Ask the Mirror Chapter 39: The battle between chessboard players’ deductions (middle)

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The authorities are obsessed with it.

For several months at the bottom of the sea, he was sitting in Mingtang Palace, connected with the Dharma of the Evil Lord of the Abyss. This aphorism hung in Gui Yan’s heart, like a sharp sword, which always had the coolness of the cold front, piercing his heart.

Wan Mi and Qin Xing entered the urn because they were trying to get something for nothing and win big with small things. But for him to stay outside the chessboard, control the overall situation, and decide between life and death is not what he should be. Rather than relying on Ya Lao’s formation and borrowing the power of the Demon Lord of the Abyss, in the final analysis, there is no essential difference from the situation of the nine people on the chessboard.

No, it should be worse.

Strong men like Ye Shi and Zheng Mancheng, although they are also blessed by the Demon Lord of Huiyuan, are clear-minded and firm-willed. They just regard the Demon Lord’s mana as a tool, use it when it is needed, and throw it away when it is not used. Absolutely no dependence.

More importantly, they have this kind of freedom. In contrast, is it possible that Guiyan would not accept it?

Apparently not!

Time passed bit by bit, just like a chess player entering a long test. Before the time limit was almost blurred, Guiyan finally made the move.

Now the place where Guiyan Shenshang is located is the “junction” between the Jiugong Demon Realm and the Yalao Formation. Every move will cause changes in both parties at the same time.

The chess piece corresponding to Wan Mi was moved one space by him. Almost at the same time, Wan Mi in front of the Tiansuo tide turned around and swept hundreds of feet diagonally with the help of the power of the wind and tide, causing the three Dongyang Orthodox Sects to The formation of people became a little longer. In order to maintain the formation, Zheng Mancheng and another monk moved to that side. Overall, the distance between the three monks became wider.

This move actually does not have any significance in terms of the situation. If it does, it is just a trial move.

The reason for being so cautious is that before and after the move, Guiyan’s clone’s core thoughts were suspended, locking the “Black Forest” system at the junction of form and spirit. Since he couldn’t escape, he wanted to take a look. How the Abyss Demon Lord’s magic power erodes will and distorts thinking.

Wan Mi was chosen because this person is the easiest to control and rarely borrows the magic power of the Demon Lord of the Abyss, so the degree of erosion should be relatively light.

The result was even better than expected. At the intersection of form and spirit, there was nothing unusual about the occurrence of thoughts. Instead, they appeared to be organized and orderly because of their full concentration. The origin and flow of thoughts were within controllable limits. It is highly concentrated and blends form and spirit, forming considerable divine power, like a river running through the forest, rushing forward.

Actually, the power of the Evil Lord of the Abyss has also invaded here, but because the degree is too light, it is like a hazy drizzle, filtered through several layers of the physical and spiritual structure, but it has become nourishing nutrients, like the patter of rain. The stream gathers hundreds of rivers and strengthens the power of divine will.

Obviously, the erosion that drove only Wanmi and the Evil Abyss Demon Lord is still within the control of Guiyan. So, what about adding another one?


Qin Xing’s chess pieces also moved. After entering the state of “enlightenment”, he was actually easier to mobilize than Wanmi. However, this state was “given” by the Demon Lord Huiyuan. Guiyan saves effort, which means that The power of the Evil Abyss Demon Lord needs to be strengthened even more.

Above the “Black Forest”, the core thoughts are observed. Due to the “Black Forest” system, the changes are too complicated. If you want to take care of everything for a long time, the drama of mental exhaustion is unimaginable. Guiyan simply borrowed the concept of mental image from the “Xuanyuan Fundamental Qi Method” to visualize it, which is also in line with the existing way of thinking of the human body.

At this time, looking “wide”, the place where form and spirit meet has truly become an endless dark forest, with the big river running through it, the gradually drizzling rain, and the clear stream all clearly visible. And the next moment, in the “Black Forest”, heavy rain poured down, hitting the branches and leaves, and the mist flowed. The water system of the forest was full in a moment, and the water overflowed when it was full, and all kinds of wonderful thoughts came to mind.

In the “Black Forest”, the “branches and vines” representing the splitting and jumping of thoughts absorbed a huge amount of nutrients and grew wildly. Because they came from the same source and were in the same environment, most of them Newly divided thoughts have a tendency to become homogeneous, which naturally forms a torrent of thinking. It needs to branch out in the great river of divine power. As for the direction in which it pours out, it is naturally the abyss of filth. The devil is undoubtedly.

In the depths of the forest, the magnificence and magic power of the Evil Abyss Demon Lord has left its mark. Thousands of branches and vines are twisting and weaving, covering an area, weaving with each other, and gradually forming an outline. Seeing a demon body The main image will be condensed in the forest.

Once successful, I don’t know how much effort it will take to drive away.

From this, Gui Yan knew that Ya Lao, Sun Demon Lord and others had not stopped plotting against him for a moment, and had intensified their calculations. They asked him to use the magic power of Demon Lord Guiyuan to preside over the formation from a distance, and he was like a The deadly trap still forced him to jump into it.

No matter what, we must stop this trend, but the problem is that we still can’t really break with Yao Lao and others, otherwise we will be defeated.

Gui Yan threw down the chess piece corresponding to Qin Xing, hoping to temporarily alleviate the erosion of the Demon Lord of the Evil Abyss, but he had no regrets about his move. Once the chess pieces were moved, how could he interrupt the chess game?

When this method failed, Guiyan immediately calmed his mind again, trying to gather together the chaotic thoughts in the dark forest using the method of “concentrating without distraction”. However, the effect was pitifully poor – Gui Yan was a member of the magic sect, and he used the Taoist method to get twice the result with half the effort, making it difficult to get along with him.

Guiyan picked up Qin Xing’s chess piece again and weighed it twice in his hand. In fact, no matter whether he was playing chess or not, since he started playing chess, he was the intermediary between the Demon Lord of Huiyuan and Qin Xing. Qin Xing The delusion of sinking is the lead, and every bit of it will lead to a tsunami-like power.

To put it bluntly, the Demon Lord of the Abyss has the most powerful magic power and a great family. Any feedback will be of great use.

This is just Qin Xing. If he were to push it onto everyone, I am afraid that in just one round, Gui Yan would be completely infected by the magnificent power of Demon Lord Huiyuan, and there would be no possibility of turning over.

It would be great if everyone was Wanmi… As soon as he thought about it, a bunch of fire seemed to light up in the “Black Forest”.

Ten thousand secrets!

This guy, who couldn’t even pass the barrier of seven emotions and six desires, gave Gui Yan inspiration.

Why is manipulating Wanmi not only harmless, but actually beneficial? It’s because Yu Ci himself has the ability and method to control Wanmi. If the environment and method were different, that guy wouldn’t be able to escape his grasp. In other words, the power of its sinking has been almost digested by Guiyan, and it is difficult to attract the more powerful power of the Demon Lord of the Abyss.

As for Gui Yan, he finally realized that Ya Lao’s formation was just a channel between the Nine Palace Demon Realm and the nine monks. Gui Yan was the switch and adjustment valve. However, he was in Mingtang Palace. , limited by the Nine Palace Demon Realm, and the levels are too far apart, it is impossible to reject the power of the Demon Lord of the Abyss, and half of the function of the valve is useless.

If the nine people facing him were still at the level of the Demon Lord of the Abyss, he would have no hope at all, but the current situation is:

Those nine people are not on the same level at all.

The chess pieces fell down hard, and he still had a chance!


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