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The entire audience, as well as many audiences around the world, stared curiously at Wang Qian on the podium and at the box that Wang Qian slowly opened.

Everyone wants to know what kind of musical instrument is in this box.

It was banned just after it came out, and it’s been a hundred years but no one knows about it? What does an instrument look like that can make the top ten super-rich people in the world come to New York to buy it? An instrument that only five people in the world can play?

Many people craned their necks to stare at Wang Qian’s movements, wanting to see what was in the box first.

Under the gaze of three billion people around the world, Wang Qian slowly opened the box.

Mark immediately felt a little disappointed.


Wang Qian did not have any obvious mood swings as he imagined, nor did he appear stunned. Some of them were still just calm.

As if he knew this instrument.

And Mark can be sure that Wang Qian has never seen this instrument before.

There are only about five people in the world who can play it, and no more than a thousand people have seen this instrument.

This is really too niche.

In fact.

Wang Qian was a little surprised.

What was placed in front of him was a very strange musical instrument.

He gently picked it up and showed it to the audience and all the viewers in front of the TV.

There was a buzz of discussion below.

“What is that? Is it a musical instrument? Are you sure it’s not some kind of measuring instrument?”

“Only one box and two iron rings? I haven’t seen it before.”

“I seem to have seen it somewhere, but I have no impression.”

“Looking at Wang Qian, he obviously doesn’t know him and has already started researching.”

“With no strings or pipes, how do you pronounce it?”

“Are you sure Mark isn’t here to make fun of you?”

“Honestly, I am very curious now, what on earth is this.”

“It seems like an electronic musical instrument”

Nearly everyone at the scene was a little confused when they saw the musical instrument Wang Qian took out.

Whether it is the classical music artists in the front or the pop musicians in the back, most of them have faces full of doubts and confusion.

But Christine’s eyes lit up and she said softly: “I have seen this kind of instrument.”

Green asked curiously: “Oh? Have you seen it before? What kind of instrument is this?”

A trace of worry flashed in Christine’s eyes, and she said: “When I was a teenager, I saw this instrument in a collector’s personal collection in Texas. It is an electronic instrument, and I don’t know the specifics. Got it! It is said that it was made by a scientist a hundred years ago.”

Green’s eyes widened: “Is this instrument easy to play? Does it sound good?”

Kristen shook her head: “I don’t know, I have never heard the performance of this instrument until now.”

Green looked slightly disappointed and looked at Wang Qian, curious and worried.

This is the Chinese delegation.

Murong Yue was also slightly surprised and said: “I have seen this kind of instrument before. I saw one at the home of an old professor in Berkeley. He said it was a rare electronic musical instrument collected decades ago. I don’t know.”

Jiang Yu was surprised: “Electronic musical instruments?”

Murong Yue nodded and said affirmatively: “Yes, the professor said that this is an electronic musical instrument.”

Jiang Yu is the keyboardist of the band and is now called the world’s number one keyboardist by many rock fans, so she is no stranger to electronic instruments.

However, she did not see any playable part of the instrument Wang Qian was holding in his hand

There are no manual buttons.

There is no hole for blowing with your mouth either!

This is more like some kind of instrument from her physics class when she was a child.

He Chaohui said softly: “There is no way to calculate the number of musical instruments in the world. Many musical instruments are not known to the public. Even if the number of musical instruments counted by all our professional music schools combined, there are not as many musical instruments in the world. However, Professor Wang just showed his talent in mastering and playing the pan flute within a few minutes.”

“I think this strange electronic instrument may not be difficult for him.”

“After all, electronic instruments are actually easier to master than traditional instruments”

He Chaohui has some confidence in Wang Qian.

Sisters Qin Xuerong and Qin Xuehong also have absolute confidence in Wang Qian.

Murong Yue nodded in agreement: “Indeed, electronic instruments are generally easier to learn than traditional instruments. It is easier to master the rules of electronic instruments”

Everyone looked at Wang Qian and relaxed a little.

Max and other teachers and students from Juilliard School, and Dawson and other teachers and students from Curtis Institute were also discussing in low voices.

