All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4644: The Young Queen Mother (8)


The latest website: Qian Yan said: “Don’t worry, the emperor is just filial.”

“Go down and do your own thing. If you have nothing to do, go and bask in the sun and look at the flowers and stuff.”

At this point, Yong Lan also knew that she could not say any more, and the Queen Mother’s appearance was not completely unknown. I’m afraid it’s all clear, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

The Queen Mother has no natal family, so she is considered a lonely person. She is thinking about today’s emperor, so what if she knew? Can you resist? It must be impossible.

Yong Lan sighed and stepped back.

As soon as she went out, she was pulled away by Yong Xue. Yong Lan was caught off guard and staggered, but she did not struggle.

“Yongxue, what are you doing.”

Yongxue said coldly: “What did you say to the Queen Mother? You wanted to remind her of His Majesty’s thoughts. Do you really think you are the only smart person here? The Queen Mother obviously knows this, there is no need Just remind me, just do your own thing well. If you talk too much here, your Majesty will catch you and you will get no good consequences.”

“Everyone knows this, but you can’t talk about it.” Yongxue warned, “Otherwise you won’t be able to protect yourself, and you will also implicate the Queen Mother.”

Yonglan sighed: “I know. I thought the Queen Mother didn’t notice it before, so I wanted to remind her. Later I figured it out, and it seemed useless even if I reminded her.”

“It’s good that you know, it’s not the turn of a little palace lady like us to interfere in this matter. From now on, talk less and do more.”

“If the Queen Mother were not the Queen Mother, there would be no need to be so frightened.” Yong Lan whispered, “In fact, Your Majesty is handsome and mighty, and is a good match for the Queen Mother.”

After seeing Yongxue glare at her, she did not dare to say anything more: “I will go down first to select ingredients for the Queen Mother.”

Qian Yan naturally did not pay attention to the conversation between the two palace ladies Yong Lan and Yong Xue.

She is experiencing what it is like to be the Queen Mother, and this is the first time she has assumed the identity of the Queen Mother.

After staying for half a day, she felt that the day was a bit boring, and she was looking forward to the troupe coming into the palace quickly.

Before this, she could only find some books to read.

I don’t know if Chu Mochen was frightened by her, but he didn’t come to play with her. Forget it, that’s fine. If he really comes to play with her, he will definitely not be frightened by her again. Wear shoes and socks made by Yu Yueqiang.

Before that, be polite to him and don’t scare people.

The new emperor’s enthronement was actually a bit busy. After the old emperor’s funeral, there was the new emperor’s enthronement ceremony, and then there was the amnesty for the world. There were a lot of things waiting for Chu Mochen.

Trapped by these things, he did not think of the Queen Mother in Changding Hall for a while.

There are different books in this era ~ ~ Qian Yan was immersed in them and temporarily forgot about Chu Mo.

When it was time to fall asleep, she pretended to pick up the material Yong Lan sent and measured it. After sending the person away, making sure no one was watching, she threw the cloth to Yu Yueqiang.

“Take it and do it well.”

Yu Yueqiang: “…”

She will do a good job and ensure that Chu Mo Shen will not want to wear it a second time after wearing it once, and will never forget it for the rest of his life.

Qian Yan let System 666 look outside and fell asleep.

After a good night’s sleep, she was woken up early in the morning. Yonglan reminded her that the concubines in the harem would come to greet her later.

Chu Mochen is actually not a particularly womanizing person. He can count the number of concubines on one hand, only four.

See you tomorrow

(End of this chapter)


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