Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3168: Brother Yue, you are so shameless!



“It is estimated that a hundred interest rate, almost breaking the record! It’s a pity…but we should be the first for the time being!” Sui Shenyao said excitedly.


She has been the third child for thousands of years and has not yet reached the number one position. The thought of immediately killing herself on the list, at least at the top of the first level, with infinite scenery, made her feel a lot excited.


“Hmm!” Sui Shenshuang nodded.


She played well today and worked well with Sui Shen Yao.




When they rushed out of the shroud of the revival look, they looked up and saw two familiar people in front of them.


“Little photos! Little plums!”


Sui Shen Yao almost fainted.


“Why are you here?” Sui Shenshuang was stunned.


“Well, you don’t have eyes to see?” Sui Shenzhao couldn’t help but scolded his sister.


Sui Shenyao looked like a fool. When he looked back, gold stars suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he almost fell over.


“Three, thirty breaths!”


They just experienced the torment of the resurrection, and they know better than anyone how hard it is to have thirty breaths.


No wonder the entire Wandao Valley is now talking about Sui Shen Zhao.


“Your uncle, stole your sister’s beauty! You must be infertile!” Sui Shenyao gritted his teeth.


“What are you talking about!” Sui Shenshuang immediately covered her mouth.


“Sister, Daddy is still here, you should admit defeat! At least you’ve been the third child for thousands of years, and finally you’re second. In front of me, please be polite.” .


“Huh?” Sui Shenyao suddenly saw Li Tianming smiling.


Although at this time, she heard everyone praising Li Tianming, but what she thought in her heart was: Could it be this kid’s ghost?


She has serious doubts!


But at this time, other people have already cleared the level of recovery gods one after another. The third is the combination of the leader of the three Daoyu families, the “Qi Tianshi”. They are the first and fourth on the Fortune Heaven Ranking. ‘Qi Tianjian’ is an invincible existence on the Fortune Ranking List. Their group is the No. 1 seed player of the Fortune Path. In the entire Wandao Valley, at least 70% of the people will bet that they will be the leader of Fortune Path this year!


The remaining 30%, Sui Shenyao only occupies 10%, and the remaining 20% ​​is the strongest combination of the Hell Demon Clan.


The top odds are seven to three to one!


Others, no hope.


The two Qitian clan’s beastmasters felt rather cold. They lost to Sui Shenyao in the first round, which was not beyond their expectations. Even if there was a 30-breath combination of gods, they seemed to be very fast. Just calm down.


Apparently, they knew it!


Li Tianming and Sui Shenzhao are a super talent combination, but not a combination of combat power. The following gods, these two small ones, will not be their competitors with Sui Shenyao.


It can only be temporarily suspended in the first level.


Follow them, group by group!


Li Tianming has been on leave temporarily. Taking advantage of more and more people around him and the halo on the Sui Shen Zhao, he sneaked away, found a place, and gathered the fourth universe map.


To be honest, his current situation is a bit embarrassing.


After Lan Yun died, he didn’t return to Lanhua Tiangong, and the Sui God Cave was not a place where he could stay for a long time, and he was afraid that Sui Shenzhao’s elders would see him.


So, he returned to Li Fan’s residence, Tianwu Black Sea.


No permanent home!


“I hope I can perform better in the ancient prehistoric road, at least let the elders of the Sui God Clan know me, so that I will appear in the Sui God cave, befriend their children, and even enter the Sui God Ancestral Hall to cultivate, they will not Drive me away.”


“From the point of view of reviving the gods, these nine gods are absolutely suitable for me! Now the order market is too hard to get, this is my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for rapid progress, I must seize it, and never let people get out of the game early .”


After all, he’s not a seed.


“Talent, in this Valley of Ten Thousand Dao where monsters gather, the talent of the black ring disciple is dangerous and full of uncertainty. Only strength is the foundation!”


“So, hurry up!”


The Fourth Universe!


“Goal: After the end of the prehistoric road, I will make it to the top 100 on the Fortune Ranking List. In this way, I can go directly to the Shangdao Ruins in the Great Ruins of Wandao to cultivate without the use of the Ancestral Hall of Sui God!”


Li Tianming’s eyes were burning.




Ancient prehistoric road.




Little Lion King Huang Daosheng, and the Prison Demon Yuan Yi broke the limitation of the resurrection and finally cleared the level.


“Huh!” Huang Daosheng looked up and saw that there were already some people in front of him, but not many, which made him excited and quickly said, “Little Daoist, we are ranked first.”


“Fifteen!” The Prison Demon Yuan Yi, who was wearing a scarlet mask, looked back at the Monument to the God of Heaven and Myriad Paths.


He was actually not satisfied with this ranking, so he gave Huang Daosheng a cold look and said, “You are really good enough. You have no role in restoring the appearance.”


Huang Daosheng scratched his head and said: “Little Daoist, the requirements of the resurrection **** are too high. Compared with you, it is indeed a pearl of rice. This time it is indeed my dish.”


The Prison Demon Yuan Yi pouted and said, “The next level of Eternal God, let’s see your performance!”


“I will!”


Eternal God, to test the combat power, then it is Huang Daosheng’s turn to play.


This combination of them is a more reasonable ‘experience’ combination, and the strong have talent.


“He’s only fourth? Who are the top three?”


The Prison Demon Yuan Yi looked up from his name, and soon he found the highest ranked Prison Demon Clan.


There is only a fourth!


“Normally they should be in the top three, what’s going on?”


The moment he thought so, he immediately saw the top spot!


