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Published:, the fastest update to the latest chapter that took eight years to debut!

In Los Angeles!

Most people in the World Championship program team already knew that they were completely wrong at the beginning

What script is arranged?

The audience placed their own people in the audience?

Everything follows the established script flow?

Wang Qian fell?


These questions and speculations have been perfectly answered at this time.

That is.

They were all wrong.

A copyright representative shook his head and said with a wry smile: “Unexpectedly, he actually called Mark. This truly proves that there is no script in the entire live broadcast! Neither Ononga nor Mark can accept it. The people arranged by the program team also know who they are, and it is impossible to contact them in advance to perform on site.”

The North American copyright representative knows Mark’s character best.

After all, Mark is a well-known technology geek in North America. He often appears in the cameras of major media in North America. He is famous for his loud mouth. It can be said that he dares to criticize anyone and refuses to accept anyone. .

Not to mention that the live program at this time belongs to the largest TV station in North America. Even if it is the largest consortium in the world, Mark will not give face and dare to curse people!


There is deep self-doubt in the eyes of the North American copyright representative!

Is Wang Qian really that invulnerable?

Oni said calmly: “The ratings data just came out, the number of global viewers now exceeds 3.3 billion, and it is still rising slowly but steadily. After Mark appears, a group of people may be attracted to watch. TV. After all, we all know that Mark is the most popular and well-known technology tycoon in the world, and he has a large number of fans.”

“Perhaps, in the end, Wang Qian’s live lecture may have as many viewers as we did at the peak of our World Championships.”

Oni’s words silenced everyone in the office again, and the atmosphere became even darker.

Everyone can imagine that Wang Qian was alone at this time, proving his appeal.

Even if Wang Qian’s live broadcast of his lecture failed to attract more than 4 billion people around the world to watch and reach the pinnacle of the World Championship, it did not prevent him from proving himself.

Even if it is now at its peak, more than 3.3 billion people around the world are watching, which is enough to prove that Wang Qian takes more than 90% of the credit for the success of the World Championship!

The remaining ten percent was contributed by Sophie, Miyuki Nakamori, Adam, and Elizabeth.

Credit to the program team

Almost negligible!


They themselves know best that what their program team did during the World Championships was really not very decisive. They all promoted, promoted, and promoted step by step according to the process.

They did nothing about the operation, innovation, etc. of the show!

Looking at Wang Qian on the TV screen now, I thought that 3.3 billion people around the world were watching at this time

Every one of them knows that if Wang Qian joins a variety show now, the global viewership generated may not be lower than that of the World Championships.

“So, what should we do?”

The North American copyright representative couldn’t help but ask: “If I come to him now to apologize and make a public apology, will he accept it? Will he accept the invitation code for our new program because of this?”

The North American representatives also know that their choice this time has missed out on huge benefits.

He knew that his previous attitude towards Wang Qian was definitely not very good.

At this moment, facing the huge loss of interests, he was immediately willing to put aside his so-called arrogance and prejudice, and was willing to go to Wang Qian’s house and publicly apologize to Wang Qian. As long as he could get Wang Qian’s forgiveness and Wang Qian could continue to join new programs, Then he’s willing to do anything.

After all, each of them here can be regarded as a capital party in the entertainment industry.

For capital, face is the least valuable thing. As long as it can be exchanged for benefits, they are even willing to kneel down to Wang Qian in public

After the North American representative finished speaking, he looked at Zhou Qinghua.

Others also looked at Zhou Qinghua.

They all know that the person here who knows Wang Qian best and can influence Wang Qian’s decision the most is Zhou Qinghua.

Feeling the gazes around him, Zhou Qinghua glanced at the North American representative and Oni, and then said softly: “Even if you apologize now, you may not be able to get him to agree to us immediately and join the preparation of the new program. He may really I want to go home and don’t want to stay here for a long time.”

Everyone else was slightly disappointed.

The North American representative breathed a sigh of relief. Although there was no need to apologize, his eyes were filled with disappointment and distress.

