Debuting After Eight Years of Time Travel: 552. The artistic beauty of Wang Qian! The whole audience was filled with reluctance! (Please subscribe)

Published:, the fastest update to the latest chapter that took eight years to debut!

The program team specially gave Mark several close-up shots!

After all, Mark is known as a science geek. He often angrily criticizes others on variety shows and even scolds the host.

When has he ever been so out of sorts?

This may be the first time I’ve made a mistake in front of the camera.


Whether it was all the viewers at the scene or all the viewers in front of the TV sets around the world, the focus of attention at this time was no longer on Mark.

Pairs of eyes all over the world are staring at the figure standing on the podium, his hands seeming to be twitching slightly.

My ears listened to the familiar rhythm played by Wang Qian with his slightly twitching hands.

When the familiar piano melody that everyone has heard sounded.

Everyone knows

Wang Qian did it!

Then, everyone was shocked and inexplicably shocked.

Many professionals in the music industry at the scene were trembling with excitement and staring at Wang Qian with their eyes, as if they wanted to dissect Wang Qian to see if Wang Qian was actually from Earth inside.

However, although everyone was shocked, no one spoke and everyone remained silent. They just looked at Wang Qian and kept thinking about the weird electronic instrument Wang Qian played.

It exploded first on social platforms in various countries.

The number of comments increased instantly.

“God, how did he do it? Mastered this weird electronic instrument in less than a minute?”

“Have you noticed Mark’s expression? It’s so funny. I’ve taken a screenshot and now have an emoticon package.”

“Is it true that only a few people in the world can play? Will Mark act with Wang Qian?”

“Who do you think can persuade Mark to act? Look at Mark’s expression. This is the first time he has lost his composure in front of the camera.”

“I have to say that the melody of this piece dedicated to Xuerong is really nice, even when played with such a weird instrument, it still sounds nice.”

“Where can I buy this kind of musical instrument? I want to buy one and play with it.”

“When I watched Professor Wang play, he looked very funny, and the animation was also a twitching animation.”

“Now, who dares to question Professor Wang’s musical talent?”

“By the way, has Professor Wang really grasped the true meaning of music? So what is the true meaning of music?”

“Anyway, I was kneeling to watch the live broadcast. My mother asked me why I was kneeling to watch TV, but I didn’t bother to pay attention to her.”

Mark, who had not left the podium, also quickly regained his expression, but the stunned expression on his face was gone, but the shock in his eyes was still not visible at all, but became more and more intense!


Wang Qian seemed to have really mastered the rules of this extremely rare electronic instrument. After playing “Zhi Xuerong” extremely skillfully, he also played extremely smoothly and skillfully the “Rhapsody of the Magic City” that is also familiar to everyone. !

There was no gap between Wang Qian’s performance of the two pieces of music.

No one at the scene made any sound, just watched quietly as Wang Qian played two piano pieces in succession.

Mark did not leave and returned to his seat. Without any stage fright, he stood close in front of Wang Qian in front of many cameras and thousands of people in the audience, acting as the nearest audience member. His eyes carefully watched every detail of Wang Qian’s movements, and his ears listened to the familiar melody played by Wang Qian.

Mark was greatly shocked.

At this moment, he truly felt the beauty of music and art.


In the eyes of many music artists, the music played by this weird electronic instrument has absolutely nothing to do with music and art.

However, Mark truly felt the beauty of music and art in his heart.

There is a kind of artistic beauty in Wang Qian.

No matter what Wang Qian does, it seems to be a kind of art!

Mark is called a madman, and he criticizes the presidents of various countries. Naturally, he is not convinced by anyone.

But now, he has a little bit of admiration and respect for Wang Qian in his heart.

From simply liking Wang Qian’s music works, I have advanced to admiring and worshiping Wang Qian himself.


Wang Qian finished playing the two works successfully. He put down his hands, looked at Mark with a smile on his lips, and said lightly: “It’s a very fun electronic instrument. You don’t need to touch it, but it’s not easy to play. There are no fixed keys, so you need to Remember the position and movement of each note yourself”

Mark gently praised: “Yes, it is indeed difficult to master, so there are not many people in the world who can play. You are the fastest I have ever seen, and you also play the smoothest and most beautiful music.” , the most beautiful! When you played just now, I almost thought I saw God. You are a miracle in yourself.”

