Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 1819: The Realm of the Bloody Corpse! 1 and then 3! Space…



All-attribute martial arts Chapter 1819 The realm of **** corpses! Again and again! Open the eyes of space! (Please subscribe and ask for a monthly pass!)


Wang Teng did not leave.


The two high-ranking demon emperor-level **** corpses are also what he is determined to get.


And there are three top geniuses of the dark species to contain, this kind of opportunity is too rare, he has to find another opportunity to fish in troubled waters.


At this moment, the Blood God clone is also located in a space somewhere, looking at the situation outside, a little surprised.


“This is the realm?!”


He grunted as he stared at the area covered with dark red hair.


It’s really unusual to use hair to cast the realm.


In this area, the strength of the two blood corpses will be enhanced, while the strength of the three blood rosa’s dark species cannot be fully exerted, because they have been isolated from the outside world.


“And this is at least the second-order and third-order fusion realm.” He felt it carefully, and his face couldn’t help but be a little dignified.


The two **** corpses can actually display the second-order to third-order fields of the fusion realm. It’s not simple. You must know that even ordinary world master-level existences may not be able to master the second- and third-order fields of fusion.


“Let’s see if they have other means now.” The blood **** clone’s eyes flickered slightly.




Under the dense dark red hair swept away, Blood Rosa’s three-headed dark species did not dare to neglect, and the body once again erupted with extremely strong domain power, trying to resist the terrifying dark red hair.


The two domains collided, and a roar erupted.


The realm of the three-headed dark species suddenly vibrated wildly, but this time, their realm was not broken, but actually resisted.


“Hey!” The Blood God clone couldn’t help but snorted: “The second-order field of fusion realm! These three dark species actually mastered the second-order field of fusion realm.”


Under the tight pressure of the two **** corpses, the three Dark Seeds could no longer hide. Obviously, they did not use their full strength before.


At this moment, I had to play my hole card.


The field of the second-order fusion realm is enough to be called a trump card in the hands of the middle demon emperor.


“It looks like they can hold on for a while longer.” The Blood God clone couldn’t help laughing, and then he focused his attention on the few attribute bubbles he had just picked up.


When he just collected the **** corpse of the high-ranking Demon Emperor, he picked up a few attribute bubbles by the way, and now it is time to take an inventory.


[Bone Domain of Blood Demon]; 600/1000 (First-Order Melting Realm);


“Bone Domain of Blood Demon!” Wang Teng was stunned for a moment. He thought it should be the Domain of Blood Demon, but he didn’t expect a Bone Domain of Blood Demon.


He pondered for a while, and the relevant insights flashed in his mind, and he was suddenly a little bit stunned.


To put it bluntly, it is a kind of field that is formed by condensing the power of blood evil on the bones, which can be regarded as an extension of the blood evil field.


“The Bone Domain of the Blood Demon and the Blood Demon Domain can be completely fused.” Wang Teng immediately thought of fusion.


But he’s in no hurry.


Because isn’t this also a related field?


The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he looked at the realm formed by the dark red hair outside, and he suddenly had a guess in his heart.


If it is said that the previous high-ranking Demon Emperor Dark Seed melted the power of blood evil into the bones, resulting in some mutation, then the remaining two blood evil corpses are obviously the blood evil. The force melted into the hair of the whole body.


Their realm is probably… the realm of the Blood Sha fur!




The name sounds odd.


But that’s about it.


Everyone has hairs on their bodies, but these two **** corpses are just a little bit thicker. It’s a river.


So instead of merging now, it’s better to wait until the attribute bubbles of the two **** corpses are obtained, and then it is not too late to fuse.


“Unfortunately, there is no will-type attribute.” Wang Teng is a little regretful.


I was thinking about whether I could pick up a bit of will-type attributes, but it turned out that they were basically domain attributes, and they didn’t drop any will-type attributes at all.


He is also very helpless. Now that both the ancient will and the blood evil spirit have improved a bit, it seems that it will not be so easy to improve.


“Indeed, the attributes of this **** corpse have improved a lot.” Wang Teng moved in his heart and looked at another attribute on the attribute panel.


【Blood Demon Corpse】: 2500/15000 (Xiaocheng);


The attribute bubbles just picked up greatly increased the [Blood Demon Corpse] attribute from the proficient level to the minor level, which surprised Wang Teng.


It’s not that easy to improve if you are proficient at a small cost. It requires a full 10,000 attribute points. I didn’t expect that the attribute bubbles dropped by the high-ranking demon emperor-level blood corpse would actually increase him directly.


