Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3672: Li Tianming was struck by lightning



This guy just derived his innate ability ‘the power of souls and sentient beings’ to the extreme, and he couldn’t get along anymore, so he wanted to replace Li Tianming to see if he could take all the beastmasters and the accompanying beasts, and really start to practice. Keep getting stronger!



As a result, it failed.



But this failure, it did not lose, because now, in addition to being in the company of Li Tianming, it seems to have gained a lot.






“The symbiotic cultivation system is really fragrant!”



The more Xiao Liu experienced, the more excited he became. He couldn’t help but ‘eyes’ lit up and let out a sigh of emotion.



“It’s delicious!”



“Li Tianming, thank you, it’s warm…”



Li Tianming was mad.






What the hell!



“I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry.” Xiaoliu sneered again, “Look at your virtue, don’t be cheap and be good, see your brain is full of small earthworms, I have nourished you into a dragon of soul, you still Why don’t you snicker?”



“Please be more precise with your words!” Li Tianming said with a sullen face.



He’s afraid of misunderstanding!



Save Yinghuo, they think that they are in their brains, what happened to this little six!



“Do you have the source of order?” Xiao Liu asked.



“Yes! Do you have any stars?” Li Tianming asked.



“May be there, but you can’t see it!”



Anyway, similar to Yin Chen and Ji Ji.



The characteristics of their beasts are not very obvious, but the source of order can still allow them to open the shackles of blood and unlock more abilities. Before that, Xiao Liu could not absorb the source of order alone!



As a result, a part of its soul power stretched out from Li Tianming’s brain, and began to entangle many sources of order and began to absorb it.



“Scent! It’s really fragrant!”



“There is an order, a foundation, and the power of your own soul, the sea of ​​stars, this feeling is too stable! Every little baby soul is very strong! As long as my people’s spirits recover, I am in this divine kiln, Stronger than ever!”



“It turns out that this is my perfect body!”



“I am the supreme and invincible ancestral god, which is really outrageous!”



“A little bit of your soul power, Li Tianming, is just a drop in the bucket for me!”



“It turns out that order controls power, so easily!”



“That’s cool!”



“I am invincible, you are free!”



In Li Tianming’s mind, it was like a white ocean, constantly rolling over with joy.



Li Tianming: “…”



Although he wanted to punch it, he had to say it was right!



Symbiosis cultivation, and its soul and sentient talent, do not conflict at all.



Even, the former is the basis of the latter.



It used to have only souls and sentient beings. It seemed powerful and boundless, but it was empty underneath.



After the symbiosis practice, the part of the power that was distributed to Li Tianming allowed him to get stronger and more stable power.



Li Tianming won’t be its shackles at all!



It originally thought that it was because of Li Tianming that Yinghuo was shackled.



But in other words, if there is no Li Tianming, they will not be able to practice and grow on their own!



In their previous life, they were primordial chaotic beasts, yes, they have unimaginable power!



But this life, from the moment they appeared in Li Tianming’s companion space, was doomed. Symbiosis is fundamentally unchangeable. This is most obvious in Xiao Liu, because its fundamental nature has changed.



Once was a soul!



Now three souls!



So it is foreseeable that Xiaoliu is indeed one of them, because rebirth has changed the most!



It will have a basic realm, and like Li Tianming, it will have the power of all beings!



“Just now, the source book of the Tao of Heaven has been cultivating all the way. With the soul power it has accumulated in the body before, both of us have made it a centimeter! And it seems to be continuing!”



Xiao Liu has accumulated a lot of soul power for decades.



In the end, it officially hit the Qifang Jingjing!



The two’s “Order of Life” also has seven towers!



Although Li Tianming is still the ‘Seven Realm Soul’, but in fact, his soul strength is too much stronger, just the spiritual body star particles have increased by ten thousand times, reaching about one-tenth of Xiaoliu’s !


Although it is incomparable to Xiao Liu, the total amount can almost be compared with some orderly clans!



“You know, that orderly family, the whole body is like a brain!”



All in all, the current Li Tianming, even if there is no Xiao Liu, his soul power and the Tianling Pagoda are quite stable in defense, and he also has a part of the offensive ability.



“The power of the soul star in my brain is definitely much stronger than that of ordinary humans, ghosts and gods! Moreover, this power seems to be more powerful than the power of Zhou Tian’s star sea, to drive the eye of stealing the sky and cast the soul of stealing life. Such innate ability… If this continues, I will definitely be expected to become the strongest Heaven Stealing Clan ever!”



One man and one beast fly all the way!



“The most convenient thing is that Xiaoliu doesn’t need the process of Yinghuo’s broken body, it is born to live in my brain! It can attack others, and it can also be protected by my Tianling Pagoda and my body. !” Li Tianming thought to himself.



“Wonderful!” Xiao Liu suddenly became excited again.



“What’s wrong?” Li Tianming asked.



“I know what you mean to me!” Xiao Liudao.



“What?” Li Tianming had an ominous premonition.



“You are the armor that fate gave me, my chariot! I’m here with you, as long as you don’t die, won’t I be unscathed?” Xiao Liu laughed.



Indeed, it is outside, and the spirit will be attacked!



“Fragrant! So fragrant!”



It works again.



It’s snarling again.



“Be careful I feed you **** again!”



Li Tianming cursed in his heart.



He’s taken.



With so many benefits, this kid didn’t come back until today, so stubborn!



“Wait a bit to feel better, go out and try again. Can its system of souls and sentient beings be superimposed with my system of sentient beings through symbiosis cultivation…”



This is the most important thing!



Anyway, those ghosts and gods believe in it, don’t you mind to believe in another Xinghai Emperor?



Anyway, it’s my own family!



“Hurry up and break through the realm, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future, don’t hold me back, or I can leave!” Xiao Liu threatened.



“Where can you go?” Li Tianming chuckled.



“I’ll go to the other ancient gods and find them both!” Xiao Liu said, his voice suddenly became a little weird.



“The two of them? Who is it?” Li Tianming asked casually.



“Myself!” Xiao Liu said lightly.



“You yourself? What do you mean?” Li Tianming was stunned.



“You don’t know?” Xiao Liu was also stunned.



“What do I know? Who are they?” Li Tianming stared.



“My Earth Soul and Life Soul!” Xiao Liu said Then what are you doing? ? ? “Li Tianming was stunned.



“I’m the soul of heaven!” Xiao Liu said solemnly.



Pfft! !



Li Tianming was immediately dumbfounded, and spit out a mouthful of water.



“What do you mean?” Li Tianming was stunned.



“Didn’t I tell you before? After I became a companion beast, I became three times stronger and gave birth to the soul of the sky, the soul of the earth, and the soul of life?” Xiao Liudao.



“Yeah! Are these three souls not with you? Isn’t it united?” Li Tianming said with trembling teeth.



“Nonsense! Did your three souls gather together? I’m just a heavenly soul!” Xiaoliu said eloquently.



“Then quickly let the soul of the earth and the soul of life come over!” Li Tianming shouted.



“Are you stupid? Why do they listen to me? I’m not better than them?” Xiao Liu asked speechlessly.






Li Tianming suffered another concussion.



“You mean you are three consciousnesses?” Li Tianming suffocated.



“Yeah! We’ve split up a long time ago, and we’ve gone our separate ways. Haven’t you seen them? Earth Soul said that it had seen you in the Illusory Realm of the Alien Realm, and Life Soul still spoke in your mind. What!” Xiao Liu said lightly.






Li Tianming was struck by lightning.


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