Mark said the most complimentary words of his life to Wang Qian in front of everyone and all the cameras.

He has never praised someone so much!

Everyone at the scene also woke up, stood up and gave their warm applause again!

Mark bowed slightly to Wang Qian, then applauded and walked away.

Wang Qian hurriedly moved away, not accepting Mark’s bow. Looking at everyone in the audience applauding enthusiastically, he gently installed Mark’s therem, and would return it to him later.

He can accept Ononga’s panpipe.

Because Ononga is a true musical artist with a pure heart.

As for Mark, he is said to be a technology geek, but he is actually a businessman. The various external irritations are actually just his external persona. He is also the first super-rich man to turn himself into an idol.

When Wang Qian is dealing with capitalists, he will naturally get rid of them as soon as possible.

No one at the scene cared about why Wang Qian didn’t compose new works when he played the therem!

Because, if you can play this strange and strange electronic instrument smoothly, you are already an invincible talent.

Moreover, Wang Qian played his own works, which did not violate what he had said before.

Many European and American music artists at the scene were completely conquered by Wang Qian’s powerful musical and artistic talent and strength. Even if they still had some dissatisfaction and resistance deep in their hearts, they were deeply buried at this moment.

Pairs of eyes looked at Wang Qian with only admiration and disbelief.

While applauding, Max said to the people around him: “He is really a miracle. If he can be left alone at Juilliard School, then our school will truly become the number one music school in the world.”

The vice president of Juilliard School next to him shook his head and said regretfully: “That’s impossible. If he returns to China, he doesn’t know when he will come back next time. How many more lectures can we invite him to during his lifetime?” The second lesson is considered a success.”

Max thought for a moment and nodded that it was indeed the case!

Dawson from behind whispered to Taylor: “Taylor, can you persuade Wang Qian to give a lecture in our school before returning to China? To be honest, I really want to listen to his lectures every day, he is always full of enthusiasm Musical Miracle.”

Taylor shook his head: “He wants to go home now. No one can convince him to stay.”

While applauding, Dawson looked back at He Chaohui and others over there, and continued to say to Taylor: “Wait a minute, let’s go meet the people from the Chinese delegation. Our cooperation with them can enter the substantive stage. ”

Tyler said in surprise: “Professor, are you going to start offering Chinese music classes at Curtis?”

Dawson looked at Wang Qian and said with a little regret: “We promised Wang Qian back then, and we should do it. If we had done it earlier, maybe he wouldn’t be giving lectures at Juilliard now. , but come back to us Curtis again”

Tyler nodded: “If he starts this class at Curtis, professor, then our college must be the number one music and art college in the world next year!”

Dawson said affirmatively: “Yes, it’s a pity that we still haven’t been able to fully open everything to him. Fortunately, it’s not too late now. Let’s start from now on, Curtis College and Wang Qian Professors, and several Chinese conservatories have entered into true full cooperation. ”

Taylor smiled and said: “If our students can lead Juilliard School, we should first establish a Chinese folk music department. Professor, think about it, will Wang Qian refuse our invitation next time? Based on the Chinese folk music department of Curtis College In the name of the Folk Music Department, he was invited to give a Chinese folk music class, and there was no way he could refuse.”

Taylor knows Wang Qian very well. After all, he has had in-depth exchanges with Wang Qian several times and is extremely obsessed with Wang Qian in all aspects, so he also knows Wang Qian better.

She also felt the closeness to the Chinese homeland from her father, and knew that Wang Qian also had a deep plot to develop Chinese folk music.

As long as we grasp this point, it is very simple for Curtis to invite Wang Qian to give lectures.

Dawson also knew this at this time and said with certainty: “Yes, that’s what I think.”

Taylor nodded: “I don’t know, is it time for Professor Wang’s class to end?”

Dawson also looked at Wang Qian with a little regret.

Everyone else at the scene had similar emotions and expressions.

