Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4154: Discussion



As I wish, I saw Xiao Chen’s strength. Although Lin Yun didn’t make a move, judging from the fact that the two of them were almost the same in combat power, one could see the whole leopard.


Anyway, in the eyes of the star masters, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are obviously beyond the star master level.


Although everyone has the name of Star Lord, their strength is completely different.


I have also seen some powerhouses in the extreme world take action, and there are even star masters who have challenged the powerhouses in the extreme world.


But even those powerhouses in the extreme world are far behind Xiao Chen and Lin Yun.


This power is more terrifying than they imagined.


Xiao Yao, Xiao Luo, Lin Feng, Lin Xue, Xiao Xiao and other boys are naturally extremely proud of their father’s strength.


As a farewell to everyone on behalf of his father, Xiao Roo’s tail is about to be lifted into the sky.


And in this regard, the star masters didn’t say much, whoever made the father is the strongest.


After leaving, the star masters walked together in twos and threes, and the topics they talked about along the way were all about Xiao Chen and Lin Yun.


“These two are really not to be underestimated.”


“This is no longer a question of underestimation, it’s not on the same level.”


“That’s right, I was thinking about waiting for the opportunity in the future, I must have a discussion with these two people, but now, I have no such idea at all.”


“Who said no, there’s no need to fight at all, it’s just looking for abuse.”


There are many star masters, and even the idea of ​​challenging Xiao Chen and Lin Yun is gone. Just kidding, is it necessary to fight a battle that is impossible to win?


I don’t know what the star masters are thinking, anyway, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are finally close.


Back in the backyard, Lu Bingning asked when he saw the two coming back.


“All solved?”


“Well, it is estimated that no one will come to challenge in the future.”


He replied with a smile, after today’s battle, I’m afraid no one will challenge Xiao Chen and the two in the future.


No one bothered again, Xiao Chen and his wife spent a day in peace with their children.


Early the next morning, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun went out early because they had made an appointment to discuss matters with Elder Shenjian and the others.


Leave from Wanxing City and head to the Elder Hall.


Although the distance is not too close, with the speed of Xiao Chen and Lin Yun, they can still reach them in an instant.


Chen Youyou did not follow Xiao Chen, but stayed at home.


After getting in touch yesterday, the little girl got a lot closer to Qin Shuirou and her daughters.


When Xiao Chen and Lin Yun arrived at the Elder Hall, Elder Divine Sword, Elder Ba Gun, Elder Broken Blade and others had already arrived.


Although there were still two or three elders who did not arrive, everyone still greeted Xiao Chen and Lin Yun sat down.


In the Elder Hall, there are only sixteen chairs in total, forming a circle, and Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are now sitting on the elders.


There are just two vacancies.


The meaning of this is self-evident.


As expected, when all the elders expired, Elder Divine Sword was the first to speak.


“Xiao Chen, Lin Yun, honestly, what is the strength of the two of you now?”


As for Xiao Chen and Lin Yun’s strength, all the elders have guessed, but they still have to confirm it personally.


The polar world has always had sixteen elders, and now there are two missing, and no one has ever been chosen.


Actually, in the hearts of the elders, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are the most suitable.


It’s just that I wasn’t sure if the two of them could successfully cross the dead end, and I didn’t know.


But now, with Xiao Chen and the two returning from the dead end, the position of this elder can be said to be a certainty.


Let the two come to discuss this matter today.


Following the questioning of the Divine Sword elders, all the elders looked at Xiao Chen, Lin Yun and the two. Under the gazes of everyone, Xiao Chen spoke calmly.


“It should have reached the level of an elder.”


It has always been rumored that as long as you can pass the dead end, your strength will definitely reach the level of an elder, but now Xiao Chen has confirmed it in person, and the Shenjian elder nodded and said to the other elders.


“Do you have any other objections?”


Hearing this, all the elders shook their heads one after another, expressing that there was no objection. Seeing this, the elder Divine Sword said.


“In this case, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun will fill up the position of the last elders, but whether they can get the approval of the elder order depends on your own abilities.”


Like Jueying, although the elders have no problem, in the end, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun still have to obtain the elder order representing their identity.


There is nothing the elders can do about this, but considering the strengths of Xiao Chen and Lin Yun, it shouldn’t be a problem.


As long as they obtain the Elder Order, then Xiao Chen and Lin Yun can become the Elders of the Extreme Realm.


The two elders who have been vacant for many years will also be filled, and the sixteen elders of the extreme world will gather again.


Xiao Chen and Lin Yun were not too surprised by the words of Elder Shenjian and the others.


Actually, the two of them had expected this yesterday, and Xiao Chen and Lin Yun did not contradict each other when they became the elders of the extreme world.


And now no one knows when the Outer Gods will make a comeback, so before that, it is naturally crucial to fill the position of the sixteen elders of the extreme world.


The matter seemed to be settled like this, but at this moment, Jue Ying, who had never spoken, suddenly spoke up.


“Wait a minute.”


As Jue Ying opened her mouth, everyone’s eyes turned to her. Jue Ying didn’t care about it, her beautiful eyes just stared at Xiao Yun.


“Sword Comes”


There is a flash of high fighting intent in his eyes.


“Before that, it’s better for us to learn from each other, just to see your strength with our own eyes.”


Jueying took the initiative to ask to learn from each other. After hearing this, Elder Shenjian shook his head helplessly. He really didn’t change at all.


Even if he became an elder, Jue Ying still only became stronger in his eyes, and he never cared about other things.


Even after being an elder for so long, Jue Ying hardly cares about anything, just cultivating every day, or looking for someone to learn from, she is a total martial idiot.


Seeing Xiao Chen and Lin Yun now, she naturally couldn’t help itching.


After all, all the elders present have been challenged by him, only Xiao Chen and Lin Yun have not fought.


The fighting intent in his eyes was not concealed at all. If it weren’t for the inappropriateness of yesterday, Jueying would have proposed to discuss Qingqiu long ago.


Hearing this, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun looked at each other. Lin Yun wanted to say something, but Xiao Chen took the lead.


“Brother Lin Yun, I took the shot yesterday. Since Elder Jueying wants to learn from each other today, I think it’s better for you to come.”


Being one step ahead of Xiao Chen, Lin Yun’s face suddenly became ugly, and he didn’t want to shoot.


Lin Yun was completely uninterested in such a meaningless battle.


He and Xiao Chen have the same personalities. He is not too keen on sparring, nor is he a cultivator or a fighter like Jueying.


Even in the face of this kind of discussion, both of them felt a little bored, but now, Xiao Chen has said so, it seems that it is impossible not to take action.


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