Deep Sea Embers Chapter 145: Heidi and her family


Heidi wisely did not pursue further questions.

She knows that she is different from Fanna. Although she is also a “cleric” in name and even has the registration certification of the Truth Academy, she is more comfortable than confronting those dangerous hidden forces head-on. What she’s better at is pure research and thinking – she can indeed pry the secrets out of the minds of cultists, and pick out the shadows left by the heretics from the whispers of crowd hallucinations, but this is very different from the work of the Inquisitor.

She herself lacks sensitivity to certain threats.

Ke Fanna is a person who has been confronting heretics and hidden forces all the year round. She may have been keenly aware of the existence of some kind of shadow. During today’s trip to the lower city, she may have accidentally touched something.

As she was about to get home, Heidi asked a question: …is there a problem with that antique store?”

“…Antique shop is normal,” Fanna controlled the car to slow down slowly, her expression thoughtful, “but in our city-state… there may be something abnormal. “

The sky had completely darkened, the bells of day and night and the whistle from the central steam core sounded at the same time, piercing the clouds over the city-state in the sunset, and in the upper city, the gas lamps on both sides of the street had already been half ahead of schedule. When the hour lights up, Heidi arrives at the door and hears the sound of the car driving away behind her.

The city will have a curfew at night, but this ban is only for ordinary people who lack self-protection. The church judges are obviously not affected. Before returning to the cathedral, Fanna will go to the museum to check the circle and talk to the person in charge of the scene. The Guardians of the Blockade Quest meet, as her days off tend to be, never really.

Heidi accidentally recalled her rest day when she was messed up, sighed, opened the door and went home.

The light was on in the spacious living room, but no one could be seen, the house was quiet everywhere, and the day maid hired to clean and starch went back before the sun went down, and the huge house seemed a little deserted.

But Heidi is used to it. Her father is someone who can’t be called out easily once he gets into the study. Her mother’s health is not good, and she often rests in the bedroom. This house is a bit too generous for a family of three. The house is so quiet most of the day.

But that doesn’t mean there’s less of a human touch in the big house—Heidi has a good relationship with her parents, always.

She took off her coat with ease, put away her hat and medical suitcase, and glanced at the lighted study room. She didn’t bother her father, who might be reading the literature, but came to beat her parents as usual. Bedroom, knocked on the door: “I’m back – are you inside?

The mother’s voice came from the door, with helplessness and a bit of pretended anger: “It’s too late to come back!

Heidi stuck out her tongue at the door and quickly sorted out her expression. Then she opened the door with a smile and muttered: “I went out with Fanna, why don’t you worry, she One hand can hit the whole city…”

The lights in the room are dim, because too much light will irritate my mother’s eyes. My mother was injured by chemical fumes in a factory leak eleven years ago, and her eyes have been in bad condition.

Heidi got used to the dim light in the room, only to see her mother sitting by the head of the bed, a very kind old lady, wearing soft pajamas, knitting a kind of plank by the feel of her hand. The unique knot crafts of the German city, she looked up at Heidi in the shadow of the dim light, and her tone was a little helpless: “You just hang out with Fanna all day, and sooner or later you won’t be able to marry like her. , I know, she actually secretly runs to the marriage help center every weekend, and then picks one person to beat up, and the church receives complaints every day….

The expression on Heidi’s face suddenly became a little subtle: “This…don’t be like this…Fanna is now a judge…”

“How about the judge, that’s the one who ate lunch at our house for several years. After her uncle became the consul, all he could think about was the city state,” the old lady muttered, her hands still moving fast, “I want to I said, that child is because of her uncle’s education problems, her brain is not good.

On the other side, there is no need to make any vows at the baptism, so let’s make them immediately, and directly make the three major vows together. A normal nun can choose one, she insists on making three together. Prove your piety, but you can’t marry yourself until now…”

Listening to her mother’s ramble, Heidi could only laugh with embarrassment on her face. Finally, when the old lady had a chance to catch her breath, she took time to watch the transfer of the handicrafts in her mother’s hands. Topic: “Are you almost done?”

