Daily Life at Hogwarts Chapter 1172: The intimidation of the big bat


“I’m right, everyone is happy that the DA gathering is going on.”

As the three of Harry left the hall, Ron excitedly told Harry the main reason for the enthusiasm for the party.

“Bill said the Ministry of Magic’s Defence Against the Dark Arts training is very popular, and in these turbulent times, everyone wants to learn something useful to keep their lives safe.”

“While Snape knows more about the Dark Arts than most Defence Against the Dark Arts professors, there’s only so much he can really teach us…”


Hermione interrupted, she felt Ron’s assessment was biased.

“At least, it doesn’t make any sense until it’s actually practiced.” Ron shrugged and said, “You can’t expect to be a great Defence Against the Dark Arts master by memorizing a lot of spells.”

“I’ve heard that so many times. Sometimes I don’t really understand what their enthusiasm is about.” Noticing the look on Hermione’s face, Harry asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? , Hermione?”

“Oh, Harry, I’m sure you’re aware of it,” said Hermione eccentrically. “You’re actually becoming popular. That should be a good thing, though.”

“Good thing?” Harry couldn’t understand what Hermione meant. “I don’t think it’s a good thing.”

“At least there are a lot of people who support you and are willing to attend the DA party.” Ron raised his eyebrows slightly, clearly not liking Harry’s words.

“Without the help of Fred, George, and Cedric, we wouldn’t be able to do so much, and we wouldn’t be able to teach so many people.” Harry felt that Hermione and Ron were thinking too much about the so-called suffering. Welcome is not cold, “Don’t forget what happened last year, many people regarded me as a fool with a brain problem because of the newspaper, and because of a newspaper, they regarded me as the so-called savior?”


Hermione seemed surprised that Harry would say such a thing.

“I don’t need fame at all, believe me, if Voldemort controls the Ministry of Magic, I’ll soon be Britain’s most notorious wanted man and scorned by everyone.”

After the last experience, Harry didn’t really care about the so-called popularity, and even thought those people were stupid.

After all, who but idiots would easily believe that stuff?

Actually, Harry was already preparing for the worst.

Neither Dumbledore’s injury nor Albert’s prophecy disturbed him.

The real turbulent times are yet to come.

That’s why Harry decided to teach everyone how to keep themselves safe in exile, something he suspects he might use later.

Of course, Harry is not stupid either. He understands what Hermione means. When he is popular, he attracts more people, but there are some things that Harry really can’t do. He can only say that he does his best.

When several people passed the corner of the corridor, Harry felt that his shoulder was hit hard, and he almost lost his balance and fell to the ground.

When he stabilized, he saw Malfoy’s group at a glance. Goyle and Crabbe were staring at Harry, Ron, and Hermione, obviously deliberately hitting him with the shoulder.

“Let’s go, lest they get some Death Eater buddies to kill us.” Harry reached for Ron, who had drawn his wand, with a hint of sarcasm on the corner of his mouth.

“You’re right, it’s scary.”

Ron looked at the three Malfoys and said sullenly.

“Maybe, they can’t wait to join the Death Eaters.”

“Maybe, one day they will be able to join their families in Azkaban.”

Looking at the two men in a hurry, Harry was a little surprised by Draco Malfoy’s composure, which made him feel that Malfoy was weird, so he sneered: “Being a Death Eater has no future. Don’t forget. Now, Scrimgeour’s attitude towards the Death Eaters. I bet Scrimgeour had guessed that Voldemort was going to rob the prison, and maybe one day all the Death Eaters in the prison would be executed, lest they come out and continue to harm others. .”


Draco Malfoy put his hand on Crabbe and Goyle’s shoulders, ignoring Potter and Weasley’s provocation.

“Harry…” Hermione whispered.

“This guy can really stand it,” Harry muttered.

After walking a distance, Crabbe said angrily: “Why stop me, it’s not like you…”

“Okay Crabbe,” Malfoy said, pausing to look back at Crabbe, “I can understand your anger, but now I don’t have time for boring stuff.”

“A boring thing.”

Both Goyle and Crabbe were stunned by Malfoy’s words.

“Yes, I have my own business to do, very important things that must be done.”

Malfoy reached out and grabbed his left arm, looked up at his two companions and reminded, “Also, the situation in the school is not good for us now, everyone is staring at us, so don’t make trouble for me.”

He is now more concerned about how he will complete the Dark Lord’s quest, and until then he needs to hide himself as much as possible to avoid attracting the attention of others.

“Okay, let’s go before we wait.”

With that, Malfoy turned and left.

Although Malfoy had two plans in mind, they didn’t seem very secure, especially since Snape’s objections made him feel inexplicably irritated.

As for Snape’s offer to wait for Dumbledore to get weak, then surprise him with the fatal blow?

Malfoy felt unreliable.

Of course Snape could wait, but the Malfoys couldn’t. Voldemort asked him to complete the task of killing Dumbledore during the semester.

Who knows when Dumbledore will become weak from the injury to his palm?

Even if Dumbledore was really weakened by his injuries, Malfoy was not sure of defeating Dumbledore head-on, in fact, he suspected that the Dark Lord was not sure, otherwise he would not have sent him to assassinate Dumbledore.

The original determination to restore the glory of the Malfoy family, after the last fire in the Malfoy Manor, Draco’s confidence was shattered, and his mother told him the truth: the task given to him by the Dark Lord was only Just wanting him to die, hoping he can cooperate with Snape to keep his father Lucius and himself alive is enough.

The cruel truth completely knocked Draco’s confidence and left him panic and uneasy. Although his mother, Narcissa, said that Snape would help him with this almost impossible task, Draco did not I don’t want to believe that man.

