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The moment when Lao Xie stood up and spoke Chinese!

The director of the program team quickly shouted in the background: “Notify the Chinese translator in the station immediately and perform simultaneous translation immediately!”

Because the protagonist of this live broadcast is Wang Qian, and Wang Qian is an authentic Chinese, although he also speaks fluent American English.

However, the program team is still prepared in advance. What will they do if Wang Qian speaks Chinese during the live broadcast?

Be prepared for simultaneous translation in advance!


The moment when the program director shouted.

All the viewers in front of the TV heard the simultaneous translation and understood what Lao Xie meant.

It’s just a pity that the simultaneous translation was not delivered to the lecture site.

This is because the Juilliard School rejected the arrangement of the program team, saying that it did not require on-site simultaneous interpretation.

The people who came to the scene were all top music artists. Everyone claimed to be a top cultural person. Most of them mastered several languages. They felt that listening to the simultaneous translation on the scene was an insult to them

As a result, there were some people who knew Chinese at the scene who could understand, but they were only a handful. After all, Chinese is known as the most difficult language to learn in Europe and the United States, and there was almost no one.

There are very few Europeans and Americans who can master Chinese. Even among the many top European and American music artists present, most of them who have learned Chinese only know a few daily expressions. Only a few can really understand Lao Xie’s words. .

Dawson was not polite and asked directly to Taylor next to him: “Tyler, what did he say?”

Tyler translated and finally said: “I know this old man.”

Dawson was curious: “Oh? Do you know him? Who is he?”

Dawson knew that the Chinese that Taylor knew were not ordinary Chinese. They were definitely at the top of the Chinese community in North America.

Taylor whispered: “He and my grandfather were friends, and I met several times when I was a child. Up to now, our family still has some cooperation with their family. My father and his son meet often”

Dawson nodded to express his understanding without going into details. It was enough to know that this person was also one of the Chinese consortium behind the scenes in North America.

The Chinese consortium in North America is more low-key than the Jewish consortium. Of course, the scale of development is far less than that of the Jewish consortium.

Dawson frowned and said, “So, does he want to talk about literature with Professor Wang?”

Taylor shook his head: “I don’t know, but I know that this old man is a crazy lover of Chinese studies. His family has a collection of authentic literary works by ancient Chinese people, and he has spent at least hundreds of millions of dollars on this.”

A collection worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

That’s a lot!

Dawson said regretfully: “In this case, this music class is completely over! Max and the others may not be in a good mood right now.”

Taylor and Hoffman both smiled slightly after hearing this.

Wang Qian started the path of enlightenment for the music giant. Naturally, they did not want Wang Qian’s path to enlightenment to leave too many traces at Juilliard School. In that case, Juilliard School would get too many benefits.

Max and other senior officials at Juilliard School are indeed not in a good mood at the moment.

Of course, they most hope that Wang Qian can complete the entire journey of enlightenment as a music giant at Juilliard School, and leave all traces of the entire enlightenment of music and art intact in Juilliard School. So Juilliard School has We hope to become a holy place in the field of Chinese and American classical music and art in the next few decades.

What a pity

It’s over now.

When the topic shifted to literature, they knew they would never come back.

A few people from the Juilliard School looked back at Lao Xie, with somewhat unkind expressions.

Lao Xie ignored the different looks around him, just looked at Wang Qian, and continued: “So, old man, I shamelessly hope that Professor Wang can be here and leave a picture for our Lao Xie family. Mo Bao! I’m willing to give Professor Wang anything”

Lao Xie’s words quickly spread throughout the world.

Many people at the scene understood it, and those who didn’t understand asked the people around them, and they soon got a vague idea of ​​the meaning.

Suddenly, the audience at the scene and around the world were amazed and started talking.

China’s social platforms are the most explosive.

“This old Xie is so proud that he asked Professor Wang for a set of calligraphy in front of so many people? Doesn’t he know the value of Professor Wang’s calligraphy?”

“Last week, I heard that a rich man was buying Professor Wang’s calligraphy paintings again. The price for one of them was five million, but no one has sold it yet.”

“Five million? Haha, do you know about that painting of Xia Ke Xing? A super rich man offered 20 million to buy it, but they were all rejected.”

