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All attribute martial arts Chapter 1820 Fifth-order space spar! Fusion of blood evil realm! reward! Three mountains! (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)


Beyond the three passages, the three-headed dark species fell into a strange silence.


These three passages, no one knows which is the final passage leading to inheritance, so there is no way to choose.


Blood Rosa, Blood Norki, and Blood Tia The three dark species belong to different races.


All in all, it’s an embarrassing situation these days.


“Can you explore every channel,” Xue Nuoji suggested.


“If you go in, you may not be able to come out.” Blood Rosa said coldly.


“…” Xue Nuoji is a little embarrassed, it naturally knows that this situation may occur, but now there is no other way, otherwise it will not resort to this.


“You always have to go in. Waiting is not the way to go.” Xue Tia Dandan said.


The three are speechless again, how to choose? It’s too hard.


“I don’t know which passage that **** entered?” Blood Rosa glanced at the three passages, as if trying to see a clue.


However, it was in vain after all, and there were no traces left on the ground, as if no one had come.


But there is only one way behind them, and the other party can only enter these three passages.


“That guy seems to be quite familiar with this place, and he can collect blood corpses, maybe he has some special means.” Xue Tia’s glamorous and cold beautiful eyes flickered slightly, suddenly paused, and said: “You said, will he still be hiding somewhere.”


As soon as these words came out, Blood Nokia and Blood Rosa were both startled, and immediately glanced around, vigilant against abnormality.


Have suffered too many losses before, causing them to be in a state of panic, for fear that the other party is hiding somewhere, waiting for a sneak attack on them.


“Damn!” Xue Nuoji looked gloomy and felt extremely aggrieved.


It is very unconvinced, but the other party’s means make it helpless and can only watch.




Suddenly, it shot out fiercely, and one after another attack swept away towards the surroundings, shaking the entire cave/shock continuously.


“What are you doing?” Blood Rosa said coldly.


“It wants to force that guy out.” Bloodtia said.


Blood Rosa’s heart moved, and she didn’t speak any more, but just looked around with flickering eyes.


A moment later, Xue Nuoji stopped and glanced gloomily around, but still found nothing.


“Okay, let’s see which channel to choose.” Xue Tia said with a look back.


“Do you have space exploration methods?” Blood Rosa asked.




Xue Tia and Xue Nuoji both shook their heads, how scarce space exploration methods are, how could they have them.


Blood Rosa just asked casually, and didn’t expect them to be there. At this moment, she pondered for a while, seeming to hesitate, but finally took out a silver-white spar from the space bracelet above her wrist.


“Space spar!”


Xue Nuoji and Xue Tia were shocked when they saw this.


“Yes, this is the space spar, and it is the fifth-order space spar.” Blood Rosa said with a glimmer of pride in her eyes.


Since she took it out, she knew that the level of this thing could not be hidden, but fortunately, she stated it directly.


“The fifth-order space spar!


This… This is the treasure that can forge the space holy artifact! “Xue Nuoji’s eyes could not help but have a trace of heat, staring at the silver-white spar in Blood Rosa’s hand.


Xuetia on the side also showed a strange color in her eyes.


If it is an ordinary space spar, it is not so unusual for these median demon emperor-level existences.


But the fifth-order space spar is different.


As Xue Nuoji said, this level of space spar can be used to forge space sacred artifact, and has many wonderful uses, very rare and precious.


I didn’t expect this blood Rosa to have such a treasure.


Blood Rosa didn’t talk nonsense, she held the fifth-order space spar in her hand, the original force surged in her body, mixed with mental power, and motivated the spar.


Naturally, she can’t use the power of space like Wang Teng, so she can only use the original force and mental power to activate the power of space that already exists in the spar, and then sense the space state in the channel.


After a while, silver-white runes appeared on the surface of the space spar, which looked extremely mysterious and mysterious, and then the whole spar radiated a dazzling silver-white light.


A wisp of space power diffused out, extending towards the three passages.


Xue Nuoji and Xue Tia didn’t have the heart to pay attention to the space spar at the moment, but stared at the three channels, and then looked at Blood Rosa, waiting for the result.


After a while, Blood Rosa withdrew the original force, the space spar slowly calmed down, and the light converged.


“How is it?” Xue Nuoji asked anxiously.


Blood Rosa looked a little unsightly and shook her head.


“How is it possible that even your fifth-order space spar can’t sense it?”


“You didn’t intentionally conceal the results, did you?” Xue Tia said, she didn’t mind putting on eye drops at this time.


