Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 402:



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Hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room was speechless for a while.


Just now he was killed by an arrow, his biggest trump card, but now he turned his head and wanted to join forces with the other party. If Jianghai Academy really did this, what’s the shame? !


However, many people responded.


At this level, one’s face is a piece of shit, as long as there are real interests, as long as you can get one more chance, let alone a new student eliminated by the opponent’s sneak attack, no matter how big the feud is, the two sides can still Join forces anytime.


Of course, you can also turn your face at any time.


However, at the same time as Song Zhong’s voice fell, two beams of light suddenly descended from the sky, one after the other, each covering Li Jingning and Qin Shizhen.


Then a giant cage formed by the condensed power of the rules fell, sucking the life of the two into it.


“Fight to the death!”


Seeing this, Song Zhong’s eyelids jumped, and the audience blurted out for the first time: “There is still a master who is proficient in the rules of fate among the freshmen?”


No wonder he was so shocked. The rule of fate is an extremely rare rule force. It is very rare for Li Jingning to appear among the thirty freshmen. Who would have thought that there is still a second one hidden?


The key is that, as the commentator and host of the show, he has already obtained authoritative information on a group of new students in advance.


But in that piece of information, there is no information about the second master of the rules of destiny. If there is, it is impossible for him not to notice.


“This is also the rule of fate?”


The audience in the live broadcast room were also surprised. Even if they didn’t have that vision, they had heard about these legendary top-level rules.


Song Zhong pondered for a moment and confirmed: “It’s not wrong, it’s the rules of fate, but he and Li Jingning are good at different directions. Li Jingning is a common destiny, and he is a prison of fate!”


“Once the cage of fate is formed, only one person from both sides of the cage is destined to come out alive!”


“This time, Jianghai College must fight to the end with Dazhou College!”


Both Li Jingning and Qin Shizhen are the core that both colleges cannot afford to lose. Without them, either side will immediately lose their competitiveness, and there will be no chance to survive.


At this time, in addition to aiming at the two sides who were forced into the corner, the live camera finally locked on Ye Jia after looking around in the audience.


That’s right, this strong man who has been shown as a melee warrior from the very beginning is the second person with the ability to rule of fate besides Li Jingning!


When the confirmation was received from Song Zhong, the entire live broadcast room fell into a dead silence.


Ye Jia’s image of a reckless man with five big and three rough, no matter how you look at it, it has nothing to do with the rules of fate!


If it wasn’t for the real cage of fate, and the power connection between him and the cage was so clear, who would have thought of him?


“I heard a rumor before that a mysterious buyer bought out all the new information on the market early.”


Song Zhong smiled wryly and shook his head: “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I can’t figure out what’s the benefit of him doing this kind of thing at a high price. After all, it’s impossible to really block the intelligence sources of the other three academies because of this.”


“Now the mystery has finally been revealed. It turns out that all this is just a distraction. What he wants to hide is not all the new information at all, and it is Ye Jia’s fateful cage.”


“Ye Jia is very deceptive in his own right, and coupled with such an eye-catching generosity, it is extremely unlikely that the other three colleges will be able to dig out his details in a short period of time.”


“It seems that we all underestimate Ganges College.”


Everyone in the live broadcast room was still in shock, and no one spoke for a long time.


In the laboratory, Lin Yi glanced at the proud Harlem, and said faintly, “You guys have figured out the trick.”


Xia Wubing couldn’t help but take a deep look at Harlem.


Although half of her face, including her eyes, is under the sea, no one can see her expression at the moment, but she must be shocked.


Harlem laughed complacently: “The essence of the blindfold method is to use more conspicuous things to cover up the existence of the real target. Now we know why we chose Ren Yuxing, why let him come up and open the door to kill, and even Are you going to shoot arrows until now?”


Everyone thought that Ganges College chose Ren Yuxing to focus on his ultra-long-range sniping, and the second-hand choice of Ye Jia was just to supplement the weakness of melee strength.


Who would have thought that Ren Yuxing was just a pretense to win attention from beginning to end, and Ye Jia was their real trump card!


If it wasn’t for deliberately hiding the information, with Ye Jia’s melee strength and the rules of fate, it would be enough to compete with Qin Shizhen and Gui Zero, and to some extent even overwhelm the two.


According to the normal draw, it is impossible for Ganges College to choose in any case.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing in the Lin Yi added to him: “The Ganges College’s always arrogant and wonderful image has become your excellent cover, huh, as expected, none of them are. Fuel efficient lamps.”


“Yes, this is all my plan.”


Harlem sneered: “You all think you are shrewd, but unfortunately when you meet my Ganges College, no matter how much you calculate, you can only make yourself smart. When you meet us, you can only blame your own bad luck.”


Now that the fate of the cage has taken shape, it is a foregone conclusion that both Dazhou College and Jianghai College will suffer. He is not afraid of Lin Yi and Xia Wubing joining forces.


Because he is very clear, as long as his core has not been eliminated, as long as there is still a chance, any academy present will never withdraw willingly.


Even if he knew that he would fall into the trap he laid out, he would have to go all the way to the dark.


Four academies, none of them have a way out.


That’s why he is so fearless.


Lin Yi looked at him: “I have no trump cards now, and the chances of winning are not high. You are not afraid that I will simply admit defeat? With the pattern and bearing of Dazhou College, I am sure it will not treat me badly.”


“Even if you hide a trump card like Ye Jia, but in the face of a prosperous Qin Shizhen, how much chance do you have to win? You must have no confidence in yourself, right?”


Harlin couldn’t help but change his face, and then sneered: “Do you believe this? I checked the information of your Jianghai College, and now I am being targeted by the Temple of the Beast, the situation seems to be very bad, the competition to join the alliance You can give up when you say you give up?”


“Hehe, I don’t mind, you give up, anyway, no one can stop you if you want to die!”


Lin Yi smiled and turned to look at Xia Wubing: “How do you feel about Teacher Xia?”


Xia Wubing Dandan replied: “Do you think I will take this kind of temptation without sincerity?”


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