Daily Life at Hogwarts Chapter 1169: Crazy Woman



In the quiet wilderness, two figures appeared out of nowhere, and one of them lost his balance and fell to the ground as soon as he appeared.


“You’re all right, Bella!”


Alecto Carrow’s voice came from the darkness. She just reached out to help her beggar-like colleague and pulled him up from the ground, when she suddenly found that she was being held by a magic wand in her throat.


“What do you mean?” Alecto frowned slightly as he looked at Bella, who was about to lose her mind.


“You traitor.”


Bella can’t wait to slaughter the guy in front of her directly. It’s not that she suspects Alecto, but that there are various signs from the other party that she is very wrong.




Alecto grunts, as if trying to figure out the meaning of the sentence.


“I know what happened to Lestrange makes you sad, but that doesn’t mean you can slander others. Narcissa warned you before she acted that it was probably a trap, and you didn’t Take it to heart, and I believed it, and was well prepared.”


Looking at Bella, who was staring at him, Alecto reached out and pushed the wand against his neck, and reminded impatiently: “If I were you, I would go back to treat my injuries first, not Take your anger on me, and don’t forget, I saved you, Bellatrix Lestrange.”


Alecto’s words caused Bella to be shaken for a moment. The next moment, Bella suddenly fell to the ground and fainted, and the female Death Eater was frozen in place like a stone.


No one knows what’s going on, the change is so sudden, it’s as if someone reached out and hit the pause button.


“Really keen, or is it that dark wizards don’t need evidence when they suspect others?”


In the empty darkness, someone murmured like a rant.


In a short period of time, it seemed that something had happened, and it seemed that nothing had happened. Alec dragged the time to turn again. She looked at Bella, who fell unconscious on the ground, and couldn’t help shaking her head: “What a crazy woman.”


With that said, Alecto grabbed Bella’s arm and Apparated again and disappeared.


As soon as the two disappeared, Albert, who was wearing night clothes, looked at the back of their departure, and then lowered his head to look at the new task on the panel. There was a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, and he was more and more looking forward to accepting down the development.


The next moment, there was a crackling sound in the darkness, and the wilderness fell into silence again.


As soon as he got home, Albert found that the living room light was on, and Isobel was sitting in the living room waiting for him.


“Honey, why haven’t you slept yet?”


After seeing Isobel, Albert couldn’t help but take a deep breath and quickly stabilized his emotions.


“Waiting for you.”


Isobel looked up and down Albert, and seemed to be relieved that he was not injured, with a little reproach in his tone, “What are you doing out so late?”


“Something happened, let’s go back to the bedroom and talk slowly.”


Albert walked over to Isobel, leaned over and kissed her forehead, and reached out to hug her in a princess hug.


Having been together for so long, Albert knows how to calm the complaints and dissatisfaction in Isobel’s heart.


“Don’t think that you can fool the past.” Isobel poured Albert a glass of red wine, with a posture that you must tell me clearly.


“Where do I get it?”


Albert took the red wine handed by Isobel, took a sip, and recalled, “You should know that the mysterious man has been eyeing me.”


“Since you know the danger, you still like to run around.” Isobel took the wine glass and took a sip.


“Last time, Lucius Malfoy brought a group of people trying to make trouble at our wedding,” Albert continued.


“And then, you got caught by your alliance with the Ministry of Magic, and spent a lot of Galleons to send yourself to Azkaban?”


Isobel frowned slightly, Albert had told her about it, and the Ministry of Magic knocked a lot of Galleons off Lucius Malfoy.


“You-Know-Who isn’t going to give up yet,” Albert explained, “this time with the mad woman Bellatrix Lestrange.”


“So, you did the trick again, borrowing the Ministry of Magic to cheat Bellatrix Lestrange?” Isobel probably guessed what was going on.


“This time, it was actually done by the Ministry of Magic itself, so I just helped a little.” Albert put down his glass, put his arms around Isobel and lay back on the bed to chat.


“A little busy?”


Isobel obviously didn’t believe it, if it was just a little favor, Albert would never go out tonight.


