Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4622: The final disaster!


The news about Yin Chen made Li Tianming unable to sit still.

He glanced at Li Wudi who was still practicing, did not disturb him for the time being, and turned to leave.

Back on the Emperor Star, Li Tianming came to where Li Qingyu was.

This is a mountain top next to Tianming Emperor City. On the top of the mountain, a strange whirlpool appeared.

That whirlpool is obviously the door to another world!

Li Qingyu was anxious beside him.

Shuo Yue stood beside her, her snow-white wings surrounding her like the gentle moonlight.

“What’s going on?”

Li Tianming came over and asked.

“I just discovered it too.”

Li Qingyu shook her head and looked at the whirlpool worriedly: “This is not because your daughter was picked up. I just wanted to go out and relax, but I felt something nearby…Brother, you said you would Could it be Xiaofeng who deliberately created an entrance to another world next to me?”

Li Tianming frowned: “If that’s the case, why didn’t Xiaofeng come out?”

He felt that there might have been some accident.

There was a hint of seriousness in Li Tianming’s eyes: “I have never understood much about this alien world…”

Mainly because he met Di Yi when he entered the alien world for the first time, and was rescued by Li Muyang and Wei Jing. Since then, Li Tianming has been following his parents’ instructions, and there is no need to enter the alien world. Cross boundaries.

“The Huantian Realm of the Huantian God Clan was built in a different world.”

“But now they are all destroyed by the Huantian Elves…”

“My understanding of the alien world is not even as good as the Phantom Sky Elf.”

Li Tianming thought helplessly.

Now, the entrance to the alien world appears outside Tianming Emperor City, making many people around not dare to approach.

He and Li Qingyu were here, and Xiaofeng didn’t come out.

After waiting nervously for a moment, Li Tianming couldn’t help it anymore.

He began to communicate with Huang Qi and Demon Si. As eternal beings, these two must have a say in the alien world.

Li Tianming communicated with their souls: “If the entire universe is the corpse of the Chaos God Emperor, the Eternal Sea is the brain, and the Upper Star Ruins is the heart, then what part of the God Emperor is the alien world?”

Huang Qi quickly replied: “It’s the soul!”

Perhaps because of her ‘betrayal’ of Li Tianming, the remaining spirit of the Bee-headed Queen is now particularly concerned about Li Tianming.

Basically the answer is as soon as the question is asked.

The fourth demon was not so nervous. After answering, he added: “The eternal sea is order, and it is the progressive ladder of orderly human cultivation. And the once urgent space is the soul, and the soul has the deepest memory. , this kind of memory is also part of the inheritance of cultivation.”

Li Tianming understood.

At this moment, he asked something else.

“What is the ancestral world? Why does the power in it feel different from the power of the star source?”

This is what he has always been curious about.

Huang Qi replied: “It is the skin of the God Emperor. The skin of his corpse, connected with Avalokitesvara, is the interface between the universe and Avalokitesvara.”


Li Tianming nodded secretly, no wonder the door to the ancient evil demon’s lair was in the ancestral realm.

In his dream, he walked out of the electric door and left the God Emperor’s cosmic body.

Mosi continued to add that the reason why the power of the ancestral world is different from the star source is because it is penetrated by the power of Avalokitesvara.

Then there is another very critical question.

“What about the disordered world? Which part of his body is it in the disordered world? Don’t tell me it’s a shadow?”

Li Tianming asked jokingly.

The shadow is not an entity, not a part of the human body, so he is just joking.

After hearing this question, the Seven Emperors and the Four Demons did not answer as neatly as before.

Huang Qi hesitated: “I only know roughly that it is the part of Chaos’ body that is ‘into the coffin’.”

Li Tianming was curious: “Into the coffin? What kind of coffin was it in?”

Huang Qi said nervously: “I don’t know about this… I really don’t know. We are all directly projected in the God Emperor’s universe. In fact, we have never gone out. If we can go out, maybe we can see it with our own eyes. I saw it.”

Since Huang Qi and Mo Si were separated, they are now a little cautious in answering Li Tianming’s questions.

Don’t dare to talk nonsense.

They were afraid that Li Tianming would find out that they were lying.

So Li Tianming didn’t hesitate.

The focus now is the door to another world in front of us.

“This gate to another world appears directly near you, it must have something to do with Xiaofeng.”

Li Tianming thought deeply and said, “I just don’t know what’s going on?”

At this time, Mo Si reminded: “Emperor, I’m afraid this is Di Yi’s invitation to fight. He wants you to go to his territory and fight him decisively! You have to be careful.”

Li Tianming nodded.

Invite to fight?

“Since nothing comes out of this entrance, I must go in.”

Li Tianming said solemnly: “Now that Xiaofeng has not come out, it means that Diyi has an advantage.”

He once kept his parents’ reminders in mind and never went deep into another world.

But this time, he had to go.

Of course, the most important thing is that now he is no longer the small character he used to be, but has grown into the ultimate being in the universe!

He was crushed by Di Yi before.

But now, he has killed several eternal creatures one after another!

Huang Qi did not dare to neglect now, and reminded: “Emperor, you have to be careful. After all, it is the opposite territory, there may be some traps.”

Li Tianming frowned and said: “Isn’t the combat power of Emperor Yi not as good as Tai Er? Then there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Now Ye Lingfeng’s whereabouts are right in front of him, even if there is danger, he must go!

Mo Si solemnly reminded: “This is indeed the case, but there is a reason why Di Yi is Di Yi… Since he has an advantage now and did not show up during the previous Emperor Star War, it means that he is probably taking advantage of the opportunity. Devour all the strange monsters in the alien world!”

Huang Qi also analyzed: “Perhaps when you suppressed us, Di Yi took advantage of this time to use your brother’s body to devour and merge the alien demons. Now it is very possible to actively release the gate to the alien world. It has been completely integrated…”

When they said this, Li Tianming also recalled that Ye Lingfeng possessed the whirlpool power of the Yuanshi Demon Lord and could swallow strange demons from other worlds.

Di Yi shares his body with Then it is probably what Huang Qi and Mo Si said!

The fourth demon continued to send news: “Those strange demons in the alien world are actually the memory crystals of the Chaos God Emperor. The projection of the emperor himself is only projected on the largest crystal…”

Li Tianming frowned and said, “Does this mean that Di Yi’s eyes are actually just the largest alien demon in the alien world?”

The Fourth Demon agreed: “That’s right. Once all the strange demons are swallowed up and merged into one, your brother will probably cease to exist… He may even be gone now.”

At this time, Huang Qi was very solemn: “And there is another possibility. Emperor Yi might take the opportunity to break out of the God Emperor universe, return to his true self, and bring all this news back!”

If that happens, the God-Emperor Universe will probably face even greater disasters and catastrophes!

This made Li Tianming understand that even if there is only one eternal creature left, there is no time to take it lightly.

The final catastrophe may come at any time!


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