Ask the Mirror Chapter 60: Stone Tablet

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“Not bad, not bad.”

Yu Ci was in a very happy mood. Even if it was just a little effort, it was always nice to get positive feedback from the other party. At this time, he couldn’t help but think about it one more level. At that level, the stall owner was considered to be very rich. There were countless people and ghosts here who were plotting against the Yin Mine and the “Explanation of Impermanence”.

A good man will do his best, so Yu Ci paid some attention to the divine starlight embedded in the ghost cultivator’s body. In this way, he might still be able to take care of him for two days.

At this moment, the car suddenly stopped, and it was Lu Qing who stopped.

“What?” Yu Ci turned around and followed Lu Qing’s line of sight. He saw a very large item on display at the stall next to him: a monument.

The stele was lying across the stall, and it was already somewhat incomplete. The head and base of the stele were broken off, but the seven-foot-long body of the stele could still be seen in its complete size. The dark side of the stele is facing upward, and the word “Ghost Night” is engraved on it. It is written in seal script and looks inexplicably sinister.

Ghost Night Monument? What a weird name.

The person guarding the stall here is a middle-aged monk. He looks relatively down-and-out, but he is active in business. When he saw Yu Ci and two people stopping in front of his stall, he took the initiative to say hello: “Two seniors, which one do you like? Oh. , this monument… this monument is an antique!”

Seeing that he was about to brag, Yu Ci said directly: “Turn over the monument.”

The man had a look on his face, and he moved his hands reluctantly and very cautiously.

Sure enough, after turning it over, the inscription written on the sun side of the stele was terrible to look at. It seemed that a heavy punch had been hit in the middle. The punch penetrated the stone for several minutes, almost blasting through the stele. There were cracks like spider webs around it. The shock caused scales to fall off the surface of the stele, and only fragments of the densely packed inscriptions remained. Overall, it makes people wonder if the monument will fall apart if it shakes just a little bit.

Yu Ci clicked his tongue. The man was thick-skinned and didn’t even blush. He smiled and said, “Senior, this is a real antique. Although it doesn’t look good, look at this ‘Ghost Night’ two Words, look, Gui Ye! Did you remember something?”

Is there any allusion here? Yu Ci really didn’t understand. He turned to look at Lu Qing again, and the female cultivator said:

“Ghost Night City is the old name of Huayan City.”


“In the past, ghosts flourished in this city. Resentful souls gathered together. The yin energy was so strong that even fire could not be ignited. It was dark and dark, so it was called Ghost Night. But four calamities ago, there was a monk who came from the west to teach the Dharma. The “Huayan Sutra of Dafangguangfo” was recited here to make all the ghosts disappear. The name of this place was untrue, so it was renamed Huayan City. Now that tens of thousands of years have passed, the ghosts have revived, but they are still no better than before…”

“Rare, rare!”

Suddenly someone interrupted: “You two are not locals, but you know the past of this city well…”

Yu Ci laughed, this way of striking up a conversation was really clumsy. Turning around to look, the person speaking was dressed as a scribe, with decent facial features. He was holding a folding fan with jasper as the fan bone, which looked very expensive. Unfortunately, the hand was held a little tight, and he lost a bit of his freedom and ease.

I don’t know the details of the other party yet, but Yu Ci is kind-hearted, but there is a slight stab in his words: “This brother, I have been traveling in the city for a while. I wonder if you have any advice?”

With the Divine Illumination and in such a dense environment of living beings, it would be really strange that someone could avoid his perception.

This man was obviously not as thick-skinned as the stall owner selling monuments. His face turned red. He held the folding fan upside down and cupped his hands: “I’m Cai Xuan, I’m a little more curious. I just saw the two of you over there. I only followed with the spirit of friendship. I apologize for any rudeness.”

The words he spoke were quite decent, but there were still some stumbles in his words. Looking at his slightly tense body language, it was obvious that he was not the kind of person who was particularly good at dealing with people, let alone a wise old man.

Yu Ci and Lu Qing looked at each other and smiled: “It’s easy to talk, it’s fate to meet each other. I’m Lu Dun, this is Lu Qing.”

He deliberately kept his words brief and did not leave any room for trouble for Cai Xuan. With the character he showed, it would be difficult to continue. Who would have thought that after this difficult first step, he continued to work hard and insisted on I found an inexplicable topic: “Are you two siblings?”

After Yu Ci shaved off his beard, he looked very young indeed, and Lu Qing’s silent and indifferent temperament also appeared more mature. However, how did this person get around to this? Yu Ci’s mind went around for a while, and he suddenly realized that this person had heard “Lu” as “Lu”, but this was probably a cover. Just as he was about to nod, Lu Qing’s voice rang out from behind him:

“This is my master.”