“I just offered a hair.” Albert shook his wand, turning off the lights in the room.


“A hair? Potion? When did the Ministry of Magic become so insidious?”


After listening to Albert’s story, Isobel can be sure that Albert did not lie, at least what he just said was true.


“It can’t be considered cunning, after all, You-Know-Who and Death Eaters are also very insidious and cunning, and there is no way to fight those dangerous guys with normal methods.” Albert defended the Ministry of Magic, although the changes in the Ministry of Magic were very Most of it can be counted on his head, but the most important should belong to Scrimgeour, who made him the Minister of Magic and who made the orders.


“So, you went out to watch the fun tonight?” Isobel asked, clutching her yawn.


“It can’t be regarded as going out to watch the fun. After all, the Ministry of Magic is going to close the net. I have to go out and help to watch it, lest any fish slip through the net.” Albert kissed Isobel’s forehead and said, “Earlier Go to sleep, insomnia is bad for your health.”


“That’s not your fault!” Isobel complained.


“Sorry, it’s all my fault.” Albert apologised decisively, hugging his wife and preparing to fall asleep.


“What big fish did you catch this time, is Bellatrix dead?” Isobel asked, eyes closed.


“No, but her husband and several Death Eaters are dead, and the latest report should be in the paper tomorrow.”


“Did you do it on purpose?” Isobel raised her body with her hands and looked at Albert.




“Bellatrix Lestrange’s husband is dead.”


“Yeah, I did it on purpose.” Albert admitted directly, “If she wants you to lose your husband, she should first experience what it’s like to lose her own husband. By the way, that woman is also disfigured, which is really sad. Ah!”


“You’re a real badass.”


Isobel had an expression that looked exactly like that.


“Yeah, I have a very small mind.” Albert said earnestly, “Of course I have to take revenge. However, her disfigurement was actually an accident.”


“Accidents? I don’t believe in so-called accidents.”


“I think the death of the Lestrange brothers is actually a good thing for Bellatrix.” Albert thought of a fanfic.


“A good thing?” Isobel felt that another surprising word would burst out of her husband’s mouth.


“Yeah, Bellatrix has an admiring fascination with the You-Know-Who. After the Lestrange brothers died, the Lestrange family never cared about Bellatrix. Well, it just so happens that she is disfigured now, and the mysterious man is disfigured. Don’t you think…”


“Okay, stop talking!” Isobel hurriedly interrupted, the news was really amazing.


“Well, go to sleep.”


“Is this true?”


Sure enough, women are more interested in gossip news, not to mention My-Know-Who and Death Eaters.


“Bellatrix’s fascination with Mysterio is well known. If Mysterio is willing, I think Bellatrix will definitely be willing.” Albert suddenly showed a malicious smile.


“You laughed wickedly just now.” Isobel reached out and pinched Albert’s cheek.


“It’s not very likely that this will happen,” Albert explained. “Bellatrix has caused several Death Eaters to be executed by the Ministry of Magic, and I think she may lose the trust of You-Know-Who. For that mad woman, it was probably worse than hearing about her husband’s death.”


“Doesn’t she love her husband?” Isobel asked suspiciously.


“I don’t know, but I don’t think there’s much emotion,” Albert speculates.


“Then how did they get married? A joint marriage of a pure-blood family?” Isobel immediately guessed the reason.


“Probably, but I don’t think that’s our concern,” Albert said softly, “I wish there weren’t so many stupid people trying to trouble me after these two lessons. .”


The pre-dawn British wizarding world was nothing compared to the tranquility of the bedroom, and the awakened journalists had flocked to the Ministry of Magic to give Scrimgeour an exclusive interview.


Nothing is more uplifting than hearing about the death of a Death Eater, especially when Scrimgeour took out the dead Death Eater’s body for all the reporters to film enough, and the atmosphere of the scene was directly pushed to a climax .


“Mr. Minister, don’t you think…” The reporter was interrupted by Scrimgeour before he could finish.


