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Pa bang bang bang…

When other people at the scene heard Ononga’s words, most of them spontaneously clapped vigorously again, and others could only join in the applause even if they were reluctant.

Warm applause once again swept the audience.

Ononga, who was standing there, also clapped and clapped his hands, but still did not sit down immediately.

Because he still has something to say.

Wang Qian smiled and enjoyed the applause, then waved to the audience, controlling the audience easily and freely, and let the applause slowly disappear.

Everyone stared at Wang Qian standing there on the podium, feeling like they were standing on a mountain.

Wang Qian looked at Ononga standing there and said, “Mr. Ononga said too much. I am not as powerful as he said.”

After listening to Wang Qian’s words, everyone present who knew about Chinese culture knew that Wang Qian was being modest at this time…

Ononga immediately said: “No, Professor, you are greater than I said. I have a request to make to you now…”

After listening to Ononga’s words, the others were thoughtful, and they could roughly think of what Ononga wanted to do.

Many people were also ready to make a move, looking at Wang Qian with a hint of golden light and desire.

Wang Qian nodded slightly: “Tell me about it.”

Ononga looked a little guilty and said: “Professor, the Eagle Song you just played, I think best represents the spirit of our Indian tribe. I seem to have seen my whole life in the music. I think, There is no Indian who would not like this piece.”

“So, I want to get your authorization and I want to go back to the tribe to play this song. I may also use this song to promote our Indian culture in the future…”

When everyone else heard this, their expressions were as expected.

The work Wang Qian just performed can be heard by those in the pop music circle. It has the potential to become popular all over the world. With a little publicity, it can spread to any corner of the world.

Moreover, the simplicity and desolation, as well as the traces of tragic emotions, seem to them to be quite suitable for the current Indian cultural heritage.


How can it be possible to authorize such a work that is destined to be popular all over the world?

Everyone in the industry knows that the licensing fee for each of Wang Qian’s works is quite high, almost the highest price in the industry.

Those pianists who want to play Wang Qian’s piano works now have a licensing fee of up to one hundred thousand US dollars for a piece…

Wang Qian looked at Ononga blankly and said noncommittally: “I agree in principle to the authorization of cooperation. However, we will discuss the details of the specific cooperation after it is over.”

Ononga’s face showed joy. What he was afraid of was that Wang Qian would not talk about cooperation directly, and then he would be doomed to be disappointed.

He really liked this piece so much that if he couldn’t play it in the future, he might not even want to play the panpipe anymore.

Because other panpipe works he played seemed too ordinary compared with this piece by Wang Qian.

If the most beautiful music cannot be played, he will have no interest in other ordinary works.


At this moment, after receiving Wang Qian’s affirmative answer, Ononga showed a bright smile on his face.

As long as he can get authorization, he doesn’t care how much licensing fee he pays.

He has also made a lot of money over the years, which is more than enough to purchase a license.

Ononga hurriedly agreed: “Okay, Professor.”

After speaking, Ononga sat down and passed the microphone to the staff.


Thousands of people at the scene raised their arms again.

Obviously, the exchange between Ononga and Wang Qian just now still did not satisfy the questions in many people’s minds.

Many music artists in the middle and front row still raised their hands, hoping to have face-to-face communication with Wang Qian!

Wang Qian glanced briefly and said: “I will answer one more person’s question, and then I will draw the last musical instrument.”

After hearing Wang Qian’s words, everyone at the scene immediately became excited again. Many people wanted to raise their hands right now.

After all, I just witnessed Wang Qian learn a new and unfamiliar instrument in six minutes, and then conquer the audience and the world in four minutes of playing.

Many of them wanted to try it again and give Wang Qian an extremely niche and unfamiliar instrument to see if Wang Qian could learn to master it in a few minutes again and then play a brand new piece!

If Wang Qian could do it twice in a row, the doubts and last traces of arrogance in many people’s hearts would be completely shattered.

Even the many top music artists, celebrities and rich people in the front row are all ready to raise their hands to answer the question!

