Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4323: Challenge cleaning



The Secret Realm of Destruction, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun really don’t want to give up, after all, this is a secret realm related to Destruction Realm.


Don’t look at Xiao Chen and Lin Yun who already have the Dominant Realm cultivation base, but in fact, the two of them haven’t had any feeling of breaking through the World Destruction Realm so far, so it can be said that they have no clue.


Although the Secret Realm of Destruction cannot directly help people break through the Destruction Realm, Lu Ze also said that the most precious thing about the Secret Realm of Destruction is that it allows people to find a way to break through the Destruction Realm.


According to what Lu Ze said, everyone wants to break through the world-annihilation realm in different ways, which is directly related to their own martial arts.


The masters have come this far, and it can be said that the martial arts of each master are unique.


If you don’t have your own unique understanding, it is impossible to reach this stage of domination.


Therefore, the breakthrough method of the World Destruction Realm can also be said to be thousands of people, and there is no trace at all.


The Secret Realm of Destruction can help warriors to see the way to break through the Destruction Realm.


This is also what Xiao Chen and Lin Yun need most so far.


“Let Divine Sword, Broken Knife, Pagun come over.”


As he spoke, Xiao Chen said, since Lu Ze had already agreed to let the five of them enter the secret realm of World Destruction, and he had to deal with Rong Lie, the three elders of the sword were also necessary.


As for the others, it’s not necessary. The five masters are complete. This is already the strongest lineup in the world, and it can be regarded as showing sincerity.


In this regard, Lin Yun had no objection, nodded, and then quickly took out the cross-domain sound transmission, and began to contact the three elders of the sword.


At the same time, in the second prince’s mansion, as Rong Lie fled with Rong Yun, everyone in the second prince’s family was ashes.


Run away, Rong Lie, who has always been given high hopes by them, and even the only one to rely on, actually ran away.


This is completely different from the plan. The World Extermination Realm exists, and the cultivation base is higher than Lu Ze. If there is no Rong Lie, the second prince will not be able to win so many court officials.


But now, he actually ran away, and without Rong Lie, what happened to them is clear to everyone present.


One by one was pale, and some even fell to the ground with their feet soft.


Even the second prince’s eyes were dull at this time, looking at Mo Lao and Lao An Wang who were slowly falling from the sky.


“My lord, I……”


A gray-haired old man said pleadingly when he saw Lao Wang.


He knew Lao An Wang. When he first entered the court, Lao An Wang was still alive, and the two were considered to have a little friendship.


At this time, he hoped that King An would be able to protect himself in the palace


Only for this, Old An Wang didn’t wait for him to speak at all, shook his head and interrupted directly.


“The path is yours to choose. As for the outcome, you will naturally have to bear it.”


Other things can be said, but in this case, it is impossible for Lao An Wang to ask for mercy.


Because this is obviously something that touches the bottom line and is a rebellion.


Hearing this, the last hope in everyone’s eyes was completely dashed.


While Lao An Wang glanced at the dull second prince, there was no expression on his face, and he was very indifferent.


The prince rebelled, but if it was someone else, there might be a chance, but the second prince would definitely die.


Because he is not Lu Ze’s blood at all.


Let’s put it this way, everyone present and others may still have a little chance, but the second prince will never have the slightest chance.


Soon, the battle in the city was over, and a large number of people from the Imperial City Division rushed into the second prince’s residence.


Directly surrounded the second prince and officials of his faction, and the leader in the lead saluted Lao Wang and Mo Lao.


“See King An, Director Mo.”


“Take it all.”


Old An Wang said in a stern voice, and immediately everyone in the imperial city directly put everyone in the second prince’s line into the imperial city’s prison.


During this process, some people were silent, some wept bitterly, and some screamed injustice.


However, the Imperial City Division completely ignored it, and instead of being sent directly to the prison of the Ministry of Punishment, he was directly imprisoned in the Imperial City Division Prison.


It is already obvious to tell everyone that the emperor is not going to go through the normal process of this matter, and will not pass the Ministry of Punishment.


It is handled directly by the Imperial City Division.


And once you enter the Imperial City Division Prison, it will be very difficult to get out again.


“Your Highness, their family……”


After dealing with this group of people, the commander asked Lao Wang carefully.


What should the families of these people do? Lao An Wang said without hesitation.


“All of them will be captured in the Imperial City Division’s prison, waiting for His Majesty’s will.”




The family couldn’t let it go. Soon, the imperial capital, which had just ended a chaotic war, instantly set off a frenzy of arrests.


The Imperial City Division madly rushed into all parts of the imperial capital and began to arrest criminals.


And these people, without exception, are the official family members of the second prince’s lineage. Some of them didn’t even know what happened, and were immediately arrested by the Imperial City Division.


During the period, there was no explanation at all. The Imperial City Division did not need to explain too much when arresting people. In a word, His Majesty had an Originally, the Imperial City Division belonged only to His Majesty, and it was also these years. Lu Ze gradually gave all his strength to Lu Huangji, only to be controlled by Lu Huangji.


However, it goes without saying that His Majesty’s love for the eldest princess, so the Imperial City Division is actually still directly under His Majesty, or directly under the royal family.


Countless people were taken away in the street, and at the same time, in the palace, in the warm pavilion, Lu Ze, the prime minister, and the master, the three sat together.


After resolving the matter in the imperial capital, the two did not dare to delay in the slightest, and the first world went straight to the palace to meet Lu Ze.


“See Your Majesty.”


“No gift, seat.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty.”


After the two were seated, Lu Ze sat on the high seat and asked tiredly.


“How is it, everything in the imperial capital has been settled?”


Have just experienced a war, and although he has taken some small advantages, Lu Ze is still tired.


But now is not the time to rest, the aftermath needs to be dealt with.


Hearing this, the Prime Minister replied.


“Basically everything has been stabilized. We have also captured all the generals of the Five Cities Guards, the second prince’s mansion has also been controlled, and the Imperial City Division has begun to control the imperial capital to hunt down the rest.”


I told Lu Ze about the general process of the matter. Generally speaking, it was planned. There were no major mistakes, and the situation was basically stable.


“Good job.”


Hearing this, Lu Ze praised, but the prime minister was a little embarrassed at this time, he hesitated for a long time before he said it.


“Your Majesty, how should His Royal Highness the second…the second prince and his henchmen deal with it? It is about the prince, and the old minister dare not make an assertion. Please express your majesty.”


The second prince is indeed a capital crime, but he is a prince after all, and the prime minister would not dare to order the execution of a prince.


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