle of the originally empty tower hall.


“Who are you?” Yu Haoran asked nervously, taking a step back with his left leg and posing in a defensive posture.


“Young man, don’t be nervous, I’m the tower spirit of the Domain Tower!” replied the phantom in the center of the tower hall.


“Yu Pagoda! Tower Ling!” Yu Haoran repeated softly, searching for information about the Domain Pagoda quickly in his mind, but in the end he found nothing.


In desperation, he had no choice but to ask: “Ta Ling, what is the domain tower? Why did you appear in my sea of ​​consciousness?”


The phantom in the center of the tower hall pondered for a while, and said slowly: “About the origin of the domain tower and me, it involves a secret between this world, and with your current cultivation and strength, it is not easy to know for the time being. “


“As for why I appeared in your knowledge sea, it can be said to be a coincidence, but also a helpless move.”


“Ta Ling, what did you mean just now?” Yu Haoran was obviously not very satisfied with Ta Ling’s explanation just now, so he looked directly at Ta Ling, hoping that it could give him more details, or more details. for a reasonable explanation.


“Young man, among the countless masters who have entered the ancient tomb of the Demon God, your talent and strength cannot be said to be the worst, and you are basically at the bottom, right?” Ta Ling asked.


Nodded, Yu Haoran did not deny or explain.


It is said to be able to bury the gods and demons, that is, the ancient tombs of the gods of the martial arts realm.


When the Demon God’s Tomb was opened, most of the warriors who entered the tomb were the top warriors at the Martial Saint level, and there were some peerless warriors at the Martial Venerable level, so what Ta Ling said just now Basically true, he has nothing to refute.


“When the ancient tomb exploded, it stands to reason that I should choose the sea of ​​​​consciousness of a more powerful and talented master as the healing place, but I chose you in the end because the only way I could escape the explosion was You are alone, if you have to, you can only choose your sea of ​​consciousness as a healing place.” Taring explained somewhat against his will.


Although Yu Haoran felt a little uncomfortable in this regard, he knew that what Taring had just said was basically true, so he didn’t say much.


“Young man, it’s really helpless to choose your sea of ​​consciousness as a healing place, so don’t expect me to help you unconditionally.”


Brows frowned slightly, and Yu Haoran’s face suddenly showed displeasure.


Although you chose me out of desperation, you are now using my sea of ​​knowledge to heal your wounds, and you must give me, the person who provides a place to live, some benefits.


Now, if I can’t help, what’s the use of keeping you, so Yu Haoran rudely expelled him.


“Ta Ling, you must understand the current situation. You are no longer in danger when you leave the ancient tomb of the devil and return to the past, so I hope you can leave my sea of ​​consciousness immediately, and my sea of ​​consciousness will be clear.”


“Young man, don’t worry, although I can’t help you unconditionally, I can help you conditionally.” Having said that, Taring waved to the tower wall behind Yu Haoran.


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