All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3979: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (25)



When the students around heard Qianyan’s words, their eyes all fell on Jiao Wendong.


Jiao Wendong’s body was stiff and his eyes were fixed on Qianyan. If possible, he really wanted to rush over and throw Jiao Erya from the third floor. But he knew he couldn’t. If he really did this kind of thing, then he was really finished.


With so many people watching, he must have some reaction, no matter whether other people believe it or not, at least he can face it.


“Erya, I know what you said, but it happened so suddenly, I couldn’t accept it for a while, and I didn’t know how to face it so I didn’t go back.”


“Originally, I planned to go back after the holiday.”:


Seeing Qianyan looking at him suspiciously, Jiao Wendong gritted his molars. It was all this dead girl who ruined his image that he worked so hard for. From now on, everyone in the school may know that he is Jiao Dacheng’s son, and his life is much more difficult than before.


But as long as today’s matter is settled, no one will know anyone after graduation, and he can develop in another place.


In short, he has to finish his studies first.


There is also Nie Yutong, now everything is bumped into by the other party, and the chance of success is greatly reduced.


And if his identity is known, he can’t take the previous method.


If Nie Yutong is really pregnant, it will be detrimental to him, and Nie Yutong’s family will definitely not agree. He has a father like Jiao Dacheng, no one will believe that this is an accident, they will only think that he has ulterior motives.


Jiao Erya, Jiao Erya, it’s all this hateful Jiao Erya who ruined everything he planned.


When there is a chance in the future, he will never let Jiao Erya go.


“Jiao Jiao, you are lying!”


“Just now we discussed about Jiaojiacun and aliens, I didn’t think you were afraid to face it, I thought it was weird before, when I said that Jiao Qianyan was brave, you said all of this Someone arranged it behind the scenes, otherwise how could a little girl know so much, and she would definitely not be stage-frightened when facing such a big stage, which is very suspicious.”


“You even said that if this little girl is controlled by aliens, it is best to let the relevant departments check it out.”


“When you mentioned the people in Jiaojia Village, you obviously underestimated them. Whenever I said a few words to criticize their behavior, you changed the subject.”


“Do you think they are right?”


“Because you didn’t express this attitude clearly, most of them only discussed aliens, and the little girl Jiao Qianyan, I just thought it was a bit weird, but I didn’t react.”


“Now I understand It turns out that everything is because you are Jiao Dacheng’s son.” Nie Yutong said with affirmative eyes, “Before you were hot and cold to me, neither rejected me nor alienated me, Occasionally, you will give me some responses. But recently, you are obviously more enthusiastic, and you are more and more close to me, do you want to find a way out?”




No one expected that Nie Yutong, who had a weak personality, slapped Jiao Wendong on the face, using almost all her strength: “Disgusting.”


Students watching: It’s so exciting.


People who are familiar with Nie Yutong: I didn’t expect that.


Gu Wan and the people from related departments: It’s better to come early than coincidentally. If Jiao Wendong didn’t come in time, even if Jiao Wendong failed to calculate, he would hurt an innocent little girl.


Qianyan did not expect this to happen.


If Jiao Wendong is really innocent, Nie Yutong may not be so sober.


This one works fine for now.


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