Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 2: Eternal Purgatory Phoenix



“These eggs were born with me. They have been hidden for so many years. They must be unusual.”


The reason why Li Tianming feels this way is mainly from the blood relationship between the master of the beast and the companion beast, and from the ‘symbiotic cultivation system’.


The so-called symbiosis training system refers to a training system shared by the master beast master and companion beasts.


For example, the first realm of cultivation is the ‘beast vein realm.’ The beast master and companion beasts are born with nine beast veins.


The cultivation of the Beast Vein Realm is that the master of the beast and the companion beast connect each of the nine beast veins together, so that a total of eighteen beast veins are connected together.


Every time a beast vein is penetrated, the blood connection between the main body and the companion beast increases by one point. After the animal veins are connected to each other, the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth is transformed into the ‘beast essence’ to contain the animal veins. The beast master and the companion beast have the same beast element and can borrow power from each other, which is a power community.


In the symbiotic cultivation system, the bloodline power of the companion beast is transferred to the body of the beast master, making the beast master’s body stronger, and the bloodline power of the beast master allows the companion beast to have higher wisdom.


The beast master and companion beasts form a battle unit with beast veins and beast elements. The companion beast uses the ‘beast method’ to fight, while the beast master uses the ‘army method’ to fight.


Now there are two ‘eggs’ rattling in the companion space, and a crack appears on the surface of one of them.


At this time, Li Tianming removed the cracked egg from the companion space and placed it on his bed, waiting for the companion animal to hatch.


The exciting time has finally come!




The cracks in the eggs have become more and more dense, and Li Tianming can already feel the suffocating pressure.


“It is definitely an existence beyond the fifth-order companion beast!” He remembered that when’Golden Feather’ hatched, there was no such irritable coercion.


Companion beasts have strict levels. The higher the level, the stronger the growth height. His former companion beast, the four-winged golden-winged roc bird, is a rare ‘Tier 5 Companion Beast’.


“It’s out, it’s out!”


Li Tianming was so excited, people who didn’t know thought he had a baby at home.




Finally at this moment, the egg exploded.


A shadow appeared.




The horror monster in the fantasy does not exist. At this time, it crawled out of the eggshell and staggered on the bed. It was a chicken!


And it’s still yellow and tender.


Li Tianming thought of a word to describe it-it melts in the mouth.




He wants to cry without tears.


“Obviously you are a chicken, and you have made the appearance of a wild and beast.”


“Karma? Who is the chicken?”


The little yellow chicken suddenly got excited, his neck was raised, and he looked at Li Tianming fiercely, and flames appeared in his small eyes.


“Spiritual communication?” Li Tianming was stunned.


I remember that he and’Golden Feather’ have been inseparable from birth, until he cultivated to the fourth level of the beast veins, and when they all penetrated the four beast veins, they realized the spiritual communication and began to be able to communicate. Dialogue and exchange.


“Who is in communication with you, Lao Tzu is talking to you. Be a little better, otherwise Lao Tzu will kill you.” The little yellow chicken tilted its neck, opened its brown beak, and its wings akimbo, talking to the little gangster Like.


A new-born chicken, calling himself Lao Tzu? He couldn’t help touching his head. He didn’t have a fever. How could he have hallucinations.


He reached out and caught the little yellow chicken on his palm, and was about to talk, when he realized that the little yellow chicken was so hot, it was almost like taking a piece of red-hot carbon.


“Turtle grandson, let go of Lao Tzu.” The little yellow chicken continued to stare at him.


“Be honest with me, or you will be stewed.” At this moment, Li Tianming and his eyes met, and in the little yellow chicken’s eyes, he saw a’star point’ , That is a luminous spot.


Remember that when’Golden Feather’ first hatched, a total of five stars appeared, proving that it was a Tier 5 companion beast that was quite rare from the city of Fire.


When the companion beast hatches, there are a few star points in the eyes, which represent the level of the companion beast.


The rank of the companion beast can be said to directly determine the growth height of the companion beast, and to a large extent represents the training limit of the master beast master. The Tier 5 companion beast was enough to make Li Tianming a top genius three hundred years away from the city of fire.


This little yellow chicken has a star point, at least it means that it is a Tier 1 companion beast. As long as it reaches the rank, it is equivalent to having cultivation capital. Even if its final height may only be the Beast Vein Realm, or even the fifth level of the Beast Vein Realm cannot break through, it is considered to be a Beast Master.


A star point is disappointing, but how many things are there in life that can be as beautiful as you think?




When Li Tianming looked at the star point in a trance, he didn’t expect that, not knowing whether it was an illusion or what was the reason, the star point collapsed in front of his eyes. A star point expands. At first, the star point seemed to be the light formed by the confluence of several star points, but this star point is still expanding!


A few, a dozen, hundreds, thousands!


In the end, this star point became a vast star field in Li Tianming’s eyes!


