Ask the Mirror Chapter 39: The debate between chessboard players’ deductions (Part 2)

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“Qin Xing!”

Ye Shi greeted him, and it was obvious that during this period, Qin Xing’s condition was a bit too good. This was not a good sign, as he had been given several warnings before.

Qin Xing is not a fool. Of course he knows that Ye Shi is reminding him, and he also has some vigilance. However, the state of enlightenment is so real, so real that he can’t let it go. After hundreds of years of practice, isn’t this what he wants? An opportunity?

Now Qin Xing is very contradictory. On the one hand, he tells himself to be careful and not to be fooled by falsehoods, intending to find out the flaws; but on the other hand, it seems that every problem found has a perfect reason. Under such circumstances, how could it be possible to confirm the reality of the demon’s contamination? After three rounds and two rounds, he felt that he was awake, but the wonderful feeling at the critical point became more and more real and believable.

He adjusted his energy, slowed down his pace, followed Ye Shi and Fen Guang, followed their rhythm and arrangement, and never got ahead of himself. This method seemed more normal, but in fact, he Most of the mind is still occupied in that wonderful state of enlightenment.

As long as you are awake, there will be no problem… This is not something Ye Shi can know, but Gui Yan, who is thousands of miles away, can see it clearly.

Sure enough, any wish for luck is the devil’s trick.

Beyond the chessboard, Gui Yan shook his head. At this time, he had a deeper understanding of the staining mechanism of the Evil Abyss Demon Lord. Based on this, he peeled off the cocoon and explored the secrets of Qin Xing’s heart bit by bit.

With the surging magic power of the Demon Lord, his thoughts broke into Qin Xing’s brain palace. This thought was like sailing a boat in the flood, with ups and downs, and there was a danger of annihilation at any time. But danger can always be saved. It went all the way down, penetrated several layers of soul defense lines, and reached the junction of form and spirit. It was surprisingly smooth.

A familiar yet completely different “black forest” system entered his “vision.”

This is already the most secret place of the human body. All information related to divine will and most of the changes in the physical body will leave traces here. Breaking into this place is, in a sense, controlling this target.

Of course, it is not him, nor Qin Xing, who has the absolute advantage here – the magic power of Demon Lord Huiyuan is like a flood pouring from the sky, which has submerged the entire forest, and the clusters of thought branches are floating on the “water surface” “Up and down” spreads at an alarming speed. Often when a thought is born, it will explode into thousands of thoughts in an instant, and each of the thoughts will explode on the same scale. Such a fierce differentiation trend will produce A power more terrifying than concentrated thoughts.

It’s just that concentration of thoughts makes people clear, and this power makes people crazy.

If there is no control, under the impact of this terrifying force, Qin Xing will go crazy to death in an instant. At the very least, it will cause the backlash of the magic power, create a state of delusion, and become a delicious meal for the devil. But so far, his appearance Even under his conscious restraint, he was more cautious and quiet than normal, so even the Night Lion did not notice the seriousness of it. The reason why this happened was that, in the center of the “Black Forest”, A statue of the Evil Abyss Demon Lord is already close to taking shape, wrapped in leaves and branches. This is also the case at Guiyan, but here, the speed of taking shape is much faster.

The impact caused by the intense differentiation of thoughts flows freely, but once it reaches the surroundings of the Dharma, a huge vortex is formed under the action of some kind of force, making a surging and orderly circular motion around the Dharma. ——Of course, this is the situation shown by the simulated mental image. Investigate its essence, in one sentence:

In the deepest part of the soul, a demon seed takes shape.

Because of the demon seed, all the power inspired has clues and rules, and can be used by Qin Xing. There is no need to worry about the damage caused by excessive stimulation, but it is more conducive to improvement.

It’s just that this kind of rule is imposed from the outside and does not originate from itself. In fact, it changes its essential state and is controlled by others.

If nothing else, once you pull away…the consequences can be imagined.

At this point, Guiyan has a more realistic understanding of the formation of the demon seed. However, he will never actually plant the demon seed in front of the Demon Lord of Huiyuan, because that would mean his failure.

Qin Xing is one of the limited chess pieces that Guiyan can currently use.

According to the way the nine monks are connected with the Demon Lord of the Abyss, they are obviously more deeply infected and receive stronger power. Although the six Six Desire Demons, including Ye Shi, Zheng Mancheng, and Fen Guang, have different personalities, since Being able to achieve immortality, and in such a special environment as the Demon Sect, naturally has its own special features, especially the will to resist the demon stain, which is even stronger than the monks of the sect such as Shi Xuan.

The possibility of dyeing these six people is very small – even if they are dyed, how can the three demon kings be happy?

Then it is obvious that if this game of chess is indeed a trap, the most deadly mechanism in the trap is the three Buxu monks in the group:

Jian Ziyu, Wan Mi, and Qin Xing.

Wan Mi has proved with facts that even if he is used as a trap, he is not that qualified; as for Jian Ziyu, he has never concealed the close relationship with Gui Wei, and he has a rare treasure to protect him, and he is in Huanrong. For someone who grew up under the “influence” of Madam’s weird brother, the possibility of falling into a trap is extremely low.

In this way, Qin Xing is undoubtedly the one who deserves the most attention, and is likely to be the winner of this round.

Of course, the more direct reason is: this is the only opportunity that Guiyan can find at this stage, the best opportunity!

Seeing that at the junction of Qin Xing’s body and spirit, the Demon Lord of the Evil Abyss was about to be completely condensed, Guiyan extracted some special things from his memory, “dressed up” them a little, and then with difficulty Crossing the torrent of mana from the Demon Lord of Evil Abyss, he threw it towards Qin Xing.

During the transportation process, less than half of this decorated memory has been lost, but fortunately, the most critical part has not been lost. With his understanding of the relevant methods these days, Guiyan successfully transferred it “Manifestation” – even in the torrent of mana, it is just a small cluster like waves, but Guiyan at least guarantees that it is an extremely special cluster.

Qin Xing was immersed in the wonderful state of enlightenment, and suddenly felt a little sensation, and then he felt a chill in his brain. The top door opened, and it seemed that jade liquid and fine wine were pouring down, and it seemed to lead his soul to ascend. Breaking through the barriers and landing seems to be in front of you. And there seemed to be a giant fairy palace outside the sky, flying into the sky, just waiting for him to step up.

After all, he is the leader among the four generations of disciples of the Jiu Xuan Demon Sect. He has been impressed all his life and is not happy but is surprised – this momentum is not right!

Fortunately, this feeling only passed away in a flash and did not form a serious problem. He also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He thought it was some kind of devil who wanted to plot against him, but he was eventually alerted.

It was also after that flash of the scene that his mind began to flow. Although it still extended in all directions and reached everywhere, it was no longer as perfect and flawless as before. Some “dust” fell somewhere.

This time, he was not surprised but happy, his mood was completely reversed, and he was quite contented: Such a sign is the mark left by the inner demon. Hehe, it must be that the demon is about to break the barrier and come to harass him. It seems that his diligent cultivation is definitely not an illusion. If he can pass this level and overcome his inner demons, he will live forever!

He was proud on the sea, but little did he know that at the junction of his body and spirit, a vigilant thought sprouted like a flame in the flooded forest. The moment before it was extinguished by the water vapor, the ghost’s disgusted thoughts Arrive in time and protect him.

Thousands of miles away, Guiyan also laughs: Use fakeness to destroy fakeness, it’s better to be more fake.


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