Everyone here has lost at least profits calculated in hundreds of millions of dollars.

However, Zhou Qinghua continued: “However, even if your apology cannot see immediate benefits, it can still leave a very good impression on Wang Qian and increase the possibility of cooperation next time. He has gone home and rested enough. Waiting In a few years, I won’t be so reluctant to record shows in North America.”

The others looked at each other.

Each of them is a veteran who has been in the TV variety show circle for more than ten years. They all know that the most important thing for making a living in this circle is personal connections.

Sometimes maintaining a good relationship will not bring any benefits in a short period of time, and it requires you to spend time and money to maintain it, but it may bring you huge benefits at some point later. Return.


The North American representative thought for a moment and then said immediately: “Okay, I understand. I will appear on a TV interview program tomorrow and apologize to Wang Qian in public on the program.”

Oni thought for a while and said: “I will discuss it with the TV station and make arrangements. Zhou, you try your best to communicate with the TV station in China and make our apology visible to everyone in China. Come and see our sincerity”

This time, China contributed incredible ratings during the World Championship. At its peak, 1.1 billion people were watching, which brought huge benefits to both the program team and the TV station.

So, Oni immediately took advantage of this opportunity to establish a good relationship with the Chinese market and lay the foundation for future development.

Zhou Qinghua smiled and said: “I will try my best, but I can’t guarantee whether it will succeed or not. After all, you know that most of our TV stations are not influenced by capital.”

Oni nodded: “We all understand that you just have to do your best. If the TV station cannot live broadcast, then you can use the power of the Internet to move the program video. I think the apology video will definitely not be blocked, right? ?”

Zhou Qinghua nodded: “Of course!”

If it is a video that discredits China, it will definitely not be spread.

However, it is a video of a public apology to Wang Qian. Zhou Qinghua believes that with the current support given to Wang Qian by domestic official TV stations, it should be broadcast live so that Chinese audiences can see it.

After all, being able to conquer the arrogant and prejudiced North American capital side and make them apologize publicly proves Wang Qian’s charisma and can also enhance domestic national confidence and pride!

After a little discussion, the matter was settled.

Everyone once again focused their attention on the TV screen.

Everyone present, like the more than three billion TV viewers around the world, are also very curious to know what musical instrument Mark will propose to Wang Qian.

Will it embarrass Wang Qian?

At this moment, social platforms around the world are also very busy.

Mark is the most watched technology tycoon in the world. He has his own traffic. His Facebook and Twitter accounts are as popular as the world’s top stars. His words and deeds can influence many people in the world.

So, when he was selected by Wang Qian at the lecture, many viewers in front of the TV were pleasantly surprised. Many passers-by heard that Mark appeared on TV, and they all ran over to watch TV, which further improved his performance. Viewing data.

The Internet naturally became agitated.

“Water? Mark actually went to listen to Wang Qian’s music and art class? Does he really understand art? He is just a bandit.”

“To be fair, Mark has always been a man in science and engineering, right? Can he understand Professor Wang Qian’s music and art?”

“Hahahahaha, Professor Wang Qian doesn’t even know Mark. This is the first time Mark has been embarrassed publicly. He can’t refute it, right? It’s funny.”

“Mark’s factory is about to shut down due to shortage of parts, but he still has time to chase stars.”

“Wow, Mark has watched almost all of Wang Qian’s performances, it’s so cool.”

“Mark, please tell me an instrument so that Wang Qian can’t play it!”

“Hahahaha, it’s a good show.”

“Mad Mark, slap Wang Qian in the face right there?”

Many people who follow Mark do not take it too seriously, so they all started making noises, hoping that it would be more lively and exciting.


Mark looked at Wang Qian, wanting to grasp Wang Qian’s emotions and thoughts more clearly, but unfortunately all he saw was calmness and calmness. This once again proved that Wang Qian had absolute confidence in himself, so any He is unhurried at all times, which is very similar to him.

