Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4231: Family enemies



The appearance of the best holy soldiers has caused many people present to fall into a frantic competition.


After all, for ordinary warriors, a top-quality holy soldier is definitely something that can be met but not sought after.


Under the same realm, if a strong man in the Holy Spirit realm has a top-quality holy soldier in hand, his combat power will increase by at least 50%.


But compared to other people, Xiao Chen and the others have no interest in these.


Xiao Chen, Huan Xin, and Jue Ying didn’t like the three of them at all. Xiao Chen didn’t say that they were the embryo of the Heavenly Dao Sword. Today’s Wuchen Sword has long since reached the level of a top-quality magic weapon, and it is still in harmony with Connected to their own destiny.


It can be said that it is the most suitable artifact for Xiao Chen in this world, and naturally there is no need to covet others.


The same is true for Magic Heart and Jueying, each of which has their own magic weapon, and it is impossible to see this little holy soldier again.


As for Xuanyuan Ling and Long Qing, although they didn’t have divine weapons in their hands, they still had them, and naturally they weren’t too interested.


Finally, brother and sister Gongsun Fei and Gongsun Lan looked hot and wanted.


It’s just that this time they came for the ginseng fruit, and they didn’t dare to buy other treasures.


Otherwise, if they can’t get the ginseng fruit that day, it will be a disaster for their Gongsun family.


The first auction treasure was sold at a high price, and the competition was fierce, and it was finally purchased by the head of one of the forces.


The next auction items appear, without a doubt, extremely precious.


Such a level of strength as a firm, if there is no good auction items, it is impossible for them to hold an auction.


After all, if the entire auction is full of rubbish, wouldn’t it mean to slap their business in the face.


So, even though it was the Northland Auction, the firm had come up with a lot of good stuff, of course, it still couldn’t compare to the auction held by the headquarters.


Time passed by, but the enthusiasm of everyone present did not diminish in the slightest. Only Xiao Chen and his party were a little bored, and they never made a move from beginning to end.


These things are really unattractive, and many thousands of great worlds have them, and even if they don’t, you can find alternatives.


Even if you buy it back and brand them for Xiao Yao Xiao, it’s meaningless.


After a long wait, finally, the ginseng fruit that Gongsun Fei and Gongsun Lan have been longing for has finally appeared.


On the auction stage, next to the host, there was a spiritual fruit held up by the spiritual energy, perfectly presented in front of everyone.


Seeing this spiritual fruit, many people present were stunned. This time Zhang Si


“Heavenly ginseng fruit……”


“There is actually a ginseng fruit, I thought it was a joke when I heard it before.”


“This thing is willing to be auctioned by the northern branch, the firm is really generous.”


Heavenly ginseng fruit is definitely a top-level genius and treasure, even if it is placed in the Great World of Hehe Prison. As for the Great World of Thousands, there is no such thing at all.


The laws of the world do not allow the birth of such an awesome treasure.


It is said that as long as there is one breath, all the injured treasures can be recovered, which can be said to be an extra life.


And, most importantly, this ginseng fruit is useful even for those in the Dominion Realm.


Many genius treasures also have extremely anti-sky healing effects, but their preciousness cannot be compared with the ginseng fruit.


Why, because the upper limit of these spiritual fruits is too low.


Even if there is a healing ability that defies the sky, once it is in the hands of the Dominion Realm or the Holy Spirit Realm, it has no effect, so what’s the point?


But the ginseng fruit is different. It can heal the injuries of the masters at the level of dominance, and it is completely healed.


With the appearance of Tianshenguo, some noise broke out below, but the host on the auction platform did not stop it, but said with a smile.


“I don’t need to introduce the efficacy of the ginseng fruit? Now you can bid for the auction. The starting price of 10,000,000 top-quality spirit stones, and each increase shall not be less than 100,000″ top-quality spirit stones.”


The starting price is not expensive, even very cheap, but at an auction, the so-called starting price doesn’t matter at all, because you can’t buy it at the starting price.


As expected, as the host’s voice just fell, many people made quotations.


“Twenty million.”


“Thirty million.”


“Fifty million.”


“One hundred million.”


The price soon rose to 100 million top-quality spirit stones. Upon seeing this, Gongsun Fei and Gongsun Lan, who were in the same box as Xiao Chen and his party, were also serious, and Gongsun Lan kept urging her brother to bid. Strong sacrifice reading sacrifice


In this regard, Gongsun Fei is a lot more stable. He knows that the price he said earlier was just a foil, and it was only after the price exceeded 100 million that Gongsun Fei shouted.


“One hundred and ten million.”


Added 10 million directly all of a sudden, at this price, there are obviously many fewer people who continue to bid.


Although the value of ginseng fruit is believed to be around 150 million, it has not yet reached this level.


But to be honest, how many of the people who were bidding just now really want to buy it?


In other words, there are a few who can afford this ginseng fruit. You must know that this is over 100 million, and it is a top-quality spirit stone.


There are fewer people competing, but the people who are also in the same box as Xiao Chen and the others are looking at the box where Xiao Chen is The leader is a hazy old man, A middle-aged man beside him laughed.


“Old Ancestor, the people from the Gongsun family are indeed here. You are really clever.”


“The old ghost Gongsun fought in the South and the North when he was young, and he suffered a lot of dark wounds. Last time, because of the battle with me, he was poisoned by the black snake flower, and the dark disease broke out in an all-round way. Only the ginseng fruit can save him. .”


“Looking at Chaos, in addition to this prison world, where else can his Gongsun family go to find this ginseng fruit.”


In this regard, the haze old man said indifferently, he has always hidden his aura, so no one at the scene discovered his existence.


Including Xiao Chen and the three of them, because this haze old man is also an existence in the **** realm.


But he didn’t do anything. Under such circumstances, it was naturally difficult for the three of Xiao Chen to find out.


And this old man and his group, like the Gongsun Fei brothers and sisters, are all from Wangxing Great Realm.


Belonging to the Bai family, like the Gongsun family, they are all big clans in the Wangxing Great Realm, and there are dominance realms in the clan.


It’s just that the Gongsun family is an established family, but the Bai family is new, and the process is not observed.


He is an affiliated family of the Gongsun family. He has done a lot for the Gongsun family and is deeply trusted by the Gongsun family.


But who would have thought that, in addition to one amazing person in the Bai family, that is, the haze old man in front of him.


He is about the same age as the ancestor of the Gongsun family. They have known each other since they were born, and both of them have shown excellent talents since childhood. Even if they are placed in the entire world, they are considered to be the top group of people. .


So naturally, the relationship between the two has been very good since childhood, but it is a pity that the Bai family betrayed later.


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