Aspirations for Nation and Beauty: Settings



This is my second time writing a novel. The novel reflects a world that does not exist, but the story of the protagonist’s life struggle may be the epitome of one or several heroes in the long history of our world.


The Laya Continent is a magical continent. There are towering mountains, rolling rivers, broad grasslands, dense forests, fertile plains, vast deserts, desolate Gobi, rolling hills, and so on. There are countless lakes, swamps, oases, bustling cities and dangerous passes.

The continent is in an irregular oblique trapezoidal shape. The eastern continent has a larger area. It is the birthplace and largest settlement of the yellow race. The eastern part of it is dominated by plains and shallow hills. Embedded in it, the north is dominated by some high-lying plains, grasslands and plateaus, while the central part is a mixture of plains, hills and mountains, the west is some deep hills and mountains, where countless rivers originate, and the south is some hills. , grasslands, mountains, deserts and other terrain intervals.

The central part of the mainland is higher than the two sides. The northern part is covered with plateaus and grasslands, which are the paradise and birthplace of nomadic peoples. The southern part is distributed with some small plains and hills, and some deserts, hills and basins are sandwiched in the middle. And the mountains are a multi-ethnic area.

The area of ​​the Western Continent is smaller than that of the Eastern Continent. It is the birthplace and largest settlement of the Caucasians. A part of the grassland, the central terrain is dominated by shallow hills and plains, with several mountains lying in between, some swamps are also distributed there, some mountains and basins in the south, and some small plains along the coast.

The vast sea surrounds the Raya continent, and there are some islands in the sea around the continent. They are large and small, and they are not very far from the land.

The story takes place in Zhongzhou, the most powerful empire in the eastern part of the Laya Continent – the capital of the Tanghe Empire – Zhongzhou, where our protagonist was born.


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