Mark said loudly: “Professor, can any instrument really be used?”

Wang Qian smiled again and said: “Of course. If I can, then I will play for everyone right away. If I don’t know, I will spend a few minutes learning and then play for everyone! So, Just name any instrument you can think of.”

Wang Qian’s words left many musicians at the scene speechless again.

Hey guys, you don’t know how, just spend a few minutes studying?


A few minutes can be equivalent to their decades of research?

Many people felt offended again, but the problem was that they could not refute.

Because, just now Wang Qian proved this with actual actions, proving that he was not bragging or lying.

When pairs of eyes looked at Mark, they had even more eager expectations. They expected Mark to be able to name an instrument that Wang Qian couldn’t learn, slap him in the face on the spot, and give relief to all the instrumentalists who had been practicing the instrument for decades. !

There was a trace of a bad smile on Mark’s face and he said: “Professor, then I’m not welcome. This time I came to New York, first of all, to listen to your music class. Secondly, because I like your music , I have become crazy about some music and musical instruments recently.”

“I heard that there is a musical instrument collector in New York who has collected an extremely rare instrument that has a history of hundreds of years. However, after it was originally made, it was quickly banned. It took decades to After the ban was lifted, there were very few people who could play it. Now there are no more than five people in the world who can play this instrument.”

“Of course, this does not include me. I can’t play, so I bought a replica from my collector friend and wanted to take it back to Los Angeles and collect it.”

“Just in time, I’ll take it with me. I plan to fly back to Los Angeles directly after attending your class.”

“I would like to hand this instrument over to you now, is that okay with you?”

“Honestly, I’m sure you don’t know how to play this instrument, and you’ve definitely never seen it before. Moreover, it’s very difficult to learn, and you can’t learn it in a few minutes!”

All the viewers in front of the TV and at the scene were curious after listening to Mark’s words.

I wonder what kind of instrument this is?

So mysterious?

There are no more than five people in the world who can play?

I was banned just after the interview?

Everyone present here is a gathering place for masters in the field of music and art, as well as masters in the field of pop music.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a collection of the highest achievements in music in the world.

Are there any musical instruments that they haven’t seen before?

Many top pop music singers, producers and songwriters in the middle and back rows want to say that there is no instrument that they have not seen or heard.

“What musical instrument is Mark talking about?”

“I don’t know, I’m thinking.”

“Actually, the panpipe played just now is already very difficult. There are no more than a hundred people in the world who can play it, and no more than ten people can play on stage. However, Mark said that the instrument he brought , there are less than five people in the world who can play, which is incredible.”

“Maybe it’s a new musical instrument they made themselves?”

“Has it been hundreds of years old? Why was it banned just after the interview? Was it because it was too dangerous or something else?”

“Honestly, I’m very curious!”

Many of the previous music artists are also very curious.

If it were in the past, they would definitely be resistant and dissatisfied with such weird instruments. They would only accept those classical instruments that have been passed down for more than a hundred years and have profound artistic and historical heritage.

But now, they just hope to embarrass Wang Qian and make them feel better.

So, no matter what instrument it is, as long as it can make Wang Qian admit defeat, even if it is a piece of shit, they will tolerate it.

A pair of eyes looked at Mark curiously, and then at Wang Qian.

Wang Qian also looked at Mark, his face full of curiosity: “Mr. Mark, you have successfully aroused my curiosity. As a musician, I really want to know, what is the instrument you are talking about? What. So, please bring it up!”

Mark was smiling. He had just sent the message. He looked back and saw his assistant standing at the door carrying a box. He waved his hand: “Bring it!”

The assistant trotted over and handed a suitcase to Mark.

Mark took the suitcase with his own hands, walked to the podium step by step, and handed the suitcase to Wang Qian: “Professor, open it yourself and take a look.”

Mark’s face was full of anticipation, looking forward to Wang Qian’s expression when he opened the box, so he stared at Wang Qian unblinkingly, trying to remember Wang Qian’s expression changes deeply.


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