“If you don’t believe me, you can feel it yourself, but the space spar can’t leave my hand.” Blood Rosa sneered.


“Okay!” Xue Tia said immediately.


“…” Blood Rosa.


Why do I feel cheated?


The words have come to this point, and it is too late for her to refuse. Fortunately, she did not want to refuse. The three of them are only a temporary team, and there is always a crisis of trust. Now is a critical moment. If she does not take out the space spar to give The two felt it, they would never believe it, and they would only push them to opposite sides at the same time.


So I have to take it out, but Xue Tia’s attitude and actions made her a little unhappy.


Looking at the sullen smile on Xue Tia’s mouth, Xue Rosa gritted her teeth, annoyed in her heart, and snorted softly, “Who will come first.”


Xue Nuoji and Xue Tia looked at each other.


“You go first.” Xue Tia said.


Xue Nuoji did not say much, nodded, and poured out his own original force and spiritual power, and sensed it through the space spar.


After a moment, he shook his head, a little discouraged.


Seeing this, Xue Tia raised her eyebrows, but she felt it herself, and in the end she still found nothing.


She reluctantly wanted to feel it again.


“Are you okay?” Blood Rosa urged impatiently.


“What’s the rush?” Xuedia said sternly: “Do you have any other options now? If not, why not feel it a few more times.”


“She’s right, let’s take a closer look.” Xue Nuoji nodded.


“This is not your space spar, you don’t feel bad, right?” Blood Rosa’s complexion turned black, and every time she sensed it, the space power in the space spar consumed one point. She is not a space talent, Where to go to replenish the power of this consumed space.


“Cough cough, the overall situation is the most important! The overall situation is the most important!” Xue Nuoji coughed dryly.


“Humph!” Blood Rosa snorted coldly, and finally said nothing more.


Xue Tia glanced at her, smiled slightly in her heart, did not speak, and concentrated on sensing the situation in the three passages in front of her. Gradually, she could not help frowning, as if she had found something.


“What’s wrong?” Xue Nuoji’s heart moved, and he asked quickly.


“Look at yourselves, is the aura in the passage on the right a bit more intense?” Xue Tia said with a frown, “That kind of aura seems to be the aura we sensed in this cave before…ancient time! Bloody! Fierce!”


“Let’s see.” Xue Nuoji immediately came over, took Xue Tia’s place, and sensed the space spar.


Blood Rosa is a little speechless. Whose space spar is this? It feels as if she has nothing to do with her.


“It is true that the channel on the right hand side has the strongest aura, and the difference is very subtle. You must use a space spar to be able to sense it.” Xue Nuoji said.


“So we entered the passage on the right?” Bloodtia asked.


“Come in, there is no other choice.” Xue Nuoji said.


Blood Rosa also sensed it at this time, nodded and said, “Since it has been determined that it is the channel on the right, there is nothing to hesitate.”


The three-headed dark species immediately reached a consensus and entered the passage on the right.


If Wang Teng was here, he would be very surprised that these three dark species actually sensed the passage with a fifth-order space spar.


Even with the credit of the fifth-order space spar, the spiritual power of these three dark species is indeed not weak, otherwise it would be impossible to distinguish the subtle differences between the three passages.


After the three-headed dark species entered the passage on the right, they were immediately stunned by the sight in front of them.


A dead end? !


They looked at the stone wall in front of them, and their faces were not very good.


“No, you are looking at the rune on the rock wall. This should be the ancient space rune.” Blood Rosa looked around and said in shock.


“It is indeed the ancient space rune, the same as the place where we came down.” Xue Tia stroked the rock wall and nodded.


“Do you have to activate these runes to be able to enter?” Xue Nuoji touched his chin and speculated.


“But we don’t understand the ancient space runes at all…” Blood Rosa said.


“…” The three-headed dark species fell silent.



Wang Teng didn’t know that Blood Rosa’s three-headed dark species had entered the passage on the right, but he was sure that even if they entered it, they would be stumped by those ancient space runes, so he wasn’t very worried.


At this moment, he suddenly appeared in a cave. Looking around, a series of mysterious ancient space runes were inscribed on the cave wall.


At his feet, several attribute bubbles are floating.


Wang Teng’s eyes brightened, and he picked it up immediately.


【Ancient Space Rune*2】


【Ancient Space Rune*1】


【Ancient Space Rune*3】



“There are only so many ancient space rune attributes left?!” Wang Teng was a little disappointed.


The ancient space runes I picked up this time seem to be almost the same, and now they are getting less and less. Before, there were still about ten o’clock in the attribute value. A little.


