Cosmic Professional Gladiator Chapter 33: The troubles of the imitation method



“At the beginning, I was attacked by the Void Protoss Tu Tiemu, and was polluted by the real image of the Lord of Xuyuan.” Xu Jingming explained, “With the help of the dean and the others, after waking up, I visualized the image of Xuyuan… …Find the path that suits you, the path of marksmanship! Along this path, you should be able to master the power of the mind in the end.”

Secretary-general Hei Tian is also a high-dimensional life after all, with a long lifespan, and his knowledge is second only to the dean and the other three. Xu Jingming now feels the danger of imitating the law, so he naturally hopes to get advice.

“The power of the heart world?” Secretary-General Hei Tian nodded, “The fundamental power mastered by the master of Xuyuan is the power of the heart world. The complete “Xu Yuan” inheritance and cultivation from shallow to deep will eventually master the power of the heart world .However, you said that you can master the power of the inner world with the way of marksmanship? I have never heard of it.”

“Although the Lord of the Void Abyss hides different paths, he ends up with the same destination.” This is the third realm. Secretary-General Hei Tian said, “He thoroughly accommodates all paths with his heart.”

“Different roads have the same end point?” Xu Jingming understood.

Look at the figure of the Lord of the Void Abyss.

In fact, no matter whether you choose to devour one lineage, or choose the dark Yuanchu star lineage or Le present’s marksmanship path, the final destination is the power of the heart.

“My heart is sincere in the spear, and I refine my heart with the spear.” Xu Jingming said, “It took more than a hundred years to refine all the impurities in the soul, and the soul was completely purified.

Then try imitation. Imitate the appearance and even the interior of the Lord of Void Abyss,” Xu Jingming explained in detail.

Secretary Hei Tian stared: “Imitation method??”

Xu Jingming looked at Secretary-General Heitian: “Is there a problem??”

“There is a problem, of course there is a problem.” Secretary-General Heitian looked at Xu Jingming, “No wonder the feeling you give me makes me more and more frightened. So you started to try imitation?”

“Are there any flaws in the imitation method?” Xu Jingming asked immediately

Secretary-General Hei Tian said: “As a high-dimensional life in the third realm, it can be sensed by its name. Although he is completely dead, we can mention his name at will, and even the outside world has practiced “Xuyuan” inheritance Yes. But learn to imitate a great existence in the third realm.”

Xu Jingming listened carefully.

“The existence of the third realm is high in the high-dimensional space. If they don’t want to die, they will never die.”

Secretary-General Hei Tian said, “Tracing their traces and imitating them is also something that many beings did in the early days. Imitation is not an easy task.”

“First, your power must be 100% compatible with theirs and completely refine all the powers that do not match.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “And you use marksmanship to refine the soul and purify the soul.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“Only when there is a 100% fit with the third realm can I imitate. Therefore, the longer you practice, the more you accumulate, for example, if you have mastered high-dimensional power in other paths, it will be difficult to get 100% fit.” Secretary Hei Tian Long explanation: “However, there are still many weak beings that can fit 100% in the infinite high-dimensional space. Naturally, many of them have tried the imitation method.”

“How’s the result of their imitation?” Xu Jingming asked.

“Imitation, as it continues, it will become more and more like the third life.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “But every life has its own consciousness. But after imitation to a certain extent, you will feel the great life consciousness of the third realm erosion, erosion of emotion.”

“Different consciousness and different emotions are in the same body.” Secretary-General Heitian looked at Xu Jingming, “What do you think will result??”

“Crazy?” Xu Jingming said.

“The conflict of consciousness will cause various consequences.” Secretary-General Heitian continued, “There are crazy evolutionists who continue to seek to strengthen the consciousness that mainly imitates, and even actively suppress self-consciousness.”

“In the high-dimensional space with unlimited information, as far as I know, there are indeed high-dimensional life forms through the imitation method. But once the high-dimensional life form is established through the imitation method, it will directly become a puppet.” Secretary-General Hei Tian said.

