Destined Martial God Chapter 1: Start all over again, come to bully



Yu Haoran suddenly opened his eyes, his hands formed a seal subconsciously, and his body instinctively retreated to resist the destructive force that was about to sweep over in his imagination.


But the ensuing feeling of weakness and the extremely quiet environment around him made him suddenly realize that the environment he was in was a little different from what he imagined.


Browsing his eyes quickly, he finds himself in a dimly lit room, lying on a hardwood bed.


The layout of the room is very rudimentary. In addition to the hardwood bed under the body, there is a dilapidated wooden table and several chairs with missing arms and legs.


“This, this, this is how is this possible!” Looking at the old and damaged furniture in front of him, Yu Haoran’s face showed a blank look.


Because of the environment in front of him, and the simple layout of the room, it resembles the place where he lived when he was sixteen.


But more than a hundred years have passed since he was sixteen years old.


“Is it a reincarnation, or a return to light before dying!” Yu Haoran whispered to himself, shaking his head vigorously, trying to make himself more awake.


Just when he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him, the door was gently pushed open.


Immediately afterwards, a girl of about seventeen years old walked in. Although she was wearing a long dress, she had a beautiful and elegant temperament.


“Xiao Ran, you’re finally awake!” Seeing Yu Haoran, who opened his eyes, half-sitting on the bed, with a blank face, the girl’s face suddenly showed a look of surprise, and then she ran to the bed in three or two steps , hugged him tightly in his arms, and shouted in a choked voice.


The familiar body fragrance and hair fragrance awakened Shen Feng’s long-standing memory. The countless images that appeared in his mind gave him the most real feeling. He knew that what was happening in front of him was not an illusion.


Finally, he responded to the girl’s hug and shouted excitedly: “Sister!”


After his emotions calmed down a little, out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the familiar room again, and Yu Haoran finally determined his true condition.


“It turns out that all of this is true, Yu Haoran is really reborn! But instead of being reincarnated, it’s a bit like going back in time, allowing me to return to more than 100 years ago, back to the age of sixteen. That year, back to the moment when fate took a turn.”


Thinking of this, Yu Haoran forcibly suppressed the doubts and shocks in his heart, and swore secretly.


“Sister, although I don’t know why I didn’t get blown away when the Demon God’s Tomb exploded, but since God let me Yu Haoran live again, then I will definitely change your tragic fate in the future, and I will definitely let those The enemies who have insulted you and me, the enemies who have chased and killed me, Yu Haoran, are all annihilated, and will never be reborn!”


Thinking of the injustices and humiliations he suffered in his previous life, a cold light flashed in his eyes.


Thinking of the oppression and pursuit he encountered in his previous life, murderous intent emerged in his eyes!




“Bang!” Just when Yu Haoran’s mind fell into the grudges and grievances of his previous life, the half-closed door was suddenly kicked open.


Then, a young man about eighteen years old broke in.


This person is handsome, gorgeously dressed, and has an extraordinary temperament, but a pair of peach eyes glowing with evil light destroys the overall temperament, giving people a treacherous and sinister feeling.


Looking at the young man who suddenly broke into the room, Yu Haoran’s expression changed, he immediately stood up from the bed, and asked in a blunt tone.


“Yu Haocheng, what are you doing?”


Yu Haocheng, the only son of Yu Hongyang, the head of the Qinglong Hall of the Yu family, the only grandson of the first elder, a **** who is loved by thousands of people.


Qinglong Hall, the most powerful hall of the Yu family, controls nearly six floors of the family’s force, and the hall master Yu Hongyang is a powerful and cruel person.


The Great Elder, the first-ranked direct elder of the Yu family, not only holds great power, but also has unfathomable strength. It is said to be the top three top powerhouses in the Yu family.


Because of having such a strong backer, Yu Haocheng’s position in the Yu family is very special, and he can basically do whatever he wants.


“Ouch! I didn’t expect your life to be hard enough, and the lotus palm of the five successful managers did not kill you!” Yu Haoran was slightly surprised when he saw Yu Haoran with a steady breath and an angry expression. sneered.


“Yu Haocheng, what do you mean?” Yu Haocheng’s ridicule made Yu Haoran’s face gloomy instantly, and Xiongxiong’s anger suddenly rose in his heart.


As one of the three major families in Pingyang City and the son of the most powerful Yu family patriarch, he should have lived a very happy life.


But a secret battle a year ago resulted in the murder of both his parents, and the patriarch’s direct line had very few people. The original secret battle was even more costly. In the end, only he and his sister Yu Siqi were left. Personally, this makes the line of the great elders who have not lost their strength quickly grasp the power of the family.


In order to prevent Yu Haoran, the nominal heir of the family, from affecting his control over the power of the family, the first elder not only expelled him from his lineage on trumped-up charges, but also was directly demoted to a handyman who chopping wood and carrying water .


What’s even more excessive is that even if he was demoted to a handyman, no one in the line of the Great Elder had ever met him. Starvation and insults are commonplace, and punching and kicking are irrelevant to time and occasion.


The day before yesterday, just because he chopped a few pieces of firewood, He Qingshan, who was the deputy general manager in charge of the chores, had the strength to reach the fifth rank of Martial Apprentice, and he was really a great elder. He slapped him abruptly, causing His life was on the line, and he nearly died.


The reason why the Great Elders suppressed him so much was not only because he was the nominal heir of the Yu family, but also because his father Yu Hongzhi was still the number one expert in Pingyang City, and he was already a martial artist at the age of thirty-seven. The master of the peak realm is only a thin line away from breaking through the realm of Wuzong.


And his mother’s talent is also excellent, and the same age is the cultivation base of the eighth-rank martial artist.


They are worried that if Yu Haoran inherits his parents’ outstanding spiritual talent and then rises again, it will not only affect their control of family power, but may even ruin their future.


After all, the Yu family is not monolithic. There are many people in the direct line who have been looking forward to Yu Haoran’s rapid growth, and then lead them to rise again like Yu Hongzhi and become the overlord of Pingyang City again.


“Hehe!” Ignoring Yu Haoran’s questioning, Yu Haocheng’s peach blossom eyes glowed with evil light, staring closely at Yu Siqi’s pair of plump twin peaks.


Yu Haocheng’s excessive actions reminded Yu Haoran of a humiliating experience in his previous life. He couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. He walked straight to Yu Siqi and blocked Yu Haocheng’s lewd gaze. He gritted his teeth and yelled.


“Yu Haocheng, don’t go too far!”


“Excessive! Haha…!” Facing Haoran’s gnashing of teeth, Yu Haocheng not only did not feel embarrassed at all, but laughed wildly.


Laughing for nearly 30 seconds, his face suddenly sank, and then he nakedly threatened: “Yu Haoran, wake up!”


“You are no longer the son of the patriarch, nor the future heir of the family. You are now just a handyman, a servant who fetches water for the family. Whether you live or die depends on this young master’s mood.”


Speaking of this, Yu Haocheng smiled and continued to threaten: “So, Yu Haoran, if you want to save your own life, you want to save your chance to rise in the future, and you want to reproduce your father’s past. Xiongfeng, it’s better to have some fun, otherwise, hehe…!”


“You…!” Yu Haocheng’s blatant threat immediately put Yu Haoran into trouble.


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