Apocalypse Meltdown Chapter 1: One day before the end of the world





Chu Han couldn’t help scolding in his heart, who is this person, isn’t he afraid of attracting zombies with such a loud voice? !


Stop screaming!


Chu Han suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a brutal and fierce light in his eyes, and he remembered to block the mouths of these people!


But the next second, the fierceness in Chu Han’s eyes was instantly replaced by stunned.


There is no dark sky, no strong smell of blood, no roar of zombies, no broken limbs and broken arms…


The warm sunlight penetrated through the bright glass windows. There were four chuangs, a square table, and two engineering students in striped plaid shirts were sitting in front of the computer excitedly, drooling and spitting. tap on.


The environment that no longer existed ten years ago impacted Chu Han’s eye mask. Dirty clothes were everywhere, and the smelly instant noodle boxes were piled high. The messy environment made him miss him very much. memory was mobilized again.


Fang Rong, Deng Weibo… his college roommate!


“Why do you look so drowsy?” Deng Weibo, who was sitting opposite Chu Han, took time to raise his eyes. He had a plain face and wore a pair of myopia glasses up to 500 degrees. He awakened his powers, but died in the zombie siege.


“Chu Han got up? Damn it, stop fighting, and lose again!” Fang Rong pressed the Q button several times.


Chu Han rubbed his eyes hard, something in his mind became brighter and brighter, making his whole body tremble with excitement.


If he guessed correctly, he should have returned to ten years ago, when the zombies had not erupted, and the three good brothers were still alive!


Fang Rong closed the computer: “Chu Han, Lao Deng and I are leaving first. It’s ten o’clock. Lao Deng quickly packs up, we won’t be able to catch the plane!”


Ten o’clock? airplane?


What day is it today?


Chu Han suddenly jumped up from the chuang·, pushed the nearest Deng Weibo away, and mobilized the mouse to click on the calendar in the lower right corner.


“What are you doing? Hey, this is Lao Tzu’s computer!” Deng Weibo cursed at Chu Han.


Chu Han turned a deaf ear and stared at the numbers on the calendar.


July 3, 2015, ten in the morning.


It’s already so late? !


The day of the zombie outbreak is tomorrow. It starts to get dark at 6 am, and the sun reappears at 12 noon. After a full six hours of darkness, everything has collapsed and it has begun to wash the dishes.


There was only one day left, and Chu Han felt a burst of urgency in his heart, and his heart was beating wildly!


“Move it away quickly, I’ll have to clean up the computer.” Deng Weibo said with a big bag on his back.


Chu Han moved away, swallowed the words that almost blurted out, and forcibly suppressed the excitement in his heart and changed his mouth: “I heard that there is a recent epidemic virus, which is very infectious. You two ask your family to buy more food and mineral water. Be prepared, don’t go out these days.”




“Where did you hear that?”


“News.” Chu Han knew that the two never paid attention to news.


“You actually pay attention to the news?” Deng Weibo laughed, “I see, we’re leaving first!”


“The journey is safe.” Chu Han suppressed the long-awaited reunion and left Mingqiu City before the end of the world, which was better for them both.


Both Fang Rong and Deng Weibo’s hometowns are in Beijing. They have already completed their exams and booked their air tickets at noon today. Although there are a lot of zombies in Beijing, as the capital has the protection of troops, the most human beings survived. It can be said that Shangjing was the safest place of all cities, at least for two years when the end of the world broke out.


So Chu Han didn’t say much. He knew the general trajectory of the next ten years, and the two of them would be safe in a few years.


Another roommate, Fan Hongxuan, has returned to his hometown of Nandu. He died of a man-made frame one year after the apocalypse broke out. This has always been a knot in Chu Han’s heart.


Nandu also has a military area. When the end of the world just broke out, he was blessed by the army. Chu Han was temporarily relieved, but it was imperative to go to Nandu to find Fan Hongxuan. In this life, he would definitely not put Fan Hongxuan in danger.


The most important thing for me now is to think about how to get through this chaos first, and then become strong. Only by being strong can the three brothers escape the crisis, otherwise it will be a dead end.


In the last days, the most important thing is to survive!


After Fang Rong and Deng Weibo left, the dormitory that became empty again made Chu Han’s heart palpitate.




Suddenly, the phone rang suddenly.




Chu Han hung up the call at once, ignored the three missed calls on the screen, and dialed the number at home.




After two calls, my mother’s happy voice came from the other end of the phone: “Xiaohan?”