“Puppet?” Xu Jingming was puzzled.

“I completely lost myself. Only the consciousness and emotion of the imitated third life are left.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “They will only do some things mechanically according to the influence of the existence of the third realm.”

“If the third world exists

If you are still alive, you may be able to control them and make them servants. “

“But the third realm is already dead. Then they will be mechanically numb and do some repetitive things.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “Although they are alive, they are no different from being dead.”

Xu Jingming was shocked.

There is no freedom anymore, in Xu Jingming’s view, he is dead.

“You don’t have to worry.” Secretary-General Heitian looked at Xu Jingming, “The imitation method that can be 100% compatible with the third realm after power purification, at most, the consciousness is split and the emotions are confused. This step will not be possible at all. The step of becoming a puppet of high-dimensional life.”

“Split consciousness??” Xu Jingming frowned.

“Secretary-General Hei Tian, ​​if I continue to imitate Fa, I will stop imitating Fa immediately when I notice a new consciousness appearing in my body. What will happen??”

Xu Jingming looked at Secretary-General Heitian.

“You don’t want to give up?” Secretary-General Heitian looked at Xu Jingming.

“I have no inheritance, and I have tried other paths that are very slow.” Xu Jingming said calmly, “The imitation method is the only way for me to get enough high-dimensional information. Enough high-dimensional information can make myself more clear about the path Go more smoothly.”

“Yes, you have no inheritance, and it is very difficult to become a legend of the universe. The hope of high-dimensional life is indeed even more slim.” Secretary-General Heitian nodded and admitted.

“In this vast universe of ours, have any of the test subjects polluted by the Void Protoss become high-dimensional life in history.” Xu Jingming said, “If not, the determination to put them to death and survive is probably hopeless for high-dimensional life.”

“Actually, it’s not a high-dimensional life, and it’s not bad to be able to live safely for 100,000 years.” Secretary-General Hei Tian smiled and said, “It’s torture for a waste to live for 100,000 years.” Tutie Mutai, who crushed the Void Protoss to death, should let him try the high-dimensional pollution of the third realm.”

Secretary Hei Tian nodded: “Okay, since you are so determined. I can only tell you that if you use the imitation method carefully, it will not be the emergence of new consciousness at the beginning, but the emergence of new emotions.”

“New emotions?” Xu Jingming was puzzled.

“Yes, you will find that one day your emotions are out of your control.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “You may be very sad one day and always be in a sad mood. Or you may be very painful and always be in a painful mood. This This kind of weird falling into an abnormal emotional state means that the high-dimensional life in the third realm has already had a deep influence on you. At this time, you must stop imitating the law.” Secretary-General Heitian said

“Once the emotional influence reaches a certain level, a new consciousness is born. Once the new consciousness is born, there is no turning back.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “As far as I know, the high-dimensional life from the third realm Once a new consciousness is born, your life will be over. Unless another third-level high-dimensional being helps to erase the new consciousness.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly: “Abnormal emotions appear, I understand.”

“You don’t understand.” Secretary-General Hei Tian said, “Even if you stop imitating the method after abnormal emotions appear, abnormal emotions will have a profound impact on you.”

Xu Jingming frowned.

“Is it fatal?” Xu Jingming asked.

“It’s not fatal, but it will affect your mind. I don’t know how long the abnormal emotional torture will last. It may affect you for a thousand years, or 30,000 years? Or a lifetime.” Secretary-General Heitian looked at Xu Jing Ming, “I just heard that the abnormal emotional torture is terrible, and I don’t know much about it.”

“It’s not fatal, I can still go on the path of evolution to impact high-dimensional life?” Xu Jingming smiled.

“Although the backlash of abnormal emotions is painful, it does not affect your evolutionary path.” Secretary-General Heitian said, “The imitation method I know is over when a new consciousness is born. And it stops before the new consciousness is born. It’s okay.”