It’s a bit regretful, but the meaning is still unfinished!

According to what Wang Qian said just now, he can only play two works and the class will end.

Wang Qian just played two pieces in succession with that weird electronic instrument, which was considered as fulfilling his promise. Now he said that get out of class is over, which makes sense.

It seems!

Everyone hopes that this class can last a little longer, and that Wang Qian can continue to stand on the podium to interpret the essence of music art.

So, everyone spontaneously applauded and applauded

The applause lasted for nearly ten minutes.

I don’t know anyone, but I thought everyone was applauding for the therem played by Wang Qian just now.

Actually, everyone applauded Wang Qian for everything he did in this class.

Wang Qian stood quietly in front of the desk. He really had the idea of ​​​​ending the lesson and did not want to continue playing the piano.

He felt physically and mentally exhausted.

Looking at the applauding faces.

Wang Qian accepted everything calmly and enjoyed the applause for ten minutes. Seeing that everyone had no intention of stopping, he couldn’t help but wave his hands to indicate that everyone could stop.

Many older music artists and celebrities and wealthy people could hardly bear it anymore. At this time, they stopped and sat down quickly. Their faces were a little tired, but their eyes were still full of excitement and regret.

I am excited about the music and art listening experience I have enjoyed in this class, but it is a pity that this class is almost over.

The applause gradually stopped and Wang Qian did not speak.

A dense crowd of arms appeared on the scene. This time there were even more people raising their hands, thousands of them. Almost everyone raised their arms, including many top music artists and celebrities and wealthy people in the first few rows. Almost everyone raised their hands, wanting to meet Wang Qian face to face and have a few words one-on-one.

Mark, who just went back to sit down, raised his hand again at this time, regretting that he didn’t say more words to Wang Qian on the podium just now.

Kristen, Green and many other popular musicians behind also raised their hands, hoping to be seen by Wang Qian!

Red and Aisha also raised their hands, all with their own thoughts

Wang Qian looked at the countless arms that appeared on the scene again, his eyes were calm, and he said softly: “I’m sorry, the two pieces I just mentioned have been played, and I will not play any instruments again. . Since everyone still has something to say, I will ask one person to stand up and say something, and then the class will be over.”

When many people heard what Wang Qian said, they raised their arms even more eagerly.

Wang Qian glanced across the scene and saw an old Chinese man in the third row with white hair and beard, wearing a Tang suit. He immediately stretched out his hand and said: “Old gentleman, please get up and talk.”

The old man in Tang suit was stunned for a moment with his arms raised. He obviously did not expect that he would be called by Wang Qian. He was reminded by a young woman next to him: “Grandpa, Professor Wang is calling you. If you don’t want to get up, you can Give it to me!”

After being stunned for a second, the old man in Tang suit stood up quickly, his face flushed, and he looked a little excited. He looked at Wang Qian with eyes full of admiration and respect, and said in authentic Chinese: “Professor Wang, I Growing up in North America, you are the most incredible person I have ever met.”

Wang Qian also said in Chinese: “Thank you, sir, what is your surname?”

The old man introduced himself: “Professor Wang, you can call me Lao Xie. I heard my father say that his grandfather brought him over from Bashu a hundred years ago, so I have always regarded myself as a Bashu person.”

Wang Qian praised: “Thank you, Lao Xie, you can go back and take a look when you have time. Now Bashu is developing very fast, which is also very good!”

The old man nodded: “Yes, I understand. Professor Wang, here today, I have a merciless request.”

Most of the audience at the scene were European and American and could not understand what Wang Qian and Lao Xie were talking about.

Only a few Chinese people can understand what they say.

Max, Dawson, Rick, Melon and others all had doubts and confusion on their faces. They didn’t know what Wang Qian was talking about or whether they had missed any important information.

Wang Qian looked at the old man: “You can talk first.”

Lao Xie took a deep breath to calm himself down, and then said carefully: “Professor Wang, I have studied Chinese studies since I was a child. I like our own Chinese culture very much, so I can speak fluent Chinese and write a good poem. calligraphy. I know that you are the best in this regard.”



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