Ask the Mirror Chapter 61: See you again

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Yu Ci hasn’t seen it clearly yet. He followed the sound and saw the figure shouting out in anger.

The man was not tall, but he was muscular. He was a short and stocky man, but his forehead was half bald. It seemed that it had been burned by something corrosive, and his skin was dry and ugly.

Before and after he spoke out, he always looked very anxious, but his companions around him tugged on his sleeves, obviously worried about his lack of composure – wasn’t this a clear sign that he was going to be slaughtered?

Yu Ci, however, had no interest in “killing people”. After glancing at it, he turned his attention to Guixiu.

“You should take this ore back. If you meet that fellow Taoist, tell her what I just did and ask her to take the ore. If she comes here for the things in the ore, ask her to come to me. Even so, I won’t leave for a while.”

After a pause, Yu Ci saw through the magic picture that You Rui had left Baichuanfang and went inside. The journey was smooth. You must know that today is not the day to open Wuchenfang. It seems that she and Sanjiafang has a deep origin. In this case, it is really difficult for the ghost cultivator to find her.

After thinking about it, Yu Ci changed his mind again. After returning the ore to the ghost cultivator, he took a blank jade slip, wrote down a piece of information, and handed it to the ghost cultivator as well; “You can find one of these two things. As the steward of Fangshi, let him hand it over to that fellow Taoist, and then it will be none of your business.”

The ghost cultivator naturally bowed his head and agreed, although he didn’t really understand.

This back and forth is just asking for trouble, but there are some things that you just have to do if you don’t do them. Once you do them, you have to do your best. Yu Ci also admitted it.

At this point, the matter was almost settled. No matter how grateful the ghost cultivator was, he could not stay. Yu Ci saw it disappearing into the crowd, then turned back to see the one who wanted to buy the bug in his hand. Half-bald man.

The reason why Yu Ci was interested in this Yin Mine was because he discovered the reaction of the creatures in it from the Illuminating Picture. However, this little thing shrank into a ball, and he didn’t know what it looked like. Of course, looking at it now, There must be some value.

“You have also seen this one. I haven’t sorted out my hands yet. Naturally, this insect is not for sale. But I would like to know the details of this insect… By the way, I am Lu Dun. I don’t know how good my brother is. What’s your last name?”

The half-bald man was a little disappointed, but he still had enough etiquette, so he responded: “Tianfa Lingzong, Zhao Fang.”

“Tianfa Lingzong?”

Yu Ci was suddenly startled, why does this name sound familiar? At this time, Lu Qing whispered from behind: “One of the strange gates in the southern country.”

By the way, Tianfa Lingzong!

Yu Ci didn’t know what the so-called “Southern Kingdom Qimen” meant, but the word “Southern Kingdom” still reminded him that he had indeed heard the name Tianfa Lingzong. He then smiled and said: “It turns out it’s Qimen in the Southern Kingdom. I have the son of an old friend, and he seems to be practicing in Qimen…”


This answer made Zhao Fang and his companions stunned, and then the former asked: “I wonder who the last name is?”

“It should be the last name…”

Yu Ci is a little stuck. Those things in Cliff City seem to have happened in another era. Many memories have inevitably become blurred. It is really confusing at first glance. Fortunately, these people who have become evil spirits have no cover at the level of hidden consciousness. As long as they recall carefully, they will always remember it. He quickly said: “My surname is Fan!”


Zhao Fang touched the bumpy top door and was also trying to sift through it. The memories in Yu Ci’s mind became clearer and clearer, and he said: “The child should be carrying a big bird with a cat’s head and an eagle’s beak…”

“Fan Ping!” Zhao Fang remembered it immediately, and then laughed: “That is a nephew of mine. He is honest and diligent. He turns out to be Brother Lu’s nephew.

Yu Ci also smiled. It seems that Fan Lao used the Xuan Cang Ring to replace the raptor “bastard” obtained from the Sky Rift Valley, and it still had an effect. And now the most direct effect is that both parties suddenly become friendly!

We are all far away from home, and meeting each other in other places. It feels really good to be able to connect with each other through some medium. But Yu Ci was confused: “Your clan is hundreds of millions of miles away, how did Brother Zhao come here?

“Of course I am practicing the Tao, so I came here to collect bone and blood spiritual seeds.”

