Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4153: Beyond Star Lord



The top ten star masters on the star master list chose to take action one after another. Facing the siege of ten people, Xiao Chen still had a sullen expression on his face.


Judging from the breath of these ten people, they are indeed the best among the many star masters.


This star master list is indeed not random. Compared with the general star masters, the strength of these ten people is obviously a lot stronger.


But this is still not enough, or Xiao Chen has already surpassed the category of star master.


It is unfair to compare Xiao Chen with Star Lord.


Seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t change color at all, one of the star masters took the lead, only to see him attacking Xiao Chen, stepping out of his figure and appearing in front of Xiao Chen instantly.


The source of terror explodes wildly.


The same training time, but these ten people obviously have to make more progress than ordinary star masters.


In the face of this star master’s attack, Xiao Chen just turned sideways and easily dodged.


As if he had anticipated the star master’s actions in advance.


In the eyes of others, this star master’s speed is not slow, but in Xiao Chen’s eyes, his speed is already extremely slow.


Seeing that Xiao Chen’s attack was so easily evaded by Xiao Chen, the star master also showed an incredible look in his eyes. He didn’t hold back at all, but Xiao Chen resolved it so easily.


This is not over yet. After dodging the star master’s attack, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and he didn’t see how he moved at all. Only the next second, Xiao Chen had appeared beside the star master. .


Then I slapped it out with a light palm, and I couldn’t see the earth-shattering power of this palm at all.


Naturally, Xiao Chen couldn’t do too much. After all, this was his residence. If it was destroyed because of the battle, then there would be no place to live.


And this place was arranged by Qin Shuirou and his daughters, and Xiao Chen liked it very much.


So I deliberately suppressed my own power, but this is the case. The next second, an unexpected scene appeared.


I saw that after Xiao Chen’s palm lightly placed on the star master, the star master only felt as if he was hit by a meteor, and his body flew out.


A mouthful of blood poured out of his mouth, and he instantly lost his fighting power.


It all happened in an instant.


From this star taking the initiative to when he was slapped flying by Xiao Chen, everything happened so fast that no one else could react.


And after solving this Star Lord, Xiao Chen didn’t give other people a chance, he continued to dodge and appeared next to another Star Lord.


It was as if he appeared in front of him out of thin air. Facing the sudden appearance of Xiao Chen, the star master had no time to react.


Xiao Chen’s palm has been imprinted on his abdomen, and the source of energy exploded. Like the star master just now, this person was also shot and flew out in an instant.


The battle has only just begun, and two people have already lost their ability to fight.


Everyone present was stunned to see the scene in front of them. The strength displayed by Xiao Chen made them, the star masters, stunned.


It’s simply too strong and outrageous, completely beyond the scope of the star master.


However, the remaining eight star masters did not give up. After they recovered, they immediately shot together and attacked Xiao Chen.


The only thing that still holds the upper hand is the number of people.


However, in the face of absolute strength, the number of people doesn’t really mean much. At least the siege of ten star masters will not put any pressure on Xiao Chen at all.


Perhaps Xiao Chen would be a little more serious if it was replaced by the siege of ten extreme star martial powers, but ten star masters are really not enough.


I saw that Xiao Chen was still at ease under the siege of the remaining eight star masters.


The combined attack of the eight star masters was blocked by Xiao Chen.


A sword wall appeared in front of him, easily blocking the attack of the eight star masters.


“How is that possible.”


It didn’t play a role at all. These eight star masters are also incredible, and I didn’t expect such a result at all.


But just as they were stunned, Xiao Chen had already moved.


The figure quickly wandered among the crowd. Of the eight star masters, almost no one could take Xiao Chen’s move.


They were easily defeated by Xiao Chen one by one. Even the first-ranked star master, Xiao Chen slapped him directly.


The imaginary fierce battle did not break out, it was a one-sided crushing.


The star masters on the top ten star master list, in Xiao Chen’s hands, almost none of them can survive a single move.


The battle came quickly and ended faster. After a while, Xiao Chen was the only one left in the field. As for the ten star masters, they had already lost their fighting ability at this time.


It’s not too serious injury, but this is the result of Xiao Chen’s retention, otherwise it would not be like this at all.


I also understand this, so the ten people looked at Xiao Chen with a sense of gratitude in addition to shock.


Only after this battle, they have experienced Xiao Chen’s strength firsthand.


It is no exaggeration to say that Xiao Chen’s strength has surpassed the level of the star master. Even in the eyes of many people, I am afraid that it is an ordinary extreme powerhouse, and it will not be Xiao Chen’s opponent.


“Extreme Spirit Chaos”


Rubbing his still aching chest, the star master who ranked first on the star master list got up from the ground and said to Xiao Chen in the face of a somewhat complicated look.


“It seems that it is correct that Star Master Xiao Chen is not included in the Star Master If you are still among the Star Masters, you would be a bit bullying.”


There is nothing unwilling, after all, the strength gap between the two sides is too great.


Such a big gap in strength makes it difficult for people to feel jealous at all, only looking up.


The loss was convinced, Xiao Chen smiled slightly.


“Actually, I just got in touch with the source earlier, so I took some advantage.”


There is no arrogance for defeating ten star masters, and there is nothing to be happy about, it is normal.


After speaking, Xiao Chen bowed his hands to those present.


“I was supposed to hold a banquet to entertain you, but Xiao Mou just came back and wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. Today’s reception was not good. I hope you will forgive me.”


We beat him, he said everything he had to say, and everyone saw what he wanted to see. Xiao Chen’s words were obviously an expulsion order.


With this time in his tone, Xiao Chen still prefers to accompany his wife, children, and family.


Hearing this, many of the star masters present came back to their senses one after another, and then they left with sensible farewells.


Actually, they also know that today is a bit abrupt. After all, there are people who come to challenge the house as soon as they come back. This is a bit inappropriate.


In addition to what Xiao Chen said again, everyone was naturally embarrassed to continue to stay.


“Yao Er, I will send you all for my father.”


Let Xiao Yao and Xiao Roo say goodbye to everyone. Hearing this, Xiao Yao nodded in response. As for Xiao Roo, his face was full of excitement. He was obviously still thinking about the scene of Xiao Chen fighting against ten.


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