Ask the Mirror Chapter 184: The thunder chariot **** binds the immortal lock pulse

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Miao Xiang did not stop and continued to step forward (

Yu Ci did not hesitate, the real evil flowed around his body, driving the Xuanwu star power, the smoke swirled, the tortoises and snakes intertwined, forming the Xuanwu Dharma, the Qi movement was transformed into static, the atmosphere hissed, and it was like a poisonous snake spitting out a message :

Nine Lights Longyuan Sword Talisman

Now he can no longer use his sword intention. Even if he uses sword talismans, he mostly uses talismans. This strike is like Xuanwu, with power like flowing water and restrained edge

As soon as he struck out, Yu Ci did not stop. He slid close to the ground and continued to distance himself. At the same time, his mind was recalling those days together, the methods shown by Miao Xiang, and the fate of this fragrance. method, in order to use the talismans that are incompatible with each other

Standard talisman repair tactics

Seeing that the sword talisman was about to attack his body, Miao Xiang actually refused to hide and allowed the sword light to pierce his body

There seemed to be ripples flashing in the void, followed by a row of twists and turns and ancient symbols, listed one by one. The main body was like a circle of square lines, superimposed and put together. There were five pieces in total. They were as dark as a square inkstone, but they were in contact with each other. , it feels like a mountain, so majestic that it makes people breathless. As for the continuous seal characters on the outside, it is another change of aura.

As soon as this figure appeared in the void, the vitality of heaven and earth within a radius of ten miles immediately changed its direction. It was no longer as easy to drive as before, and now there is no doubt:

“True Shape Map of the Five Mountains”

Miao Xiang actually controlled the true shape map of the Five Mountains, and that was a slap in the face. Yu Ci cursed, erased all thoughts at the moment, turned around and ran away

There is an essential difference in the speed between Buxu monk and Huandan monk. Yu Ci doesn’t think that his footsteps are faster than Shaxiang’s. He just wants to fight and walk. Miaoxiang’s current appearance is obviously weird, not like Being able to appear openly in front of others, there is still something he can do in the vast space of the Wraith Cemetery

However, he suddenly discovered that he could not feel the Qi of Miao Xiang, only the lingering fragrance

After being stunned, Yu Ci realized that the other party’s Qi had been assimilated with the fragrance. If he could not analyze this unique method, he would be at an absolute disadvantage. But how could he possibly do it in a short while?

He immediately made up his mind that if he could escape safely this time, he would study the Unnamed Incense Sutra carefully when he went back, at least to figure out how to deal with this situation

Miao Xiang did not launch a particularly fierce offensive. At least she allowed Yu Ci to run ten miles away. The first wave of real offensive came and there was still no unpredictable force. Only the strong fragrance hit, even if Yu Ci It’s no use sealing his nose. He has long been affected by the supernatural power of aroma synaesthesia, and this is the only information he can perceive.

“Buxu Legal Domain, you are restricted.” Shadow Ghost was also worried about interference, so he gave a brief reminder and stopped talking

Yu Ci snorted, but had no other reaction. In fact, he knew that the so-called Buxu Dharma Domain was the magical power of Buxu monk who imitated the robbery cultivator “turning my heart into the heart of heaven”. The method he created was to interfere with the outside world. The world operates normally, forming a combat environment conducive to oneself

Because of its deliberateness, it is far less pure and natural than the one made by Immortal Immortal or even the upper-level master figures. However, if there is a first-class mental method to gather and transform it, the effect will be absolutely amazing in a short period of time. This method usually has Only the monks from the sects with the highest level of inheritance have the qualifications, and Yu Ci could only sigh when he saw them

Although he could not find out the specific location of the mysterious image, Yu Ci still judged that the other party was getting closer and closer to him, and immediately shouted: “You are following me, what do you want to do?”

What answered him was a silk ribbon wrapped around like a snake. When Yu Ci found out, it was almost wrapped around his neck

Yu Ci exhaled, and the Xuanwu Dharma form transformed from the smoke outside his body changed flexibly. The tail of the turtle and snake flicked, naturally driving the evil energy of the star power, with both strength and softness, blocking the ribbon, and then the Dharma form opened its mouth and sprayed A ray of star sand shines out, magnificent but with hidden murderous intent, it is the soul-breaking divine light of the starry sky

The ribbon wanted to attack again, but when it encountered this light, it instinctively retracted. Yu Ci looked back in her busy schedule, and finally caught sight of Miao Xiang’s face and made contact with her cold and gloomy eyes

Sure enough, he is already a descendant of the devil

Remembering such an old friend who was so grand and behaved in a unique style, Yu Ci held on to her last hope and shouted in a low voice: “Master Miaoxiang, are you still there?”

Still no response

Sighing secretly, Yu Ci was about to make another change, but the energy around his body was inexplicably shaken. He looked up in surprise, and saw a golden light breaking through the ground above his head somewhere in the distance, as if the sun had finally discovered this deeply buried place. In the world under the Nine Earths, the golden light seems to be slender, but it instantly illuminates a small forest, and its light points clearly to the direction of the Underworld Secret Palace

What? In the midst of doubt, the movement of the surrounding heaven and earth vitality suddenly changed again. With that light as the center, various changes occurred. At this time, Yu Ci’s location was already twenty or thirty miles away, but he was still not immune. However, this pair For Yu Ci, this is a great good thing

The aroma domain transformed by Miao Xiang clearly encountered a high-end existence, and finally became chaotic and exposed its flaws

