Ask the Mirror Chapter 40: Yu Ling Jue Lei Gui Wei Shi Game (Part 1)

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From the beginning, Gui Yan knew that even if he possesses analytical powers and has some advantages in deciphering and controlling the “Black Forest” system, it is still impossible to compete with the Demon Lord of the Abyss. task. Therefore, he warned that he had spotted the trap designed by Yao Lao and others. He could only understand it but not explain it in words.

Even though Yao Lao has long said that “you can’t bear the test, it will be better soon if it is bad”, but you can’t put “failure to save someone in the face of death” on his face.

No matter how high your position is, you, the Black Feather Demon King, cannot take the disciples of other sects to serve food. But if you really spread this “standard” and say that the three sects are wary of each other and have to take care of the opinions of your disciples, on the contrary Restricted behavior.

In the final analysis, this mysterious Nine Palace Demon Realm is very important, but each sect must ultimately take care of the interests of each sect. As for damage, no matter how inevitable it is, only when others are unlucky and benefit oneself can it be called an ideal. Who really has it? Are you aware of the need to sacrifice for the overall situation?

Then again, what Guiyan did was just trying to be clever in front of Yao Lao and others. If he really went too far on other people’s territory, there would still be no good results. No one among the three monks of the Demon Sect would believe that Gui Yan would be such a righteous person.

Gui Yan believes that if this happened when he first entered the Nine Palaces Demon Realm, Ya Lao and the other Demon Lords would have killed him directly in Mingtang Palace as a warning, regardless of whether you were right or wrong. Follow suit.

But two or three months later, they were giving lectures, recruiting, and helping to practice. They had worked hard for so many days just to kill him here… Who was it for? ?

The subtlety of “degree” lies in this.

Gui Yan is 50% sure that he will not go beyond the limit of Ya Lao and others. The other 50% possibility is due to the unfathomable danger of the human heart.

Who can be 100% sure about how others will feel?

At this moment, the void is silent, except for the chessboard and chess pieces in front of you, which are emitting blood and are still continuously sending back the essence and blood of the Sky Barracuda to stabilize the layout of the Nine Palace Demon Realm.

But if this place is stable, where will he have a chance?

During the time that Gui Yan was in the Nine Palace Demon Realm, he was thinking about drilling a hole in it all the time: both inside and outside.

He took advantage of his ability to convey information internally and externally, and spread a lot of rumors through Li Shan and others, hoping that external forces could break the balance. If this can be done, whether it is communicating with Xiao Wu or flying far away, it will be a hundred times more beneficial than the current situation of being controlled by others.

Especially in a situation where he may have angered Crow Lao and others… He needs an opportunity that he can grab without waiting for a long time. At the same time, he must be prepared to face the worst consequences.

While my thoughts were still lingering, a voice suddenly came from the depths of the void: “Play your chess, and you don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Gui Yan’s heart was in shock. He didn’t recognize who was speaking, and he couldn’t feel any emotion or anger in the voice. However, the other person used the word “you” twice in a row, with a direct target, like two ropes. The parallel extension clarified the only path for him.

One of them is happy, the other is worried.

When the other party spoke at this time, it proved that he still had the intention to correct him. It was actually not a bad thing, but what is certain is that those demon kings were extremely dissatisfied with his previous self-assertion, and simply blocked all As for the fork in the road, there is no need to mention the consequences of crossing the line.

Gui Yan reluctantly calmed down and forced himself to focus all his attention on the chessboard, which meant moving to the sea nearly ten thousand miles away.

At this time, the situation on the sea was a mess. The Tisuo tide surged forward while Qin Xing fell into demonic contamination and the monks were treating him. The affected area had already wrapped up Ye Shi and others.

Only when the restless turbulence of heaven and earth energy approaches, can you feel its terror. The catastrophe that may detonate is definitely not easier than the evil stain of the Demon Lord of the Abyss. The monks all moved out of the way, intending to escape from the most dangerous area, but the distance that had been opened before could only be further extended in this situation.

On the chessboard in front of Gui Yan, at least 30% of the connections between the nine chess pieces were broken, which meant that the power of the formation diagram given by Ya Lao had been weakened.

He looked at the formation disk and really entered the long examination. After the silent and empty void, there were probably a few pairs of eyes thinking with him.

After a few breaths, something unexpected happened at sea.

In the dark clouds that pressed down on the sea, a white line suddenly drew across the sea, almost brushing against the edge of the violent thunder. It cut across the sea until it rushed to the edge of the storm, and then suddenly spread its wings, but it was a white wing. Haiyan.

Zhan Ji, who had been following Zheng Mancheng, was the first to discover the thing. He could see clearly that according to this trajectory, the white-headed seabird would definitely hit Zheng Mancheng.

Zhan Ji is a third-generation disciple of the sect and a man of immortality. Since joining the sect, he has been very close to Zheng Mancheng and is regarded as an assistant by Zheng Mancheng. He reacted very quickly, knowing that the person coming was evil, so he was about to shoot Haiyan down with his backhand, but as soon as the Qi on both sides came into contact, he knew there was trouble.

Not caring about the catastrophe that might explode at any time here, Zhan Ji immediately opened the boundary, pushed away and disturbed the vitality of heaven and earth in chaos, and screamed a warning at the same time:

“It’s a spiritual death bird!”

Zheng Mancheng turned around and his face became solemn for the first time: “Don’t touch…”

The Spiritual Death Bird is a magical magical power of thunder created by the ancestor of Yi Ling. The physical body of any kind of bird can house the “Lingdeath Thunder”. It seems to be quite limited, but this kind of side-door thunder can also kill enough. Surprisingly, after being placed on a bird, it can be controlled more freely, often with miraculous effects.

Not to mention, within the scope of the Tissot tide, being hit head-on by a thunder method may have dire consequences.

While speaking, Zheng Mancheng dodged twice in succession, arrived in front of Zhan Ji and Wan Mi, photographed them, then turned around and moved two miles away. On the original sea surface, the petrel also made a clever turn and flew this way, but it was suddenly suffocated halfway, as if it had hit an invisible wall. As its body trembled, it suddenly expanded and then exploded.

The pale electric light exploded, strangely forming a sharply expanding aperture that expanded.

The Lingxingjue Lei is a top-notch thunder method in the side sect. It is famous for its strong impact and wide range. The distance that Zheng Mancheng can escape is not enough!

Among the three of them, Wan Mi was so frightened that he lost his mind. He felt it was not safe to hide behind Zheng Mancheng. He turned around and ran away. Zhan Ji was furious when he saw this, but Zheng Mancheng ignored him and just sighed. With a breath, he took off the ring on his thumb and shot it towards the lightning.

The ring finger was bright green in color. As soon as it met the pale electric light, it suddenly turned into deep purple. It even swelled in a circle and rolled several times in the electric light. Strangely enough, the expanding electric ring became distorted. , and then twist the finger again, there seems to be a huge suction force in the eye of the ring, like a long dragon sucking water, including all the scurrying electric lights, making a sizzling sound.


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