All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4396: Not a stepmother (10)


Even if he doesn’t get divorced, Tong Qianyan still has to promise him to raise a child. He didn’t need to ask about this matter, his mother couldn’t accept that the Liu family didn’t have a queen, so he just left it to his mother.

With her mother here, she would definitely be able to divorce Tong Qianyan.

When the time comes, if he stands up and looks forced to give the other party some compensation, who can say that he is wrong? He couldn’t ignore his mother for Tong Qianyan.

Liu Yandong’s abacus crackled, but Chen Yingmei’s face was filled with disapproval. She is very greedy for the Tong family’s wealth. She is greedy, but she is unwilling to sacrifice her son’s happiness.

Tong Qianyan used to be a good match for her son, but now he has turned into an ugly monster. There are two scars on his face that cannot be removed at all. Her boss is also a talented person, how can he marry an ugly daughter-in-law and be laughed at?

Chen Yingmei disagreed, and Liu Wen also looked disgusted: “Brother, you are crazy.”

“Mom, please help me prepare it. If you don’t help me, I’ll do it myself.” Liu Yandong stood up suddenly, looking like he was going to hit the wall, which made Chen Yingmei so angry that she was very angry. pain.

I didn’t think Tong Qianyan was the boss before, so why did she become obsessed with him now? Isn’t it because this silly boy feels pity for Tong Qianyan and feels distressed that he would show up at this time?

Liu Yandong saw that Chen Yingmei and Liu Wen both disagreed and even looked very angry. He understood that if they did not agree, there would be a big obstacle between him and Tong Qianyan.

After thinking about their personalities for a moment, he thought it would be okay to tell them his thoughts.

I came to Tang Yuanfei’s front, motioned the seven of them to gather closer, and spoke loudly about the events of the next life.

As long as you are willing to cooperate, what awaits the Liu family next will not be overwhelming wealth.

Wu Yichuan and Xiaowen both breathed a sigh of relief. If you can understand your obsession with Chen Yingmei in the future, after all, Chen Yingmei is indeed beautiful.

Seeing Tong Qianyan’s appearance, you subconsciously chose to doubt him.

Tong Qianyan went to see Shanmen’er first. The lights were on in every house outside the yard. They were probably discussing Tang Yuanfei’s affairs outside the house. Some people were paying attention to us.

The seven people came up quietly and waited for Tong Qianyan to explain.

“Brother, Liu Yandong will really become a small rich man in the future. Can we live alone in a villa smaller than that Qiheyuan?” Tang Yuan asked with interest.

When Tong Qianyan said it, Wu Yichuan and Tang Yuan quickly took note of it.

So, I have to be vague with you about that.

Just like the matter of bringing Da Wen and Tang Yuan Fei together, with my mother’s character, it can be seen that the current Liu Yandong has many tricks to bring him together.

As far as you know, there should be no reply tomorrow or the day before yesterday. As long as the information is correct, Tong Qianyan may really be reborn.

“Mom, actually you are really obsessed with Chen Yingmei when you do that.”

Tang Yuanfei and Xiaowen were both surprised, and their first reaction was not how could such a thing happen.

The word “rebirth” is too late for you, but you are all fools. I am sure that Tong Qianyan really came back from the future. If you delay knowing about the future, you can take advantage of it.

“Mom, you know that thing is bizarre, but it’s not true.” Tong Qianyan glanced at Xiaowen, “If they believe it, tell me about what happened next to Dawen, mom, is it? Did someone arrange a match for Dawen? Now tell me who he brought his eldest sister to see him first, and what the specific circumstances were.”


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