Zhao Fang is a relatively talkative person. He not only talks about one thing, but also happens to have finished all the things at hand, and is also curious. The more he talks, the more harmonious he becomes. There are some places in the market where people can rest temporarily. Yu Ci and two people on his side found a tea stall and asked for a few cups of the so-called local specialty tea, and chatted about it. Come.

I learned from Zhao Fang that the first place to produce ferocious beasts and spirit birds in this world is the Nutian Rift Valley, which runs through the two realms and has frequent occurrences of alien species; the second place is the Liuman Mountain System, which has many ancient demon bloodlines. Good luck. , maybe you can find a high-grade spiritual object that is better than the Sky Rift Valley; the third is in this northern wasteland. Although there are many rare spiritual creatures in the south, in terms of temperament, they are still not as powerful as here. This is because the climate is different from other places.

The Tianfa Ling Sect is one of the few sects in this world that tames ferocious beasts and spiritual birds as a means of combat strength. Its psychic skills are world-famous, and the more so, it has extremely high requirements for spiritual objects that are directly related to strength. In addition to raising and cultivating them at home, we also often go out to look for new varieties and enrich our collection.

Zhao Fang shared a lot of information about the Tianfa Ling Sect and also mentioned Fan Ping’s current situation. This was of course meant to be a test. In fact, Yu Ci didn’t even know anything about Fan Pingzhang. He had only met his old father, Fan, a few times. However, as a traveling businessman, Fan traveled around and knew too many people. Yu Ci Don’t worry about leaking the details.

Yu Ci still gave his default identity and said he was a casual cultivator who came to Huayan City to see his injuries. Zhao Fang was also an enthusiastic person, so he said: “I also know some medical skills, why don’t I come and take a look?”

No matter how skilled you are in medicine, it will still be difficult to remove the toxins from the poisonous vultures. Yu Ci was helpless, and it was not easy to refute his face, so she said “Thank you”.

Zhao Fang checked his pulse and injuries and was busy for a while, but his face became more and more solemn: “Demon poison?”

What a good eye! Yu Ci thought of what the person in front of him said, probably because he had been dealing with Liuman Mountain all year round.

Zhao Fang continued to examine and deduce: “It seems to be a kind of water poison, cold and clear to the bones. The attack is not violent, but it damages the muscles and bones the most. Hiss, thanks to Lu Daoyou’s fast seal, it really spreads throughout the body. It’s really hard to deal with, even now… I’m ashamed, I can’t cure this poison.”

“It doesn’t matter, since it’s a demon poison, it can’t be so easy to get rid of.” Yu Ci thought to herself, “I also sought medical advice from many sources, and even visited the Changqing Gate to see if they had any Method.”

“Evergreen Gate is good.”

Zhao Fang told the truth: “The demon poison is never pure. Some living things are injected into it, which entangles the vitality and is difficult to eradicate. It is best to find a first-class healer. I have a friend here who may be able to help. Li, hey, he’s here… Brother Cai, this way!”

Yu Ci followed his gaze and was stunned. At the same time, the man heard Zhao Fang’s greeting, and his originally depressed mood was slightly lifted. He raised his head to respond, and then he saw Yu Ci next to Zhao Fang.

“Hey, why are you here?”

“It turns out to be Fellow Taoist Cai.”

Yu Ci still remembers this young man who behaved young and looked very honest. He had just met him at the monument selling stall. He also invited them to participate in digging for treasures in resentment graves, but Yu Ci declined.

Zhao Fang was surprised: “Why, do you know each other?”

“I just met and chatted for a while.”

Yu Ci saw that Cai Xuan was a little at a loss, and couldn’t help shaking his head at the young man’s experience, and said with a smile: “This is really a destiny.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Cai Xuan came back to his senses and finally came and went. He bowed his hands and said, “Brother Lu Dao, we meet again.”

Seeing the harmony between them, Zhao Fang laughed and said: “Brother Lu is right, meeting means we are destined. Have you two introduced each other?”

When Yu Ci heard that there was something in his words, he shook his head and said, “I just gave him his name.”

“Then let me introduce to Brother Lu. Although Brother Cai Xuancai is a local, he came to the Sanhu area of ​​​​Beidi as early as twenty years ago. He is a member of the Haoran Sect. A high-ranking disciple, he studied under Mr. Zhongdao.”

Yu Ci was really surprised: “Haoran Sect!”


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