[Ancient Space Rune]: 4760/5000 (Proficient);


In the end, he only picked up 10 stat points, and nothing more.


Wang Teng shook his head and looked at the other attribute values ​​above the attribute panel.


When I captured the two **** corpses just now, I also picked up a lot of attribute bubbles, but because of the tight time, I didn’t take an inventory.


[Blood Devil’s Hair Field]: 1100/2000 (Second-tier Melting Realm);


“It’s really the realm of blood and evil, and it has reached the second level of the fusion realm.” Wang Teng was a little speechless and a little surprised.


I thought that this attribute value could reach the first-order fusion realm like the [Bone Domain of Blood Demon], even if it was very good, I did not expect it to reach the second-order fusion realm, which is really a pleasant surprise.


“Mix it!”


Wang Teng’s eyes flashed and he closed his eyes.


Now that you have obtained this [Blood Fiend Hair Domain], you can naturally combine the three Blood Fiend domains.


【Blood Demon Sword Domain】+【Bone Demon Domain】+【Blood Demon Domain】=


[Blood Demon Domain]: 1250/2000 (Second-tier Melting Realm);


A moment later, a new type of realm appeared on the property panel, called the Blood Demon Realm.


The name is unremarkable, but the field is quite powerful.


It contains three changes in the blood fiend realm.


At this moment, a strange scene appeared in Wang Teng’s mind. The endless evil spirits were rolling, sometimes turning into sword lights, sometimes turning into blood bones, sometimes turning into blood hair…even the blood bones, blood hair It can also be turned into a long sword, and a sword glow erupts, which is hard to guard against.


In addition, this field is also a second-level fusion realm, and on the basis of the [Blood Demon Hair Field], an additional 150 attribute points have been added.


The power that this field can exert is no less than that of a single third-order fusion realm field.


Although it is not as good as the [Blood Sea Domain] mastered by Wang Teng himself, it is definitely beyond the single field mastered by many geniuses.


Wang Teng was very satisfied and couldn’t help but smile slightly, then looked at another attribute value.


[Blood corpse]: 6500/15000 (Xiaocheng);


The attributes of [Blood Evil Corpse] have also been improved a lot. Although it is still a minor level, it has been raised from 2500 attribute points to 6500 attribute points, which is not easy.


Wang Teng felt that his mastery of the [Blood Demon Corpse] was enough to refine the three blood demon corpses of the upper demon emperor level.


He took a deep breath, resisted the urge to refine the **** corpse immediately, and continued to look at the attribute panel.


In addition to the above attribute bubbles from the blood corpse, Wang Teng also obtained a lot of attribute bubbles, which were obtained from the three dark species.


[Blood Brake Domain]: 600/2000 (Second-order Melting Realm);


[Blood Python Domain]: 800/2000 (Second-Order Melting Realm);


[Blood Crossing Field]: 1200/2000 (Second-order Melting Realm);


Wang Teng’s eyes suddenly lit up, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t restrain a slight arc.


Good guy!


Three kinds of fields, and all of them are the second level of fusion.


Top talent is top talent, and it’s different.


Among these three domains, [Blood Brake Domain] Wang Teng had already obtained it before, but at that time there was only one level of fusion, but now he has directly reached the second level of fusion.


“Hey, that Blood Rosa still wanted to hide her clumsiness, but she didn’t show it in the end.” Wang Teng smiled involuntarily.


In order to deal with the three-headed **** corpse of the upper Demon Emperor level, the three-headed Dark Seed of Blood Rosa had to come up with some real skills.


However, Wang Teng felt that they still had some hidden cards, like that Blood Rosa’s [Blood Brake Body]. Wang Teng has not seen it so far, and he is very itchy.


“The [Body of Blood Brake] is probably her last trump card.” Wang Teng couldn’t help rubbing his chin, secretly gulping.


Then he shook his head and didn’t think about it any more. He didn’t get it now, and there will always be a chance to pluck her wool in the future.


The next two fields, one is the [Blood Python Field], and the other is the [Blood Crossing Field] of the blood family, which is similar to the [Blood Wolf Field] that Wang Teng obtained before, and both can be integrated into the [Blood Sea] in the field].


Wang Teng naturally did not hesitate, and immediately started the fusion.


The [Blood Brake Domain] has already been merged, but now it doesn’t need much effort, it can be upgraded to the second-order fusion realm, and the perception can be directly integrated into it.


