All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4643: The Young Queen Mother (7)


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What does she rely on?

Do you think he won’t do anything to her? Then she was wrong. He didn’t want her life, but what would he do to her?

But he was not in a hurry and took his time. Then he would be able to see whether she was really pretending to be calm or whether she had something to rely on.

“Just clothes.” Chu Mo said solemnly, and then added, “Actually, I would rather wear clothes and shoes made by the queen herself. Even if the sewing is rough, it is still different.” His eyes were burning. He looked at Qian Yan with a very wanting look.

It seems to be asking for maternal love, but it is actually aggressive.

Qian Yan hesitated and asked: “Do you really want it?”

“But the Ai family is really not good at these things, and the emperor really wants it. The Ai family can’t bear to refuse, but… the Ai family has made it, is the emperor really willing to wear it?”

He wanted to wear it himself, but he couldn’t blame her.

Chu Mochen was silent again. He obviously followed his wishes, but why did he always feel that something was strange?

He stared at Qian Yan for a few times, wondering if this was the other person’s purpose. Doing good things to please him was actually something she had wanted to do for a long time, but she just didn’t want to be too obvious and make people gossip. If he were given something as a mother, no one would say anything.

If this is really the case, she still has some scheming intentions.

It’s a pity that he still prefers the timid little white rabbit. What’s the difference between a girl like her who has various thoughts and those girls from aristocratic families? It really makes people lose interest.

However, her fate is extraordinary and her appearance is one-of-a-kind, so he still won’t let her go.

After all the words were said, Chu Mochen said: “As long as it is made by the queen, no matter how rough it is, it is the mother’s kindness. Naturally, the son and minister will not put it aside and ignore it. They must be able to wear it. Not only can they wear it, but they can also wear it.” You should wear it to go to court and meet your ministers, so that they all know the motherly love of the queen for her children and ministers.”

“Then the Ai family will give it a try.” Qian Yan agreed.

Don’t blame him if the clothes are uncomfortable and your feet hurt, and you don’t expect him to wear them for long. It’s enough to wear them to court. Anyway, she didn’t do this herself.

“Yu Yueqiang, you do it.” Qianyan said to the wishing space. Chu Mochen was already being measured by Yonglan. After saying this, Qianyan added, “You are not a woman anyway. These red ones are definitely not easy to wear.”

Yu Yueqiang was a little happy to be able to take revenge on Chu Mochen in person, but after hearing Qian Yan’s words, she seemed to be hurt ten thousand times.

Oh, she really doesn’t know how to be a popular girl.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Yu Yueqiang quickly agreed, feeling very energetic. As long as she could make Chu Mochen feel uncomfortable for a while she would be very happy.

After the measurement was completed, Chu Mochen came to Qianyan and looked at her with a pair of deep eyes: “Mother, I will go to work first. Don’t worry about the clothes and shoes. I don’t want my mother to be tired. ”

Qian Yan: “Okay.”

Chu Mochen left.

Qian Yan was still flipping through the book, but the palace servants in the palace let out a long breath.

Yonglan came to Qianyan and asked in a low voice: “Empress Dowager, are you okay?”

Qian Yan raised his head and said calmly: “The Ai family is fine. If nothing happens, you all can go down.”

“The Queen Mother,” Yong Lan looked hesitant. Seeing Qian Yan looking at her, she gritted her teeth and said, “What did the Queen Mother notice just now? Your Majesty is probably interested in you.” The second half of the sentence , she said it in a low voice in Qian Yan’s ears. Not to mention the people outside the palace gate couldn’t hear it, even the people inside the palace couldn’t hear it.

(End of this chapter)


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