“Yes, in this way, it will be more certain to refine the **** corpse.” Wang Teng secretly rejoiced.


Actually, what he calls refining does not necessarily mean refining a **** corpse completely. He just wants to completely refine those **** corpses for his own use, but the process is natural Need to use the attributes of [Blood Demon Corpse].


The more thorough Wang Teng’s grasp of the attributes of this [Blood Demon Corpse], the greater his grasp of refining the Blood Demon Corpse in the future.


Especially the high-ranking Demon Emperor-level **** corpse, it is not so easy to refine it.


The upper demon emperor-level blood corpse gave birth to spiritual wisdom, even if its spiritual wisdom is only equivalent to the lower demon emperor level, but with spiritual wisdom, it will not be the same. It can no longer be regarded as a dead thing, and the refining difficulty will definitely be increased many times.


Fortunately, now that the attributes of [Blood Demon Corpse] have been raised to Xiaocheng, Wang Teng’s grasp is much better.


Boom! boom! boom!


The battle between the three-headed dark species and the two **** corpses became more and more fierce, and the dark red hairs rolled out one after another, trying to break through the domain of the three-headed dark species, but it was always unsuccessful.


The combined power of the three second-order fusion realms should not be underestimated.


Only in this way, the three Dark Seeds were not free to deal with the two high-ranking Demon Emperor-level **** corpses, and the two sides were deadlocked like this.


“Blood Tia, the two of us tried our best to hold back the two **** corpses. You take the opportunity to kill one of the **** corpses first.” Blood Rosa and Blood Norki looked at each other, and suddenly said through voice transmission. .


“Okay!” Xue Tia’s eyes flashed, but without any hesitation, she nodded.




Blood Rosa and Blood Nuoji burst out the power of the domain at the same time, and savagely suppressed the two **** corpses.


Behind Blood Rosa, a terrifying phantom of the blood brake appeared, holding a dark red trident, stabbed out inch by inch in the air, causing the dark red hair to be constantly wiped out and forced to retreat step by step.




At the same time, outside Xue Nuoji’s body, a terrifying blood-colored giant python circled up, opened its big mouth and let out a filial filial piety, and then also rushed straight towards the dark red hair.


The dark red hair is like the long hair of a woman, and it binds the phantom of the blood-red giant python tightly, and the huge force erupts, instantly shattering the scales on the surface of the python.




The blood-red python let out a painful neigh, and even the complexion of Blood Nuoji changed, as if it was under extremely terrifying pressure.




It let out a low roar, urging Bloodtia to act immediately.


Seeing that the two of them did not seem to keep their hands, Xue Tia’s eyes flashed slightly, and then it broke out instantly, and the long whip in her hand slammed into an afterimage.




Behind her, a field erupted.


The sea of ​​blood was tumbling, and a huge blood phantom condensed in it. As the waves rolled, it suddenly appeared.


Like a giant sea monster.


This phantom of blood is not the same as the blood of the blood that Wang Teng has seen. Whether it is the man with seaweed hair or the woman of blood, they are all extremely handsome or extremely beautiful.


But this phantom of blood is extremely ferocious, with dark red scales all over his face and arms.


Even their eyes are dark red erect children, and their ears are very sharp, like fish fins.


At the same time, its hands are like sharp claws, with sharp and sharp dark red nails. If it is caught, it is afraid that the body of the middle demon emperor will be pierced.


At this moment, with the expansion of Xue Tia’s domain, the **** phantom exploded in an instant, crashing towards one of the **** corpses.




The high-ranking Demon King-level Bloody Corpse roared furiously, wanting to meet the **** phantom.


However, the realm of Blood Rosa and Blood Norki contained the two **** corpses, making them unable to get rid of them for the time being.




In an instant, the phantom of the blood exchange has come, and the two claws grabbed it out and landed on the body of the **** corpse.


The dark red hair on the **** corpse/body was torn apart by sharp claws, revealing the body of the **** corpse, and the blood filled with the meaning of rotten **** splattered out.


Not even that.


The next moment, the entire **** phantom turned into a dazzling dark red light group, which crashed into the body of the **** corpse.




The blood corpse let out a painful roar, and flew out fiercely. The dark red light group erupted on its body, and the power of the domain was vented, and the darkness above the body of the blood corpse was released. All the red hair was wiped away, revealing the shriveled and dark red body under the hair, which looked particularly hideous.