[Blood Python Domain] and [Blood Crossing Domain] are a little more troublesome, but similar to [Blood Wolf Domain], they are not too difficult.


After a while, Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes, a sea of ​​blood appeared in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.




He let out a sigh of turbid air, his heart was filled with joy, and the [Blood Sea Domain] became stronger again.


These Dark Seeds are really good people.


Each one of them is very strong in the field, and there are many tricks. They are all rare talents.


It’s a pity that the power of the source they master can’t improve Wang Teng. His [Origin of Blood] is already fourth-order, which is a bit outrageous.


But there are several combat skills and exercises attributes, Wang Teng set his eyes on the column of combat skills and exercises on the attribute panel.


【Blood Python Codex】(Demon Venerable): 1200/10000 (Proficient);


【Blood Crossing Codex】(Devil Level): 2100/5000 (Skilled);


[Blood Brake Tome] (Demon Venerable): 1800/5000 (skilled);


[Blood Python Swordsmanship] (Demon Emperor): 1300/3000 (skilled);


[Blood Brake Halberd] (Demon Venerable Peak): 1500/10000 (Proficient);


[Blood Crossing Whip] (Demon Venerable): 2500/5000 (skilled);


Suddenly, different shapes of light and shadow appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.


Some sit cross-legged, blood lingering all over their bodies, turning into phantoms of giant blood pythons, neighing in the sky.


Some manifested human fish tails, entrenched in the sea of ​​blood, filled with blood, and condensed a huge blood phantom.


Some are sitting cross-legged on the sea of ​​blood, and the monstrous and huge blood temple ghost appears outside the body. Between swallowing and swallowing, a large amount of blood mist gathers and pours into their mouth and nose, making the blood The shadow of the demon is even more majestic and hideous, which is daunting.


There are also three lights and shadows each holding different weapons, some are swords, some are halberds, and some are blood-colored whips, each practicing combat skills.


The sword that danced with the war sword shot out the sword energy like a blood python, which was full of strangeness.


The war halberd is swaying, majestic and magnificent, with a **** ghost appearing, standing between the heavens and the earth, manifesting a huge phantom of the war halberd, which is extremely terrifying.


In the end, the figure swung the long whip, turning into countless long whip phantoms, and blood phantoms appeared, extremely fierce, and erupted with terrifying attack power.


After Wang Teng absorbed his insights, all kinds of enlightenment emerged in his heart, and he had completely mastered those kinds of exercises and combat skills.


[Blood Python Holy Scripture] He had already obtained it before, but now he has been promoted from the proficient level to the proficient level, and the harvest is still good.


The [Blood Crossing Tome] and [Blood Brake Tome] were just obtained this time. Fortunately, they both reached the proficiency level, allowing him to use these two exercises directly.


Next are three combat skills.


Among them, the [Blood Python Swordsmanship] is only a Demon Emperor, and it comes from the blood race dark species named Xue Nuoji.


Wang Teng shook his head, a little disappointed. He really didn’t expect this top genius to use only Demon Emperor-level combat skills, which really damaged its reputation.


On the contrary, the combat skills displayed by Blood Rosa and Blood Tia are all Demon Lord level, especially Blood Rosa, her [Blood Bracers] is a peak Demon Lord level combat skill, which is unusual. The Demon Venerable-level combat skills are much stronger.


And this [Blood Brake Magic Halberd] Wang Teng had already obtained before, but now he has been upgraded from the proficient level to the proficient level, making his mastery of this combat skill even more profound.


[Blood Crossing Whip] is a combat skill that has just been obtained, and has directly reached the proficiency level, but Wang Teng has no feelings for this combat skill.


A whip technique, not suitable for a handsome man like him.


It’s not that Wang Teng has never acquired the whip technique before, but he has never used it, mainly because it doesn’t fit his temperament.


Anyway, he has a lot of combat skills, not bad for this one.


The only benefit of getting this [Blood Whip] is that next time I meet the genius Blood Tia of the blood family, Wang Teng will have no fear in the face of the [Blood Whip] she casts. You can even find out the flaws in the opponent’s whipping technique and surprise the opponent.


If a combat skill is cracked, the consequences are self-evident.


Wang Teng couldn’t help but smile when he thought of this, as if he could see Xue Tia’s surprise.


In general, these three combat skills are very good. It is impossible for ordinary middle-ranked demon emperors to master such combat skills, that is, Blood Rosa and the top geniuses from all ethnic groups. , it is possible to obtain such high-level combat skills.


In addition to these attribute bubbles, there are finally some spiritual and force attributes. After Wang Teng absorbed it, he ignored it.