“One thing to say is that “Xia Ke Xing” is a real treasure. This is my favorite poem so far, bar none. Every time I read it when I am in a bad mood, I feel very happy reading it!”

“As far as I know, Professor Wang’s works are highly praised by domestic collectors and wealthy circles. None of Professor Wang’s works are sold for less than five million, and those first-run orphans cost tens of millions. All normal.”

“Want to buy the authentic work of Professor Wang’s Knight Rider for 20 million yuan? I’m dreaming! This work will definitely be a national treasure in a hundred years, as evidenced by this!”

The discussion at the scene was not quiet.

Murong Yue said rudely: “If you want Professor Wang’s calligraphy treasure, why should you give it to him?”

He Chaohui glared at Murong Yue: “Stop talking, this Mr. Xie is not an ordinary person!”

Murong Yue said oh and shut up.

Sisters Qin Xuerong and Qin Xuehong didn’t say anything, because they roughly knew the identity of Mr. Xie, maybe he was the North American Xie family they knew.

This is a patriotic overseas Chinese family that has not stopped providing assistance to the country for decades.

The Qin family had some cooperation with the Xie family in the past. Although there is little cooperation now, there are still some private contacts.

So, Qin Xuerong and Qin Xuehong knew that with the status of Mr. Xie, it was reasonable to ask for a calligraphy by Wang Qian. It would depend on whether Wang Qian was willing.


Red and Elsa’s eyes widened, full of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Aisha: “God, does he want Professor Wang Qian’s work so bluntly? If it were me, I would definitely not give it to him.”

Reid sighed: “He should agree. Wang Qian is relatively tolerant of the Chinese. Unfortunately, we can’t get this most meaningful masterpiece.”

As a person from a family of art collectors, Aisha also knew that if Wang Qian wrote something in calligraphy on such an occasion, it would definitely be of great historical significance.

Not only is Wang Qian’s masterpiece after he conquered the world in North America, it is also his literary masterpiece that opened up the road to enlightenment for a music giant in the field of music and art!

Both of these two meanings are enough to engrave this work in the history books and let future generations know it.

Now that the two important meanings are combined, it has great representative significance!

I can’t say, this is the national treasure collection that both Elsa and Red long for

The eyes of both of them were a little red, and they were staring at the back of Lao Xie standing in front.

They know that once such a valuable collection falls into the hands of the Xie family, it is impossible for them to buy it back with money, which means it will never have anything to do with them.

The two of them felt like they had lost the whole world.

Christine, Green and others also looked disappointed.

Green: “I thought I had a chance to get one of Professor Wang’s works.”

Christine: “I also want to have a piece of his calligraphy and painting works. I learned from China that he is now the greatest contemporary calligrapher and writer in China, and he is also the greatest music artist. His works , are collectibles sought after by many people.”

“Of course, I don’t care how much his works are worth, I just want to have a pair of his works.”

Green nodded: “Of course, me too! If possible, I would be willing to pay $10 million to buy his works.”

Both of them are people who don’t care about money.

Unfortunately, they know that even if they spend money now, they can’t buy Wang Qian’s truly representative works.

Their eyes looked forward, full of desire.

Many discerning rich people and celebrities at the scene looked at this scene with envy. They all longed to have a pair of Wang Qian’s works in their private collections.

Wang Qian on the podium reached out and tapped his fingers gently on the table, looked at Lao Xie, and asked lightly: “How old are you, Mr. Xie?”

Lao Xie, who was standing there, was very uneasy. When he heard Wang Qian’s culture, he immediately replied: “Seventy-five” as if a student answered the teacher’s question.

The young woman sitting next to Lao Xie hurriedly supported Grandpa’s body: “Grandpa, don’t get excited.”

Lao Xie reached out and pushed away his granddaughter’s hand, and stood up straight against himself.

The young woman sighed helplessly and looked at Wang Qian, her eyes full of wonder and admiration. She was only three years younger than Wang Qian, but compared to Wang Qian, she was really nothing.

Wang Qian stared closely at Lao Xie. He could see that Lao Xie had a unique character of Chinese literati. In addition, he grew up in North America and could still speak fluent Chinese. These two points made Wang Qian Qian was very impressed and said immediately: “I can agree to your request!”

The scene that had just been quiet suddenly became lively again.

