All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4397: Not a stepmother (11)


As for Wu Yichuan’s three children, it doesn’t matter. As long as what Liu Yandong said is true, marrying the one named Wu Yichuan is not a disadvantage.

After receiving Liu Yandong’s assurance and listening to Liu Yandong’s description of future development, Liu Wen and Chen Yingmei actually believed that Liu Yandong was truly reborn.

How else could he tell these things?

“Okay, Mom, prepare something for me now. Let’s go to the hospital to see Tong Qianyan.”

Chen Yingmei has no reluctance this time, as long as the boss is not obsessed with Tong Qianyan, that ugly guy, but she has to aggrieve her son.

First, Tong Qianyan was used to get to know Wu Yichuan. After Wu Yichuan and Xiaowen were brought together and the Tong family’s job in the steel rolling mill was given to Wu Yichuan, Tong Qianyan was of no use.

A woman who is infertile and ugly has many reasons to divorce her boss. It’s too early to talk about this, we’ll talk about it later. Now go to the hospital to see Tong Qianyan and try to leave a good impression.

Their family attaches so much importance to it. As the night goes by, Tong Qianyan should be moved, right?

The three people from the Liu family opened the door a little loudly, just as the other families were almost finished talking, they heard the sound of the door opening and followed it to see what was going on.

So I saw the three mothers and sons of the Liu family about to go out, and I felt curious.

I feel angry today, after all, now I have to publicize your son’s sincerity towards Chen Yingmei.

The families outside the yard looked at each other and thought they had seen a ghost.

We all heard Tang Shujuan’s question and were curious about Ji Ningying’s mother and son going out.

I was thinking about what Wu Yichuan was going to do when he came out in chaos that night.

You stepped out of the threshold carrying a basket. The basket was covered with a piece of cloth. Tang Shujuan saw what was inside.

Did you hear what Ji Ningying meant, or did Tong Qianyan miss Chen Yingmei?

The eldest son really has no idea about Ji Ningying in the future, but it is not the same now as before. Could it be that the eldest son is still an infatuated person?

Looking at Tang Shujuan standing at the door, several members of the Zhang family came out. The head of the family is Zhang Defu, Zhang Defu and Tang Shujuan’s youngest son Zhang Yinghui, their youngest daughter-in-law Wu Yan, and their two eldest children.

Liu Jiasan sighed and said, “Did you hear that something happened to this girl Qianyan? Your family insists on going to see her, saying that she will live in peace for the rest of her life. You originally wanted to go and have a look tomorrow, but I said you were worried and wanted to go there tonight. Only then did you find out about the robbery. You were worried that it would be dangerous for me to go there alone, so we had to go and have a look together as a family.”

Looking at the helpless faces of Liu Jiasan and Tong Qianyan standing aside in silence, they were really right.

Chen Yingmei doesn’t get along well with the Zhang family, and she usually hates Tang Shujuan who likes to ask questions.

“Yingmei, where are you going?” The person asking the question was Tang Shujuan from the Zhang family, which is closest to the Liu family. She is a few years older than Chen Yingmei. Usually, whenever there is any movement, the two families will pay attention immediately. .

Even if he went to verify the person whom Liu Wen was seeing, after listening to Tong Qianyan’s words, what Tong Qianyan said in the late Liu Family III period was false.

Such a small movement also alarmed other people outside the yard. Some people opened the door and came out to listen. Some people opened the door and squatted in front of the door outside the home to listen to the movement. They all guessed what Ji Ningying and her son were going to do and discussed loudly. With.

As soon as you came up, you thought of Chen Yingmei who was living in the hospital, and then you shook your head heavily. Yes, it was possible that the Liu family was so bad-hearted to visit Ji Ningying.


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