All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3980: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (26)


Normal people hate kidnappers very much, and Jiao Wendong’s own attitude is a bit strange. Now that his identity is exposed, Nie Yutong has not completely fallen into it, so he can naturally recover in an instant.

Also this time is different, it is normal for Nie Yutong to have a different reaction.

Good news.

At this time, talents from relevant departments stepped forward and took Jiao Wendong away for investigation.

Not long after, it was revealed that Jiao Dacheng’s eldest son was studying in college, and someone posted the whole process.

Follow-up investigations revealed that Jiao Wendong had not participated in the murder, but he knew how his mother died. He also knew that there were many women’s bones buried behind Jiao’s Village. As soon as the news came out, the entire Internet was in an uproar.

Jiao Wendong is also famous, and it is almost impossible to deceive the little girl again. Due to his bad behavior, the school decided to expel him.

When the matter came to an end, Qianyan resumed her normal life. She put a little soul power on Tan Shilan, not afraid that the other party would be in danger.

If there is no need, she will not go to see Tan Shilan.

She can always pay attention to Tan Shilan’s situation, but she will occasionally ask Chen Zhilan and Gu Wan. The two attach great importance to Qianyan’s growth, and they have to pay attention to her almost every day to feel at ease.

Qianyan is not uncomfortable about this, and can understand their mentality.

It must be the same with Jiao Xiaobao, after all, he is just a child, if he can correct it, the relevant personnel are of course willing to correct it. I am afraid that Jiao Dacheng’s genes are too strong to be corrected, and that Jiao Xiaobao has lived a good life since he was a child. It can be said that he has completely integrated into the people of Jiaojia Village.

Qianyan didn’t care much about Jiao Xiaobao’s affairs, and focused on Tan Shilan.

Tan Shilan went to her former university to inquire about it, and the school still retains her student status.

But it is not appropriate to re-enroll, mainly because she is afraid that she will catch up, which will easily damage her self-confidence, and it will not be good for her development.

Tan Shilan’s ability to return to school will have a positive impact on the entire society, so the school is willing to provide help and review her previous knowledge points, and the review is almost enough for her to take part in an entrance exam. As long as she passes, she will be able to pass admission. 33

If Tan Shilan is directly admitted to school, it seems to be taking care of her in the short term, but in the long run it will actually have a bad effect. The so-called teaching a man to fish is worse than teaching a man to fish. Helping Tan Shilan is not to let her use her own experience to obtain a college degree, but to help her regain her confidence, integrate into society, and pick up the knowledge she had lost.

Her high school also stood up and expressed its willingness to provide Tan Shilan with a class environment. He also said that if she doesn’t want to go to school, she can send her the book and contact the teachers of each subject. During this period, if she has anything she doesn’t understand, she can contact the teacher in private.

Several teachers in the high school publicly stated that was also Tan Shilan’s teacher, saying that they were very willing to help her.

Tan Shilan has lost these things for almost ten years, so she readily accepts this arrangement.

She chose to go to high school to take classes. This is the beginning of reintegrating into the crowd, and there is no need to escape.

The kindness of the people around her gave her infinite courage.

Tan Shilan is like going back to high school, every morning she is driven to school by Tan Jianlin or Chen Zhilan.

After studying at school for a day, she walked out of the school gate after school. After a while, one of the Tan family couple drove to pick her up.

There are more and more smiles on her face, and she has also made a few friends who are a round younger than her.

Looking at the immature face of her new friend, she seems to have become younger.

Some people died, but not completely dead…


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