“After weaving and dismantling, I am a little satisfied now.” Mother laughed, showing Heidi in the dark the silk edge that looked like a splendid ribbon – a fine silk rope made of special It is woven by hand, leaving a complex hollow on it, and is decorated with beautiful stones and colors

Beads, this is a kind of handicraft unique to the Prand city-state. The technique is complicated and time-consuming. It is considered to have the effect of blessing and warding off evil spirits. “I don’t know if you can find a good boy when it is finished. , Heidi looked at the knotted sash that was almost finished, and cautiously suggested: “Then, if you take it apart again, maybe it will be too late…”

“Just be angry with me!

Heidi hurriedly laughed, turned and left the room.

The voice of her mother’s words came from behind, Heidi closed the door, and then tiptoed to go to the kitchen, but just as she was about to leave, she saw her father standing in the corridor.

The elegant, gray-haired and sparsely-haired Morris looked helplessly at Gui Gui Chong Piao’s daughter: I heard you go home long ago… did you make your mother angry again?”

Heidi waved her hand quickly: “No no, let’s chat.

“Deliver the gift to Mr. Duncan?” Morris asked again.

“It’s delivered—Mr. Duncan is very happy,” Heidi nodded, and then couldn’t help but look at her father more, “but I didn’t expect you to be willing to put your beloved book collection. .

“That’s just a collection – he saved your life,” Morris said lightly. “In fact, I don’t even think it’s enough. I’ll have to come back in two days to thank you.

Heidi suddenly remembered her “little mistake” when she gave Nina hypnotherapy today, and her expression suddenly became a little embarrassed: “….isn’t that serious?

“It’s not a matter of being serious or not, Mr. Duncan saved your life, and I’m not only your father, but also Nina’s teacher, and the other side

On the other hand, Mr. Duncan is also an antique dealer who is eager to learn and eager to learn. From a social point of view, this relationship is worth cultivating,” Morris explained casually, “I like a word that Mr. Duncan often said, It’s a kind of fate…”

“Okay, your idea makes sense, makes sense,” Heidi had a headache when she heard that her father, who was not very good at socializing, wanted to teach her social etiquette, “then next time you go When you visit, just visit and stop shopping, okay?

“It depends on whether there are any collections that can attract me,” Morris said casually, then he thought for a while, and asked casually, “Are you going with Vanna today?

“Ah yes, she just rested today, and I took her car.

Morris thought for a while, his expression a little hesitant: “I feel…you are very close to Vanna.

“Have I been very close to her all these years?” Heidi felt a little baffled, “We’ve known each other since childhood…

No, I just think…” The old man was suddenly hesitant, and he didn’t know why. At this time, he suddenly thought of what Mr. Duncan said to him when he visited the antique store:

“Girls’ school, you can also…

“Father?” Heidi couldn’t help but look at her abnormally behaving father

Ah, it’s fine. “Morriston woke up with a start, and felt that the thoughts he had just thought seemed a little too out of harmony. He quickly closed it and tried to change the subject to prevent his daughter from seeing the clues. In the blink of an eye, his eyes suddenly fell on the sea. Ti’s wrist.

An onyx was missing from the bracelet representing the protection of Rahem, the **** of wisdom.

The expression of the old man changed suddenly, but he noticed Heidi’s completely normal expression, so he quickly controlled his emotions, and while trying to calm down, he said seemingly casually: “Is the bracelet in your hand? Dropped a bead? Accidentally knocked it off?

“Bracelet?” Heidi was taken aback, raised her wrist and glanced, she saw the missing knot, but her expression was quite natural, “Isn’t there one less here?”

One less?

Morris slowly controlled his breathing and heartbeat, as well as his emotions and thought flow, as if he was afraid that his too intense “ideas” would attract some dangerous attention. He also began to recall, recalling the last time he saw the bracelet on his daughter’s hand.

After two seconds, he completed the control and protection of his thoughts, and then he slowed down and asked casually in the same tone as usual:

“By the way, you only went to that antique store today, right?”


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