At this moment, Wang Qian glanced around, and finally pointed to a young man in the back row: “That classmate in the plaid shirt, please get up and talk.”

The young man wearing a plaid shirt, who was obviously different from the many serious artists in front of him, immediately stood up excitedly, took the microphone handed over by the staff behind him, looked at Wang Qian and said loudly: “Professor , I am a loyal fan of yours, especially your rock works. I personally study pop music and am a behind-the-scenes practitioner. So, how do you distinguish pop music? and classical music? How do you achieve incredible success in both fields at the same time?”

This young man also asked questions that many musicians want to know the answers to.

Although, Wang Qian has actually said the answer to this question more than once.

However, many people still wanted to ask Wang Qian questions personally and received clear answers from Wang Qian.

Some of the top music artists in front looked back at the young man who asked the question with some disgust. In the eyes of many music artists, this young man’s question was a waste of Wang Qian’s class time and opportunity to ask questions. .

Wang Qian said calmly: “I just said it, in my eyes, there is no distinction between popular and classical music. It is all music, just different types of music works that meet different needs. The essence There’s no difference, it’s all music. What I studied at the beginning was the core of music, and I didn’t prefer any type of music.”

“So, I have the same understanding and thoughts about any type of music. In your eyes, it is the same achievement and height!”

“For me, that’s all.”

Wang Qian shrugged lightly and explained in an extremely relaxed tone and manner.

Many people at the scene laughed bitterly and shook their heads after hearing this, feeling that they and Wang Qian were really from two different worlds!

The career and persistence they have fought for their entire lives are nothing special in Wang Qian’s eyes. Wang Qian can easily achieve the ultimate goal they pursue throughout their lives.


Many people are a little confused again.

It seems that the goal and meaning of life’s struggle have been lost.

The young man who asked the question heard Wang Qian explain it himself again, and said with satisfaction: “Thank you, professor. I am your loyal rock fan. Will you sing a rock work in class today?” I think there are a lot of your rock fans here.”

At this time, many classical music artists and music and art lovers in front frowned and glared at the young man.

Teachers and students from major classical music schools all looked at this person behind the scenes of popular music with hostility, feeling that this person was here to cause trouble.

Wang Qian chuckled and said: “Thank you for your support. However, I can only say sorry to you. It is impossible for me to sing rock works here today.”

The young man obviously didn’t want to give up easily, and asked again: “So, will you perform a rock work in New York and then leave? Your fans in New York are no less than those in Los Angeles, and they all want to listen to you. Live performance! ”

Many people behind him looked at Wang Qian eagerly.

Many music artists in front also looked at Wang Qian expectantly. They objected to Wang Qian performing rock performances in class, but they did not object to Wang Qian performing in other venues. On the contrary, they were looking forward to it. They could also go and watch. The most important thing is that this can extend Wang Qian’s stay in New York.

Many music artists and music art lovers hope to stay in contact with Wang Qian for a longer period of time so that they can enjoy more wonderful music and art.

Wang Qian thought about the many enthusiastic New York fans he saw on the way from the New York airport to the hotel.

He believes that if he holds a concert in New York, the venue will definitely be full, and the ticket price may not be much lower than the World Championship performance in Los Angeles.

After all, New York is the financial capital of the world and the place with the most wealthy people in the world. The spending power here is higher than that of Los Angeles.

Let alone one, even if he holds ten concerts here in a row, all the tickets will be sold out.

What a pity!

Wang Qian shook his head regretfully and said apologetically: “Sorry, I just want to go home early. The saxophone piece just now is a true portrayal of my mood. Therefore, I can’t perform live in New York. Wait until later. Let’s look for another chance…Thank you for your support!”

The young man’s face was full of regret and he said to Wang Qian: “That’s a shame, thank you, professor!”

After speaking, the young man sat down and stopped talking.

Next second.

A dense crowd of arms instantly appeared on the scene.

Thousands of hands were raised, and pairs of eyes looked at Wang Qian expectantly.

Nearly most people at the scene raised their hands, hoping to be chosen by Wang Qian to personally tell him the last instrument that Wang Qian needs to play.