A pair of eyes looked at Wang Qian and the musical instruments in Wang Qian’s hands while discussing curiously.

Wang Qian also looked at this strange instrument at this time, and the memory in his mind became clear.

This instrument, in Wang Qian’s memory, is called the theremin.

Even in the world he lived in in his previous life, it was an extremely rare and strange instrument, and not many people in the world could play it.

Many ordinary people did not know this kind of electronic instrument at all before. They only knew it from the protagonist in the popular American TV series The Big Bang Theory. It is almost a romantic instrument for men in science and engineering.

Wang Qian watched some variety shows in his previous life where he played and discussed this niche musical instrument.

Therefore, he also learned some, and later tried to apply this instrument to some soundtracks to increase the weirdness and impact of the music.


He used to play.

Recalling it at this time, his memory became clearer and clearer. Looking at the instrument in his hand, the feel became much more familiar.

Mark hasn’t left yet. He is still standing on the podium, looking at Wang Qian calmly. Seeing that Wang Qian has been calm all the time, he also explains in an explanation: “Professor, and gentlemen and ladies. I will give Please introduce it. This instrument is called a tremolo! Many of you may have never seen it or even know it.”

“It was invented by a Russian scientist, Trem, a hundred years ago. So it is called the Trem. It is an electronic instrument, but it does not have any keys or blow holes”

“It relies on the movements of both hands near the two iron rings to produce different sounds. The working principle is to rely on two oscillator working units that can sense the human body and the earth’s distributed capacitance to produce different frequencies and size to make different sounds”

After hearing this, all the audiences at the scene and in front of the TV were stunned, and then they were speechless for a while.

This seems to be just a physical instrument

It was just used to make sounds, so it was forcibly turned into a musical instrument?

Under the curious gaze of everyone, Mark stepped forward to help Wang Qian connect the therem to the line, and then showed his hands, one hand near the iron ring, and the other near the antenna. By just stopping, you can make various sounds of different sizes and pitches!

Everyone’s eyes widened!

Wang Qian whispered the reason why many people were surprised: “Is this an instrument that does not require hands to touch to play?”

Mark took his hands off the instrument and nodded: “Yes, when you play with both hands, you don’t need to touch the instrument. That’s how it is played. I can only make sounds, not play music, so I can’t show it.”

Mark looked at Wang Qian with a hint of pride in his eyes: “Professor, what do you think of this instrument? Can you play a piece of music with it?”

There was a hint of pride in Mark’s eyes, and he even smiled in his heart.

He 100% recognizes Wang Qian’s talent and talent. He is indeed Wang Qian’s fan and likes every song of Wang Qian very much.

However, he is not a fan.

He is the world’s super rich man and has his own pride.

No matter how talented and powerful Wang Qian is in music, in his eyes he is just a musician and singer.

He enjoys the feeling of being able to bring frustration to Wang Qian, one of the best musical geniuses in history.

He enjoyed it even more, seeing up close and personal the embarrassing ending of an invincible genius like Wang Qian.

This has nothing to do with skin color or race.

It’s just a bad taste of his.

Wang Qian saw the pride in Mark’s eyes, and didn’t care at the moment. He reached out and made a sound on the therem, which could make a sound without touching it with both hands.

Although the names are different, the working principles and appearance are almost the same.

Wang Qian looked at everyone present, smiled and nodded at the many concerned looks, and then said to Mark: “I want to study it. Thank you Mr. Mark for the instrument. I will study it for a while and return it to you. ”

Mark shrugged slightly and said, “No, I’m your fan, and this therem can be considered a meeting gift from me.”

Mark bought this therem at a considerable cost. Although it is brand new, it has a history of more than 20 years.

Wang Qian also shook his head: “No, Mr. Mark came to New York specifically for this instrument. It’s impossible for me to win over people’s love. I’ll use it a little and give it back to you after I’m done. Anyway, I didn’t touch it. However, it should not affect Mr. Mark’s collection.”