Lao Xie also bowed to Wang Qian excitedly: “Thank you, Professor Wang”

With that said, Lao Xie took a suitcase from his granddaughter and walked steadily to the podium.

The people around looked at Lao Xie with envy in their eyes.

“I actually agreed.”

“God, if I had known, I would have said it first.”

“I want it too.”

“Professor Wang is really easy to talk to. Why don’t you try again later?”

“I heard that Wang Qian is now China’s number one writer and calligrapher, and also the world’s number one music artist. His works are very collectible.”

“Oh, I regret it!”

The person who regrets the most is Mark, who just stepped down and sat down not long ago.

Mark then remembered the detailed information he knew about Wang Qian

It is not an exaggeration to say that Wang Qian is the number one literary and artistic person in the world!

How can it be possible that the works of such a literary and artistic artist that represents an era have no collection value?

Mark’s private collection contains many treasures, including a national treasure worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It is a masterpiece by one of the top three painters in European history. He sold it for 130 million at auction. Bought with U.S. dollars, it is his most proud collection.

And now, when he looked at Lao Xie walking on stage, he suddenly felt that his collection worth 130 million US dollars no longer tasted good

Based on Wang Qian’s current achievements, the value of his works in a few hundred years will definitely be higher than his current collection of paintings and calligraphy.

After all

Wang Qian is now almost a super artist who can represent this era.

In the ancient history of all countries in the world, no literary or musical artist has reached the height of such a person representing an era.

Therefore, Wang Qian’s works have more historical significance and collection value.

Mark squinted his eyes and looked at Lao Xie in his mind, thinking about visiting Xie’s house in the future to see if he could buy this work.

Of course, he knows that it is definitely impossible to buy it simply with money.

When we reach the level of a consortium, money has no practical meaning anymore. It is just a series of numbers. The real meaning is the resources and voice that we control!

So, if he is willing to give up enough interests and voice to the Xie family.

He believes he can still exchange it for this thing.


He was still a little confused.

Is this really worth it?

Lao Xie walked up to the podium step by step and came to Wang Qian. With respect in his eyes, he smiled and said: “Professor Wang, I like your calligraphy fonts very much. I asked my granddaughter to find it on the Internet. I have watched all the videos of your public lectures and calligraphy in Huaxia, and I will copy and practice when I have time.”

“And of all your poetry works, my favorite is the chivalrous poem you wrote before leaving the country in the capital city!”

“Killing one person in ten steps and leaving no trace behind in a thousand miles sounds exciting.”

Lao Xie was like meeting a fan of his idol. Facing Wang Qian, he excitedly expressed his love and opinion of Wang Qian’s works

Wang Qian nodded: “Thank you.”

Lao Xie stopped talking nonsense and gently opened his box. What was inside was the pens, inks, papers and inkstones he had prepared in advance. Each one was carefully prepared by him and was better than what he often used.

Lao Xie skillfully and gently placed everything neatly on the lecture table, personally studied the ink for Wang Qian, and said softly: “Professor Wang, I only hope to collect a piece of chivalrous writing written by you yourself.”

He really liked the poem “Xia Ke Xing”.

He also secretly sent people to try to acquire the original copy of Xia Ke Xing from Liu Shengnan.

Unfortunately, it also failed. Even if he asked for tens of millions of dollars, he was rejected.

He knew that the other party must be determined to collect it for himself, and it would be useless no matter how much money he gave.

So, he gave up.

This time, he hopes to get a copy of the chivalrous line written by Wang Qian himself.

In this way, even if he died suddenly, he would die without regrets.

Although, this is not the first chivalrous journey written by Wang Qian. The representative meaning is much lighter, and the value has naturally dropped significantly.

However, he didn’t care about this. He simply liked Wang Qian’s calligraphy and this piece of work.

Everyone at the scene craned their heads to look at the scene on the podium.

The program team also thoughtfully projected the images on the table onto the wall behind so that everyone could see them clearly.

Wang Qian saw Liu Shengnan and others looking at him from behind, smiled at them, and then said softly: “Mr. /

Lao Xie, who was polishing his ink, was stunned for a moment, and then a little disappointed. He was about to say that he could also write about other works published by Wang Qian before

Wang Qian spoke again.


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