This time, I also consumed a lot of spiritual power and the original power of the dark stars along the way, just to replenish the blue.


After all, he is only a weak cosmos-level warrior. If he doesn’t replenish his spiritual power and dark star force at all times, how can he compete with those middle-ranked demon emperor-level dark species.


Wang Teng stopped thinking about it and slowly closed his eyes.


In the outside world, the blood **** clone opened his eyes at this moment, a light flashed, and then walked out of the cave without hesitation.


A light shone into his eyes, and the darkness around him completely dissipated. He raised his eyes and looked around, and found that he was actually at the foot of a big mountain, surrounded by dark red trees and exposed dark red rocks.


Looking up, it was the mountains he had seen from afar.


Three peaks in total.


Connected into one body, standing on the sea of ​​blood, and the ground below is like an island.


A vague ancient, bloody, and ferocious meaning permeates this space, surrounding these three tall and majestic peaks.


Like an ancient mountain, not a mountain of this era, it has a meaning of vicissitudes of life.


The three peaks are too big.


Looking from the foot of the mountain, you can’t even see the top, most of the mountain peaks are shrouded in blood mist, like a dream.


And looking at it like this, I feel that there is a rock wall in front of me, not a mountain.


Because the mountain is so huge, if Wang Teng’s eyesight is not comparable, he may not be able to see all this clearly.


“Finally I found it.” The eyes of the Blood God clone lit up immediately, he muttered a word, and his figure flashed, turning into a streamer and flying towards the top of the mountain.






As soon as he took off from the ground, a huge pressure crashed down and hit his body.




The blood **** clone was unprepared for a while, and under this pressure, the whole person slammed into the ground.


The surrounding trees collapsed and a plume of smoke rose.


A huge cave appeared in the ground.




The Blood God clone crawled out of the pit in the ground with a dry cough, patted his clothes, and looked at the top of his head a little speechlessly.


Good guy, give it a try when you come!




On these big mountains, there is an extremely powerful ancient will and the meaning of blood evil, and it has existed for an unknown number of years, and it is still so majestic, as if it has never dissipated.


In the swallowing space, Wang Teng opened his eyes, his eyes suddenly became extremely hot, and he looked at the mountains.


His ancient will and blood fiend had almost stagnated, but these three peaks gave him another glimmer of hope.


Such a rich, majestic atmosphere, there are definitely attribute bubbles on it.


The body of the blood god, open!


The Blood God clone did not neglect in the slightest, and immediately activated the third-order Blood God body.




Boom! boom!


The fifth-order ancient will!


The meaning of the fourth-order blood evil!


Two special forces of will erupted from his body, and he didn’t hesitate to charge straight up the mountain.




The roar sounded suddenly.


The majestic aura reappeared and crushed it down, as if the three incomparably majestic mountains had fallen firmly on top of his head at this moment.


However, this time, the figure of the Blood God clone was only slightly stagnant, and then went up against the sky again.


In an instant, he was already hundreds of meters away.


“Attribute Bubble!”


Suddenly, the blood **** clone’s eyes lit looked out of a mountain, and saw several attribute bubbles floating in the air.




The Blood God clone did not hesitate at all, and immediately swept out the mental power to pick up those few attribute bubbles.


【Ancient Will*100】


【Ancient Will*120】


[The meaning of blood evil *1500]


【The meaning of blood evil *1200】



“Okay! It really is the power of these two wills!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but be overjoyed, and immediately absorbed and digested his perception, and then turned it into his own will.


Comparatively speaking, the ancient will has less improvement, and the blood evil will improve more.


But it is understandable. After all, Wang Teng’s ancient will has reached the fifth order, which is one order higher than the blood evil spirit, and it is not so easy to improve now.


Wang Teng is very happy to be able to get the ancient will attribute again on these three mountains.


Judging by the heights of these three mountains, if he picks them up like this, his ancient willpower attribute is very likely to reach the sixth rank.


Tier six!


That is the power of will and momentum equivalent to the level of Immortal Venerable, and it is the power of ancient will that involves years. How powerful and rare is this, just think about how terrifying it is.


Now that he has the opportunity to be promoted to the sixth level, how can Wang Teng not be excited.


As for the meaning of blood evil, Wang Teng is almost certain that he will be able to upgrade to the fifth rank this time.


The fifth level is the base, and you can look forward to the sixth level.


So he continued to charge towards the top of the mountain as if he had been beaten with blood.


At this moment, no one can stop him from picking up attributes. +Bookmark+


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