Cosmic Professional Gladiator Chapter 45: Metamorphosis



In the dark land, Lu Naxing stood alone, looking at the calm lake in front of him. “After Xu Jingming was polluted by high dimensions, his temperament changed drastically.


Lu Naxing thought, “He does Lu’s affairs more freely, and it happens to be within the tolerance of the three supreme realms.


Although the experimental products of high-dimensional pollution in the third level have never reached the high level. But there are still some that have become legends in the universe. With Xu Jingming’s talent, he should be able to spread the universe quickly and practically, and it will give our country’s treasured people the original connotation that cannot be different from time to time, or “these people have gained a lot, how did they get the national railway code


Become a flashlight legend


The price is to believe that Xu Jingming must have a very high comprehension.


“It’s so reckless now, it has become a legend of the universe, who can stop him?” >


Lu Naxing can compete in the royal family,


Climbing to the emperor’s position step by step, in addition to the high talent in the evolution path, there is also no lack of means. In fact, this time the younger brother Lu Naduo was killed, everything happened so suddenly, and Lu Na Xing was a little enlightened…for the emperor’s sake He can’t back down on his dignity! In fact, in this matter, the three major Li clans are all on the same side to maintain the royal family. “Dignity is what the three royal clans have been maintaining.” This trial was defeated.


It’s okay, no one can blame me in the future, I’m too weak”


Those who failed in the second plan,


A figure came to this world, it was a middle-aged man “Zi” Lu Naxing.


The eyes of the middle-aged man are eager. Dear such a man.


“That’s the end of this matter.” The middle-aged man asked, “What about your brother?” Lu Naxing looked at his father, “Continue to provoke Wu Ming and provoke Wu Ming.” Anger, do you want to kill me too?” The middle-aged man said sadly and helplessly:


“I know I can’t offend that Wu Ming, but your brother, that is your only brother. I heard Jia said that the highest level can be resurrected, otherwise, let your brother enter the resurrection list”Resurrection”


Lu Naxing shook his head, “This time the joint investigation team, the detailed information of the investigation is enough to sentence Zhanna to death! A person who is deemed to have been sentenced to death” is not eligible to enter the resurrection list.


.Death penalty? The “middle-aged man” is a little confused,


You are the emperor of Yuanxing Civilization, you can’t save your brother, don’t ask him to give him a lot of power, as long as he can survive… “I can’t survive” Lu Naxing shook his head, “Okay, father, you can go.


…middle-aged male. The son looked at his son, “The three great joyful royal families joined forces, and they were not able to fight in the trial court.” Wu Ming. Hu Naxing looked at his father, are you going to force me?


“Understood.” The middle-aged man nodded and left lonely. Lu Naxing watched: his father left, and he was the only one left in the whole dark world, “I am the emperor, I can pardon my brother at least from the death penalty. Dian Naxing murmured


“You can let him enter the resurrection list, and in the next resurrection, he will be resurrected with Lu Duoyuan’s life


Building star shell reunion Du Bei is willing to revive the source of life, Dachang School Department. As for ordinary lives that are not of much value to the human race, they need a full 100 million credits to be resurrected.


For Lunato, pay 100 million credits


“Lu Naxing shook his head slightly.


“And it’s a good thing that he died.


. “There is one less dragger.


Jana Xing looked at the calm lake in front of him?


Virtual World Network, Xu Jingming came here after the world trial of Xuyuan Group ended. $i+….


My words and deeds are constantly in line with the Lord of the Void Abyss, and I can feel the changes in myself. Xu Jingming is at the height of the palace, overlooking the scenery,


The application of Mr. “Checking the Heart” Our discounts are lively, and I am very depressed, but my “received more high-dimensional information, the road of the power of the heart is a smooth road”


“I am improving in all aspects, but Xu Jingming is not happy


“The deeper the imitation method, the faster the progress, but also: the more “dangerous” it is.


Xu Jingming murmured, he is very careful in every step now, trying to avoid imitating as much as possible. Of the Void Abyss


The Lord’s emotions and consciousness, want to imitate the law to last longer,


A group of disciples came close and saluted respectfully together. Xu Jingming turned around and looked at the 30 disciples.


The most uninvoiced experiment result, continue to return to business, the group’s 9-2 life ball, agriculture and animal husbandry management will be handed over to you. In the future




Time, you need to compete with each other.


The more outstanding I will give her more rewards. Xu Jingming looked at “them,” but it is forbidden to hold each other back.


Xu Jingming nodded, and the disciples all left.


