Daily Life at Hogwarts Chapter 1167: The world is dangerous


On the eve of dawn, the temporary stronghold of the Death Eaters, Bellatrix had just wrapped up a disturbing impromptu meeting to make final preparations for the next move.

In the event of a potential trap, they couldn’t just slam into it without any preparation, and the sinister Ministry of Magic has given many Death Eaters a sense of the dangers of the world.

“Are you really not going, Narcissa?” Bella hopes her sister can support her at this time.

“No, Bella, I can’t do anything right now, Draco still needs me.” Narcissa gave Bella an apologetic look.

“Are you very optimistic about this operation?”

Bella took her sister’s hand with a look of disappointment on her face, “You don’t believe me?”

“Although I don’t want to say anything bad, but you have to be careful, I suspect this is a trap, and Lucius is planted on it.” Narcissa looked away and reminded in a low voice: “That mudblood Too smart, too insidious, and able to predict what will happen in the future, which I think is the main reason why the Dark Lord is so desperate to get rid of him.”

“I know.” Bella got impatient.

Of course she knew that the Mudblood was insidious, and that Lucius Malfoy’s unfortunate case once was enough.

In order to prevent her head from falling into a trap, Bella had discussed with her husband Rodolphus a long time ago, using Galleon to win over a group of Knockturn Alley wizards who were not living well as cannon fodder.

These guys are finally going to come in handy now.

One group will follow them to that remote village in Devon, and another group has already made troubles all over the UK, helping to attract the attention of the Ministry of Magic and create an opportunity for the next move.

Anyway, the wealthy Lestrange family was never short of money, and it would undoubtedly be a very good deal to buy that mudblood’s life for a thousand Galleons in exchange for the Dark Lord’s love.

It’s a bit ridiculous to say that, Lucius Malfoy used a similar method to act as his own back-up man.

But after Lucius’ failed arrest, many Death Eaters privately laughed at his stupidity and incompetence.

It’s ridiculous that when they face Albert, who has the ability to predict the future, they find that Lucius Malfoy’s solution is the best way they can find a way to deal with it in a short period of time.

“What are you worried about, Narcissa?”

After Bella left, Alecto Carrow, who was waiting by the door frame, suddenly asked.

“I’m just… a little nervous.”

Narcissa had no idea what she was worried about.

“I don’t think it will go well tonight. Since that Mudblood can predict the future, it is impossible for him not to predict this situation, and the other party actually let us find his hiding place. I am very worried that this is another Trap.”

It wasn’t that Narcissa looked down on Albert, but the experience of Lucius made her remember deeply. Anyone who has experienced similar experiences has to carefully consider whether they will face Albert. Another trap prepared by the opponent.

“I think your worries are superfluous, that Mudblood is also a person, and I think the target this time is not the Mudblood at all, but the Weasley cubs, who have no prophetic ability. “Alecto Caro took out the Defense Against the Dark Arts gloves from the black market from his pocket and put them on his hands.

It’s ridiculous to say that Death Eaters need Defence Against the Dark Arts too?

All indications are that the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic rarely use deadly black magic, and defenses against the dark that can deflect curses and weaken the power of black magic are more suitable for them.

Death Eaters who know how to cherish their own lives usually keep a few pieces for themselves to guard against sneak attacks from behind.

Of course, more Death Eaters shrug it off, and even if they have a lot of galleons, it’s hard to get good Defence Against the Dark Arts items.

Whoever makes the current Defense Against the Dark Arts props store is controlled by the Ministry of Magic, and the purchaser will record it uniformly.

In the darkest hours before dawn, a remote village in Devon welcomes a group of uninvited guests.

The Lestrange brothers, who are wearing black cloaks and metal masks, are leading someone to quietly use an anti-apparition spell around the mudblood’s residence, cutting off the possibility of directly using apparition to escape.

On the other side, Bella also brought a few Death Eaters to violently destroy the defensive magic around the house, preparing to break in and kill all the guys living in it later.

The protective magic that seems to be very effective is also unable to withstand violent cracking. The moment Bella’s group broke into the house, a scream suddenly sounded over the village, as if something terrible happened. .

“Damn, it’s an alarm, don’t let that mudblood get away.”

Bella violently destroys everything that gets in the way, but when they break in directly, they find that there is no one in the room, let alone the panic and killing scenes she imagined.

However, a group of people still found traces left by each other in the bedroom, and the other party probably noticed them and ran away in a hurry.

“The guy must be hiding, and the anti-apparition spell has been cast around him. He can’t escape easily!” Alecto Carrow looked around the room and immediately gave his own judgment.

“To burn this place down, I don’t believe where else he can hide.”

Bella agrees with Alecto, who suspects the Mudblood is hiding. A black flame spewed from the tip of her wand in her hand.


The devil’s flame blazes as it falls on the bed.

“Are you crazy?”

One Death Eater turned and left, he didn’t want to be affected by the devil’s flame~IndoMTL.com~ The others also left in a hurry, leaving Bella laughing wildly.

She believed that if the mudblood hid here, he would definitely be burned to ashes by the devil’s flame, and if the other party didn’t want to die, he would definitely escape.

However, when the devil flame under Bella’s control completely engulfed the bedroom, the mudblood was not seen at all.

Bella’s face was ugly, she knew the Mudblood had escaped.

Boom! boom! boom!

A series of explosions suddenly sounded outside. Before Bella could recover, she heard someone screaming loudly: “Enemy attack, this is a trap!”


Bella’s face was ugly, as Narcissa said, they were once again caught in an ambush by the Ministry of Magic.

“It’s impossible, Veritaserum can’t be deceived. Could it be that the mudblood predicted this attack long ago?”

Alecto Carrow turned his head to Bella and said, “We’d better get out of here now.”

“I will, but not now. I’m going to teach the bugs at the Ministry of Magic a lesson.” Bella waved her wand, and the devil’s flame turned into a whirlwind of flame under her control, burning directly through the roof above her head. Get ready to use the devil’s flame to teach that swarm of bugs out there a lesson.

“What is that.”

Alecto opened his mouth slightly as he looked at the fireball flying across the sky through the hole above his head.

“Damn!” Bella manipulated the devil’s flame, trying to swallow the flying spell.

However, a large number of spells still hit “Albert’s house”, directly blowing the house to the sky, and even the dark wizards around the house who were responsible for preventing Albert from escaping were affected by the explosion, and there was no time. The unlucky **** who held up the protective barrier was directly blown to the ground by the aftermath and debris of the explosion.


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