This time, many people wanted to participate. Even the top music artists and celebrities and rich people in the first few rows, most of them raised their hands.

Even Ononga, who had just asked Wang Qian to play the panpipe, raised his hand. George and Melon, who had already relieved their embarrassment, also raised their hands, both wanting to make it more difficult for Wang Qian personally.

Wang Qian leaned against the lectern, looked at everyone relaxedly, and said calmly: “Well, it seems that everyone can’t wait for me to play the final work, and that will be the end. Then… I Take one now.”

“To be honest, I really like the panpipe that Mr. Ononga gave me just now. The music played by this instrument is very beautiful… I hope that the next one will be an equally beautiful instrument.”

Thousands of hands were raised even harder.

If it were an ordinary university class, everyone would probably make a voice to fight for it.

Here, everyone just raised their hands quietly, not allowing themselves to be rude.

Wang Qian saw that almost all the familiar faces he knew raised their hands. He immediately smiled at Qin Xuerong and Qin Xuehong, and then moved his finger to point at a strong man in a suit sitting near the front. The young man doesn’t have the temperament of a music artist at first glance.

The middle-aged man stood up slightly surprised and said excitedly: “God, I didn’t expect you really chose me, professor.”

The others put down their hands with regret and looked back at the middle-aged man. Many of them had surprised faces.

Because almost most people at the scene knew this middle-aged man!

Wang Qian said relaxedly: “Relax, what is your name?”

The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment, and then asked in surprise: “Professor, don’t you know me? I followed you all the way from Los Angeles. Except for the first show of yours in Los Angeles, I missed the rest. I’ve watched all of your performances, and I’ve been in the second row!”

Wang Qian frowned, stared at the middle-aged man and thought for a few seconds, and finally shook his head and said: “Sorry, there were a lot of people at the time, and I was more focused during the performance, so I couldn’t remember you.”

Other people at the scene also looked at Wang Qian in surprise. Almost everyone did not expect that Wang Qian actually did not recognize this middle-aged man.

Qin Xuehong whispered to Qin Xuerong: “Wang Qian doesn’t even know the technology geek Mark. Doesn’t he even read the news? It won’t take long for this guy to be on the news headlines, and he is still ranked among the top ten richest people in the world. The third existence. No one in the world who has the Internet knows him.”

Qin Xuerong’s bright eyes stared at Wang Qian without blinking, and said indifferently: “What’s weird about not knowing him? Wang Qian used to be very low-key and didn’t watch the news much. He doesn’t like many big-name celebrities in the country. Yes, it’s strange that he doesn’t know a North American technology geek.”

Jiang Yu said softly: “Yes, Professor Wang has always paid little attention to information other than his own. This is a sign of absolute confidence, believing that he is the center of the world…”

Murong Yue: “Professor Wang is awesome! I just don’t know if this technology geek will deliberately embarrass Professor Wang. When I was in school in North America, I saw a piece of news. Mark made the president unable to step down! Who is he? I don’t even give him any face, so I call him a madman!”

“Professor Wang doesn’t know him, he may be angry…”

Everyone in the Chinese delegation stared at Wang Qian with worried faces, and then looked at Mark standing there.

Mark’s eyes were also fixed on Wang Qian, trying to find out whether Wang Qian was making fun of him, but he found that Wang Qian’s face was full of seriousness, and his eyes were very pure, without any complicated thoughts. Let him, who has read countless people, know that Wang Qian did not lie to him and really did not know him.

This left Mark speechless. He wanted to ask Wang Qian, did you just come out of the virgin forest?

Obviously, it was impossible for him to really ask Wang Qian such a question on this occasion, so he could only introduce himself slightly helplessly: “Hello, professor. My name is Mark, from Los Angeles.”

Wang Qian searched for the name Mark in his mind and found that he really had no impression. He immediately asked: “Okay, Mark, thank you for supporting me. You decide which instrument I will play last.” “Have you thought about it?”

A playful smile flashed in Mark’s eyes.

Everyone else looked at Mark with envy.


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