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此为防盗章  两人跌跌撞撞地进了一个隐蔽处的空闲小包厢,反锁了包厢门。

This is the anti-theft chapter    The two stumbled into a small empty box in a hidden place and locked the box door.


About half an hour later, the box door opened and Shijin came out alone. He deliberately put on a dissatisfied and angry face, and when he returned to the box, he ignored the ambiguous and booing voices of Xu Huai’s group of friends, friends, and angrily asked them to go to the small box to pick up Xu Huai, and then called to wake up the pretending drunk Gua two, and took his head. Leave without returning.


The two returned to the car, and Gua Er immediately became energetic and asked: “What did you take Xu Huai out for?”


“As usual, there are too many people in the box, so I can’t play well.” Shijin replied. In fact, the real reason is that there are too many people in the box, and it is inconvenient to add some unharmonious buffs.


Gua Er didn’t want to entangle with him more, and continued to ask: “Then what did you do?”


“Important news.” Shijin replied, detailing his findings, “I suspect that Xu Huai was the one who was sent out for the transaction. He had missed his mouth when he poured my drink and said he was too late. Time to go abroad to make a fortune, he will become richer than you, the benefactor, ask me if I want to follow him. Just now I took him to the small box, coaxed him to talk about the fortune in detail, he mentioned that he recently wanted I went on a cruise with my friends, and then I would go abroad. I didn’t know the specific time of the cruise until he passed away.”


Gua Er looked at Shijin like a monster, as if he couldn’t believe that he actually got the information.


Shijin was frowned upon and said, “Can’t you hear the movement on my side? What does this look mean now.”


Gua Er took out a hidden earphone from his pocket, and his expression was hard to say: “After you and Xu Huai went to the small box, the sound of Xu Huai… I took the earphones off. Cough, didn’t I think you sacrificed yourself for the task, and what happened to Xu Huaizhen…”


Shijin raising his hand is a blasting hammer.


“Don’t don’t don’t, don’t do it, just make a joke, I know you have a sense of measure.” Gua Er hurriedly avoided, turned to flattering flatteringly, “Xiao Jinjin, you are really good, you completed the task all at once. Most of the time, after verifying this information, we can take a good vacation.”


Shijin wondered: “What do you mean? We don’t care about this anymore?”


“Whatever you care, it’s all official work behind. We are small households, but we can’t manage this kind of cross-border business.” Gua Er leisurely opened his mouth and signaled the driver to drive back to the clubhouse, and looked up at the time. , Said, “But I didn’t expect that Xiao Jinjin, your alcohol volume is so good, you are not drunk for a thousand cups.”




As if the curse had been lifted, and when I was still refreshed and lucid for the last second, I collapsed on the back of the chair with a flushed face and crooked face, raised his hand to cover his mouth, and looked dimly at Gua Two. Weakly speak: “Mom, I want to vomit…”


Gua Two: “???”




The buff has a time limit. Once the time limit is over, the human body should suffer from the sins that the human body should suffer.


After drunk, Shijin looked like a semi-silly. After vomiting, he was filled with a bottle of water by Gua Erqiang. He finally became a little bit more energetic, but when he was energetic, he began to pick up Gua Er, clamoring Go and see if the baby has a good meal.


Gua Er wanted to stun him directly, but seeing him pitifully drunk and uncomfortable, he was a little unable to get his hands off, thinking about filling him with some more water, when he was drunk, Shijin was groping for himself. Out of the cell phone, dialed out.


When I saw the name “Jun Shao” on the phone interface, Gua Er nearly choked to death by his own saliva, collapsed to grab the phone that Shizhao entered, and said anxiously: “I will tell you who your baby is, It turns out that you really have a guilty heart to Jun Shao! Hurry up and don’t look at what it is now, don’t be dying!”


Shi Jin writhed and hid, with great strength, and then the scene that Gua Er didn’t want to see the last appeared-the phone was connected.