“I know what you’re trying to say, but all I can say is that there’s nothing despicable to say about these murderous dark wizards, because when they’ve committed a lot of crimes, they’re not human anymore.” Lin Jie said coldly, “Put away your ridiculous pity, you should pity those who were persecuted by mysterious people and Death Eaters.”


“To be honest, did the group of people who took pity on Barty Crouch Jr. really realized that it was that guy who caused the return of the mysterious man and caused the chaos in the magic world now.” Scrimgeour looked sternly. Looking around the reporters in the venue, “If you think those murderous dark wizards and Death Eaters deserve mercy, I can let you arrange interviews with the families of those victims to hear their different views on this matter. This is a rare opportunity, Anyone want to sign up? Percy, keep a count.”


After the press conference, Scrimgeour asked his assistant, “How many reporters have signed up just now.”


“Only one.” Percy glanced at the names in the notebook.


“Very well, make arrangements for him,” said Scrimgeour grimly. “By the way, remember not to let anyone kill him, and by the way, help him book an appointment at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Injuries and Injuries. hospital bed.”


“Will this be… not good.” Percy was taken aback by Scrimgeour’s actions.


“No, that’s fine, we lost a few more brave lads tonight, I don’t care if he really sympathizes with the Death Eaters or just wants to take the opportunity to interview, I think the families of those victims will blow his mind Sober up.” Scrimgeour reached out and patted Percy on the shoulder and reminded again, “Don’t let anyone kill him.”


Percy nodded vigorously to show that he knew.


At this moment, in the temporary stronghold of the Death Eaters, Bella, who had just received Narcissa’s treatment, woke up leisurely.


“Are you all right, Bella.” Narcissa asked worriedly, “Alecto really surprised me when he brought you back.”


“What’s wrong with me?”


Bella pulled her back to cover her forehead, only to find that she had bandages all over her body, looking especially miserable.


“Is she awake?” Alecto stood outside the door with a copy of today’s newspaper in his hand, with a heavy heart.


“How is it?”


“Very bad.” Alecto handed the newspaper to Narcissa: “There is no so-called Albert Anderson from beginning to end, and that Kenneth Toler is also fake, everything belongs to the Ministry of Magic. Conspiracy.”


Narcissa’s eyes widened as she took the newspaper. The newspaper slipped from her fingertips, because the front page photo was of the bodies of several Death Eaters, and Bella’s husband Rodolphus Lestland Qi will be in it.


“We’d better let Bella rest.” Alecto motioned for Narcissa to go out with her.


“What’s the matter!” Narcissa impatiently asked after following Alecto to the living room ~IndoMTL.com~.


“The situation is very bad.” Alecto glanced at Bella’s resting room and said to Narcissa in a low voice, “The Dark Lord is very angry at this failure, you know, Bella took the initiative to take the job… …she’s not only caught up in a Ministry conspiracy again, she’s hooked up with so many people, and nothing has come to fruition, and Narcissa, the Dark Lord is mad about it.”


“I let him down.”


Bella got up from the bed at some point, bent over to pick up the newspaper, and limped out of the room.


Narcissa and Alecto looked at each other and fell into a brief silence. They thought Bella would be saddened by Rodolphus’ death, but she was saddened by betraying the Dark Lord’s trust.


“It’s all that damned Mudblood, and that Kenneth Toler, I must make him regret being born into this world,” Bella said bitterly.


“Kenneth Toler is missing! News from our people at the Ministry of Magic that Scrimgeour seems to be planning to continue using Kenneth Toler as bait.” Alecto was silent for a moment, reminding said, “I think you should now think about how to explain to the Dark Lord, he is really angry.”


“If the Dark Lord…” Bella panicked.


“Calm down Bella, the situation is not as bad as you think, we can still save the situation!” Narcissa comforted softly.


“What should I do, Narcissa?” Bella tried to ask Narcissa for help.


“Draco sent back news that Dumbledore was badly wounded.” Narcissa didn’t want Bella to forget Draco’s mission because she wanted revenge, “As long as Dumbledore can be killed, I will I think the Dark Lord will forgive you and Lucius for failing.”




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