Wu Qi, who was on the side, waited until the group of disciples had left before he said, “Master, there are so many planets in the group, you hand them all over to these apprentices. They are very young. The group’s affairs can be handed over to them.” More mature managers.


Natural beauty is for magnesium imitation


The master of Xuyuan is the famous disciple of Huizhong who fought in all directions. Xu Jingming leads the Xuyuan Group, and divides the business into 30 parts, each disciple is responsible for one part, and the disciples can fight as far as they can. “Seventh Uncle. Xu Jingming looked at him,


“I need you to monitor them, make sure they don’t care about killing each other, make sure they are healthy competition” Rest assured, master.


” Wu Qi nodded, among these disciples were his sons and daughters.


Xuyuan Group has newly established 30 subsidiaries, and Xu Jingming’s 30 disciples are each in charge of a subsidiary. Time flows. The first path of evolution requires hard work, and the business of the group also requires hard work. They all want to satisfy their master Xu Jingming.


Hunter Muyu, Frost Star Alliance, and Querqixing, an indigenous planet, originally had five kingdoms coexisting side by side. Human life expectancy is generally a few years old, and it is a miracle that people can reach a hundred years old. This planet also: There are some martial arts people, but martial arts people are just jokes in front of the army.


Haidian District, Zhoujing City, the development trend of the business and sales of Shiyao Sub-district House, Huangxian County can not be the original industry


Some young heroes in the martial arts came to the foot of the holy mountain and looked up at the temple. “It has only been seven years since the temple appeared in the world, but it has completely changed the world.” A messenger from the temple appeared at that time,


The young heroes chatted with each other. #F+… And on the mountain of God,


“They were extremely respectful.


“How did Qu Erqixing’s talent training get Wu Cheng’an to sit there, as one of Xu Jingqing’s famous disciples, he has long-term great power”


-Words and deeds are already quite powerful. After all, in the subsidiary, no one can go against his will


The “big” person, Qu Er Qi Xing, was cultivated using the third mode of the temple, making it easier for the planet’s indigenous residents to accept. In the past seven years, Querqixing has cultivated 1039 Li Shengsheng


“Wu Chengan frowned,


You guys sum it up well. I hope next time, you guys can surprise her and me a bit and the executives are relieved that their jobs are saved. If the performance is too poor, they are afraid that they will lose this valuable job on the spot. Half a day later, Wu Cheng’an went to meet the latest batch of recruited young people. “My lord, please


.” Accompanied by the temple master: Wu Cheng’an, looking at the young people in the square, explained in a low voice,


“This is the fifth batch of recruited members this year, a total of 7902 members Wu Chengan observed these young people and nodded slightly


The performance can only be regarded as average. If you don’t make any big progress after three years, your rank will be dropped by two levels to manage the farming and animal husbandry planet. Yes, big man, I will definitely not let you down. The master of the temple said respectfully The chaotic Star Thief Planet


Xu Jingming sat on the balcony, watching: artillery fire roaring in the distance.


“Xuyuan Group is developing steadily. The famous disciples are all working hard. I have also been fighting to conquer the world with marksmanship. Xu Jingming thought,


“I and the Lord of Reconsolidating the Abyss of Love are getting more and more compatible


Sitting on the balcony, there is a “fuzzy phantom behind him, that is the appearance of the shadow of the abyss


The quality of the order is less seafood, spicy and spicy stir-fried wheat winter melon soup and other yuan sheep, why are you hungry?


A large “group of people with” technological weapons, and the rest of the group of men “haha, open a black shop” bullied me, they are courting death!”


A man with a “Metal Regan Skull” smiled strangely, his body has obviously undergone a special mechanical transformation “1 million universe coins, give the money, and the matter will be over. 6. Otherwise


“Hahaha, I’m so scared”


The two men with metal skulls laughed His companions behind him were even more unscrupulous, and without warning, his companions launched attacks one by one


When he shot, he ignored the surroundings. The explosions on both sides of the street caused the buildings to collapse, and some star thieves around died in their sleep.


” Xu Jingming shook his head slightly.


The two groups of people suddenly stopped, and they all stood numb and sluggish: After that, they all chose to commit suicide. Seeing this scene, Xu Jingming smiled happily.


In the seven years since the end of the Southern Trial, Xu Jingming tried his best to avoid the emotion and consciousness of the Lord of the Void Abyss when practicing the imitation method. But other aspects are completely imitated, and after a long time, they have been deeply rooted in their bones.


Xu Jingming smiled and looked at “this chaotic star thief planet, and suddenly he saw the more real side of “this star thief planet.”


“High dimension


…It turns out that during these years of imitation, his mind has transformed into a “high-dimensional level”.


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