Xu Jingming smiled, very satisfied with the information revealed by Secretary-General Hei Tian: “Understood, the moment abnormal emotions appear, I will stop the imitation method. Before that, I will not give up.”

“That’s right.” Secretary-General Heitian looked at Xu Jingming, “You have done a good job recently. Although you have lost control, you have been affected by star thieves many times. But you have also been targeted by the voyeurs of the island of time and space. If you get out of control and affect countless civilians, it may only be a penalty for deduction of credit once or twice. However, if you affect many times, it is certain

You have no self-control. We must take action to imprison you. “

“I am very clear about the laws and regulations of the Universal Human Alliance. Xu Jingming nodded.

The regulations are also very tolerant of source life.

Original life has many privileges.

Even if you make a big mistake, you will usually be deducted a huge amount of credit, and then you will be forcibly deported to the front line of the ethnic group to fight for a long time, and the next step is to be imprisoned as a coolie or even completely imprisoned or even given to a university student as an experiment.

Peerless geniuses like Xu Jingming are tolerant of him even after being polluted. Continuous large-scale massacres are determined to be imprisoned without the ability to self-control.

As for some small mistakes??

The more powerful the original life, the more prone to some mistakes. Like visualizing the abyss, it is very common for the mind to fall into the abyss and do things cruelly. The closer to the high-dimensional mind, the more prone to abnormal states.

“You decide everything yourself.” Secretary Heitian nodded and left.

Xu Jingming immediately crossed the distant time and space step by step, heading for a beautiful tourist planet.

Traveling the planet, Xu Jingming enjoys the scenery and delicious food. He no longer visualizes Xuyuan but integrates high-dimensional information.

The high-dimensional information received before was fragmented and huge, and it took more than half a year just to integrate, summarize, summarize, and absorb.

In an open-air bar, even though Xu Jingming deliberately restrained his breath while sitting there, the invisible oppressive feeling of darkness made no tourists dare to approach it tens of meters away. The owner of the bar and the waiters looked at the only customer in the entire open-air bar, feeling bitter.

When this guest came, no other guests dared to sit down.

It’s been more than three hours, why don’t you give him a free ticket and let him go quickly? The boss thought to himself, and then looked at Xu Jingming who was sitting there

Yes, bear with it.

The bar owner, including the waiters, didn’t dare to speak, and asked Xu Jingming to leave.

He has deliberately restrained his breath, but he still affects the hearts of those around him. Obviously, the influence of the imitation method is not only the breath. Xu Jingming saw the expressions of the bar owner and waiters, as well as some tourists, and made a judgment in his heart.

The basic idea of ​​the static view, the dynamic view, and Xuyuan’s marksmanship before, is to have a deep enough understanding of Xuyuan. The deeper the understanding, the clearer the visualization and the better the effect when performing the marksmanship, Xu Jingming thought.

The best way to know enough high-dimensional information is the imitation This is the only way I can get huge high-dimensional information.

The high-dimensional information has been sorted out, and the imitation method can be continued. Xu Jingming got up to leave, and the tourists in the streets he passed naturally diverted, and they all tried their best to keep a distance from him.

Xu Jingming just disappeared at the end of the street.

“It’s finally gone.” The bar owner and waiters came out with a sigh of relief.

“The boss hasn’t paid yet.” A waiter said.

“It seems that such a ruthless big man didn’t pay.” The bar owner gritted his teeth, and suddenly he received a message that 63,200 Qinglan coins were credited to his account.

“I received the money, which happened to be yesterday’s turnover.” The bar owner couldn’t believe it.

“I guess it was paid by the customer just now. Boss, I have been working here for twelve years, and I have never seen such a terrible thing.” Of course the waiter at the side said.

“How does he know my daily turnover?” The bar owner can’t believe the turnover information. Only the planet’s official tax department can find out. How does this customer know??


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