“It’s done!”


Xuedia’s eyes lit up slightly, and she wanted to pursue her victory and completely suppress the **** corpse.


But at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind the **** corpse, smiled at Xuedia, and then reached out and patted the back of the **** corpse.


“You!” Xue Tia’s expression changed slightly, and as soon as she made a sound, she saw that the other party had put away the **** corpse, and then disappeared again in front of her eyes.




She scolded angrily.


She wanted to deal with the **** corpse just now, and put it away by herself.


After all, it is a high-ranking demon emperor-level blood corpse. If it can be refined for personal use, it will definitely be a great help.


But I didn’t expect that the guy didn’t leave before, and now he ran out and inserted his foot, which is extremely shameless.


Blood Rosa and Blood Nokia in the distance also saw this scene, and the expressions on their faces were as ugly as eating shit.


It’s that guy again!


That was a high-ranking Demon Emperor-level **** corpse, and it was taken away by the other party like this again. Thinking about it, it was extremely irritating.


What’s even more hateful is that the other party is completely taking advantage of them.


The snipe and the clam compete, and the fisherman wins!


They are here to fight the two **** corpses with all their might, but the other party is picking up bargains behind them. This kind of behavior is really annoying.




At this moment, the last **** corpse let out a roar. It seemed to know that it was not an opponent, so it wanted to escape, and turned around and rushed behind.


“Want to run!” Xue Nuoji shouted: “Stop it for me.”




Xue Tia’s eyes narrowed, and she didn’t have time to think about it. She shot again and threw out the long whip in her hand, as if she wanted to vent her anger on the **** corpse.


The force converged, turned into a huge whip shadow, and fell from the sky.




The **** corpse roared furiously, and the hair all over its body swelled and shot out, instantly condensing into a stream, like a dark red rope, colliding with the whip shadow.


At the same time, a large amount of dark red hair erupted from its body, like thin needles, densely stabbed towards Xue Tia.


Xue Tia’s complexion suddenly changed, and she didn’t dare to resist the blow, so she could only dodge away.


She didn’t forget that this was a high-ranking demon emperor-level **** corpse. Her strength alone was not enough to compete head-on with this **** corpse.


Fortunately, the dark species of Blood Rosa and Blood Norki also arrived at this time.


The battle between the strong is sometimes decided in this moment of time.


The blood corpse was intercepted and failed to escape in time. Blood Rosa and Blood Norki were chased by the two dark species, and it was impossible to let them leave easily.


At this moment, Blood Rosa and Blood Nuoji will burst out of the long-brewed realm and move towards the **** corpse to suppress it.




The roar sounded, and the two domains fell on the body of the **** corpse at the same time, causing its body to stagnate and smashing towards the ground.


“Pay attention to your surroundings, don’t let that **** take away the **** corpse.” Blood Rosa said lightly.


Xue Nuoji and Xue Tia’s two dark species shuddered, and their eyes glanced around, but they were instantly vigilant.




The **** corpse let out a roar, and there was a sudden burst of dazzling red light in its body, and strange dark red lines suddenly appeared on its body, wrapping around its body like a chain.




The next moment, a terrifying force erupted, and the realm of Blood Nokia and Blood Rosa was instantly blasted away.


“The power of the source!” Xue Nuoji lost his voice.


“This **** corpse actually has the power of the source.” Blood Rosa was also shocked, and immediately shouted: “Quick! It must be suppressed immediately.”


No need for her to say more, the two dark species of Xue Nuoji and Xue Tia have already reacted, and suddenly a tyrannical wave swept out of their bodies.


The Law of Origin!


The same is the power of the source law!


A strange blood-red pattern suddenly appeared outside the bodies of the two dark species, wrapped around their respective weapons, and attacked the **** corpse with a bang.


Blood Rosa was not idle, the trident in her hand burst into a dazzling dark red light, and the tiny chains formed by one after another rune condensed out, turning into a fierce and tyrannical attack.




She stabbed out with a halberd, turned into a trident phantom, and stabbed towards the **** corpse, and the terrifying power erupted instantly.


The combined power of the top geniuses among the three-headed median Demon Emperor Dark Species cannot be underestimated.


While the **** corpse was of the upper Demon Emperor level, it was suppressed at the moment, and the chain of origin laws it condensed collapsed, unable to resist the attack of the three dark species.


At this moment, however, a mutation occurred!




A blistering blood-red sword light suddenly bloomed from the void, as if it appeared out of thin air, and swept away toward the three dark species.