Lian Jun’s voice came out of the phone. It was a little low. He was obviously awakened. He whispered: “Shi Jin?”


Gua Er hurriedly remedyed it and replied loudly: “Sorry, Mr. Shi Jin, he is drunk, he is dialing the phone to play, you continue to sleep–“


“Baby!” Shi Jinshi screamed in shock, slapped his face and said to the old mother on the phone, “Why don’t you like soup! Soup is so delicious, why don’t you drink it! You have a bad stomach, you have to Do you know Duo Wenbu! Do you still want to get better, do you want to be healthy! How old are you, how can you be picky eaters! You are too much!”


Gua Er took a breath, stretched out his hand to cover Shijin’s mouth, and said to the phone: “Young Master Jun, he is really drunk, I will clean him up, you continue to sleep, he doesn’t know himself What are you doing, don’t be angry.”


“Uhhhhh…baby!” Shijin was still struggling to speak out.


Gua Er almost wanted to kill him, pressed him hard enough to grab his mobile phone.


Just when Gua Er thought that Lian Jun should have hung up the phone, Lian Jun’s voice came out again: “Bring him back to see me, immediately.” After speaking, he hung up the phone.


Gua Er finally grabbed the phone, but it seemed to be useless. He bowed his head with a sullen face, watching Shijin who was struggling with his hands and closed his eyes to go to sleep. Angrily and helplessly, he let go of his hands: “Make a fuss, make a fuss, when you want to cry, brother will help. I can’t stop you.”


When he returned to the clubhouse, Shijin was completely drunk, and Gua Er couldn’t, so he could only meet Lian Jun with his back on his back.


Lian Jun was waiting in the study in a nightgown. Seeing Shijin came in sideways, frowned, looked at Shijin’s sulky dress, looked at Gua two, and asked: “How is the mission? ?”


“We have already contacted the target character Xu Huai, and Shi Jin also got some news from Xu Huai. It is preliminarily determined that the document trader is Xu Huai, and the transaction location should be on a cruise ship.” Gua Er replied, Seeing that Lian Jun looked at Shijin again, he hurriedly added, “This time, thanks to Shijin’s mission, he made it so smooth. He drinks to get closer to the target, not intentional.”


Shijin, who was thrown on the sofa, moved suddenly, turned over and murmured: “Baby…drinking soup…”


The alarm bell in Gua Er’s heart became louder, and he increased his voice and reported the episode of Dragon Stone again, trying to overshadow the sound of entering the baby with his own voice.


But apparently Lian Jun’s hearing is okay. He slid his wheelchair and moved to the sofa. Looking at Shi Jin’s ugly and silly sleeping face, he slowly stretched out his hand and pinched Shi Jin’s slightly opened mouth together.


Shijin turned his head uncomfortably, looking even silly.


Digram Two: “…”


“Let’s look up the dragon stone.” After squeezing, Lian Jun retracted his hand, took off the studs on his ears when he took off, and threw them to Gua Er, and continued to command, “Check the information he got when he , After confirming that it is correct, hand it over to the official.” After saying that he waved his hand to beckon him to go to sleep while taking it, sliding the wheelchair and walked away.


Gua Er was stunned, a little bit unbelievable that this matter was so over today. Looking at Shijin who was still asleep unconsciously, he faintly slapped a weird aura-Master Jun seems to be right at the time and is special… …Uh, tolerance?




The headache after a hangover makes people feel bad. I don’t know what time it is when I wake up from sleep. I first floated to the bathroom with vain steps and took a casual shower. Hair, ran to bang the door of Gua Er.


When Gua Er opened the door, I saw him, looked at him sympathetically, and said: “Wake up, go eat, Master Jun is still waiting for you.”


Shijin’s reaction was slow, and it took a few seconds before he nodded, and asked with a guilty conscience: “I vaguely remember that I called Jun Shao last night, um…I didn’t say anything outrageous, right. “


Gua Er sighed and patted him heavily on the shoulder.


