Ask the Mirror Chapter 39: The battle between chessboard players’ deductions (End)

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Jian Ziyu’s attack seemed to be completely unprovoked, but it broke the stalemate on the sea in one fell swoop. At that moment, seven or eight eyes pierced the female cultivator like thunderbolts and lightning, especially the spectroscopy and essence. In the pupil technique, the pressure is equal to the essence. Just a thin line will cause Jian Ziyu to be injured.

In this regard, Jian Ziyu only said: “It is important to save people!”

The four words turned people’s attention to Qin Xing, and they saw Qin Xing, who was supposed to be the most angry, but at this time, under the red light, his expression was blank, and he looked like he was lost.

The person who responded the fastest was undoubtedly Ye Shi. He immediately understood what was going on when he saw this. Although Demon Lord Tianqiong had given some instructions before speaking out, Qin Xing was his fellow sect, no matter what. He must save the younger generation.

At the moment there was another violent roar, Ye Shi had already used the secret technique of Jiuxuan Demon Sect to shake the inner demon. The reaction of the spectrophotometer was not bad either. The target of the Nine Peeping Demonic Eyes was transferred to Qin Xing, and the magic power was revealed, revealing the growth and decline of his six desires. This is another kind of analysis, which provides reference for Ye Shi’s rescue.

Others chose to watch for the time being.

As for the most important thing, Qin Xing himself, faced with the drastic change, finally woke up from the confusion of delusion, only to see Ye Shi and Fen Guang, two strong men in the sect, all attacking him. , immediately let out a miserable groan, inevitably caught in the fear, and wanted to hide in shock.

But at this time, he still didn’t realize it, and blurted out “Devil Tribulation”, obviously mistaking the attack from his fellow disciples for the illusion of inner demons.

“rob you!”

Ye Shi was angry that he didn’t live up to expectations, and was also surprised by the voice of Mo Ran. His roar suddenly took on a deeper change.

As everyone knows, at the junction of body and spirit in Qinxing, the terror and vigilance that burst out in the subconscious were thousands or ten thousand times greater than before. Although the “Black Forest” could not be recaptured for a while Even so, the situation faced by Guiyan has been greatly alleviated.

As the longest-lasting and most determined thought, thousands of similar thoughts gathered around it in an instant, like a fire dragon struggling in the torrent. Even though the wind was still the same, it still turned the “Black Forest” upside down. , manifested at the soul level, is naturally Qin Xing’s fierce struggle.

Gui Yan didn’t know what harm this would bring to Qin Xing. He was more concerned about Ye Shi and Fen Guang, especially the former’s method of shaking the inner demon. That method works at the level of the soul, but it will inevitably leave traces at the lowest level of the interface between form and spirit. Any method in the world that cannot transcend this law of heaven and earth will inevitably be like this.

Gui Yan almost greedily locks in every change in the “Black Forest”, especially the part where the magic power of the Evil Lord is suppressed, to get a glimpse of its form – there are no mysterious mental methods here, only the most essential thoughts. The path of destruction, mastering this, and then imitating it, is equivalent to mastering its secrets, and there is no secret at all.

The only pity is that in the complex “black forest” system, it is really difficult to see the whole picture, and there is a suspicion of “peeping through the pipe”.

Even so, in just a few moments, Guiyan has mastered at least dozens of methods and techniques for subduing demonic thoughts, saving at least decades of deduction work.

At this time, new power penetrated.

Probably due to the difference in skills and cultivation, Jian Ziyu’s Purple Road Red Dust Lamp comes into play later than Ye Shi, and its impact is not like Ye Shi’s method, which is **** for tat with the demonic thoughts, and the momentum feels like Much gentler.

That force first aroused an idea. Surprisingly, there was no conflict of any nature. It seemed to be just a “empty” without any position or direction, a scene that was incompatible with the current thoughts of evil and vigilance. It was very incongruous, and then it fell apart.

This time, the split thoughts finally had “attributes”, and naturally there was conflict. A small half of them were annihilated, while the rest were affected by the environment at the moment and dispersed into “water and fire”. But no matter what, as long as it remains, it has a very strong “vitality”. After several twists and turns, most of it has survived. Some of the miscellaneous thoughts caused by the incompatibility and collision of water and fire have been transferred to the side and attached to the side. .

At this time, Guiyan noticed something strange.

The thoughts on the “Fire” side are mostly of the nature of fear and vigilance. The thoughts are divided into big ones and quickly gather into pieces; but the thoughts on the “Water” side are like wanting to be separated. The seven emotions, six desires, etc. were broken apart and crushed, then classified into categories, and placed one by one. At first glance, they seemed to be in order, as if there were dozens of criss-crossing and well-regulated paths in the dark forest. come out.

It is precisely under this kind of containment that the originally massive torrent of wind and rain was actually divided into hundreds of areas of varying sizes. Because it was so finely divided, it was already partially engulfed in “flame” Disadvantages of siege.

An idea popped into Guiyan’s mind: This is a bias… and he can actually do this!

The next step is the big scene of “Flame Soaring”. Locally, the demonic thoughts are swept away piece by piece, and the accumulated small wins become big wins. The advantages are like snowballs, accumulating rapidly, although this scene only lasts After a very short period of time, Jian Ziyu’s strength failed and the situation entered a stalemate again. However, the combination of the two methods formed a powerful explosive force that still made Gui Yan on the side feel disturbed.

Ye Shi’s technique is nothing more than that. Like Jian Ziyu’s way of classifying thoughts and using her arms and fingers, she is like an invisible master in the forest, making the enemy act according to her thoughts. Could this be…

Taiyuan Yinxing holds the heavenly demon’s immeasurable law!

“Benefited a lot, benefited a lot!”

If Jian Ziyu were in front of him, Gui Yan would definitely shake hands and thank him. Compared with the chaos of water and fire in the first half, this kind of divided and surrounded scene with clear thinking is more suitable for his memory and learning.

Whether it is the method itself, or the mystery of the Night Lion method reflected in it, or the breeding of demonic thoughts, classification details, etc., it has brought great insights to Guiyan’s analysis and deduction of the “Black Forest” system in the future. Excellent tips, demonstrations, and even inspiration and ideas.

He couldn’t calculate at the moment how much benefit he would get and how much time he could save. Besides, this was not the focus at the moment.

Qin Xing finally half-awakened from his delusion and struggled to get out, but whether he could truly escape from the evil detainment still depended on his luck.

The real good news is that the transmission speed of the Demon Lord of the Abyss has dropped significantly, so much so that the real battlefield – the junction of body and spirit of Guiyan himself, the rate of erosion of the Demon Lord of the Abyss has also dropped. A piece fell suddenly.

Gui Yan was temporarily relieved.

It’s just that he can’t concentrate on solving his demon-tainted state yet – that is undoubtedly the stupidest exposure, although at this stage, the several demon kings behind the scenes are already extremely dissatisfied.


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