Numerous sword lights burst out with the huge sword light, filling the entire cave.




Blood Rosa, Blood Norki, and Blood Tia all three-headed dark species shrank a little, their faces became extremely ugly, and their hearts were horrified.


This attack made them feel a mortal threat, and they had just launched an attack, and it was too late to launch a second attack.


Time is too short!


The sword light came too suddenly, completely beyond their expectations.


So at this moment, there is no other choice but to avoid it.




The knife light fell, causing the entire cave to vibrate violently, and the dazzling dark red light completely covered the entire cave, making it impossible to see the front.


And the blood **** clone appeared on top of the third blood corpse at this moment.


This **** corpse was just suppressed by the three dark species, and the force attack erupted on its body, making it temporarily unable to move.


The blood **** clone has calm eyes, sticks out one hand, and slaps the **** corpse everywhere, cutting off the **** power of the **** corpse. At the same time, it uses the bewitching skill to plant the bewitching in the spirit of the **** corpse. The seed, and finally imposed a layer of cage to imprison it.


The whole process is like running clouds and flowing water, and it has been completed almost instantly.


After all, it is the third blood corpse, and the blood **** clone has already captured the experience.


The next moment, he has disappeared with the **** corpse in place. There is nothing here to be cherished by him, and it is time to leave.


The Blood God clone directly turned into a streamer, galloping towards the depths of the cave.


When the light in the cave dissipated, Blood Rosa and Blood Nuoji rushed out of the darkness, but they could not find the figure of the Blood God clone.




Xue Nuoji’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and he slapped his palm on the side of the rock wall with a bang, leaving a deep palm print, showing how angry he was in his heart.


Blood Rosa and Blood Tia, the two dark species on the side, also looked very unsightly, and they were extremely depressed.


Three high-ranking demon emperor-level **** corpses were taken away again and again.


If this spreads out, it would simply disgrace their top geniuses.


“Blood Rosa, is that guy really the blood son of the blood race?” Xue Nuoji asked in a deep voice.


“It should be, he has recently made a lot of trouble in the blood clan. You have been in seclusion for too long, and you don’t even know such an important thing.” Blood Rosa said.


“Humph! What about the blood son, it’s just taking advantage of people’s dangers. I want to see what he can do.” Xue Nuoji snorted coldly, and turned into a stream of light, galloping towards the depths of the cave: “Chase!”


Blood Rosa and Blood Tia looked at each other at the same time, and then turned their eyes away at the same time, chasing after Xue Nuoji.



The Blood God clone galloped all the way, never encountered a blood corpse again, the road was surprisingly calm.


But he didn’t dare to neglect at all. Although the speed was not slow, his heart was still full of vigilance.


His mental power spreads all around, and he can immediately detect any danger.


In fact, at this moment, his body is still covered by the power of shadows, and it is difficult for ordinary existence to find him at the first time.


Suddenly, the Blood God clone stopped, frowning and looking forward.




In the cave ahead, three deep forks appeared.


“One of these three roads is estimated to be the final channel to those mountains.” In the swallowing space, Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes, and a light flashed in his eyes.


“Wang Teng, can you tell which way it is?” Yuan Gun Gun and Bing Di Si were also paying attention to the outside world at the moment. Seeing this situation, they couldn’t help asking.


“It’s hard to say, let me observe it first.” Wang Teng opened the [Child of True Sight], and directly opened it to the extreme, looking towards the depths of the three passages.


However, behind the three passages are space distortions, making it impossible to see the real situation.


“This blood kun’s lair is really full of space tricks. Could it be that the blood kun is also good at space one?” Wang Teng was a little surprised and couldn’t help guessing.


However, according to the information found by Yuanjugu, Xue Kun does not seem to have a talent for space.


And even if it is a god-level existence, it is extremely rare to master the spatial means to such a degree.


It takes a lot of time to study and research. It does not mean that a god-level existence can master such a wealth of spatial means.


So it really puzzled him.


However, the mysterious starry sky beast like the blood kun is very rare, similar to the void swallowing beast, so few people know everything about it.


“Forget it, as long as you find the blood kun inheritance, everything will be understood.” Wang Teng no longer thought about it, he took his thoughts back, continued to look at the three passages in front of him, and secretly thought about countermeasures.


On the other hand, he also focused his attention and glanced quickly on the attribute panel to see what ability he had to deal with the current situation.




“The Eye of Space!”