“I, I said?” When I entered my throat, my throat became tight.


Gua Er’s face couldn’t bear it: “By the way, you call Jun Shaobao, and you accuse Jun Shao of being picky eaters… You, alas, go well, I will pray for you.”


When the tears flowed into the river, the machine turned around, crying in his head: “Little death, you didn’t lie to me…”


Little Death is very wronged: “I lied to you to do something like this.”


“Then why didn’t you stop me last night…”


“I blocked it, you won’t listen.”


One person, one system is relatively silent. In the end, I feel softened and comforted: “It’s okay, my baby loves you so much. I won’t blame you for drinking indiscriminately.”


“You don’t understand, it has nothing to do with drinking…” This has something to do with the phrase “baby”… Shi Jin sighed quietly, barely cheered up, and walked towards the restaurant.


The restaurant door opened, and a table of cucumber banquet appeared in front of him. Lian Jun sat behind the table with a bowl of soup in front of him, and he was flipping through the tablet.


“Young Master.” Shijin weakly called.


“Sit and eat.” Lian Jun didn’t look up.


Shijin sat down and looked at the pickled cucumbers, fried cucumbers, cucumber and egg vermicelli soup, cold cucumbers… a bunch of cucumber dishes, remembering how much the original owner hated cucumbers, and deeply felt Lian Jun’s malice. Tentatively speaking: “That Mr. Master, yesterday…”


“Don’t be picky about eating.” Lian Jun put down the tablet, picked up the soup in front of him, and took a sip, “It is not advisable to eat too greasy after a hangover. Eat, don’t disappoint the chef’s kindness.”


This kindness is too heavy.


Shi Jin glanced at the soup in front of Lian Jun, lowered his head and picked up his chopsticks–it seems that Lian Jun was really angry, and he was so angry that he forced himself to drink the soup… But fortunately, he doesn’t like cucumbers. It is the original owner, he is not too picky about the taste of cucumber.


First scooped half a bowl of cucumber and egg vermicelli soup into a bowl, Shijin picked up a piece of egg and stuffed it into his mouth.


“Rong Zhouzhong posted a Weibo this morning, with the content “Looking for the young man who danced in the bar last night”, expressing that he wanted to sign him into his company. A young man with a bar dance floor as the background is also attached below. People dancing video.” Lian Jun said suddenly.


“Puff–” The eggs that Shijin had just eaten in his mouth spurted out.


Lian Jun raised his eyes to look at Shi Jin, and said nothing.


Shijin hurriedly covered his mouth, very embarrassed: “Sorry, I didn’t mean it, or let’s change another table?”


“No need.” Lian Jun moved his own soup and said plainly: “Whoever pollutes, who controls it, don’t waste it.”


Shijin: “…”


I don’t know if it’s lunch or dinner. Shi Jin fidgets restlessly. He glanced at Lian Jun’s tablet from time to time. In the end, he couldn’t help but sneaked out of his mobile phone and opened the Weibo software.


Taking Rongzhou’s popularity, Shijin didn’t have to search hard, just clicked on a page, and saw the most conspicuous place with the message “Looking for young dancing people in Rongzhou”.


He was so flustered that he asked Xiaodie in his head: “Did you say that Rong Zhouzhong recognized me?”


Xiao Di did not expect that Rong Zhouzhong would come to this one, he hesitated and replied: “It shouldn’t, you have changed too much now, and the progress bar has not risen, it is still 770.”


Shijin was a little relieved–the progress bar is not deceiving. If it doesn’t rise, there must be nothing wrong with it. So since Rong Zhouzhong didn’t post the Weibo because he recognized him, is he doing this simply to help Longshi out? Want to initiate cyber violence?


…so stingy.


Shijin turned off the phone and put it away. Like a student stealing a mobile phone in class, he instinctively looked up at “Teacher” Lian Jun after playing.


Lian Jun looked at him upright, expressionless.