“Sui Shen Zhao!” Prison Demon Yuan Yi gritted his teeth, his eyes flashing red.


“Li Tianming?” Huang Daosheng’s lion’s eyes stared in disbelief.


“How is this possible?” They all exclaimed in unison.


“What went wrong?”


The faces of the two quickly became extremely cold.


They just heard that now, no one pays attention to their group of fifteen.


The entire Ten Thousand Dao Valley is discussing Thirty Breaths!


It’s like thunder!


Very jarring!


Huang Daosheng was stunned and extremely uncomfortable. He glanced at Venerable Daolie in the distance and found that his father’s expression was also like eating feces, very uncomfortable.


The whole Wandao Valley is praising Sui Shenzhao!


“Is this Li Tianming drenched again?” Huang Daosheng gritted his teeth.


He hates it!


The more beautiful Li Tianming is, the greener his hair is!


“Sui Shen Zhao, actually thirty breaths…” Prison Demon Yuan Yi’s face was even more unsightly.


Qi Tianshi, there is no genius of their age!


So Prison Demon Yuanyi and Sui Shenzhao are actually competitors and have been compared.


Because of the age difference of about 80, there is no direct comparison.


With the addition of the spiritual practitioners, the early realm breakthrough is fierce, so it is not easy to compare directly.


In terms of combat power, Prison Demon Yuan Yi was one level higher before going to the abyss, and now it is two levels higher, not to mention.


According to talent, it seems that Sui Shen Zhao is stronger, but people think that this is the difference in the cultivation system.


So Prison Demon Yuan Yi, in fact, never thought that his talent was inferior to that of Sui Shenzhao.


And everyone knows that ghosts and gods have the most ferocious stamina. At the peak of thousands of years later, the age difference of eighty years old is almost equal to nothing, so the goal of Prison Demon Yuan Yi is to suppress Sui Shenzhao all the way.




First appearance, open and secret battle!


The elders have high hopes.


As a result, one halo is infinite, and one is fifteen.


All are ‘experience groups’, the contrast is too obvious.


The Prison Demon Yuan Yi looked at the Sui Shen Zhao surrounded by the crowd, and his eyes flashed fiercely.


“Little Daoist, it’s fine! The resurrection of the gods has brought you a lot of insights. Before long, you will break through on the spot on the ancient prehistoric road, and you will only be more eye-catching than him. You directly entered the list of good fortune at the age of 200. In the top 100, this can also break the history of the Prison Demon Clan! And they, with all due respect, will fall out of the top 100 in the next level. They can’t even get through.” Huang Daosheng knew what Prison Demon Yuan Yi likes to listen to, so he hurriedly comfort.


“Okay, let’s see!”


The Prison Demon Yuan Yi lowered his head.


He knows that he is still one step away from breaking the double ‘Tenth Universe Chart’ he desires!


“The resurrection of the gods has not succeeded. Although the eternal gods are battles, they can also be understood through battles, so don’t care about the time to break through. The next level must be broken.”


The Sui Shen Zhao has been beautiful.


He also wanted scenery.


He’s in a hurry!


The top ten people on the Fortune Ranking List are competing for the leader of the prehistoric ancient road.


He and Sui Shenzhao, the two ‘experience groups’, were also secretly competing.


In the crowd!


The Sui God took a look at Prison Demon Yuan Yi.




Sui Shenzhao glanced at his ranking, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.


This sneering made Prison Demon Yuan Yi feel a rage in his chest.


“The Sui God Clan? Hehe… I, the Hell Demon Clan, are the first kings of the Wandao Valley! We ghosts and gods once had a one-two punch!”


In the oldest era, the pattern of Wandao Valley belonged to people and ghosts and gods.


And now, the ghosts and gods have been reduced by one-third to form a three-pronged pattern.


Not my race, their hearts must be different!


Comparing the two systems of ghosts, gods and human races, the bloodlines are always closer.






The Way of the Universe is over there.


The blue-robed Sui Shenyuan came out of the resurrection.


“Ninety-three breaths?”


This number is higher than Sui Shen Yao.


Wan Zhou’s disciples are older after all, Sui Shenyuan is already in the Sifang Realm, and he is very experienced in dealing with the resurrection of the gods.


Myriad Universe Dao’s revival spirit record is sixty breaths.


So in comparison, Sui Shenyao’s group is actually better. On Sui Shenyuan’s side, he just didn’t comprehend an opponent with too strong talent, so he defended the glory of knowing God.


Ninety-three breaths!


This number makes him number one in the Way of the Universe!


Higher than Suishinyake!


This is already the fastest road master.


The first level of talent comprehension, Sui Shenshi is indeed beautiful, and directly occupies the first place on the double list.


The Dao of Ten Thousand Universes is number one, giving Sui Shenyuan great confidence.


However, he wasn’t happy for long. The Sui Shenyue, who was wearing a brown battle armor and was as thick as a mountain, used ninety-nine breaths to clear the level of resurrection.


Only six breaths of time difference!


The two of them have a relatively large difference in combat power. The first pass, Sui Shenyuan, failed to widen the gap. For him, this was bad news.


So Sui Shenyuan’s complexion immediately collapsed.


Sui Shenyue and his teammates are walking beside Sui Shenyuan at this moment.


“Brother Yuan, you can’t even close the gap in the first level. You can’t enjoy Yaoyao’s Sui God blood.” Sui Shenyue’s face was upright, with a national character, and he looked honest and loyal.


However, when he said this, he was a little sinister.


“Brother Yue, you are so shameless!” Sui Shenyuan trembled with anger.


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