Yu Ci managed to avoid falling off the four-wheeled vehicle. Lu Qing, your joke went too far and was completely inexplicable. At this time, Cai Xuan’s reaction was the first to take the lead, saying repeatedly: “That’s rude, that’s rude. What I want to say is…”

While Yu Ci was almost losing his composure, the inexperienced guy across from him was still worried about his mistake, and finally got straight to the point: “I wonder if you two are interested in digging for treasures in the grave of resentment?”

“Grudge grave? Digging for treasure?”

Yu Ci still remembered that Lu Qing had mentioned before that Huayan City had the largest “Wraith Cemetery” in the Northern Wasteland, but he didn’t know the specific situation. As for digging for treasure, no matter who it is, no matter how small or large it is, it is impossible not to be interested. Of course, Yu Ci would never tell the truth now. He shook his head:

“I came to Huayan City to seek medical treatment.”

Just looking at his poor appearance, this reason is impeccable. And Cai Xuan was not stupid. Seeing Yu Ci’s lukewarm attitude, he knew the crux of the matter. He smiled bitterly and sadly said goodbye. His approach of not getting entangled made Yu Ci feel a little fond of him. However, this matter is not the point right now. The point is…

He lowered his voice: “Master Lu, what are you…”

Lu Qing’s response was very ordinary: “It’s more convenient to hide your identity.”

“Convenient? I’m not at all convenient…”

To be honest, Yu Ci felt that her mumbling was so hypocritical. Regardless of other things, the word “convenient” was seen almost everywhere after getting along with Lu Qing. As the biggest beneficiary, he said such words, It really goes against my heart.

Of course, bundled with it are also strong doubts and a little pressure.

At this time, the stall owner selling monuments was a little impatient. Although he didn’t have the courage to show off his face, he still smiled and asked:

“Two seniors, this monument…”

Yu Ci is not in the mood to argue with him anymore. Since Lu Qing is interested in this monument, he will buy it.

Seeing that he expressed his intention, the stall owner became excited: “Senior, I have a good eye. The stone for this monument is the ‘green ink iron stone’ produced in the big pit of Nancheng. Now it has been dug out. Only this one, It is of great collection value, and the inscriptions on the front and back of the stele are full of ancient meaning. As for the traces on the sunny side of the stele, maybe they were left by some master…”

This person finally has some limitations, he just focuses on “collection” and the like, and doesn’t push it further. He probably has some fear. Since he knew what he was interested in, Yu Ci would not spend every penny, so he offered a slightly inflated price, and after a little counter-offer, he decided to buy it.

Lu Qing watched him pay the money, smiled slightly, went up and put the stone tablet into the storage ring, it was very natural and unobtrusive.

Yu Ci felt comfortable in this way, so she smiled and asked, “Then, let’s go shopping again?”

Lu Qing only replied with one word: “Yes.”

Is this funny? Yu Ci really admired her!

Lu Qing pushed the car again and moved among the crowd. From time to time, people cast curious glances. Yu Ci didn’t care at all and was too lazy to use the mechanisms on the car, so she just let Lu Qing push it, which was quite comfortable. But not long after, they were stopped.

“My benefactor, please accept my humble bow!”

The ghost cultivator who just had great luck finally came over. No matter what, he knelt down on the ground and paid homage to him, attracting the attention of passers-by. It was said to be “one bow”, and it bowed several times before kneeling straight and respectfully raising the Yin Mine above its head.

For this ghost cultivator who knew how to repay kindness, Yu Ci was quite impressed and understood its meaning, but in the end he shook his head: “That fellow Taoist did not take away the Yin Mine, nor did he take away the “Impermanence Law” “Explanation”, it’s just to show you pity, and it’s also to give me face, how can I go back on my word?”

Actually, this is because the ghost cultivator is not doing it smoothly enough. If it were more stubborn and did not take away the “Explanation of Impermanence”, Yu Ci would not mind completing this transaction, but now, the implication of favoring one over the other is too strong. .

The ghost cultivator also thought of this at this time. It was neither a matter of insisting for a while nor a matter of not insisting. He was frozen there not knowing what to do. Seeing that more and more people were gathering around him, Yu Ci didn’t want to get into trouble, so he thought for a moment and said, “Let’s do this, everyone gets what they need. That fellow Taoist is interested in the mine, but I have other plans… to get the ore.” Give it to me.”

He reached out and took the ore, looked at it for a moment, and found the right position. He activated his sword energy and penetrated it. Feeling the sword energy touching the target, he made a clever move and pulled out something as big as a soybean and put it into his palm.

Yu Ci picked up the thing with **** and took a look at it. He had no clear understanding of it. At this time, the ore only chipped a corner and there was no major damage. Yu Ci still handed the ore to the ghost cultivator. Just as he was about to speak, someone next to him suddenly shouted:

“Is this beetle for sale?”


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