Hearing the long-lost voice, Rao has experienced ten years of darkness, and the hard-hearted Chu Han can’t help but choked slightly. My parents have lost contact since the zombie outbreak, and they haven’t been found for ten years. .


What happened, he didn’t dare to think…


He suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, “Mom, where is Dad?”


“What’s the matter, son?” The mother on the other end of the phone heard something wrong in Chu Han’s tone.


“Mom, Dad, you must do what I say below!” Chu Han’s tone was serious, so serious that the mother on the other end of the phone didn’t say anything for a while.


“I have a classmate here who is from Shangjing, yes, Fang Rong. His dad knows some inside information, saying that a new virus has appeared in China, which is very infectious and will kill people. Please prepare some food and Keep the mineral water at home, the more the better, buy it now, the virus has already begun to spread.” Chu Han knew that the zombies were too appalling, and his parents would not believe it, so he could only make up a lie.


My parents are in Anluo City. My place is Mingqiu City. There is no direct train or direct flight. The two cities are too far apart, let alone one day. Only let them prepare there first to minimize the danger.


In his next life, he must go to Anluo City to find his parents!


“Yeah! What can I do?” When she heard that people would die, my mother was at a loss for a while. With SARS in 2005, she didn’t doubt Chu Han’s words at all.


“Mom! Don’t worry, you and Dad don’t go out.” Chu Han quickly reassured, “But the food must be well prepared, the virus will pass.”


“Okay, I’ll prepare with your dad right away.” Mom responded immediately, “You have to be careful on your side. If you still lack money, Mom will make some for you. You can prepare more food.” /


“No, I have enough here, you guys should prepare more, but you must buy it before today, don’t go out tomorrow, and… don’t go anywhere, wait for me in Anluo City!” Chu Han urged, My parents are over 500 years old, and it is too reluctant to face zombies.


After hanging up the phone, the phone that hung up earlier came in again, Chu Han hung up again ruthlessly, and then he dialed Fan Hongxuan’s number and told the lie he had made up again. Doubt, but still promised to do as Chu Han said.


After doing all this, Chu Han immediately put on his jacket, checked the cash in his wallet, and quickly walked to the door. He needed to buy supplies.


The more the better, the sooner the better!


Chu Han, who was about to step out of the room, suddenly stopped, turned around and glanced at the things in the dormitory, his eyes were bright, computers, as well as various peripherals such as tablets, stereos, etc., were sold a lot. Money, although these things are not all their own, they have become waste after the outbreak of the end of the world.


Chu Han’s heartbeat is getting faster and faster. Now is not the time to rush without thinking. We must hurry and minimize the harm as much as possible, family, friends, supplies, and – weapons!


Chu Han quickly started to organize things, and didn’t stop until he emptied the valuable things in the entire dormitory. When Chu Han dragged a huge box on the path of Mingqiu University campus, it was already two Hours later, sweating on a hot summer day.


“Chu Han, where are you going? Don’t you have an exam at twelve o’clock?” a person behind him asked in surprise.


Chu Han turned his head and couldn’t recognize who this person was for a while, so he could only say something casually: “Anyway, if you fail the test, why don’t you take the test again next semester~IndoMTL.com~The test? The end times are coming. Who cares about exams!


“It’s self-aware.” Another disdainful voice sounded.


Chu Han squinted his eyes. This man was wearing an expensive white T-shirt, a pair of trendy black trousers, and the shoes on his feet Chu Han didn’t even recognize the brand.


It was quite a coincidence to meet Duan Ming at such a time!


“Duan Ming, you have a good name.” Duan Ming, short-lived.


Duan Xian obviously didn’t understand what Chu Han meant, and looked at Chu Han several times inexplicably.


Chu Han didn’t give him any extra looks. He dragged the big suitcase and walked outside the school gate. The vibrating mobile phone kept vibrating in his trouser pocket.


I found a store that bought second-hand electronic products. After selling a large box of things, I got 4,000 yuan, plus the original 1,000 yuan in my wallet, a total of 5,000 yuan. Chu Han’s mind was running fast. The price of ten years ago was already blurred in his memory. He was a little unsure of what he could buy at this time.


First of all, he needs a weapon, which is the most important of all things. A zombie can only be killed by a headshot, and the weapon must be lethal. Military hammers are not available now. Ordinary hammers are not as good as axes, but axes are easy to get stuck and require a lot of skill.


Walking into a weapons store, the store manager frowned when he saw such a young man coming in, “This is a place selling handicrafts, don’t bother me with my business if you don’t buy it.”


Chu Han is obviously a college student and dressed in ordinary clothes. The store manager does not think that Chu Han can afford the things in his store.


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