Shijin’s body became stiff: “Uh…”


“Tell me about this Rong Zhouzhong.” Lian Jun put down the soup spoon and assumed a long-talking posture, “At first you said you want to stay with me, I agreed, but since you haven’t completely stabilized yet, so I didn’t ask you too much about your personal matters. Now that you follow me personally, I think we need to exchange information. Gua two said that you obviously avoided the dragon stone yesterday. Why?”


Shi Jin was stunned for a moment, and quickly put down his chopsticks. In fact, he wanted to tell Lian Jun a long time ago, so he honestly said: “Because I know Longshi’s employer, Rong Zhouzhong, he belongs to me. Third brother. In addition to him, I have four older brothers. You already know the eldest brother Shi Weichong. The remaining three brothers are the second brother Fei Yujing, the fourth brother Xiang Aoting, and the fifth brother Li Jiuzheng, I am here. Avoid them.”


Lian Jun sat up straight and asked: “Fei Yujing, is that lawyer Fei Yujing?”


Shijin nodded.


“Li Jiuzheng, if I remember correctly, Lao Sun’s closed disciple in Rongcheng is called Li Jiuzheng. He is a very good doctor.”


Shijin still nodded.


“And Xiang Aoting…” Lian Jun nodded the table, frowning slightly, as if he couldn’t remember who was the important person in the country by this name.


Shi Jin added with a guilty conscience: “He drives a plane…a fighter jet, a member of the military.”


Lian Jun stopped his hand at the table and looked at him deeply.


Shi Jin silently lowered his head.


“You brothers…”


“One is more troublesome than the other.” Shijin Zhiqu added.


“Do they really want you to die?” Lian Jun asked.


Shijin nodded vigorously, and touched the marks of self-harm on his wrist.


The restaurant was quiet. For a long time, Lian Jun stretched out his hand and pressed the call bell on the side of the table, so that the cucumber banquet on the table was removed, and a bowl of clear noodle soup was served.


“Let’s eat.” Lian Jun said.


Shijin couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. He picked up his chopsticks obediently and said in a low voice, “Master Jun, I know my family environment is more complicated, but don’t worry, I will handle it carefully and try not to cause you trouble. ……”


“Your existence itself is a trouble.” Lian Jun interrupted him, took a look at him, and asked him to put two poached eggs on him, and said, “I will deal with Weibo matters, and you will not go out recently. ……Does that Rong Zhouzhong recognize you?”


Shi Jin shook his head, his eyes turned into poached eggs, and looked at Lian Jun, tearful: “Young Master, you are so kind to me…”


Lian Jun looked away, very unfeeling: “Don’t make such an expression with this mess of hair, it’s ugly.”


Shijin: “…”


The Weibo effect continued to ferment, and Rong Zhouzhong’s popularity was too high. After Weibo was posted, his fans responded positively to his call. In just a few hours, he dug up a total of ten Several videos shot by different people from different angles, some of them are clear and some are blurry, and are clear enough to cut out the full-face photos of the time, so that people can see his facial features clearly.


Shijin wanted to wear it back last night and beat himself to death when he was dancing on stage.


“I always feel that if this goes on, it will only be a matter of time for Rong Zhouzhong to recognize me.” Shi Jin was overwhelmed.


Little Death wanted to comfort, but couldn’t deceive himself or others. Although being fat and thin can affect a person’s appearance, losing weight is not about plastic surgery. There will be no major changes in facial features. Moreover, it was only slightly fat before puberty. Compare the current photo with the previous photo to recognize it. It’s not too difficult.


“No, I have to change my image, or I won’t be able to go out anymore!” Shijin stood up suddenly and strode outside.


Xiao Death was taken aback and asked: “Jin Jin, how do you want to change your image, do you want to have plastic surgery?”


“No, the plastic surgery is too painful.” Shijin shook his head, raised his hand and pulled his own hair, no brainer, “It’s all caused by this irritable hair, I’m going to shave it!”


Little death: “…Huh?”


