Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4324: Ronglie’s killing intent



As for the second prince, the prime minister really doesn’t dare to make his own decisions.


Above the imperial court, and even the entire imperial dynasty, not many people knew the true identity of the second prince, only four or five of them, and they were all members of the royal family.


Lu Ze, Lao An Wang, Duan Wang, and Mo Lao, the four of them know that the second prince is not Lu Ze’s blood.


Even Lu Changqing and Lu Huangji didn’t know, they thought the second prince and them were half-brothers.


It’s not a glorious thing after all, it’s the case with ordinary people, let alone the royal family.


The emperor was put on a hat. How could Lu Ze publicize such a thing, and it was too late to hold it tightly.


So although the prime minister is the head of the hundred officials, he still doesn’t know the situation of the second prince.


Hearing this, Lu Ze said coldly.


“Let him be in the Imperial City Prison, and his cronies.”


I don’t even want to see him anymore. If it was another prince, Lu Ze might still hesitate.


But for such a wild species, Lu Ze will naturally have no mercy. It can even be said that if it was not for the overall situation, Lu Ze would have done everything possible to kill him.


The chancellor was stunned when he heard this. He didn’t expect Lu Ze’s decision to be so decisive, and he hardly felt any hesitation.


He who doesn’t know the truth can only sigh at the ruthlessness of the royal family. Even the father and son will never show the slightest sympathy when it comes to matters that touch the bottom line.




The result of the second prince and his henchmen was thus decided, and even the trial was omitted, and they disappeared without a sound.


And after this cleaning, at least half of the officials above the court disappeared, and of course, the harem.


Those who used to follow Concubine Rong and were burned at the stake naturally couldn’t escape Lu Ze’s clean-up. This matter has long been rich and Mo Lao is responsible.


“It’s okay to keep things in the court room stable. The most important thing right now is to consider that Ronglie.”


Rong Lie escaped, but he would never let it go.


And the next time I come back, I’m afraid it’s not just Rong Lie alone, but a group of powerhouses in the Martian Domain under his command.


Lu Ze has been to the upper-class world and knows the strength of Rong Lie’s men.


The area of ​​the entire Martian domain is already comparable to the Emperor’s Great Realm.


Rong Lie is the master of Mars Domain, and under his command, there are many strong people, which cannot be underestimated.


Hearing this, the Prime Minister and Taifu’s expressions also became serious. Rong Lie was indeed difficult to deal with, and the same was true of Mars Domain.


Furthermore, the chancellor has another concern.


“Your Majesty, if the other stars of the superior world will take action……”


In a single Martian domain, the Emperor Heaven Great Realm may be able to fight, but if the domain masters of other star domains also intervene, then the Emperor Heaven Great Realm will have no chance at all.


Even with the addition of thousands of great realms.


In response, Lu Ze shook his head and said.


“No, the situation in the upper-class world is not as simple as you think. More than 70% of the resources of the entire Northern Star Realm are concentrated there.”


“With so many resources and so many strong players, the competition will naturally become more intense. The seven domain masters are not monolithic, and even other domain owners are afraid that they would like to allow Lie to lose.”


“In this way, they can still have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, so no one will intervene, unless there is an order in that place, but it is impossible. This little thing will not disturb that place.”


Rong Lie will definitely not have the possibility of other domain masters intervening. The Emperor Tianjie only needs to think about how to face Rong Lie.


Hearing this, the prime minister nodded, and then the three began to discuss.


The first is the battlefield. In the best case, the battlefield must be locked outside the Emperor’s Great Realm. Otherwise, once you come to the Emperor’s Great Realm, no matter what the outcome is, the aftermath of the war will cause a lot of damage to the Emperor’s Great Realm. .


Simply, when Rong Lie fled just now, he had already escaped from the Emperor Heaven Realm. What Lu Ze needs to do now is to mobilize the army of the Emperor Heaven Dynasty outside the Emperor Heaven Realm.


Push the show into chaos, so that both sides can take action with confidence, without worrying about the impact of the war on the Emperor Heaven Great Realm.


“Then we can dispatch the five major battalions to rush to the outside of the Emperor’s Great Realm to build a defense line.”


Lu Ze quickly ordered that the troops in other places should also be demoted. Also, the prime minister and Taifu must also take action.


This time, the Emperor must go all out and not give Rong Lie any chance.


Lu Ze’s speed is not slow on this side. On the other side, after Rong Lie took Rong Yun all the way out of the Emperor’s Great Realm, he came to a chaotic boat not far away.


There are some Martian powerhouses that Rong Lie brought this time, but there are not many.


When they saw Rong Lie returning, everyone was heartbroken, but Rong Lie was burning with anger and cursed angrily.


“Damn, **** ants, it’s bad for me, good, very good, when I take down the Emperor’s Great Realm, I’ll wipe out these thousands of great realms.”


Rong Lie was really angry, everything was planned, but who would have thought that it would be destroyed by two ants in the end.


It’s just that he has nothing to do with those two Rong Lie scolded angrily, while Rong Yun set aside tears, his man died, his son died, everything, everything, It makes Rong Yun feel so unreal;


I thought it would be successful, but when I shot it, it ended in failure.


Looking at Rong Yun’s expression of Mo Yan, Rong Lie took a deep breath and said nothing.


Seeing his sister Mo Yan, Rong Lie also felt distressed, but in that case, he really couldn’t save the burning and the second prince.


As a world-destroying existence, Rong Lie couldn’t save his own people.


He admitted that he had taken it lightly this time. He thought that after so many years of layout, coupled with his breakthrough this time, he should be able to easily win the Emperor Heaven Great Realm, but who would have thought that the final loser was A crushing defeat.


However, he will only make such a mistake once. Next time, he will never give Lu Ze any chance again, and the two ants, he will kill them with his own hands.


“Call the Fire Palace, hurry up.”


Said to the people next to him, the Fire Palace is the force created by Rong Lie, and it is also the overlord of the Mars Domain.


Hearing this, the next person did not dare to hesitate, and immediately nodded in response.


Rong Lie was really angry when the Fire Palace came over, and he did not retain the power of his subordinates at all. It seemed that he wanted to push the Emperor Heaven Great Realm horizontally with the power of destroying Gu Laxiu.


Only after sending the order, Rong Lie turned to look at Rong Yundao.


“Don’t cry. When I take down the Emperor Heaven Realm, I will hand Lu Ze over to you personally to avenge my nephew and the burning at the stake.”


Hearing this, Rong Yun raised his head and nodded with hatred in his eyes.




At that time, she will definitely scrape Lu Ze with her own hands.


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