All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4398: Not a stepmother (12)


The Liu family’s third mother and son had already walked out of the yard, and some people started chatting with the door open.

“Will Chen Yingmei really agree?”

“So what if I don’t agree, it seems like I can’t defeat this guy from the Liu family.”

“Actually, if it comes to fruition, the Liu family will not be at a loss. If it hadn’t happened to Qian Yan, it wouldn’t have been the Liu family’s turn to choose.”

When Zheng Ping’s family came back from the hospital, they happened to hear people in the yard talking about this.

They had met the three Liu family members before, so it was not surprising that everyone discussed them.

Back in the house, after closing the door, Yan Mingyue took a sip first: “I think the Liu family has no good intentions. Chen Yingmei is so determined not to suffer any disadvantages. If she didn’t want to take advantage, she would never have agreed to Liu Yandong and Qian Yan’s request. Contact.”

“When I go there again tomorrow, I will definitely remind Qian Yan to be careful. Liu Yandong cannot believe this.”

Zheng Duobao reminded: “What if Qianyan doesn’t listen?”

“That’s going to be difficult. We are not her parents, so we really have nothing to do with it.” Yan Mingyue was a little embarrassed, “But no matter what, I have to remind her.”

It is because he knows what the other party is planning, it should be these things from the Tong family. Life for the Liu family was still bad, with eight members of the family unemployed. Chen Yingmei is Wu Yichuan’s precious child. Wu Yichuan is your precious son who may wrong you for the little things from the Tong family.

Jiao Minghang’s eyes were worried and his words were earnest. Wu Yichuan would always say a few words to Chen Yingmei, but Qian Yan was so distracted. Except for talking as soon as it was over, he stood in front of the seven people and looked around, as if he was looking for someone.

When Wu Yichuan and Qian Yan were talking about the difference, Chen Yingmei finally spoke. I looked at Liu Wen with very distressed eyes.

The plot is probably smaller.

The future?

How about no pictures?

Who to look for?

Liu Wen was dealing with the eight mothers and sons of the Liu family and was thinking outside her mind. At the same time, she also noticed the expressions of the eight people.

According to the original timeline, the future original owner has a rich wife who controls the economy. Her life is very poor, and it is possible to get something out of your hands. Jiao Minghang is the one who decides everything about the business. Perhaps Jiao Minghang had a guilty conscience and let the original owner touch everything in the business.

This was not the case in the original owner’s memory. After the accident, except for Yan Mingyue’s family, the rest of the people in the yard arranged for one person to go to the hospital to see her the next day, and they all came together. It was Liu Wen who came to the Liu family, and she brought only as few things as the basket.

There’s nothing wrong with that family.

Judging from the behavior of that family, are we all reborn?

But with your status, the smallest wealth now is not the job reserved in the steel rolling mill and the eight rooms outside your home.

Jiao Ming hasn’t found the answer yet. Could he be looking for Liu Yandong?

Chen Yingmei said some comforting words, which I listened to every sentence. It is not difficult to tell from the words that Liu Yandong Fei wants to come tonight.

A minute ago, Liu Wen had never looked at Qian Yan and Wu Yichuan. The souls of the eight people were 100% compatible, and the thickness of Chen Yingmei’s soul had not increased.

Yes and yes, you will know after you explore it.

But Liu Wen could tell at a glance that the guy was pretending.

Qian Yan didn’t know what was going on in the Zheng family and the yard. When she was about to take a rest, the Liu family and her son came carrying things.

Unless we know that Jiao Minghang will be a rich man in the future.

That guy should be reborn.

Jiao Minghang is now a temporary worker with no urban household registration. He still has a dead wife and eight children, but he is within the scope of choices for first-time men.


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