In an instant, Yu Ci’s six senses broke through the obstacle of the fragrance and came into contact with the real world outside. At this time, another golden light shot down, this time much closer, only two miles away from the place where the two were fighting

This is a signal. Countless golden beams, like sunlight breaking through the clouds, penetrate the dozens of miles of strata and fill the field of vision

The beams were so dense that Yu Ci did not escape. He was penetrated by at least three beams. However, he did not feel any discomfort. On the contrary, as soon as the beams penetrated him, the energy in his body became active. He took a deep breath, The air also seems to be purified, turned into pure spiritual energy, nourishing the lungs, every pore is breathing, and the state cannot be better

But at the same time, there was a muffled groan not far away from him. It was a strange scene. She was also passed through by the beam, but the situation was completely different from Yu Ci. A puff of light suddenly ignited outside her body. The firelight and even the aroma have faded a lot

The qi movement there was extremely chaotic, so Yu Ci took advantage of the situation and grasped the Miaoxiang qi movement. At this time, he didn’t care about the old friendship. He went up to the hole to see the divine thunder talisman sensed by Zhenxiao Chenguang and fell into his hand. He was about to respond. The engine started, but there was a cry from over there:


Although it was just one sound, it was two sounds and two thoughts that fell upon Yu Ci’s induction. When he was startled, he suddenly saw the condensed and square Five Mountains true-shaped talisman rising upwards, and it actually matched the wonderful appearance. Separation, not only that, but also emitted a ray of indigo light, which when reflected, actually caused internal strife between He Miaoxiang

Miao Xiang raised his hands, and raised the copper bowl that had been resting on his palm, blocking the indigo light. At the same time, the smoke outside his body fluctuated, and flew up, matching the copper bowl. An inexplicable strange fragrance came out, towards the five mountains. The blowing on the true shape diagram caused the light there to dissipate and fall downwards. All means could not be used. It was obvious that the magic weapon Yuanling had been caught early and was unable to resist.

“Help, help”

This time there was only one voice shouting non-stop, but how could Yu Ci intervene in the situation over there? When I was having a headache, there was a thunderous sound from behind

Looking back in shock, a Dharma statue appeared out of thin air ten miles away. It was more than two feet tall, wearing a helmet and armor. There were all talismans and characters on it. The aura was shining brightly and was not ordinary. He was speeding towards me in a car. There was something strange in front of the car. The beast is in the shape of a tiger, with its claws and fangs stretched out, as if it is about to take off. When it runs, it is like thunder rolling over some giant tree. It just passes through and has no physical appearance.

” Before the divine thunder talisman of Zhen Xiao Chen Guang in the hand was activated, it was so stimulated that it was almost uncontrollable.

This was clearly the follow-up change of the thousands of golden lights in front. Yu Ci noticed that there were some demons wandering on the road where the thunder chariot was running. They should be some that had escaped before, but the thunder chariot passed by with a roar, and the demonic shadows seemed to be struck by thunder. It disintegrated immediately, not even the dregs were left

The eyes of the divine being on the thunder chariot were like lightning as he scanned the forest. His energy was majestic, and Miao Xiang obviously felt it. The copper bowl shrank instinctively, as if to avoid the sharp edge of the divine being on the thunder chariot, but this was With the momentum of one ebb and flow, the true shape map of the Five Mountains was about to fall, but it took the opportunity to initiate a change, with gray and black flames steaming, supporting the main body

This Yu Ci understood clearly, it was the Nine Earth Yuan Magnetic Divine Light

At this time, the true shape of the Five Mountains completely stopped the decline. The aura of the talisman flowed, catalyzing the magnetic fire, and temporarily attracted the copper bowl. Miao Xiang’s hands and the copper bowl seemed to be glued together, and the copper bowl could not move. Her You can’t move at all, and the situation is in a stalemate

“Quick, quick”

It seems that the Yuanling of the Five Mountains True Shape Diagram has just matured. Apart from yelling, nothing constructive he said. Yu Ci knew that it was a critical moment, so he simply called on the Yuanling, and he made a decision in the blink of an eye:

Control her energy

He stretched out his hand and wiped it on his waist. When he let go, there was already a deep purple light, heading towards Miao Xiang. Miao Xiang also noticed this side, and the fragrant wind rose up, trying to make this offensive invisible. Unexpectedly, in mid-air, Yu Ci spurted out a breath of spiritual energy, hitting it, and a deep purple light suddenly appeared. Blessed by the power of the Xuanwu Star, it swam like a snake, twisting and turning, and actually tore apart the fragrant wind. , near the top of the head, there was a sharp scream

Miao Xiang’s figure was shaken, and she was about to dodge. The deep purple light fell quickly, and the two ends “clanged” into two crescent-like hooks, as if a poisonous snake opened its mouth and exposed its fangs, biting her wrist fiercely. , the curved hook pierces the skin, sinks completely, without revealing anything, and then twists and tightens.

The moment the curved hook penetrates the skin, this magical weapon that Yu Ci has been practicing for several years reflects back the flow of Qi in Miao Xiang’s body

Some time ago, Yu Ci was reminded by the “Third Masters” Xu Bo and Xin Tianjun at the Tianzhuan Society, and changed the method of sacrificial refining, and tried his best to stimulate the fierce and treacherous nature of the Binding Immortal Suo. Now that he is here, he is really at home. Once blood is seen, its ferocious power first hooks the veins in Miao Xiang’s wrists, and then explodes with a muffled sound, turning into thousands of threads at the end of the palace ribbon, winding up along the meridians, blood vessels, joints, etc.


Although it is two minutes late, it is still second…


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