At dinner, when Lian Jun saw Shijin again, Shijin’s head was so clean that there was no hair left.


Lian Jun put down his chopsticks, expressionless: “What’s the matter?”


“Don’t you think my hair was ugly before, so I shaved it off, hehe.” Shijin smirked while touching his bald head.


Facts have proved that people who are good-looking are good-looking even if they shave their heads, but because of the lack of hair modification, Shijin now looks smaller than before, especially when he laughs, he is stupid and naive. It just broke the table.


Lian Jun decided to look at his bald head for a few seconds, then raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows.


“What’s wrong with you?” Shijin asked stupidly.


Lian Jun glanced at him again and waved his hand to signal him to eat. He also picked up his chopsticks and said, “Rong Zhouzhong has deleted Weibo and said that he was just joking with everyone and dancing in the video. Is actually someone he knows.”


Shijin broke the sound directly: “What?! Did he recognize me?”


“He doesn’t know, this is just an external statement. I asked Gua 2 to notify the official, and the official contacted Rong Zhouzhong on their behalf, and told Rong Zhouzhong that you were an undercover agent sent by the government to approach the prisoner Xu Huai. I hope he will not publicize the photos of the undercover, so he cooperated with the official statement and deleted the Weibo.” Lian Jun explained.


“Oh, oh, that’s it…” Shi Jin calmed down, and then noticed that Lian Jun had another bowl of soup beside him, and he boasted, “Young Master Jun is drinking soup again. It’s nice not to be picky eaters.”


Lian Jun heard this and directly rang the bell to make people serve a boiled egg, and then cruelly chopped the noodles in front of Shijin.


Si Jin felt chilly on his head, knowing that he had slapped his horse’s **** on the horse’s leg, and obediently buried his head and ate quietly.




In a blink of an eye, another half month passed. Through Lian Jun’s backstage control, the video of Shijin’s dancing quickly passed away and disappeared on the Internet silently. Shijin’s tense nerves finally relaxed, and he no longer feared that he would be recognized by his elder brothers all day long.


During this period, Xu Huai was officially identified as a trader. Not long afterward, Xu Huai was suddenly beaten up in a sack, and was stripped and left at the entrance of the Zero Degree Bar. It was a big ugly.


After another, Xu Huai, who was healed and went away to relax, completely disappeared and never appeared again. At the same time, a cruise ship in Linhai suffered an accident that killed several domestic and foreign tourists, which aroused a lot of attention. After the wave, Xiaoxiao was quickly forgotten.


The first snow in early winter fell unknowingly, Shijin surrounded himself tightly with a hat and scarf, and went out shopping with Gua Er.


“Are we really going to spend the winter in City B?” Shijin asked, his voice muffled by the scarf.


Gua Er glanced at him disgustingly, twisted his bare neck, and replied: “The original plan was to spend the winter on the island of M, but something happened to the official side. , Please stay a while longer, so I can only stay.”


Shijin nodded to express his understanding, and then asked, “Then what are we going to buy this time? Isn’t there someone in the club responsible for the purchase?”


“You’ll know wherever you go.” Gua Er sells Guanzi.


Shijin snorted dissatisfiedly, and got into the car with him.


The car headed towards the nearest shopping mall. Shi Jin was bored and stretched out his hand to play with the fog on the window.


When the car was approaching the mall, Xiao Death suddenly screamed in Shi Jin’s head.


Shijin was taken aback, his fingers slipped, and his body almost leaped on the door of the car. He hurriedly helped the door to sit firmly, and asked in his head: “What’s wrong?”


“Jin Jin, your progress bar suddenly rises to 870! Without warning, it suddenly rises!” Xiao Death’s voice changed in panic.


Shi Jinhu’s body was shocked, and he hurriedly looked at the value of the progress bar. After repeatedly confirming that he was not dazzled, he was also stupid: “What’s the matter? Why did it suddenly rise so much?!”


Xiao Di can’t figure it out, and she screamed back: “I don’t know!”


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