In this star field, there are trillions of stars burning. They are so far away, but their light combined together, at this moment, penetrates into Li Tianming’s eyes.


This is not a star point, this is a star field!




“What’s the matter?” He felt his brain explode, and everything in front of him disappeared, as if he had come to this distant star field!


Suddenly, he felt his scalp numb.


When he turned his head in this endless void, he saw the stars nowhere in front of him.


In the next moment, he heard the earth-shaking sound of birds.


He saw it!


At the end of the starry sky, a burning flame is approaching. The flame spreads huge wings, covering the sky and obstructing the sun. When it approaches, Li Tianming suddenly discovered that it is as huge as the star field in front of him. !


The countless fires surround it, and each fire is composed of trillions of stars.


This is an eternal bird!


Wherever it goes, countless burning stars gather together and become a string of flowing fires. When it opens its mouth and swallows it, this picture is like sucking noodles, with a swish, trillions of flames. The star entered its stomach.


Such a shocking picture, like a dream, is unbelievable.


He then followed the perspective of this eternal bird and saw it devouring all the way. Maybe every super star that was braving in flames was the sun above all living beings.


Until one day.


Between the sky and the earth, a **** hand appeared. The moment that big hand appeared, the behemoth was finally scared. It screamed, panicked, and fled around. It is hard to imagine that there is even more terrifying existence. Let It fled!


Even, it burned itself when it ran away, making itself smaller and smaller.


Every time that big hand slapped on it, countless sparks splashed out, and every spark turned into a star in the end.


“From now on, chaos reincarnation will be controlled by me.”


This is the voice of the **** hand.


The sound was earth-shattering, shook the world, and the endless star field was plunged into eternal fear.


He felt the fear of the eternal bird, and that fear was like poison, spreading from it to himself.


At the last instant, the bird fell between the galaxies. It felt like it was going to die. Suddenly, it seemed to see itself.


“What the **** are you!” Li Tianming asked in a hoarse voice.


Eternal Flying Bird stared at Li Tianming, without speaking for a long time.


Time seems to freeze here.


“Lao Tzu is the’Eternal Purgatory Phoenix’!”


Li Tianming suddenly felt very painful on his face, and the scene in front of him was constantly changing. With a swish, he returned to his room.




He suddenly saw that little yellow chicken crawled on his shoulder and was pecking his face.


“You, Eternal Purgatory Phoenix?” Li Tianming slowly calmed down. He held the wings of the little yellow chicken and brought it to his eyes. The star points in its eyes were still there, but it was no longer a star field. .


“Yes, synonymous with pulling wind.” The little yellow chicken said grumpily while struggling.


“What is the Eternal Purgatory Phoenix?” Li Tianming asked.


“One of the Primordial Chaos Giants!”


“Then what?”


“I don’t know.”


“Then what do you know?”


“When I was born, I saw you fool teasing me. What do you say I know?”


I rely on…


Be scolded by a chicken.


In fact, he knew very well in his heart that this chicken is not simple, and even his own nine eggs are not simple.


The picture just now is too cool, the eternal bird that feeds on the sun, the **** hand that covers the sky, the endless star and scorching sun…


“Shoun Lang, you are too weak, you have to learn to be strong.” When he was in a trance, the little yellow chicken looked at him with wings on his hips for a long time and came to a conclusion.


“Excuse me,’Eternal Purgatory Phoenix’, how can I become stronger?” Li Tianming asked.


“If you mix with your master, you can become stronger.”


“Then what?”


“Money, power, hen, everything.” The little yellow chicken smiled, probably thinking of something wonderful, and his saliva fell.


“I accept the money and power, hen, leave it to you to enjoy…”


After Jin Yu’s death, Li Tianming lost all the beast essences, all the opened beast veins were abandoned, and there were no companion beasts, and the life of the beast master was over.


And this ‘Eternal Purgatory Phoenix’, regardless of whether it’s a real Primordial Chaos Giant Beast, can at least allow Li Tianming to practice again and re-enter the ranks of beast masters.


He doesn’t know why, the eternal bird in the picture that can even swallow the sun will turn into the little yellow chicken in front of him, perhaps because of the relationship of the ‘dark hand’.


But he knew that although this little yellow chicken was irritable and wretched, it had the same desire for power as Li Tianming.


As for how much it knows about the Primordial Chaos Behemoth, Li Tianming doesn’t know. After all, he has never heard of the Primordial Chaos Behemoth. It sounds terrifying…


When he was framed by Mu Qingqing and Lin Xiaoting, he and Jin Yu penetrated a total of eighteen beast veins, reached the ninth cycle of the beast veins, and then broke through to the ‘Spirit Origin Realm’.


“The top priority is to restore the cultivation base, but after all the companion beasts are replaced, the beast vein connection must be re-established, which is equivalent to starting from the beginning. It will definitely take a long time. Furthermore, the potential of this little yellow chicken is uncertain. If it’s just a Tier 1 companion beast, I will cultivate to the fifth level of the beast vein at most in my life.”