Wang Teng’s eyes suddenly fixed on an ability, and a bright light burst out from the bottom of his eyes.


This is the power of the eye child of the space department.


At the beginning, Wang Teng obtained the inheritance of the [Eye of Space] in the Starry Sky Hall of Starry Sky Academy, and successfully opened up the space inside the eye, which can be used for storage.


In addition to opening up storage space and transferring objects, this [Eye of Space] also has an ability.


That’s the exploration space!


Because it is a space talent in itself, it is extremely sensitive to changes in various spaces, and the [Eye of Space] may not be able to see things that [Children of True Sight] cannot see.


Wang Teng did not hesitate, and immediately opened the [Eye of Space].


This is his first use.


A silver-white light flashed through his eyes, turning his child hole into a strange silver-white color.


The Eye of Space, open!


Then he looked straight at the three passages, carefully discerning the spatial changes in them.


Under the power of the Eye of Space, the distorted space power in the passage was gradually expelled, allowing him to see more things clearly.


“Found it!”


Suddenly, Wang Teng felt a little joy in his heart, and his eyes were fixed on the passage on the right.


The three passages are actually very similar, but the passage on the right has a very strong meaning of ancient times and blood evil.


The aura was so strong that it could be seen with the naked eye.


Of course, this is the state under the eyes of space, which cannot be seen by ordinary naked eyes, nor can it be easily perceived.


Although the other two passages also contain the meaning of ancient times and blood evil, they are still a lot worse than the passage on the right.


Wang Teng did not hesitate, and immediately let the Blood God clone rush into it. He was almost 100% sure that it was the passage on the right.




The space was slightly distorted, and the figure of the Blood God clone instantly disappeared in place, as if it had never appeared before.


The entire cave has returned to calm.


After the Blood God clone entered the passage on the right, he found that there was a passage that was not very long in front of him, and there was even a stone wall not far ahead, and there was no way!


But his eyes flashed, and his eyes instantly fell on the surrounding rock walls.


An ancient space rune is inscribed on the rock wall, distorting the surrounding space.


Wang Teng immediately turned on the fifth-order [Space Body], so that the body surface of the Blood God clone was covered with a layer of space power to resist the erosion of the external space power.


In such a space-distorted state, even if a world master-level warrior enters it, I’m afraid it won’t be able to last long, and the body will soon be destroyed by the power of space.


Severe injuries or immediate death.


Fortunately, Wang Teng’s fifth-order space body can barely resist for a while, but it won’t last long. He must find a way to pass this passage as soon as possible.


He didn’t choose the wrong channel.


This must be the real gateway to the mountains.


But don’t worry, pick up the attribute bubble first.


Under the surrounding rock walls, there were a lot of attribute bubbles floating, and he picked them up immediately.


【Ancient Space Rune*10】


【Ancient Space Rune*12】


【Ancient Space Rune*5】



“Sure enough!” The corner of Wang Teng’s mouth curled up. These ancient space runes are exactly the same as the ancient space runes on the stone wall.


He quickly absorbed and digested the insight he had just gained.


The number of ancient space runes obtained this time is not, but it has a great effect on Wang Teng.


Whether the ancient space runes on the stone walls can be quickly analyzed depends on these insights.


After a while, he picked up all the attribute bubbles, and then glanced at the attribute panel.


[Ancient Space Rune]: 4750/5000 (Proficient);


Only 150 attribute points were increased, but Wang Teng was not disappointed. He immediately looked at the surrounding stone walls and began to analyze these ancient space runes.


Not long after, the Blood God clone stretched out his palm directly, the power of space was running, and it stuck on it.




A humming sound resounded in the passage, and the ancient space rune above the rock wall instantly lit up.


The surrounding space began to distort, and a vortex appeared at the end of the blocked passage in front of him, allowing only one person to pass through.


The Blood God clone did not hesitate, and with a flash, he rushed into the vortex.


As his figure disappeared, the vortex converged again until it completely disappeared, and the passage completely returned to calm.


Shortly after the Blood God clone left, the three Dark Seeds arrived here outside the three passages.


They looked at the three passages in front of them, and instantly fell into a state of strange silence, and the muscles in the corners of their eyes couldn’t help twitching.


“Or, each person chooses a channel?”


Finally, Xue Nuoji broke the silence and said.


They can’t really tell which way is the real end, so this is the only way to go.


“How to choose?” Blood Rosa sneered, her question straight to the soul.


“…” The three-headed dark species fell silent again. +Bookmark+


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