Snape is a double agent.

A spy who excels at deceiving people and has managed to keep him from Dumbledore.

Malfoy is concerned that Snape will deceive his mother and use herself for his own purposes.

In fact, Snape did take Lucius’s place as Voldemort’s right and left hand.

“Draco, Professor Snape asked me to give you this.”

Shortly after transfiguration class, Pansy hands a piece of parchment to her boyfriend.

“Oh, I see.” Malfoy replied as he took the note.

“What did Professor Snape want you to do?” Pansy asked worriedly, “You seem to be very tired lately.”

“You know, there’s a lot going on at my house that’s exhausting me,” Malfoy explained helplessly after opening the note and glancing at the contents of the note.

Draco Malfoy knocked on the door of Snape’s office on time at eight o’clock that night, and found the Slytherin dean at his desk marking students’ homework.

“Professor, what do you want from me?”

Malfoy lowered his eyes, out of Snape’s eye contact, as Aunt Bellatrix had taught him how to prevent others from seeing through his mind and peeping into his mind.

“Sit down for a while, I’ll be done soon.”

Snape accelerated his grades, and it took about a quarter of an hour before he put down his quill and looked up at Draco.

“I think you’ve heard about Bellatrix.”

“Yes, I heard.” Malfoy said blankly.

“The Dark Lord is not happy about that.”

Snape was silent for a moment, then continued: “Not long ago, your mother contacted me, she…”

“I can do it myself…”

“No, you still don’t understand.” Snape interrupted Malfoy directly, “This matter has nothing to do with you.”

“What do you mean.” Malfoy looked up suddenly at Snape.

“Your father Lucius needs Dumbledore to die to ease the Dark Lord’s accusation against him, and Bellatrix needs it as well, wouldn’t you be naive enough to think I took Lucius where?” Snape looked at Malfoy, who lowered his eyes again, “I told you long ago that this was my mission.”

“But the Dark Lord gave me the task,” Malfoy argued. “I’m confident I can do it.”

“What if you fail?” Snape asked rhetorically.

“What do you mean.”

“You don’t really think your ridiculous plans will work, do you?” Snape bluntly struck Malfoy’s self-confidence. It fell into someone else’s hands and killed a Hogwarts student, do you really think you wouldn’t be exposed? Don’t take Dumbledore for a fool, and poison, if that trick worked, I’d have Just did that.”

Malfoy opened his mouth slightly.

“Abandon your ridiculous plans, I suspect you didn’t even bother to do them.” Snape looked at Malfoy sternly. “You didn’t take the Dark Lord’s orders seriously.”

“Of course I did!” Malfoy said excitedly.

“If your plan disturbs Dumbledore and makes him alert, it may directly disrupt my next plan.” Snape stared at Malfoy and said in an irrefutable tone, “However, I Knowing that you won’t give up easily without a failure, I’ll give you a chance, and if your ridiculous plans fail, follow my plan.”

“What do you mean?” Draco couldn’t help clenching his fists.

“This matter was an impossible task for you, and now I just prepared a simpler and easier way for them to get the Dark Lord’s forgiveness.” Snape said blankly. Ask: “Do you want to fail and pay for it, don’t tell me you don’t know the price of failure.”

“What are you going to do?” Draco’s lips twitched, he certainly knew the price of failure, and that fear kept him day and night.

“Get Bellatrix to assemble a solid party, and I’ll try to get them into Hogwarts and get them to siege Dumbledore,” Snape said blankly. ” Dumbledore is now wounded and not as strong as before, and if they are lucky enough, they have a chance to kill him.”

“Of course, if possible, it would be better to continue to wait a while, but we don’t have much choice right now.”

“What if it fails.”

“If they fail, I’ll sneak up on Dumbledore from behind,” Snape said grimly.

“You planned to use Aunt Bellatrix and the others as bait from the beginning.” Draco’s eyes widened, he felt he saw through Snape’s conspiracy.

“If there was still time, I would continue to wait until the opportunity is ripe, but now this time has been brought forward by you. Fortunately, we still have one semester.” Snape said blankly. , “You must prepare Bellatrix and his men to invade Hogwarts ~IndoMTL.com~ As for the sneak attack, that’s a last resort.”

“How are you going to send them to the school.” Draco asked with a frown. “Hogwarts is so well-defended that it’s impossible to enter the school without a sound.”

“This is my business, you don’t need to worry, I’ll tell you when the time comes.” Snape looked at Draco and said, “And now you need to be patient, not for a quarter of an hour, but more longer and better prepared.”

“You’re taking advantage of me from start to finish.” Draco seemed to think things through, “You want to take my credit?”

“You talk like a child,” Snape said coldly.

“You just want to get the job done and gain the Dark Lord’s trust,” Malfoy scoffed. “And we’re all tools for your purpose.”

“I’m saving your family,” Snape reminded blankly.

“Do you think I’m a fool?” Malfoy sneered.

“If it wasn’t for my friendship with Lucius, and your mother’s pleas, I wouldn’t have taken the risk at all, or did you think your mother was a fool?” Snape reminded indifferently, “If You screwed everything up, I’m sure the Dark Lord is not very happy, even if you end up going back alive, no, I’m sure Dumbledore probably won’t kill you, but I don’t think you want to face the Dark Lord Anger, both your family and Bellatrix will have to die.”

“You’re threatening me!” Draco Malfoy was shaking slightly.

“Threats, no, I’m just stating the facts. If I fail, everyone will die together.” Snape looked at Malfoy and sneered, “You don’t think I’ve failed, can I still survive? “


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