Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4230: Dragon Balls



Xiao Chen asked sullenly after hearing Lao Lao’s introduction to the Chaos Treasure Realm.


“I wonder what the firm wants us to do?”


Although this was the first time I heard about this Chaos Treasure Realm, Xiao Chen still heard danger from Old Yan’s words.


After all, think about it, the threshold is the place where Holy Spirit Realm warriors are eligible to enter the competition, and the risk factor is naturally impossible.


Seeing Xiao Chen asked this question, Yan Lao didn’t give a **** and said bluntly.


“The daoist is straightforward, so the old man will say so.”


“My firm can satisfy the needs of fellow Daoists, but in the same way, my firm needs fellow Daoists to go to a place called the Black Dragon Treasure Realm and **** the Dragon Balls in exchange in exchange.”


Old Yan didn’t go around the corner and directly stated the requirements of the firm.


I then introduced the Black Dragon Treasure Realm to Xiao Chen and the three of them in detail.


This Black Dragon Treasure Realm is a treasure realm not far from He Prison Great Realm. It has just been born, so it has attracted the attention of many world powerhouses, and He Prison Great Realm is no exception.


And the business firm learned through previous investigations that in this Black Dragon Treasure Realm, there is an extremely precious Dragon Ball, which is extremely precious, and its value can be said to be no less than the treasure that Xiao Chen and the others need to restore the origin of the world.


So, if Xiao Chen and the three of them can grab this dragon ball and bring it back to the prison world safely, then the business can completely exchange things for things and meet Xiao Chen and their conditions at one time.


It’s just…………


“I don’t lie to my fellow Daoists. This Black Dragon Secret Realm is extremely dangerous, not only because it is dangerous, but also because the powerhouses of all the worlds are staring here at this time.”


“At that time, the opponents that fellow Daoists will need to face, it is estimated that there will be no less than ten masters in the dominance realm.”


“Therefore, even if the three are of extraordinary strength, this trip is very dangerous, and there is even a life-threatening situation. The specifics will be decided by the three of them with confidence.”


Old Yan didn’t hide anything, and told all the dangers in it. As for how to choose, it all depends on Xiao Chen and the three of them.


If Xiao Chen and the other three chose to give up, then Yan Lao wouldn’t say much. Of course, the deal would be voided.


As for Xiao Chen and the three of them choosing to go, the firm only sees the results. If the three of them can successfully grab the Dragon Ball and bring them back to the Prison Realm, then the firm will trade with them.


But if Xiao Chen and the three encounter any danger on the way, it has nothing to do with the business whether they live or die.


It was very clear and understandable, Xiao Chen nodded after hearing this.


Xiao Chen is not disgusted by what Yan Lao said, at least he has nothing to hide, and the choice is in the hands of the three of them.


It’s just that Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate too much, and Awakening, Jue Ying looked at each other, and after seeing that the two had no objection, he nodded in response.


“Okay, we agreed.”


“But it will be after the auction.”


I also need to **** Gongsun Fei and Gongsun Lan back. After all, the Gongsun family also has a good thing, and I won’t take it for nothing.


In this regard, Yan Lao simply nodded.


“It doesn’t matter, anyway, the Black Dragon Secret Realm has not been opened yet. Even if it is forcibly broken, it is estimated that it will take at least a month, and the time is completely in time.”


“So it’s decided.”


The matter was settled, and the three of Yan Lao did not stay for a long time and left soon.


Just tell Xiao Chen that when the matter is successful, you can come to the firm and make a transaction at that time.


Sending off the three old Yan Lao, He Mingxin said with some worry.


“I also know about this black dragon secret realm from the Overlord Sect. It is indeed very dangerous. Have you really decided?”


Bawangmen actually has the intention to compete for the secret realm of the black dragon, but it is not a full-fledged competition.


It’s nothing more than a look at luck. It’s best to have a harvest, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t.


So Bawangmen only sent a Dominion-level Taishang elder there.


As for the business, it seems to be very important to this Black Dragon Secret Realm, or it should be said that it is very important to the Dragon Ball.


He Mingxin can also guess the reason.


It is said that one of the elders in the business is a dragon, and this dragon ball is of great use to him.


Just for the sake of an elder, the firm naturally cannot take much risk. After all, even the Dominion Realm may fall.


So it makes sense to let Xiao Chen and the three go there in exchange for it.


After all, the treasure that restores the origin of the world is precious, and it is not precious.


It’s hard to use it on weekdays, so it’s not a loss to exchange it for Super Dragon Balls.


Tell Xiao Chen and the three of them truthfully what they know. When Xiao Chen heard this, Xiao Chen nodded and smiled.


“It’s nothing, everyone tells the truth, and no one forces you to go or not.”


“That being said, this trip is still very dangerous.”


“There is a danger, but let’s look at it. If it is impossible, then you can only give up.”


Naturally, it is impossible for Xiao Chen to go all out because of this. When it is really impossible, he decisively chooses to give up.


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Seeing this, He Mingxin stopped talking and nodded. After all, this was the decision of Xiao Chen and the three of them.


Then it’s time to wait for the auction to begin.


Two days later, the Northland Auction came as Xiao Chen and his party were led by a manager of the firm to the VIP room.


A separate box can clearly see the entire auction house.


I have to say that this firm has a profound background. It’s just a branch in the North, and it’s so grand.


The entire auction house has a total of ninety-nine floors. At first glance, it is full of people’s voices.


The whole small world has been transformed into an auction house, which shows how big this work is.


It was very lively, but Xiao Chen, Huan Xin, and Jue Ying seemed to lack interest in this regard. He Mingxin had already said that an auction held by a branch like the North Realm was very important to them, the master realm powerhouses. , it’s not very attractive.


Because of this level of auction, to be honest, I can’t come up with anything that makes the Dominion realm look good.


Only the auction held by the firm’s headquarters will attract many masters from the realm.


It’s just an auction at the firm’s headquarters, not a fixed one. No one knows when the firm will hold one.


After all, since it is an auction held by the headquarters, it is natural to have good things, otherwise, it will not smash its own signboard.


So it depends on how many good things the business has collected, and if there are enough good things on hand, the business headquarters will consider holding an auction.


That’s why He Mingxin didn’t come to the Northland auction.


The three of Xiao Chen closed their eyes and sat in the box. There were more and more people in the auction hall. In the end, with the host on the stage, the auction finally came as scheduled.


And the first time it came up, it was a heavy treasure, a top-quality holy soldier. For a time, the entire auction hall was full of people, and everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized. It seems that this time the firm has indeed prepared a lot of good things.


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