Mark smiled faintly: “If the professor likes it, I can give it to you.”

Wang Qian said casually: “Thank you, but I still can’t take it!”

Mark asked curiously: “So, does the professor have any ideas?”

Thousands of spectators at the scene were speechless when they saw the two chatting on the podium as if no one else was watching.

“Does Mark think this is a variety show? The kind of show where no one cares if he wants to steal the host’s job? This is a music and art class and he should come down immediately.”

“Mark started to dominate again.”

“Are these two people conducting a talk show?”

“Professor Wang has such a good temper. If it were me, I would have kicked him out.”

“So, has Professor Wang Qian really found the rules of musical instruments?”

“To be honest, I don’t think electronic musical instruments are musical instruments, they are just a bunch of electronic instruments!”

“What does it mean to be able to play without touching? Play through the air?”

“It’s a weird instrument, but the conversation between two people standing on the podium is also weird”

Only a few people who know Wang Qian or Mark know that there have been some exchanges between the two.

Mark wanted to give this instrument to Wang Qian, so Wang Qian owed him a favor in public.

But Wang Qian refused, not wanting to have a closer personal relationship with Mark.

After all!

This technology geek’s behavior is very domineering.

Wang Qian didn’t want to have any personal relationship with him, let alone owe him a favor.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to return the favor later.

In case, he later asks to buy shares in Feiyue or Qianqianjingting, and the price he gives is higher than the market price.

How could he refuse?


Wang Qian refused simply.

Then, turning back to the instrument itself, Wang Qian tried to move his palms on the two producing parts with both hands, trying to grasp the law of the sound, which was almost the same as in his memory. At the same time, he said softly: “I have almost mastered it. This It’s a relatively simple instrument.”


Mark originally wanted to see Wang Qian’s joke, but looking at Wang Qian’s appearance, it seemed that he had really grasped something?

He stared at Wang Qian with wide eyes, trying to see if what Wang Qian said was true.

As a technology geek, he often interacts with geniuses in many fields of science and technology in North America. He knows all the famous scientists in the science field in North America and has had personal contact with them.

However, no genius can quickly master the rules of this instrument.

Wang Qian just touched it and that’s it?

Is this beyond the scope of genius?

Mark was shocked.

After experiencing it personally, Mark realized what an incredible musician Wang Qian is.

It seems that there is really no secret in anything related to music in front of Wang Qian.

All the audience at the scene and all the viewers in front of the TV were speechless when they saw this scene

They are all still wondering what this instrument is all about.

Wang Qian has already mastered it?

Ready to play?

Many people still have doubts and doubts in their eyes, and they instinctively don’t believe it.

Although Wang Qian had already acted incredible just now.

However, everyone still instinctively follows their own inherent concepts and thinking that they have developed over the past few decades, and they still instinctively do not believe that Wang Qian can really do this


Next second.

Under everyone’s wide-eyed gaze.

And Mark, who has not yet stepped down, is taking a closer look.

Wang Qian looked attentive, his hands kept moving slightly next to the therem’s iron ring and antenna, and his fingers changed into different positions.

The treme made its own unique and weird musical sound

However, the timbre is a bit strange compared to the piano, saxophone, and panpipes played by Wang Qian just now.

However, Wang Qian used this weird timbre to clearly and unmistakably play the rhythm of the music he wanted to play

Many artists and music art enthusiasts in the field of music and art, as well as many professional musicians in the pop music circle, all heard for the first time that Wang Qian was playing a song that they were all familiar with. A piano piece to Xuerong

This is Wang Qian’s first famous piano piece that became popular in North America.


Wang Qian used an instrument that he had just seen, and it took less than a minute to play the Zhi Xuerong that was familiar to all of them.


A lot of breathing sounds were heard again, and the temperature value changed significantly again.

And Mark, standing next to Wang Qian, was even more shocked and stunned, with an exaggerated expression displayed on the live TV screen!

He didn’t expect that he originally wanted to see Wang Qian’s stunned expression.

In a blink of an eye

But it was he who contributed the expression he wanted to see.


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