“Don’t grind and chirp, open it up!” The little yellow chicken jumped directly on top of his head, nesting in his messy hair.


Don’t look at it seemingly random, but its location is actually the location of Li Tianming’s Baihui Acupoint, which is one of the connecting channels of animal veins.


“Go on!”


The first step in the Beast Vein Realm is naturally to first perceive the position of one’s own Beast Vein and the position of the opponent’s Beast Vein.


When it was on top of his head, Li Tianming closed his eyes and fumbled for its animal veins, while it was also sensing its own body.


Perceive the beast veins and penetrate each other. When the first beast veins of both of them are connected and connected, they can achieve the first level of the beast veins!


When the beast vein penetrates, the powerful physical bloodline power of the companion beast will flood into the body of the beast master, strengthening the human body. This is the huge benefit that the Royal Beast Master has obtained from the Companion Beast. At the same time, the Companion Beast can invisibly unlock its intelligence, break away from the shackles of the fierce beast, and become a Companion Beast that can be cultivated and improved!


So the companion beast that can be cultivated and promoted is also called the ‘primitive beast’.


It is very rare that although its body is small, its animal veins are very thick. Each animal vein is like a dragon, terrifying and majestic. It is hard to imagine how a giant beast can have such a strong beast vein. In contrast, Li Tianming’s animal veins are like nine small earthworms.


“You rookie, the animal vein is so small, obviously lacking in masculinity, I am countless times bigger than you.” The little yellow chicken scorned.




How strange it sounds.


Li Tianming is angry.


“Fat, your beast veins will be brother’s beast veins soon.”


Invisible, their beast veins began to connect, and the first beast vein was the most difficult to penetrate, because at this time they had no beast essence. Fortunately, Li Tianming is rich in ‘experience’. In this process of cultivation, the Beast Master does take the initiative, and most of the parts are guided by the Beast Master.


Although the veins of the little yellow chicken are thick, it is not very difficult to penetrate, because the penetration is not to open, but a kind of ‘activation’. When the hearts are connected, when the animal veins are connected, and when the blood lines of the two are involved, the two animal veins will gradually converge to form a complete cycle.


Li Tianming is familiar with the road, only when the first beast vein penetrates, he knows that the blood line from this ‘eternal purgatory Phoenix’ can transform his body to such an extent!


This transformation started from the animal veins!


The beast vein between the two is connected, which is equivalent to the dragon catching an earthworm…


Then, the earthworm madly absorbed the blood power from the dragon, and grew wildly. In a short time, his animal vein turned into a dragon, roaring and rolling in his body, and then the blood of the dragon spreading through the blood. Throughout his body, Li Tianming clearly felt that his body was undergoing a terrifying transformation!


Bone, blood, and internal organs are all undergoing transformation. In this process, he almost feels that he has also become an eternal purgatory phoenix, a true primordial chaos behemoth!


Of course, it’s also a cub.


However, this can at least prove that there may be no limits to your future growth! The four-winged golden-winged Roc bird had also transformed his flesh and blood body, but never to such an extent.


He finally made sure that he made a lot of money this time.


His transformation can be clearly seen from his After this transformation, his eyes are as hot as the sun in the sky.


When his beast veins grow into a giant dragon like the little yellow chicken, it means that the first beast vein has penetrated, and they have entered the first stage of the beast veins together, one person and one bird!


Next, is to practice the exercises, absorb the spiritual energy of the heaven and the earth, and transform it into the beast element to penetrate the beast veins!


The quality of the ‘gong method’ is not only the blood of the companion animal, but also another factor that determines the quality of the animal’s essence.


The “Xuanjin Jue” practiced by Li Tianming once forged Xuanjin Beast Yuan, which is the best technique for Feiling Lihuo City.


Just as he started to operate the Profound Golden Art, the little yellow chicken suddenly cursed: “What are you doing, what kind of **** is this?”


“What do you mean, brother?” Li Tianming was puzzled. This is the best technique in Lihuo City.


“Don’t ask, Lao Tzu is here to lead the practice, and practice my practice ‘Eternal Purgatory Sutra’!” said the little yellow chicken proudly.


“What?” Li Tianming hadn’t reacted yet, and something incredible happened: the companion beast actually led the practice, and it also brought its own exercises. At the first moment when the “Eternal Purgatory Sutra” of the exercise method was running, he completely understood: The Profound Golden Art is indeed rubbish…


It’s perfect now. He doesn’t need to practice anymore. With this old brother, he closed his eyes and started to enjoy the fruits of his practice comfortably.


You can even sleep.


The ghost knows how strong he is when he wakes up.


The flame in his heart has started to burn.


I once thought that I would never make a comeback, even if my mother encouraged me every day, it would be difficult to see the hope of this life.


But today, he wants to use his blood to write the two names on the ground-Mu Qingqing and Lin Xiaoting.


Then burn it with fire.


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