Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4061: There is a home before a country!



This day may feel a little absurd. Isn’t it the pursuit of life to let the love have a home?


Singing and dancing gracefully, her fascination and winking eyes have been engraved on Li Tianming’s heart.


In the end, there were only the two of them left in the emperor’s burial.


In places where the atmosphere is strong, Li Tianming treats her tenderly.


This is completely different from his and Zi Zhen’s process.


It’s rough there.


And here, Li Tianming was afraid of hurting her sensitive heart.


When they merged together like two universes, she hugged Li Tianming tightly, entwined very tightly, murmuring in her sleep, for fear that he would leave.


Perhaps, she is really insecure, and she can’t be as pure and brutal as Zizhen.


But such a delicate beauty also has another kind of touching.


Like a ball of snow in your hand!


Li Tianming was afraid that if he was not careful, he would completely melt her.


The soft and gentle chanting of deep love spread in this emperor’s burial.


Li Tianming suddenly remembered a question!


“What about the sisters, can they feel it?” He asked nervously.


“They are a part of me, how can I not feel it…” she complained softly.


“So, I’m fifty?” Li Tianming said dully.


“Well…” Weisheng Moran said quickly: “You don’t have to worry about it, they love you as much as I do, you can treat them all as me. They are not complete…”


“No!” Li Tianming chuckled, “How could I care? What I mean is, let them out quickly.”


Micro-ink dyeing: “…”



The sun never sets.


This world that belongs to Li Tianming also seems to feel his happiness.


I have to say that Wenrou Township is a place that makes people addicted.


The same is true of Jiang Feiling and Aurora in the past, and now Weisheng Moran.


They are all very beautiful women, but their styles are different.


As for Weisheng Moran, she has her own dance troupe, which really has a great advantage. Once she takes this step, Li Tianming will know how sweet she is…


My heart is clear!


I have to say that this process is indeed the most important step in love.


After taking this step, it is a kind of responsibility, and it is a mutual affirmation. Li Tianming will no longer be entangled, and they will wholeheartedly treat everything about him as their mission, no more hesitation and anxiety, and more Know where your future is.


There is a home before a country!


The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was established from the side of Li Tianming.


After the obsession, Weisheng Moran fully opened up his talent, with tenderness and sweetness in his eyes, but firm eyes, he felt that his combat power had improved a lot, and he became free and easy!


It’s like a fish that swims away in the fish pond, and has all kinds of swimming postures.



After a period of time, Ji Ji finished absorbing and returned to her peak.


Li Tianming didn’t dare to stay in the Upper Star Market for too long, so he ended his life as an emperor.


“Time is tight this time, I will make it up to you next time.” He said to Weisheng Moran.


Weisheng Moran bit his lips and said, “Whatever, whatever, I’m not very… just…”


Li Tianming understands what she means, she doesn’t really need it, she just wants to confirm the relationship.


The one who enjoys is himself!


“Go back to the lower ruins first.”


Li Tianming recalled Ji Ji, and as soon as Ji Ji came back, she said: “I have sucked too much of the star source inside your sun, if I blow it up next time, come back and **** it again, I’m afraid it will be returned It’s infinite.”


“So fast?” Li Tianming asked.


“Nonsense, I’m big now, and I can **** up your sun in a few times.” Ji Ji said.


“It sounds like you are an old witch, but I, Sun Yang, are a weak young man.” Li Tianming said speechlessly.


“Get out of here!” Ji Ji’s spirit body pulled out his hair vigorously.


After pulling it out for a while, it said in a bad mood: “Do you consider filling the sun to the universe level first? This may produce some new changes. Now the creation level is a bit too weak.”


“How to fill it?” Li Tianming asked.


“There are a lot of neutron stars, but with light neutron stars, it is difficult to fill the sun to an infinite level. It is best to just disappear a universe-level world and swallow it directly. If it doesn’t work, use dozens of good fortune-level star sources The world is fine too. But there will be more people to kill.” Ji Ji said ruthlessly.


“The universe-level world is full of gods, even if you kill them all, it’s not too much…” Li Tianming didn’t care about the life and death of the eight gods at all. , but now I am not sure that I can win a universe-level world by myself, and it is not easy to expose the sun…”


So, he wants to deal with the lower ruins first.


Including Ye Lingfeng and Jiang Feiling.


“Go back first.”


After the discussion, he and Weisheng Moran returned to the ancestral realm of Mingzhou through the Wandaotian Star Formation.



Inside the Ancestral Realm Netherworld.


“Are you all right now?” Li Tianming spoke first as soon as he came back, suppressing Zizhen and Li Qingyu’s words.


“It’s fine for the time being, brother.” Li Qingyu looked at them with a strange expression, and she ran away after speaking, after all, brother’s family affairs are too complicated.


Then he, Zizhen and Weisheng Moran were left.


The three of them were in the same room, and they became inexplicably awkward.


Li Tianming coughed holding one in one hand, and said: “You have become the concubines of my old Li family, and you will be sisters in the future. To avoid embarrassment, why don’t you challenge me together while it’s hot? Enhance your feelings of fighting side by side…”


“Get out…!” Zizhen’s scalp was numb from these words, she shook off Li Tianming’s hand, gritted her teeth and said, “I’m in retreat!”


As soon as she left, Weisheng Moran saw Li Tianming’s eyes and ran away in a hurry.


When the two of them met, one was more awkward than the other.


After all, both of them knew how they managed to pass the customs together…


Everyone understands.


Li Tianming also understands.


The harem can’t be suppressed, how can you be the emperor of Xinghai?


When they were gone, he fixed his eyes, looked outside the ancestral realm, and said in a deep voice: “The romantic affairs are over, the harem is stable, and it’s time to continue to fight for the great cause of the Mandate of Heaven!”


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